Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)

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    1. Gêmeas em 1

      Billie Ellish ft. Shawn Mendes

    2. Jorge 2718

      A THC overdoped Amy Winehouse cover played by a burka wearing teenager with a severe throat condition. I lost 3:10min of my life watching this..

    3. RAISSA


    4. Farhan Haque

      No Time to Die, girl. You carry on.

    5. Farhan Haque

      Her music so low key. Anyone noticed?

    6. ivan ozura


    7. RITA maksimova

      Русские вы где?

    8. Mythic _.

      1:31 Lizzo????

    9. Cheung Zoe

      Billie: sings Me: good quie- crowd:aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh Me: OMG THE CROWD IS *CRAZY*

    10. Wolfdog Masterr

      Please do a collaboration with Alec Benjamin.

    11. elene maziashvili

      Where are the Avocados 🥑????

    12. elene maziashvili

      I wanna meet Billie soooo bad🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤.....Billie I love you so much!!!!💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤...... You are my idol, my hero, my inspiration, my EVERYTHING.....💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤

    13. Athle Lee

      1:28 BEST PART

    14. Khrystal Zapata

      Omg Lizzo is there

    15. Khrystal Zapata

      1:30 that neck said *bYE*

    16. camlong89

      People will listen to whatever the radio plays as long as it plays over and over and over again. Listen to Lorn, Burial, or Gorguts if you want dark music. This is music for edgy teens.

    17. Teodora Banaru

      I love you❤️💋💕💗

    18. Edilagos Alanos Pulos

      Is that actual fire?

    19. Eduardo Rocha

      hahaha. old people smilin and pretending to like her song. cringe!

    20. Игорь Валериевич

      Боже какая хуйня энта бейлиш

    21. 1 warrier girl Martinez

      I saw shawn mendes and camila cabello😮😮

    22. •LavasheG•

      Интересно, а люди которые визжат там на заднем плане, вообще слышат её "пение")


        О май гад здесь русский человек!!!

    23. Shayan Bento

      Todos as boas meninas vão para o enferno

    24. Matthew Coyle

      Do you think it's funny when I finally got these grandma letters I thought of the Simpson Bart Woodrow Wilson love letters to crapobel. Full of phycological attack on me .

    25. Matthew Coyle

      I'm not so bad. So when you get mad it's the soft drink. When you would.. no idea now how many ilse ish .

    26. Matthew Coyle

      Your Lucifer. . The devil on her team hmm I'm not so bad. I just hope you iced skate . Sorry you couldn't make baby . Besides nothing left to say .. You ain't ever been to the devils triangle

    27. thandoluhle sithole

      can we please talk abut billies energy

    28. Kika Gacha


    29. amra shabani

      Did i see Camila Cabello and shawmandes

    30. Erika Dobrá

      Is this new music genre BULLSHISM ?

    31. Fatiya Afifa

      1:28 BEST PART

    32. ÅVÅ ÅĻÊŃÅ

      Congratulations on 25 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!

    33. dine in take out

      1:09 The MOST ICONIC WALK I have ever seen🔥

    34. Shayna Eubanks

      Can we talk about how Finease was playing piano AND guitar

    35. Blessy Competente

      I love that "I LOVE YOU BILLIE" who shouted on the first part of the vid❤😍 SO CUTEEEEEE!

    36. Fadi Najjar

      Wow such effortless and shitty music. I guess it's time for me start a singing career and make money.

    37. Noni Wolf

      2:00 look the Camila Cabelo's face kkkkkk

    38. Ahmed Bella

      1:33 She killed me 😂😂😂

    39. sad sad

      1:29 woahhh

    40. Arick Miller

      What a freak.

      1. crxvels

        you're just normal and basic

    41. Jalal khan martial arts

      Mocking God's hell

    42. ryss1

      I don't get it.

    43. Sasha Parker

      And what would you know about being a good girl

    44. MyriamREA

      2:01 😍😍😍😍😍

    45. Elizabeth Salaverry

      Una colaboración entre billie y melanie rompería todo

    46. maulo korooytan

      я твой ПАДПИШИЩНИККК

    47. Павел Воронов

      1:32-1:35 ору с бабы

    48. ilkka ollinmaa

      I see talented girl, but why she dosent try to sing, god bless america.

    49. Victoria Martinez-Santos

      BRO who saw camila and Shawn?❤️❤️❤️❤️

    50. João Arcanjo

      nossa eu só tenho 7 anos eu gosto muito das músicas da Billie eilish

    51. мир Нурай

      Hello BILLY AYLISH I adore you by the way I'm from Kazakhstan and many people know you please come and not alone but with a concert and I'm also a big fan of yours and therefore I know English well we love you (Nuraj)

    52. SuperRingo001

      Cuánta gente pendeja !! 😆😆😂😆😝

    53. Matthew Coyle

      Matt watch hot ones what about her moonboot

    54. Matthew Coyle

      I'll fall to it .

    55. Matthew Coyle

      My threat of engel on America if your not ok

    56. Matthew Coyle

      I'm not so bad . Stop singing me word for word .. Enmity had me . Must of been chip . Any cell phone im near. How it became the net ..

    57. Jigsaw Of USA

      Humanity is doomed to burn 😌🔥!!!! no one can even figure out that is a boy 🙄😪😪 Posing them self begging for demon help LOL Even the demons are shocked at it ! The demon did warn you you ! 🙄😌😌😌

    58. Jack Sparrow

      Dont kill me but billie eillish is a wanna be emo girl, and of you people think her songs are dark than you dont even know what emo and punk music is

      1. Jigsaw Of USA

        Your blind as Hell she is a he fool !

    59. Goes Hidayat

      th audience : aaah aaah aaah aahh ikhe ikhe kimochi yametheee ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh~~~~

    60. Samuk

      Quem tá tocando e o Finneas?

    61. Mozart Herbert

      I keep repeating this part, it's addictive 1:25

    62. jim Barnes

      Killin it Blish

    63. Ashley Garcia

      Shawn mendes what you doing

    64. Phoebe Stark

      Her voice is so strong. Love it. Keep going Billie!

    65. ItzMe A Røbïn

      Billie: devil wings Melanie: angel wings Me: bbq wings

      1. Someone You'll miss

        Kinda remind me of Growtopia

      2. ThatOnePianist 817

        I’m nor sure if this is copied or not, but this is underrated

      3. VMinIsFuckingReal방탄소년단

        dude, enough with these comments. its getting old already and its not funny anymore

    66. Luana Souza


    67. f b

      Retarded song for a retarded bitch

      1. Jigsaw Of USA

        Um you have one eye open get readey I well open your blind eye ! Ok get ready it might hurt ! That is no bitch that is a man !

    68. Melany Olier Perea


    69. Erlinda Rios

      Is Camilla there

      1. Nehir Kartal


    70. Emre Birinci

      It's only demonic. nothing more.