Binging with Babish 3 Million Subscriber Special: The Eggscellent Challenge from Regular Show

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    Every thousand years, a food challenge appears that blows everyone away - the eggscellent challenge is not that challenge. Sure, it's a ridiculous breakfast portion, but a competitive eater with a sliver more gumption than I've got could've housed it easily. Join along this week as we toast to 3 million subscribers, and announce the winner of the #babishpanini challenge.
    Congratulations to the winner, Redditor u/gr8mamuffins, for making the most palatable Peter Griffin Car Panini! And congratulations to the runners up: beatsme991, OhSnapVince, Lake Titus Productions, Michael Martin, IronheartTheRedeemed, and We Can't Cook.
    Music: "XXV" and "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Emperor Louis The Retard

      Hey Babbish do the Mississipi Queen

    2. Jordan Maker

      I know I'm a year late, but this would have been a great colab with Matt Stonie, He would totally come in and kill that challenge.

    3. Deadnate 21

      Why did this pop up when I searched “panini”?

    4. Joe _

      1:58 a bottle of pepto for those Regular Show meals that don’t go over quite so well lol

    5. EggLord667

      Why haven't I found this channel before? It's super fun to watch, fast paced yet easy to follow and even some dry humor thrown in here and there. I like it

    6. blah blah

      Just that bowl of fruit is heavenly

    7. The Muzic Man

      You truly become an adult when you fill your shot glasses with Pepto instead of tequila

    8. nighthawk0105

      At least one person in this show knows how to take a shot. Gotta tap it on the table first!

    9. Luci Ferrea

      7:56 hah and they said communist caused hunger keep it up comrade hahaha

    10. Lil Tubby

      69,696,66_ view gang

    11. StrongRuler

      Open can.

    12. Lindsey Simmer

      I'd like our flavors to get to know each other.

    13. Woo Six

      He is howtobasic! Get him!

    14. Jackson

      What happened to the panini thing

    15. Rockshowlevel27

      Was hoping this would be a Matt Stonie crossover episode

    16. Jesus Christ

      He’s like a Bob Ross. But for cooking!

    17. Glitch Sans

      Anyone in 1942?

      1. Oravbro


    18. Mars Bar

      0/10 didn’t mix the biscuits into a glass of water

    19. Manuel Marin

      Duuude... real mole can take DAYS to make

    20. Daniel gaming359

      *howtobasic wants to know your location*

    21. En Igma

      Yo what's that pink stuff they did shots with?

    22. pastashi

      "Now it's time to roast some nuts" *Goes on pornhub*

    23. Matthew Florian

      Okay... So.... There is a COMPLETE difference between ground round and ground chuck. The fat content in particular. Ground chuck has a higher fat content than the ground round. Totes calling you out on this.

    24. General tom

      What is the pink stuff

    25. poor man with no subscribers

      I love egg I think I can finish that if I were hungry enough But depends on what type of chilli too

    26. Mr. Biscuit

      Father? Is this where my brothers and sisters were massacred?



    28. Kat Ski

      Hey man you should list ingredients and how much you need of each (roughly) is actually trying to remake some of these 😂😂

    29. rodnier.o/

      Dump in our feeling and fold this guy shut

      1. Raggy123


    30. Grant Henderson

      Tim went to college XD

    31. Not Bad

      2:46 u good with getting salmonella? Edit: idk how to spell salmonella

      1. Raggy123

        Depends, if those eggs are pasteurized then go ahead, eat it raw. btw you spelt salmonella correctly

    32. Jonathan Roldan

      Not gonna let my grandmother out of her cage until you do a whole big smoke clucking bell order

    33. one butch boi

      6:10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    34. JayJays PlayHouse

      Stop putting so much tomato sauce in all the regular show dishes! 😂

    35. Peter James Villegas

      If I was there, I could've finished it in 45 mins. Tops.

    36. Jeff Jefferson

      Damn he really took a chunk out of that egg tho

    37. uhh commenter??

      'preciate it

    38. Sam Williams

      watch the first 20 seconds with no audio. hes really fondiling that egg 😂

    39. Sarah K.

      Dumb question, but were your 'throwing eggs' hard boiled? Lol if not (even if they were) impressive confidence and editing haha!

    40. Brenda Lambert

      Today is 2019 0903. So I offer Congrats for 3M. Ha! I just looked to see you're at 5.1M a year later. PDG.

    41. El Duderino

      Adults living in apartments lol

    42. Francis Cervantes

      Pun intended

    43. King Of Dragons

      Like the bob ross of cooking

    44. Zekrone99

      What type of monitor was that at 1:06 :o

    45. Hector Bermudez

      I was not eggspecting the egg to break 😂

    46. Andrew Byers

      Man, I haven't seen a chili without power windows made in the last 20 years. This _is_ basic.

    47. John G

      Thats a badass kitchen bro ✊🏼

    48. joseph sanchez

      at was the sauce you made for? you jumped from making a sauce to making a sandwich

    49. Spider Man

      You should make Benson's chilli with the hot wings!

      1. Robert Pejhovsky

        Hi spidey

    50. Darian Kimberly

      Now you gotta eat it under an hour

    51. hot pockets

      you forgot the glass of water mate

    52. Michael Marnu

      Nobody: Onions: 💦💧

    53. grimTales1

      Those cheese crisps (used in the sandwich) are a superb idea, and would make a lovely snack :)

    54. Jared Williams

      You should post the recipes somewhere

    55. Duck Face


    56. Choco Miso

      Everybody gangsta till V Sauce bit an egg.

    57. Sky Ronstad

      I’m... so hungry

    58. Aimee Ginez

      Do you think the creators of regular show make these absurd foods so that babish has to make them later

    59. Vishal David Moses

      When binging with babish meets how to basic 1:04

    60. Miss Unicorn 2

      I thought the water in the tomato can was canned water for a second.

    61. Ysabela Garcia

      Basics With Bachelors is my favorite parody of Binging With Babish.

    62. Megami Tenshi

      "I'm days away from 31 and I dont want to die" Best line

      1. Catherine Click

        I feel this just turning 30

    63. Hiro Soysauce 101

      Big beard egg eat scrambled brethren

    64. Fluffy guinea pig

      Hate to break it to ya.... it’s 5m now.

    65. Koala Kids Gaming Channel

      I have an egg allergy, but unlike rigby, I would not risk my life for a trucker hat

    66. Captain Nwalps

      We need a episode on making gourmet pepto bismol

    67. Marcy Winters

      Oh my god you just bit an egg

    68. Gabriel

      I don't get why he took a Pepto bismol shot?

    69. Daniel J. Heinebal

      What mixer do you use?

    70. Daniel J. Heinebal

      What mixer do you use?