Back On FORTNITE Battle Royale (Random Squads)



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    Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay! I'm SSSniperWolf and today I am finally uploading more Fortnite gameplay (ps4) since everyone has been asking so much :D WATCH MORE Leave a Like if you enjoyed this and want more! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      FORTNITEEEEE so as you can see I'm rusty but I still got it! lot of mistakes but I really haven't played much and there's so much new stuff... LIKE IF YOU WANT MORE and vote in in the poll at 1 minute, also comment what you voted!

      1. Omar Albady

        1v1 me bot

      2. this channel was a mistake

        Hi sssniperwolf

      3. G M

        Plz post more I’ve watched this video soooo many times plz post note luvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuu sooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh

      4. Shadow _BolTslAnG

        SSSniperWolf more fortnite you a Queen to the game

      5. Hudson Wilcox

        I Love you

    2. Christopher Elliott

      You it a good amount of kilos but how u didn’t have a shotgun the first thing I get shotgun then at least 6 kills before I die on first one

    3. Christopher Elliott

      Lol listening to dominos by lael Hansen

    4. Ulises Moreno

      7:34 “oh my god I’m going to scream he’s one he’s really one” screams when she gets shot

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      Play minecraft

    10. Dindar Dindar

      I want more fortnite

    11. LovableGirl. Nae

      Hey!Even though you dont make Fortnite vids as much, I really hope you can do some more if you have the time to. Love you SSSniperWolf!😁

    12. Caleb Sotelo

      Barely playing Fortnite and i got so happy the I lasted till 8th place....I know lol.....Im terrible

    13. Kerry Hawkins

      Where's the 1 v 1s against steamer

    14. Osheena Hinson


    15. Osheena Hinson

      Play sum more Fortnite videos

    16. Savage Cookie

      Moreeeee :>

    17. MintyDingDong

      I love playing fortnite and I love u vids they cool👍👍👍

    18. CHRIS SULE

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      I only tried fortnite because SSSniperwolf plays it lol

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      Man I wish I had fortnite T^T

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      DO MORE

    26. Daniel Mogoddam khosravi

      Do you play on PS4 pro

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    28. Fun family Vlog time

      U are so good at the game omg no afense but I thought u we’re gonna be trash

    29. good tims dude

      Your the best fortnite girl player

      1. Aetixy

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    30. Chance Smith

      You can go farther in the basement

    31. Carla Games

      Even if you didn't get a win you are a pro and I would like to be a pro too like you

    32. annie mourton

      Am i the only one who got triggered when she whent to that house first to games and didnt notice that there was another underground

    33. GG pizza man cheese ze

      Im blind i u play on ps4 me too like if u play ps4

    34. joseph nellums

      it's time for Lia to be gamer of the year again, and i'll make sure of it

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    36. Danilo Robles

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      im a big fan i could carry you if you want ;/

    45. Logiii’s Life

      play more fortnite pleaseee!!!

    46. Joseph Hough

      Diahblah had a mic tho

    47. Mbuso Muthwa

      Any one else think it's amazing how sniperwolf can get kills even though she hasn't play in months o btw sniperwolf please 1v1 me my name is firey107jump , I now it's trash name i I play on PS4 to and when I made my PlayStation Network acount it didn't let me make my name it just gave me different options that where all bad😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👽👽💩😈🙉☠🌞🌝🙉😈😪😪👺👺😴😎😡🌚🙈👻😪☠😈😹🌝🙉💩

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      I’m 2 months late ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

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      I used to hate fortnite but after your videos I thing am a huge fan

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      Sssniperwolf how do you craft a time so much things that your backpack is full it's fortnite

    61. Catty Will

      Can you ever move to the USA you will find me there because I live in Oakland

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      Lia? Can you make more FORTNITE vids...please 🥺

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