Baker Mayfield is 'wrong' for not owning his Daniel Jones comments - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Baker Mayfield reaching out to Daniel Jones after his recent comments on the New York Giants rookie. Hear why Skip thinks Baker not owning the comments are inconsistent with his entire beef history.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Baker Mayfield is 'wrong' for not owning his Daniel Jones comments - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 6 months ago


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Should Baker Mayfield have handled his comments differently?

    1. Cain Oz Man

      I think so

    2. JLH Blitz

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED i think this is a little too dramatic for a sports story

    3. Reilly Washburn

      Rich Eislein already went over the context. What kind of juvenile journalism is this? You guys are muckrackers.

    4. Kieran

      Go Gators he was asked a question and he answered it hardly his fault that the media twisted his words like they do with literally anyone so they can make a story/headline out of nothing

  2. brian green

    White people rarely stand behind what they say they are known throughout history for being liars and theives

  3. Leif Johnson

    Hey, Baker, grabbed any crotch lately?

  4. Steve Taylor

    It really wasn't that offensive. Most sportscasters were saying the same thing Baker said. Why is this an issue?

    1. To Release is To Resolve

      Because the media are some of the biggest hypocrites there are.


    Imagine Shannon fucken sharpe critiquing your commentary and analysis 🙆🏾‍♂️ Jesus

  6. hawks77

    Why cant he make a mistake and stick to it...he obviously doesnt want to hurt Daniel jones feelings

  7. crumbite

    He didn't own up to them, because he didn't say them you idoit

  8. Eyan Andati

    They really mad cause baker tried to be a good guy😂😂😂

  9. slam1376

    Baker Mayfield is trash

  10. Yegor Gorbenko

    I don’t like all this moonwalking 🤣🤣

  11. Tracy Snow

    Ooooh. I was loving me some Baker Mayfield but if Shannon says it's no bueno then it is no bueno. My man Shannon! I watched you run your mouth with the Broncos but you were always REAL and never backed down from who you were.

  12. nathan d

    Bakers record would’ve been no different if he went to Duke.

    1. kurt king

      baker acting like hes a hofer already

  13. uglygod fan27

    I think we all we shocked he was the 6 pick 🚫🧢

  14. The Almighty

    Now you're going to have Baker Mayfield worry about Daniel Jones and his stats SMH Baker Mayfield worry about yourself that way you'll look cool

  15. Ding Dong

    Skip and Shannon suck each other

  16. Needed Change

    How is bein “surprised” = to “u suck” EVERYBODY kno he shouldn’t have been picked 6th!! Foh

  17. Christian Fure The Hacker

    Noone: Shannon: SKIIIIP

  18. Christian Fure The Hacker

    noone: Skip: Mmmm

  19. Danse Macabre

    This is so not news. This is what happens when you do a show day after day and you run out of topics with substance. Media saturation, all words and actions dissected completely. Like this show, but jeeeeeeez.

  20. Rheper


  21. Christien Fletcher

    This show has become watchable again after dropping all the political posturing. Lets stick to sports on a sports show eh.

  22. coco Cola

    None of u listen to CBD the writer said he didn't say that go listen look to me like some needs something to talk about

  23. DJ 2k

    Why is this a headline? Someone please explain

  24. mean joe green

    Shanon... you know and i know skip 😂

  25. Luk1887

    Please marry me Jenny

  26. Yung Rasta

  27. caren Webb

    Baker is allowed to have his opinion.the media should shut up because they know they were all surprised the giants took jones too now they want to act like he needs protection

    1. Rene Aguilar

      Go Browns

    2. Brian OSullivan

      caren Webb Yes, you’re entitled to you’re own opinions, but you should be concerned about what’s going on in your backyard. There was no reason for Baker to get involved in a matter that would have gained him nothing. You take care of your matters, I’ll take care of mine. We, as Americans, have a very bad habit of nosing into other people’s matters. It’s my business, what is it of yours.

  28. Alan Hill

    Jenny is so beautiful.

  29. Tyler T.

    Does anyone actually give a f*** what the old white hermit crab says anymore?

    1. C G

      And yet here we are...🤷🏼‍♂️

  30. ahoneyman

    The Mara family has a LOT riding on Daniel Jones. I think there was a conversation between Jimmy Haslam and the Mara family where the Mara's made it clear Baker had to walk it back.

  31. Slim is chillin

    I wanna see Shannon talk football with Stephen A. Too bad Stephen A doesn’t know anything about football.

  32. FJ RAGS

    I look at it this way, Baker, who aint scared to say what he thinks, against anybody. If he says he didnt mean it in that context believe it. Because its not like The Media or reporters would EVERRRRR EXAGERATE The truth for sales or for clicks. Noooo, Integrity is the Medias middle name. If he says he didnt say it that way, he didnt say it that way. stop trying to light a fire. He'll bash a teammate who cries he's unloved and wants traded, but back pedal against a QB who maybe outta the league in 2 years? Please.

  33. beatchewup

    GQ is a TRASH MAG...

  34. Christopher Smith

    Baker Mayfield has a losing record.

  35. Brian Collins

    The media backing others in the media when they lie and take people out of context. Pathetic

  36. BobbyBeRad

    Baker got little man syndrome

  37. JadedClub

    Unpopular opinion, I think Daniel Jones will have a better career.

