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benny blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, J Balvin - I Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video)

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    "I Can't Get Enough” out now:
    Directed by Jake Schreier

    Executive Producers - Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
    Line Producer - Rogers Marquess
    DP - Pedro Luque
    Set Design / Construction - Willo Perron / Nu California
    Costume - Day Blackmon
    VFX - Arjail
    Color - The Mill / Michael Rossiter
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Rajesh Agarwal

      Was that a music vedio of j balvin and selena 😶

    2. Biagio Caccia

      100% TALENT 💖

    3. TGandM

      At first glance I thought this was the same big bed that kanye west used for them naked wax figures in his "famous" video 🤔🤣😂👌 overall great song & video!!

    4. Lyrical World


    5. Shreya Singh

      Ohh my god Selena is soooooo cute 😘😘😘😍😍😍

    6. mandyjb77

      Selena...gtfo my bed, I’m tryin to sleep. You brought company? Too late for this party. that a polar bear? And it dances? Yayyy!!


      Best song Selena Gomez

    8. sarvesh Faugooa

      got a big bed put your name on it .🛏

    9. lily campos

      HOLy this is actually nice.


      Que som bom

    11. •Zümra Almila•


    12. Iron - Pool

      Jaja muy buena!

    13. Regina Kai

      This song has to be on repeat! And with a bed that big imagine all the breakfast in bed you could have!

    14. Rafaela Andreazza

      What a lazzy video hahahaha. But I'm happy there is no sexual things, cause this is very rare in this moment of the world.

    15. Sagar gomez

      34 k dislikers are those who can't take stand for themself fuck you 34 k dislikers😬😬🖕🖕


      Uploaded at 12 march Watching at 21march 😂😂

    17. RyanRickyW

      For real !!. What q big bed

    18. Priyanka Mallya


    19. David Leija

      I love ❤️

    20. Jadesola

      How many times are you guys going to comment the same thing? There's no nudity we get it.

    21. sowmika yakkali

      OMG, such direction and talented artists. Directed and acted at one shot

    22. Ayanna Sofia

      Selena’s pyjamas looks very comfy

    23. Prantik Bose

      Cutie pie 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    24. Prantik Bose

      Best music

    25. SWAG BOY

      Do the new thing is in songs is to bring a bounch of homeless Spanish imagrants to sing some random shit so we could not understand what they saying

    26. Joel Vaz

      Selena is good but Ariana is the best.

    27. Tiger Gaming

      Now Selena got a huge bed and she can't get enough ( SO what we do)

    28. Ngọc Dương

      I love song so much from Viet nam 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

    29. डकैत CLAN

      First salena shows you the width then the other guy shows the height, Then the whole squad comes to show you the softness of the bed

    30. Grace Ammu

      Ahw that was so cute

    31. Jen Cairós

      temaso papá

    32. Nairel

      Arriba Colombia y el español 💪✔️

    33. Michie aveiro

      Cuteness overload, love this

    34. wajeeha khan

    35. Cat E.

      pNget ugly

    36. Cat E.


    37. Cupcake Glamgamer


    38. Selegend Godmez


    39. Sayan Banerjee

      you r the queen..😙😚😍..❤this new album

    40. Asmaa Murad

      Selena looks so beautiful😍

    41. Romana Sharma

      sweet and shirt. So calm and soothing to soul. Why so short???

    42. The absolute cube

      Most playful music video ever 😻😂

    43. yell ow

      I’d love to have a big sleepover with my friends on that huge bed 🛌 plus the sleep would probably be bomb asf

    44. Silent Indo

      Hoooooolllyyy Shi- This Is Good . . .

    45. Toko Matsumoto

      Who else is getting Mi Gente vibes from this song?😂😂

    46. Melissak29

      1:48 ME ON MY B-DAY

    47. Magical potato

      I keep coming back...

    48. Sohero Dennis Hero

      0% nudity 0% drugs 100% creativity 100% music 🎵 100% I love this song 🔥

    49. milami 415

      Listen just listen perfect😍😍😍

    50. Niterror HK

      She still loves the biebs. Always has. Always will.

    51. Mina Dia

      Selena, Benny, Tainy, J: we want this music video to be bed themed. Director: ok... to what extent? Selena, Benny, Tainy, J: Yes.

    52. Keron Bullock

      Great song!

    53. British Columbian

      i really want that giant bed

    54. Hazal Kaya

      Ariana Grande,,: I want it i got it you You like my bed gee thank's just sleep it.

    55. Dinkle Berg

      Same beat as all Latin songs are

    56. red rum

      O% nudity 100% thrilin

    57. red rum


    58. Ленивый Cat

      Классная песня 😲👍, это странно... но я хочу такую же кровать...

    59. Indo Senpai

      I can watch it with my parents XD

    60. Yaqueline Rico

      This is such a good song! 💕 love j balvin!!

    61. Alejorendon0907

      Latino Gang

    62. carly vega


    63. gregjarnigan1

      Selena's face-work is obvious and sad.

    64. Allison

      Nice and repetitive.

    65. Jüninhor Silva

      Quem é mais bonita? Selena Gomes: Curte Ariana gr : Comenta

    66. Jose luis Esguerra

      Me gusta la canción 👍👍👍

    67. Christine Bañaria


    68. Christine Bañaria


    69. Octavio Picatto

      Benny se ve muy tierno en ese disfraz de oso, es genial ♥

    70. Suraj Mal

      Follow up


      una gran cancion desperdiciada al haver incluido a jbalvin

    72. Jenny Marie

      this vid looked like it was fun and chill to film

    73. Niya  Reddy

      "How big do you want the bed to be?" Selena- yEs

    74. Coco M10

    75. Coco M10

    76. Coco M10

    77. Coco M10

    78. Coco M10

    79. Dianawer 7u7

      1:49 I like that so lets be crazy🤣🤣

    80. M Hundal

      When he was a teddy bear though

    81. Jose Loayza


    82. Jo Ram

      Me gusta mucho soy johnana de Colombia Cúcuta

    83. Fatima Fridays

      I don’t think she can ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed at this point-

    84. Raquel Couto


    85. The Master Grunt e.e

      0:43 1:20 😆

    86. KL Takaji

      I like the part where the Human Teddy Bear is twerking it's like ahhhhh... Satisfaction, cuteness OVERLOAD.😍

    87. Bernadine Pierre

      Is this bed real ??.

    88. Silvana Arias


    89. Maribel Aponte


    90. Alexa Banuelos

      IM SO CONFUSED!!! Is this a real bed?

    91. Valery Moreno


    92. Vinny Lara


    93. Violintention violin

      I need this bed in my ife

    94. J Kay

      when the fking bear got up LMAO I actually love this video hahaha

    95. Juan4546

      There 20 sick sheep 1 died How Much Are Left....BTW OG SELINA FAN!!

    96. wolf awa

      Selena es tan preciosa wn 💕

    97. Honey Aesthetic

      You can see where they put the mattress

    98. Victoria Watson_ Greathan

      1:19 excuse you! I see that demon of a bear moving in the back!?! What type of witchery is this!?!

    99. Frederik Hanssens

      I can't get enough Of my bed

    100. Sky Ortega

      Qué rara experiencia 😅😅