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    Follow Bert Kreischer's journey to getting fit and healthy as he trains for his first ever triathlon.
    Bert Kreischer Gets Healthy For a Triathlon | Laughing Fit | Men's Health
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Matthew Silva

      Could you imagine living in Bert’s neighborhood?? You see this fat guy jogging every day shirtless with all this gear on and 0 change in physique lollll

    2. Kato 925

      This has inspired me starting August 11 I'm going to be working and trying to get in shape, I've let myself go a lot this summer I want my body back, if bert can do it.. I can do it

    3. Mike

      man I wish I had a pool.

    4. Paul Troy

      Meh you're still fat Bert.

    5. mushy

      What happened with the Bobby lee and that girl of his doing the big team triathlon? Was she all talk while Bert bout it?

    6. Mike Engberg

      Hi Bert, loved the video. At the end of the video, you said, "Don't get overwhelmed, don't think that only elite athletes can do this". You're more right than even you realize. Several years ago, I read a book called, "Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: My Triathlon Journey from Common Man to IronMan". After reading that book, I set a goal to complete an Ironman before I turned 60. 2 1/2 years later, 5 months before my 60th birthday, I completed an Ironman. Before that, my first sprint triathlon felt a lot like yours looked like. I was dead after the swim and then I had what looked like a huge hill to climb near the start of the bike ride that nearly killed me. In fact, as I was barely moving up the hill some guy that looked like he weighed over 250 rode past me! Still, I kept training and did a couple more sprints, a few Olympic lengths, and then 3 Half Ironmans before completing my full Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico in November 2015. Looking at you swim, you could literally make that the easiest part of your triathlon. Just take it easy and don't push. I know you think an Ironman would be crazy but I totally believe you could pull it off. Keep it up Bert!

    7. Benninga

      Imagine being the dude who came after the 200 pound 90 year old man

    8. Auto Phonic

      Well done Slurp Crispner!

    9. Boalol lal

      Good job Bert! :)

    10. Joseph Rice

      “I am the most normal guy you meet” *has been involved with the Russian mofia* *is a professional comidian* ..... really normal

    11. the9thGen

      I find it adorable how his wife? doesn't get any of his jokes although he lives from being funny

    12. Keslie Gparrot

      Good for you, and you really lost more fat than 11 lbs because of the muscle so good for you.

    13. Mark Lemus

      I looooove bert but he has to be the move delusional person ever....he has no Mickey mantle gene

    14. Mark Lemus

      This has the be the weakest triathlon ever. 1:40 min

    15. Lemony Snicket

      Was expecting this to be the one he was supposed to do with bobby lee and khalyla. That tigerbelly podcast was hilarious!

    16. smoochesTina

      So proud of you for giving it your all!

    17. Kapre

      imagine bert's face when his management was like "hey bert, mens health wants to do a video with you"

    18. Gregory Kudzin

      I came here for how funny Bert is - but I'm genuinely so impressed--it's truly admirable

    19. Zach Stern

      Congrats, good for you

    20. Julia T.

      What are those earphones hea using.

    21. Ashley Cramer

      This is weird im related to Rory wasn’t expecting him to be in here

    22. FuckBeeMakeHoney

      Good Job Bert hiding the booze with the water bottles.

    23. FuckBeeMakeHoney

      Kinda looks like Mickey Mantle.

    24. 1nvisible1

      @6:45 Dead last but 12 lbs loss is 12 lbs.

    25. Saran Tamang

      The machine

    26. Harvey Wolney

      You know, I way 230, this motivates me to do a triathlon, now I want to run a triathlon, that’s going on my bucket list

    27. Cheifing420

      Fuck this shit#$ hashtag and other shit......bert all day my nigga DAMN

    28. lalalalalalalala8111

      I want to see if Russian people he used to know come see him at comedy stuff.😂

    29. Archiworks 992

      bert vs mc greggor next....

    30. Jesus Vasquez

      I think it's great that men's health wants to support a fat person in achieving their goals, but did they have to pick someone so racist?

    31. Percy boy

      Got a little emotional when he crosses the finish line 😢

    32. Swat Kats

      Mens health. Jc

    33. Swat Kats

      Dude your a fat fuck take it easy just done eat so much bs

    34. Swat Kats

      Jkjk I enjoy this boob

    35. WarmSideOfThePillow Sr

      dammit now i dont have an excuse why i cant do a triathlon

    36. Sarah Evans


    37. RiEpic

      I’m eating popcorn and drinking a 2 liter of pop watching this 🤧

    38. Frenchify

      Wait, Americans don't drink water after a heavy exercise? They pour it on themselves instead? That's a horrible way to hydrate, you know.

    39. Kathi Bryant

      who painted on his swimmswuit

    40. RJ

      7 out of 9, not dead last?! Well done.

    41. Rolzhey

      bert is thicc

    42. K B

      Fucking fat racist Burnt Krystler

    43. Oren Rob

      Bert Kreischer Gets Healthy? Booo

    44. Dominic

      I wanna see Bert just get fuckin shredded

    45. AJ


    46. grryan1

      and loves suckin cock

    47. Rani Allen

      does anyone know the name of the song at 3.40

    48. Colin OBeirne

      This is such a wholesome video.

    49. DestroyerSTP_Gaming

      5:51 looked like he was going to smack his head on the end of the pool :/

    50. Mary Valentyne

      fuckin YOKED

    51. malenotyalc

      Bert thought athalon was a drug and was like yeah I'll try athalon.

    52. Davide Petrini

      Bel video complimenti !

    53. Ktg1300

      I'm so glad they didn't try to censor him lol

    54. Raider Power Blue and Yellow

      I’m dying. Dude does an hour of cardio... “I’m just a regular guy!”

    55. Adam


    56. Adam Golden

      You're from Florida, how the fuck can you be scared of the ocean? You're the wrong shade for that

    57. Cart Man

      What the fuck is it with all the negativity, these losers need to get a life. Bert, you look great and where can I get the unblurred footage of you putting on your swimsuit lol, you already look good in a speedo.

    58. William Cutting

      In all honesty...I'm inspired! Awesome!

    59. Andrew S

      So great! Way to go fat man.

    60. Bennett Wogan

      Look at his balls.... Look at the sack on that one

    61. Ralph

      annoying fat fuck

    62. Angela's Anything Show

      wait why am i getting choked up? #bertisskinny

    63. lethal antdog

      love Bert

    64. Juice Em

      Micky mantle gene

    65. Shawn Huber

      Bert, I am in Dunedin so if you need any help you can reach me on Facebook.

    66. Jon A

      This shits great should have a million views! Long live Bert

    67. Dinkster


    68. Tumb Blubbsen

      I love Bert! He's always so full of positivity for all around him!

    69. Tony Sudol

      That nutritionist vs Layne would be fun

    70. Demonic's Gaming Domain

      He shoulda done a ketosis diet