Binging with Babish 3 Million Subscriber Special: The Eggscellent Challenge from Regular Show

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    Every thousand years, a food challenge appears that blows everyone away - the eggscellent challenge is not that challenge. Sure, it's a ridiculous breakfast portion, but a competitive eater with a sliver more gumption than I've got could've housed it easily. Join along this week as we toast to 3 million subscribers, and announce the winner of the #babishpanini challenge.
    Congratulations to the winner, Redditor u/gr8mamuffins, for making the most palatable Peter Griffin Car Panini! And congratulations to the runners up: beatsme991, OhSnapVince, Lake Titus Productions, Michael Martin, IronheartTheRedeemed, and We Can't Cook.
    Music: "XXV" and "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 10 months ago


    1. Phan Tom

      I would like the Mississippi queen but I feel like that one would be lethal

    2. Ado422

      This guy rich af.

    3. Spacey

      I hit my balls while watching this i dont feel so good

    4. I Kan

      Love your video

    5. SwivsCheese

      Babish what are you doing you could have gotten a hat of healing and could have gaven it to a random raccoon

    6. Arua galaxy


    7. The name

      If you don’t wanna listen to his blabber Tap dis 2:43

    8. J A

      He is the batman of flavor

    9. Jon Williams

      got to try the chili challenge 7 pounds of chili in under an hour

    10. Wyatt Beck

      The eggs were never described as a omlette in the show

    11. Bowmaster619 Let's learn

      "Lets eat some eggs" (Crunch)... The LA Beast you are not good sir lol

    12. McAlkis

      Babish: Literally eats raw egg outta nowhere. Salmonella: *Hello there.*

    13. James Pappas

      Off cringe moment bruh, you don't have 3 million subscribers.

    14. Channel

      What is it they tane a shot of ?

    15. Jared Micho

      Shots of peptobismol

    16. Cornelius LL

      Can someone do the maths and find out how long it took the egg to travel to that floor and how fast he must have been traveling to meet the egg there

    17. Michael Knight

      Now you have a gallon of mole. I hope that stuff lasts.

    18. Freaking Kai

      You should do Kevin’s Chile from The Office !!! If you have already made that video then I’m sorry I didn’t know can someone link it ? BUT if not then I suggest that !! I love your show

    19. Dade Murphy

      Thank god. Seeing the empty fruit bowl from a volume standpoint made me sick.

    20. Garrett K

      4:45 I'm sure my little friend *pats tommy gun* could convince it..

    21. gninerfan21

      How many eggs were harmed in the making of this video???

    22. lizzy Leasure

      Babish knows his stuff everything he talks about I learned in culinary. Way better than any other cooking show.

    23. desu38

      2:45 Cursed

    24. All Thebass

      Those egg transitions were smooth though! 😂

    25. All Thebass

      Who’s still watching in 2019

    26. Vincent van der Velden

      Matt stonie want’s to know your location.

    27. Ketam Tua

      Hey andrew

    28. gamitstrike

      2:46 straight to the episode. Thank me later

    29. Dios De Hueco Mundo

      Someone explain to me why thyme (with a th) is pronounced as time?


      Holy cow that looks sooooo good I should of not watch this with a empty stomach and that go's for all your videos u make some of the best looking food out there and I want some PLEAS!!!!

    31. Jason Reliford

      How did I miss the biting into the egg the first time around!?! I tried raw egg once.....ONCE!

    32. Michael Aguirre

      No power windows lol what fucking ever

    33. domonique

      Matt stonie would do it alone

    34. Isaiah Johnson

      Egg falls onto computer without a crack... continues to throw egg without any cracks at all Logic: dies

    35. Gab Soco

      i can’t stop watching this

    36. Northernstorms

      7:28 : fool! Clearly you did not read Jonathan’s notebook. Enjoy failure

    37. takumi mirisho

      I wonder who wash the dishes???? 🤔

    38. Memes ForYou

      Bob Ross of food

    39. rugged wings7485

      You should make an animation of you making "the best breakfast" and with the lengend of zelda breath of the wild effect.

    40. Johnny Reb

      Poor Rigby, he knew he was allergic to eggs but wanted that trucker hat so bad.

    41. Liyah Gummybears

      8:02 "And I don't wanna die" 😂

      1. Liyah Gummybears

        @ZeroGaming HQ yup I kinda couldn't care enough to find a picture lol

      2. ZeroGaming HQ

        Yessir also I see your rocking the easy classic blank photo I to don't want to have anything cool looking

    42. yaboitrojan _

      I remember that episode on regular show

    43. Abram Bernal

      Who else thought they could finish it in ten minutes when watching the episode

    44. Mister Holden

      Matt stonie

    45. Sarah McCausland - Lorne Park SS (2252)

      I can see your face... This feels... Wrong

    46. Spuddy7

      O P E N C A N

    47. Spuddy7

      That doesn't seem very difficult even by normal human standards. Or I just eat really fast. Probably the latter.