    1. Joe Cool Berry

      Wait til he actually plays some regular season games first for dang sake! Also Mayfield broke the rookie record for most TDs in the season

  38. Roger Brunswick

    somebody is going to light big mouth baker up!!!!!

  39. Bear 7453

    I’ve never seen someone who’s only played ONE season and won 7 games total as a pro and he’s calling teammates out (duke johnson) and other professional quarterbacks, he’s trouble.

  40. Gerald Preston

    OWN IT! Baker needs to keep his mouth shut play football and be the best losing qb he can.

    1. Gerald Preston

      @RandomFabian not yet..

    2. RandomFabian

      Gerald Preston Baker isn’t even a losing QB lmaooo

  41. Timothy Jones

    Shannon did not read the article

    1. Rene Aguilar

      Not the whole article

  42. logan mcallister

    Shannon, I usually agree with in most situations. He is completely wrong here. He wants a guy to berate another guy, who is actually doing well, and would not like him to backtrack or admit he was wrong i.e. manning up..

  43. Vic Calloway

    The media will lie on you & make you the bad guy if you correct them lol

    1. Game Winning Drive


  44. Douglas Purcell

    They have no idea what they're talking about. It's been proven that the part about "You just gotta win" was from MUCH LaTER in the convo. He wasn't even pointing that at Daniel

  45. Austin Buhrman

    Did they not read the article?

  46. Aaron Adams

    All these people talking smack bout skip but check that poll/ 89% agree with him lmfao

  47. Onion Man

    You can call out whoever you want as an athlete as long as you can back it up on the field. Trash talk can fuel both players to get better. But the media can talk about Jones being a bust and what a dumb pick it was, hypocrisy

  48. Isaiah Austin

    Baker should have own up to it he told the truth

  49. Captain Cav

    We get it shan. You are cowherd when it comes to baker.

  50. Moonwalker King2423

    I liiiiveee for UNC's MJ refferences

  51. Mr. Wright

    Did they read the article...?

    1. Rene Aguilar

      Not the whole article obviously

  52. Filippo Brun Peressin

    Anybody daresay Baker acted like a man ? And should be praised for it ? Ball won't lie anyway. Shay, moonwalking is what it is but it remains a classy smooth move

  53. Sounds Nice

    I remember when they didn't say ESPN on here, on yeah Disney owns them now its all just one big company

  54. Julian Sablowski

    They are making way too big of a deal about this. How many others said the same thing about Daniel Jones? Everyone just needs to take a chill pill. Jones has not even played a regular season game yet, so no opinion can be established from ANYONE. I can't wait until the regular season is back so the media can stop chasing worthless stories like this. Everyone has an opinion, move on.

    1. Rene Aguilar


  55. Pentazemin7

    I'd give anything to be at tailgate party with these two, they're hilarious.

  56. Aldo Castanado

    for once i agree with skip and shannon,

  57. marvinshenk

    In last years draft, I would have said the same thing about Baker Mayfield if he was drafted by the Giants with a high pick. The Browns are a go nowhere franchise stuck in the mud that will continue to go nowhere, and Mayfield is a perfect fit for them. So is Odell Beckham. The Browns are high on themselves this OFFSEASON. Wait until the season starts and they have to play Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice each, and they also have to play the Rams and Seahawks.

  58. james macauley

    He didn't say anything about his talent. He said exactly what everyone else said "I'm surprised he was picked 6th overall based on his play and win record. What's wrong with that statement? Guys who are talented but never perform in college generally drop in the draft. We were all surprised but somehow he gets in trouble for saying it.

  59. NizzyNizerson

    The media is the problem you took his words and then made it into your story he was contacting Daniel Jones to say don't believe these snake cuntz


    shannon how many white guys can I bash today sharpe

  61. Yaahboi52

    baker a fraud for that fr. he knew dang well he was going #1 overall, just used that to cover up his words.

  62. Puck

    Media really is something else. The agenda is always the same - more drama and more controversy. And if you don't give them that, you're often "wrong", and God help you if you criticise the media. The only reason they want Baker to "own it" is because that'd drive clicks.

  63. Hank Hill

    So theres a term for this now. "They GQ'ed em!" Lol

  64. Nicholas Rye

    What did he even say about him?

  65. Maurice McMahan

    A lot of quotables in this

  66. Tom Riddle

    So Baker always owns everything he says but the one time he says he's taken out of context you don't believe him? Smh Skip and Shannon make no sense lol

  67. BGOOD2 Life

    Will we get to see Baker Mayfield moonwalk, like Michael Jackson when he scores touchdowns this season? Just curious.

  68. Hector Rodriguez

    I'm the guy that stirs the drink -Reggie Jackson

  69. Robert

    I swear Jenny looks better and better every

  70. Louisiana Focus

    You can't trust people who say that Daniel Jones isn't good because he had a bad record at Duke. He played football at Duke NOT basketball. They play in the ACC. The same league that won the chip last year. It's obvious that anyone who says that hasn't watched him play ONE game. His talent jumps off of the screen. It's obvious that he is a Tom Brady/ Eli Manning type of QB on film. These talking suits are getting worse!!!

    1. Malong Diack Biatch

      Louisiana Focus LLLLL SWITCH SPORTS FOOTBALL AINT YOUR THING BUD. Jumps off your screen 😂your a joke