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Behind Bars: Rookie Year: FULL EPISODE - The Con Game (Season 1, Episode 4) | A&E



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    Inmates are called convicts for good reason. Once inside, they have nothing but time in Season 1, Episode 4 "The Con Game". #BehindBars
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    "Behind Bars: Rookie Year" follows a group of new recruits at the New Mexico Corrections Academy (NMCA) as they come face-to-face with criminals who take pleasure in preying on weakness. Whether they're cadets in training or brand new on the line, the officers all wrestle with a critical life-or-death question: Is it worth it?
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. A&E

      Like Behind Bars: Rookie Year? Catch the new series Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole, Tuesdays at 10/9c!

    2. OneGun Son

      With a name like Manchin! 🤣

    3. Deven Gonzalez

      She sounds like Mabel from gravity falls! What a Coincidence :D?

    4. Khalid Mitchell

      They played tf outta Mangin😂 so I don’t see a reason to fire dude, it couldn’t happened to anyone

    5. illusive_nezzy88

      Ariel is not going to make it. Im not a criminal at all nore have i ever been to jail but her voice makes me bust at laughing.

    6. Kevin Williams

      black dude in the shower peter gazing

    7. RachRach Vlogs

      The phones in the bag

    8. Jason Chandler-Bailey

      So drawing a picture is proof that you're in a Mexican prison gang?


      I swear if a co ever hung up my phone it would be on sight for next 10 months. He needs to watch his soup coolers.

    10. Kim

      Mangin got let off easy bc of his family history. He’s gonna become dirty while he’s there. No doubt

    11. Cynthia Flores

      I knew mangin was dirty before I saw the video. The eyes tell all

    12. The Anti Christ

      The editor of the show should win an award. They can build tension repeatedly on the same subject over and over just By the way it's all cut up. Pretty impressive.

    13. Isaac Zavala


    14. nate borunda

      How’d he get the phone. Let’s ask the cops. Criminals. Take the phone. Oh wait let’s check the cameras. Lmfao! That should’ve been the first thing you do

    15. Papi Shampoo

      That girl should not be able to be a C.O she definitely not built for that line of work

    16. The Realistic

      You look at their eyes it seems that are sick people

    17. Bumble Bee

      Mangin is stuuuuupiddddd

    18. Steff Villa

      Magnin is level 6 and he can't even cuff someone he's gonna get someone killed. And he's probably dirty tbh

    19. robison87

      Ariel will be caught banging an inmate eventually.

    20. robison87

      I work as a mental health RN and they can be just as manipulative. When they ask me for something that would be breaking the rules I simply say sorry, but I'm not getting in trouble for it.

    21. P85037 L

      She’s lucky they didnt kill anyone!! Or did they!?!? The dudes she helped escape. And dude was released on my bday Aug. 14th

      1. robison87

        My birthday too. Aug 14th '87

    22. Mylum O'Shinn

      Mangin is under Doporto payroll.

    23. TnnaM Sanchez

      Allday con con convict.......youngsters damm

    24. v montclair

      I woulda been wasted on hootch 24/7

    25. Dayz

      “Because Im a girl” “because I’m a woman” GEEZ stfu already we got it the first time!

    26. BAGofTALENT

      Let's just be real there are certain jobs that women just shouldn't be allowed to do . Most of these guys wouldn't survive a one on one with a inmate let alone a 100 pound girl. Just get body slammed to the ground with ease it's a joke .

    27. Wavy Mvne

      Bruh ariel is maaaaa cute

    28. Texas OutLaw

      Everyone that has been locked up know that some CO take drugs and other stuff to inmates they know

    29. Looney Boy

      That one dude look like patty mayo

    30. Lisa

      I don't see how Ariel made it past the interview. They must have been desperate to fill some positions.

    31. Kevin D

      why they keep hiring these little teenage girls?

    32. Fake account

      4:56 if you don't want to get walked on then I suggest that you try talking more assertively and less like a shy freshman chick that just took a valum

    33. Maxim Tulkoff

      this show is pretty wack.... but i keep watching it

    34. James Dean

      Ariel talking like she was a tomboy growing up lmfao. She is one of the most feminine women I have ever seen. Smiling all the time to the inmates. You know they were passing her around. I'm sure they weren't rough with her or nothing. Treated her like a lady, whisper sweet nothings in her ear while they shove it in her raw.

    35. Talei Cody

      I wouldn’t trust Mangin. Either he’s not very intelligent, a snake, or both

    36. DEATH WISH CHRIS Reilly

      A Hispanic with the last name Doporto. That's a f****** cruel irony!!

    37. Justin Baxter

      You ever have a dream were you are so mad and trying to yell but the words just won't come out? That's Ariel talking.

    38. Justin Baxter

      I think we saw every scene about 6 times and she told us she's a girl 47 times

    39. Gabe Mendez

      You know you’re broke when inmates have $100 bill and I don’t

    40. Peter Parker

      Ariel sounds like a orn star

    41. Peter Parker

      That one cop that was acting on sweet was experiencing

    42. Cortney leighleigh

      Ariel is annoying

    43. Front Desk


    44. Kurb Deala

      Put Ariel on my tier for a couple shifts..she'll be bringing me in some packs..💰Guaranteed💰

    45. It’s Private

      25:26 IS THAT A WOMAN????

