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    Published on 50 years ago


    1. Jonathan Bishop

      How to treat the meat when it comes through the back door...

    2. slytown

      Ribeye cooked to medium in a cast iron, cote de boeuf.

    3. Loz O’Doz

      I’ve always been confused as to why most popular or hyped up steak houses don’t cook the steak by basting in butter with garlic and rosemary or thyme??

    4. Larkhon Nohkral

      Wagyu sirloin rare

    5. Shannon Walls

      Searing does not 'seal in juices', that is the biggest myth in the culinary world.

    6. Todd Hedgren

      Why did James put olive oil on his steak, then act like he didn't know why there was so much smoke?. Everyone knows you dry your meat if you want it to brown, ( get grill marks)... Jaime looks like the chef in this battle!!!

    7. Dave A

      My favorite steak would have to be eye round cooked well, glazed with raw honey and served on a bed of fresh potting soil.

    8. August Denys

      Jamie: Has the capacity to beat James in some field of cooking. Also Jamie: No confidence when it comes to Pass It On.

    9. Christoffer Kvist

      Get Mike

    10. Mazequax

      His calm demeanour changing to this lovely chuckle warms my heart :D

    11. Mazequax

      I would beat James's meat "dish"

    12. MeisterVasqus

      That's why I changed to only making my steak sous vide. Too much "I don't know" and "I'm not sure" in the pan and oven cooking method.

    13. ImLovingThis One

      I’m so happy Jamie won

    14. Miguel Suarez-solis

      Am I the only person who could give a fuck about grill lines? They don't make the steak taste better

    15. Mattias Byheden

      2:27 I know he's saying "master butchers", but I can only hear "master bitches"...

    16. Dollface

      James wearing that academical dress does things to me.

    17. Zakiry

      The thing is, if you mess up a steak abit it's still a steak

    18. kevin morris

      oh no way too pink. i get sick if i eat steak cooked like those ones. i prefer nice dar or burnt as some would say , on the outside and brown in the middle. or as my family calls it i like my steak nailed to a tree in a bushfire. Aussie here

    19. treebender 1371

      Best steak ever is a medium tomahawk ribeye served bone in.

    20. Patrick Maher

      As James is a chef should he already know about steaks and how to treat it and that why would he need to go to a steak School to learn about it and why is he nervous about cooking it

    21. Matthew Willis

      Props to the editing / animated typography in this video! The animated "Really, really, really" nervous made me physically smile. Love your videos, food, and your entire team!

      1. Matthew Willis

        That comment made it sound like I don't always smile while watching your videos... totally not true. This one made me smile even bigger 😂

    22. Sheepdog Smokey

      Sirloin cooked medium

    23. jedisix

      Bison Ribeye (Bone out) medium-rare. Bally's Steak House in Vegas made the best one I've ever had.

    24. Bucs Fan Criss

      Mid rare bone in ribeye, I never understood the need for a sauce, if your steak is seasoned and cooked perfectly why ruin it by adding a sauce?

    25. chris white

      Ribeye in cast iron salt pepper rosemary and butter

    26. XilverXoul

      So can anybody explain to me what is so important about diamond grill marks that the expert says if they aren't there that is a game over? I may just be ignorant, but isn't that just an aesthetic? To me, either way, a steak is a steak and I just want it to taste good!

    27. Cassie Butler

      ... I dont like steak

    28. Danny Aakjær

      Bearnaise sauce my ass. Cant even stand sloppy work chef!

    29. robert zerrenner

      Some people remain adamant that you Never oil a steak, just the grill. These are also the people that ruin a steak by letting the meat burn onto the grill. I took grief for years seasoning and then oiling the steak-Then putting it on the grill.

    30. robert zerrenner

      Jaime lost that battle as he tried to cook it the way he was told in Steak School. Had he done it his own way, it would have been no contest.

    31. Julie Walsh

      Strip steak medium

    32. Jennifer Cline

      I like a char on my steak 😋

    33. Shayna Alford

      I like mine more charred though! James looks amazing.

    34. Kelly M

      fillet minon blue

    35. Mikayla Ross

      I love all of Jame's sas

    36. Chris Tyler

      I'd love to see you guys do an Ultimate Monte Cristo Battle. It's basically a sandwich in a donut. How can you mess that up?