    48. MOTHMAN 17

      The cooking guy just flexed on me

    49. iitsmedylan

      i wonder how many eggs he had to clean up after that intro

    50. Nick Rhodes

      I recognized this challenge without reading the title. 🙌🏽🙌🏽😆

    51. Fredrik Österljung

      Thank you as always, you're my habibish

    52. The Epic Waffle

      Who else watched this channel grow up?


      Babish: Makes ridiculous egg meal Matt stonie: yes

    54. Neenee Castillo

      I skipped to the 2:45 and I see him eating a egg as soon as that happened I gagged hard and almost threw up

    55. Roa

      U need to open a restaurant, no doubt

    56. amberthesuperfox

      I loved all of the foods on regular shoe

      1. Phương Nguyễn

        Me too, i love watching regular shoe

    57. Maisie Ferguson

      biscuits? no, those a scones x


      Would you believe me if I said Paul Hollywood’s nephew goes to my school

    59. Eli R

      YOU GO SO HARD FOR US! 02:45

    60. Eli R

      the egg drop back down was great.

    61. Marilyn Parrish


    62. creboseave BaTreVol

      Whats that pink drink?

    63. Fry Filip

      Howtobasic want to know your location

    64. Ezzard Crummy

      He eat damn 🥚 raw one 😂😂😂😂😂😂 bad idea

    65. AColonDashSix

      Do the eggcellent challenge again but get the L.A. Beast to eat it!!!! Upvote if you want it!!!!

    66. AColonDashSix

      New kitchen ... 3 minutes and 13 seconds until first *fond* Betting pool better pay up bitches

    67. Rasmus Lundqvist

      You know who else gobbles a lot of eggs? MY MOM!

    68. Kyle wang

      Grilling with gordon

    69. Brooke Walker

      This is my bedroom where I iron my apron before shitting every episode LOL did anyone else here that?

    70. Lemons & Listerine

      Babish is How to Basic confirmed.

    71. lmar ahmadzay

      The first 3 minutes of the video is the greatest thing on US-new

    72. Rroy115

      The vsauce of cooking

    73. Jakob Gopalan

      Da puns

    74. Ihaia Kinita-Aumareva

      to skip the bts go to... 2:45

    75. Natsu Clive


    76. Anglerr.E.D

      I could eat this after gym in 3 seconds

    77. fatchickens

      literally one of my favorite episodes from regular show

    78. Jose Vazquez

      You have a lot of spots in your head Babish.

    79. Barry benson

      "I'm days away from thirty one and i don't want to die"

    80. Ja' Kelley

      The ultimate sandwich from NSP

      1. Allison Reina

        Ja' Kelley Ham, clams, and yams... I don’t see how this could go wrong!

    81. I Nut Pee I Pee Nut

      Make Mississippi Queen and try to chug it all please

    82. Cool Whip

      Wait why is he celebrating 3 mil now when he has 4.4 mil subs???

    83. Dawnmari Bellamy

      Why are they drinking pepto bismol

    84. TK Wolf

      Missed opportunity to make this into a cross over episode with Matt Stonie. Oh well, maybe next time

    85. William Gray


    86. thegameizsik

      Where's matt stonie?

    87. Zigec

      Nothing better than a binging with babish video while you're fasting

    88. Brenda Krieger

      Nice place! Congrats😊

    89. Rohan Zener

      You're better off paying for the meal and splitting it among five friends.

    90. sisnege licayan

      I can eat that in an hour

    91. PixelLeader 06

      He needs the hat.

    92. la wea stelar pt

      U beautifull *-*

    93. B.A.D -

      Thats a good yolk!

    94. Martin Gabrovski

      you could've made the challenge by just cracking your head open

    95. Fiery Dooter

      do *not* forget the 3 bottles of pepto bismol

    96. Penny Daswani

      "...I'm 31 and I dont wanna die."

    97. Jess M

      I really like his videos however I hate how he calls Scones biscuits and how he pronounces oregano However it’s just because I’m English and we know our Scones

      1. Sam Chiang

        @Jess M i mean... it really doesn't lmao. in my opinion it's just a matter of understanding that, just like within our own cultures, people have different speech patterns and colloquialisms

      2. Jess M

        Sam Chiang yeah I know it just annoys us because we say something different and it might annoy you aswell when we say Scones rather than biscuits.

      3. Sam Chiang

        Jess M those are just biscuits here in America. it’s just a matter of two different countries with two different cultures

    98. TheRealDafno

      Make superjail foods

    99. WolfieIsTheOne


    100. Kerciel and Terantial

      I love US-newrs who are committed to their fans. The absolute horror and appeasement of watching someone bite into an EGG...? beautiful.