    46. Brent tripp Thomas

      You can strip search me baby

    47. Eligia Moz

      He was in on the phone thing

    48. Mario Luffy

      "These dimples get me in trouble" haha love her!

    49. Thomas Casavana

      Girl co is too funny

    50. StutteringCrisTop10

      CO Ariel needs to speak with more authority.

    51. Emmanuel Romero

      Ariel you can quit that bs job I got you😍😍😍😍

    52. Kenneth Johnstone

      Believe me Lilly it's better that your talked to with honey dripping off every word, so don't blow it up as if it could be good or bad.

    53. raymundo antonio

      @clip33:15 C.O Mangin was not following the rules and therefore he is filthy as a snake and can't be trusted. Even @clip36:16 inmate Timothy Hawkins intimidates and confronts C.O Mangin about the inside organization role he played in.

    54. MysteryMachine 444

      I'd say like 90% of them have PTSD and self medicate. You can't really stop the cycle when you actively have an unaddressed mental issue. Jails and prisons in the US need to practice what they preach and be a place for rehabilitation like other future forward democratic countries such as Sweden and Norway.

    55. Xie  Jiayi

      No one: Ariel: because I'm a girl-

    56. Adan Alonzo

      She's hot.i put her to work

    57. christopher martino

      26:06 "I sound like you when I'm on helium" LMAOOOO

    58. ll Hazzy ll

      She to cute to be in there fr.

    59. Sunshine State Lyfestyle

      That girl CO is going to get gunned down if she keeps hanging around the showers...

    60. Sunshine State Lyfestyle

      That's G14 classified lmao pulling out the Rush Hour line.

    61. Brandy Weaver

      It’s not that she’s a female, it’s how she speaks and carry’s herself. She sounds and looks weak

    62. J.Sargent91

      Yeah Ariel has it cut out hard not just cuz shes a woman, but her voice is so soft no tone. Its really cute but cute is the exact opposite if what you want with a job like a CO

    63. BAMISM

      Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Ariel: Being a girl is so much harder!

    64. Aidan McWhirter

      A lot of these people just need to die

    65. A_pxrsoxn Savagegirl

      Does anyone know if this is on a Netflix show? If you do comment it...

    66. jack frostman

      How come you guys stopped makeing scared straight videos

    67. Bea Leighton

      Nobody: Ariel: It’s like, hard to be a female CO because they, like, think I’m smaller or whatever and yeah

      1. CRIS S

        Why did I read this in her voice

    68. Craig's Restoration Yard

      That female officer is not going to make it. Way too soft and carefree to be in that position.

    69. Megatron's Dad

      this show should be called (editing the same scene 2344453246654 times to fit the time schedule)

    70. M Czenk

      Mangin is a stand up CO. I'd love to have him watch my back where I'm working. Level 2-5 Max here in MI

    71. Allison Phillips

      I don't like Cordova

    72. Allison Phillips

      This show is addicting

    73. LRASHLY //

      Ariel needs to practice her big girl voice.

    74. redskin 161

      11:51 You know he want that P 😂🤣

    75. davo

      ESP 3

    76. Raven Bilke

      32:20 the way they checked there wrist

    77. Mike Georgius

      That guy gets caught w the phone and his release date is pushed back and they start playing the hella sad music. To stupid...

    78. BooM Yungnz


    79. BooM Yungnz


    80. BooM Yungnz


    81. BooM Yungnz


    82. Tay & Titi

      The female says how hard it is to be a female in the male facility every other sentence 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    83. Master

      That prisoner with all the tattoos looks like Patty Mayo

    84. Chad Hadley

      that 2.5 seconds of Andrew Cuomo ruined this video.


      American need to make theer prison like Russian black dolphin. No prison eating together or hanging around together. what they need. + force prisoner to bend over blind folded. walk them to they cells. with no outside contract

    86. Brenson John

      He should be fired

    87. screeching ducks

      Yo them yellow pills with the heart are baby aspirin not illegal drugs lmao

    88. Coin Stacks

      Young women should not be able to work there.

    89. Violeti Muavao

      I love how no matter how aggressive and disrespectful Andrew gets towards the inmates, the unmates are still passive aggressively walking all over him😂😂

    90. *Mutilated Angel* **

      25:21 that's a WOMAN???!!!

    91. Santino

      I remember those men that prison they broke out of was like less then 2 hours from me.

    92. Level3-RC

      That girl is sweat but i would fire her. Not to re-hire either. she is a major threat to herself.

      1. Autumn Roxie lynn

        she is sweat? do you have smell - o - vision or something?

    93. Amber Farmer

      I don't see the soft spoken co is gonna all..shes too timid.

    94. Michael Lebert

      I really do like Ariel but she seems too nice and sweet to put up with a bunch of criminals

    95. Caesar Slim

      According to CNN this gang is almost non-existent so so is this episode 😂😂

    96. Carlos Mendez

      That girl rookie hella bad who agrees

    97. Michael Garcia

      Idk but some one needs to slide with that female officer @ tho 😂

    98. Cas J

      Her voice is sooooo annoying omg.... Its like nails scratching on a black board..... Jeez

    99. Thomas Reyes

      I'm a little confused about the prison system they're in jail but they have access to telephones and they wonder why they have drug problems inside and other issues

    100. delta games

      Too many UNSKIPPABLE ADS!!

      1. mike b

        download "ADBLOCK' its free!