    37. Kate Bowen

      Poach them in a little butter, oil and a bit of water

    38. myHuge249

      diamond grill lines are overated. Give me a beautifully caramalised and dark brown sear any day. Not to mention twice cooked chips... nah fam gotta par boil those for perfect chips. Another thing i would do differently is sous vide. Especially for a rib eye which benefits greatly from low and slow cooking to break down the fat. Sous vide it with a clove of garlic, fresh rosmary and thyme, plenty of salt and pepper, and finally a wee splash of port.

    39. Oliver Naumann

      Bary gets more than he bargained for when he sassed Jamie #Bants

    40. B U

      Fun video, but does anyone really think Miller and Carter have good steak?

    41. Doc Dewrill

      Filet, Bleù. Because rare is already overcooked

    42. Devon F


    43. Maria Josefina Montes

      Strange because in the US that char and crust are what you want.

    44. Stevie Rebel

      Good on you Jamie! Not entirely surprised but still rad to see 😁

    45. im just a gamer

      Favourite cut is rib eye and I have to have mine medium well

    46. Renee Cusick

      "I did it my way." "Yeah, how'd that work out for Frank Sinatra?"

    47. Autoreiji

      When it comes to steak, less is more.

    48. Jagerfly

      Porterhouse steak RARE !!!!!!!

    49. Glenn Zanotti

      Chef jack from Miller & Carter is not from Texas. Those pretty diamond grill marks do nothing for flavor. In beef country, we go for a good, even brown sear on our steaks -- not pretty grill marks. James, that was is over-charred in Texas. Jamie's steak is pale in Texas. Also, sous vide changed the way I cook steaks. Look-up "SousVideEvertything" on US-new. You can get a perfect medium rare ribeye, and still have the fat render for a juicy steak.

    50. Bivens PC

      I take a thick lamb or beef steak. I heavily salt and pepper each side. Broil each side for 5 minutes each. Then bake it off at 350 for 30 minutes. It melts like butter and is so delicious.

    51. shaukat ali

      Why do the normals always win

    52. CircleTheSkies

      Hmmm... "hangover food" could be a good theme. I've heard of a number of dishes that are supposed to be good for hangovers; it could be fun to see what Sorted comes up with.

    53. nolimitz GW

      Grill marks are purely visual would rather have more crispy crusty surface area on a flat cast iron pan

    54. Joshua Gwynne

      The grill marks thing is dumb. Do it in a pan and you get 100% brown crusty deliciousness, not just crosshatching.

    55. Masood Suliman

      You guys have a loose definition of a normie lol

    56. Alice Etkin-Bell

      I don't like grill marks I prefer an overall crust. Tbh I say do it how you want like not how the meat guy wanted it like CBA with triangles. I reckon they would of done better if the guy wasn't so pretentious .

    57. Lou Lenehan

      I don't care what this guy says, ribeye's are better when they are medium-rare. James's steak looked perfect.

    58. Sayan Sengupta

      2:27 all the steaks are cut by master bitches.

    59. Psiberzerker

      They go to all the trouble to make grill marks, then top them with butter. It's not a Pizza. It doesn't need toppings.

    60. Marty Nguyen

      what kind of expert is that when he wants to see marks on the steak? that's disgusting...the crust has to be one

    61. Lifeshock60

      NY Strip, Medium rare with a good crust and butter/ thyme basted

    62. Gabe Muller

      Focusing more on grill lines than a good crust and sear is what makes the steaks look cheap.

    63. Malik On musik

      Is it me or did you guys disappear for like years , I got so emo seeing the on my feed 😩❤️

      1. Symbro

        blame youtube.... 2 videos a week....

    64. Austin Thompson

      Holy crap jamie, every time

    65. Not Important

      anything lean without bone, thinner, like an inchish, heavily salted and thrown into a dry hot pan and flipped to get a good salty crust. i even get the sides crisped, then butter with fresh garlic and herbs. throw it on the cutting board and crank out soje fresh pepper. maybe top with mushroom gravy or more fresh herbs.

    66. Sylani

      As you asked: Oyster Steak medium rare :)

    67. alex gerling

      Gotta love the giggles when you have good food, great video

    68. alex gerling

      I like seasoning with salt, pepper and maybe garlic powder atleast leaving it half an hour before cooking, if its something like a sirloin I seal both sides then render the fat on its side and finish by basting it with butter and herbs/spices but I love reverse seering too

    69. alex gerling

      M&C, steaks are meh

    70. browneyedgal

      In stake school When he said master butchers I honestly heard "master bitches" 😁😁 my bad