BEST Korean Fried Chicken In New York! RAMEN Chicken! SPICY CHEESE Stuffed Chicken

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    I'm trying 6 places that serve the best Korean fried chicken in New York City. Each place definitely has its own unique crisp, flavors, and textures. So here's my Korean fried chicken review.
    #kfc #korean #friedchicken
    ✧ BBQ Olive Chicken
    ✧ Mad for Chicken
    ✧ Pelicana Chicken
    ✧ Coffee Monster
    ✧ Black Emperor
    ✧ 591 Chicken Cutlet
    ✧ Taipei Hong
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Noob Noob

      In my country, Indonesia, when I ordered 28 pieces of chicken, the waiter laughed at me and my family, because Indonesians usually eat 1 piece of chicken and rice

    2. socially inept spider-man

      What is it with this guy and his kfc hate erection

    3. MirYam Nal

      Am i the only one who thinks that KFC is terrible? I am not American, didnt have it in USA , maybe that is the thing?

    4. Hans Weissman

      This opens up a whole new demographic group.....


      I will take a break from eating chicken by eating again XD

    6. Mayang Yao

      Oh BTS🤭

    7. FrankieFingers

      dude whats your obsession with Halle Berry lmaoo

    8. Crazy Tech

      He eats all pieces of chicken in a sitting?

    9. Tiaro Yousant

      I heard TWICE FANCY THERE 13:41 until he out

    10. Keith Mossey

      This man is on an 8,000 calorie per day diet haha! He must work out like NO ONE HAS SEEN BEFORE

    11. Carter Green

      Im korean living in south korea BBQ is best korean original fried chicken ever most korean will agree

    12. dbsommers1

      I just ate and now I'm hungry again

    13. Independent Talk

      Best fried chicken video

    14. Riya Sharma

      Yes the chicken was good and love mikey as always but can we also talk about that bts poster! Omg i screamed so loud when i saw that poster 😂💜

    15. sumona santa

      I just took a second to read your shirt and couldn't stop laughing

    16. sumona santa

      I had to go back to make sure I didn't just imagine that BTS World poster. My inner fangirl is quaking.

    17. Kenny Agne

      im preety sure bbq olive chicken became famous because of the kdrama goblin

    18. Simona Felice

      Fried chicken is good. I didn't know Koreans like Fried Chicken. I wish I had skinny genes. The food goes straight to my thighs. Shaved ice? Looks good. All the chicken looks good. Taiwanese Fried Chicken. That is one big piece of fried Chicken!💚

    19. Angus Lai

      Stop squeezing the chicken pls

    20. nina p

      What I don’t understand is why some people don’t like this video do they not like food or just hating

    21. Brady Land

      We have the there chicken 2 or 3 times a month my family goes crazy for it.

    22. Alyssa De La Cruz

      BBQ chicken is my fave on 34st 😍😍😍 they making one in yonkers too !

    23. Chris Vagas

      Im watching this while eating popyes and now im upset

    24. Tan Lanh Dinh

      “I got the breast because it’s my favorite cut” *few minutes later* “Now for my favorite,the drumstick”

    25. Confused Fox

      wait.....McDonald's has a COLLEGE?!

    26. Da Boom

      First place has some Big Bang music videos going on! That’s your first Sign it’s gonna be good!

    27. Breh breh

      Frying chicken with olive oil is actually carcinogenic.

    28. Will iNFORMED


    29. FifaFifaFifa.13

      TRY BONCHON!!!!

    30. Shawn Williams

      So where's the Halle Berry in monsters ball good? 😰

    31. diegoyotta

      You forgot about the last stop: The hospital, with a major case of clogged arteries

    32. raphael marques


    33. Jack Batchelder

      Bruh those wings looked so good 🙄🙄🙄


      Hello jackie chan😋

    35. Manel boudjellaba


    36. Weasna Sim

      Dahm this guy makes me want to go to new york just to eat fried chicken!!!

    37. See Shun Beng

      I very doubt the chicken us not fried in EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil

    38. Win Cup

      Korean Chicken is just another world.

    39. Johndahbomb

      Twice in the background,

    40. bettovn

      That’s freaking awesome spicy cheeseee deep fried chicken

    41. Zsoca Varga

      Is it raw or what?

    42. Juan Giles


    43. Teresa Jenkins

      I watch you all the time...but I especially love when you do NYC videos, I live in NY and now I can go to these places you showcase...thank you.

    44. K

      How tf did you eat all that KFC...

    45. Kriissy Miissy

      I love his shirt 😄

    46. Alexander Temple

      Anyone else see Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG on the TV in the beginning?

    47. rob frimmel

      My friend, all you have to do is ask for some of that delicious sauce you like so much on the side.. A small ramekin with some warm sauce to dip into will be your answer.. Food for thought

    48. i2ee Nei2

      I see Big Bang's GD! 😍😘 Wow fantastic baby! 🤣

      1. Vaishnav Anand

        Oh I hear y

    49. Mr P

      You should be in a food commercial because you make the food you’re eating look good.😋 I want some fried chicken.

    50. jason dullaghan

      Tht chicken looked so good 😋

    51. Toy Dubz

      That freaking matcha shaved ice... I NEED!!!

    52. Jenna Polon

      Why isnt Bonchon on the list?🤔

    53. Chan 2x

      Who else heard FANCY in the backround

      1. Human Noid

        Yeah me too 13:41 lol

    54. Elsa Cordero

      Hi, i am fan of you...why don't you try also the food here in macau..visit Macau and make a list to your sched. God bless...

    55. tosca donna

      Yes, this is close to my house!

    56. Celi Rice

      Your camera is pretty bad now, except for the food cam

    57. Max Ema

      DO NOT WATCH if you have eaten nothing for the last 24 hours.

    58. Adrienne Sutter

      Why you take out that piece of that song..been trying to figure out,who sung that😞 It’s stuck in my head now..

    59. Golen

      welp I'm good...I can't have any fried foods not unless I want to deal with pain which is no thank you

    60. Maria Claudine Basco

      I wish you tried BonChon!!

    61. boats

      Lol he said thigh was his favorite then he said the drumstick was

    62. Rameez Wahid

      Wait a minute, Halle Berry was better in Swordfish than in X-Men

    63. A Bennett

      Is Mike sure he's eating a chicken breast? Looks more like a dark meat boneless chicken thigh??

    64. robert rodriguez

      Wings over drum stick

    65. A L

      You literally went to every KFC I've been to. I've never been to Korea so I can't say how good the chicken is but my favorite is Mad For Chicken but I won't go there unless I have a lot of time.

    66. mOnEY MaN


    67. WeeAaBook Fist

      2am hungry not a good time to watch this video

    68. mitch B

      So extremely expensive,extremely empty resturant in NYc! Extremely better oil than all American chicken resturants and extremely bias towards his country of birth, , hmm

    69. Shay Jeter

      Im pregnant and dying now that looks so good

    70. Calisto Riviera

      Do ya’ll know about Krispy Krunchy Chicken? Easy coast place operates out of gas stations. It’s amazing.