Billie Eilish - i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre)

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Chokky Whockky

      I love you illuminati

    2. Kacper Szymaniak

      Beautiful soul.

    3. The Dirty Trucker

      WOW-Ouch... that was a powerful message.

    4. TrillzYT

      Why why why why why, your voice is so perfect! there is something about your voice that makes everything better! I LOVE YOU BILLIE

    5. Paola Farfan

      el minuto 3 marcó história... un antes y despúes de iloveyou

    6. Jack Frost

      I want Billie to make a song with Melanie Martinez

    7. Yarazeth Reyes

      00:00 - 4:59 perfect

    8. Sıla Pøther

      Susunde billie’nin sesini duyalım AŞLAŞASLWLDELDÖEÖDELDLC

    9. Clips Random

      You can see the lyrics in:

    10. Matveev Nick

      Audio is not from live perfomance =(

    11. Amira Almazik

      Кто здесь Рашн? Люблю Биляшика❤️

    12. Zofia Piszcz

      😥❤️ biutyful

    13. Darby Palmer

      crazy that she can write something that makes us all think of someone

    14. Даниил Плотников

      Муражки по коже

    15. Andrew Bummygoat

      She better be single...

    16. funkyjones

      Beautiful and moving thing I've heard from her.

    17. Abby K

      this song means so much to me. hearing it live would mean so much more 💗

    18. alex


    19. 1xXCryptoXx1

      I'm a grown ass man but this emotional as fuck ;_;

    20. Gabby Smith

      This was so cute

    21. Tehani mathers

      this is gonna sound weird but her music has helped me through so much it makes me feel like I'm not alone

    22. caroline 👹

      dude i just realized that i went to this concert lmao

    23. Rania Ahmed

      الاغنيه تجنن

    24. Anilin Vinil

      Dammit why saying i love you is the hardest thing on the world to me?

    25. Don Juan

      Garbage new age mumford and sons mainstream music for Gen z and their dog collars. This chick could give a fuck about anybody but herself.

    26. Camila Cid

      Alguien de México

    27. E l l i s 3 2 4

      relax me

    28. Chacken Straps

      This is the most underrated Billie Song of all time. HANDS DOWN BRO❤️😭

    29. Tarantel

      When you listen good music just search on US-new ´´hardtekk´´ thanks me later boiz : )

    30. Leonardo Lavariega

      Billie la mejor cantante del mundo

    31. T A

      i love you Bil♥️

    32. Marilouko 356

      Billie Eilish came Greece 🇬🇷 And I wasn’t there!!! (I live in Greece ) 😭😭😭😭😭

    33. El Mariachi

      What's the meaning behind this song?

    34. stay stan halsey

      i love you billie, but nobody could love me before your ocean

    35. Sapphirez

      Wait.. you've been in my country.. holy shit

    36. Tara Jean

      Anyone else be getting goosebumps ??

    37. Cptn 77

      Господа, это молодая Сверхновая Звезда

    38. Jason Lee

      This definitely is the best song she's wrote

    39. Jason Lee

      How does this beautiful song make me depressed and cry

    40. Hannah Kalapis

      i luv u billie wish i could meet you

    41. Sergey Zatsepin

      Total trash

    42. Nicolina


    43. aesthetic meme

      it’s just so beautiful like i thought the one on spotify and stuff was beautiful but sister live? i cant i-

    44. Vanessa Zolić

      3:01 omg 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    45. Marian Corban

      I love youuu

    46. Jaśmina wowczak

      i bin on tis koncert

    47. Zara Onbekend

      This is beautiful

    48. María Gabriela Bavaro

      Eres la mejor te amo 😘

    49. Erick von Lightov

      Круто! Ни слова больше!

    50. Fran

      Practically all the public was crying, just some artists can do that.

    51. Sxf

      +1 Αν είσαι από Ελλάδα

    52. Maria Arab

      It hurts,it hurts so hard. Can't believe it 😖

    53. Zziwa Constance

      God billie eillish understands me all the way

    54. Eca Icaro

      the look good together 😭😭😭❤️

    55. Eca Icaro

      is he her bf????

    56. Beatriz Oliveira

      I love you billie ❤️

    57. Mr. afton

      2012 Me:i am depressed 😢 My friend:i will help 💛 2019 Me:i am depressed 😢 My friend:same 💔

    58. sherek kkk

      I am cry

    59. Naomi Bosman

      I love Finneas and Billie together :3

    60. Lau Reynaga 1


    61. Jay

      doesn't some of this song sound like "hallelujah"

    62. Rachel Wysey

      X we miss and love you ..................

    63. Valeria Velazco

      This is BEAUTIFUL

    64. Raj Biswal

      She is something else her live performances r better than original song wow she gives everything on stage

    65. Shanya Shanya

      I didnt't heard it yet but i love it ❤❤ keep doing what youre doing You r so beautiful❤ ,so nice to everyone❤ . You r my idol 😘,i love yiu and yr songs so much . Every single song is amazing 😍😍😍 hope u answer😢😍😍😘😘😚😚😙😗😗😗

    66. Safira Khudjamova

      Is he her brother?)

    67. Dani Osorio Villanueva

      remember this. NOTHING IS FOREVER.

    68. ii_Omq Cookiez

      This reminds me of my bf who doesnt care about me anymore :')

    69. Nixie Charlotte

      My fave song...

    70. ĞąçhąxMę vĎ2007