Baby SSSniperWolf Plays WOULD YOU RATHER



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    Baby SSSniperWolf Plays Would You Rather! Just a friendly would you rather game with some of the hardest choices ever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and watch Baby SSSniperWolf talk about her crush! DigitalNex Channel:
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    Published on Month ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hiiiii guys would you rather have no mom or no dad??

      1. Aireanna Rodriguez

        I cant choose i love them all to much

      2. Wolfy person

        No dad cuz my dad forgot i exist

      3. Gabby _draws108

        No dad because I donโ€™t have one anymore.

      4. lol lol

        Neither I luv both

      5. Sarah LOLLIPOP

        No dad mom here doing all the work

    2. Tina Quek

      2:09 I would choose know when Im gonna die cuz If the otehr one said car crash I would be tense on the car

    3. Jj Osborne


    4. Jj Osborne

      Digital Next is

    5. Charliebear

      Lia your better looking and yes I would adopt you

    6. Narwhal56 Ilovenarwhals!

      Both babies

    7. B Hill

      No sssniperwolf

    8. Angie Porras


    9. Galaxy Girl

      No dad

    10. Cocograham Hugs

      Vboth cute

    11. XxGacha GamerDragonsxX

      Sssniperwolf is the cuter baby

    12. Mokgabo Sebotha

      sniper wolf and digital next

    13. Alex And Ace


    14. Valerie Mathey

      Baby sssniperwolf

    15. rinaca tyler


    16. Jessa Newhard

      I have no dad so MOM

    17. Gloria Ortiz

      Lia is more beautiful โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘‘

    18. stephanie mak

      My love you omg my name is Leah my little brothers name is Lucas

    19. Gautaman Rajamanickam

      A would have a mom more then dad and both babies ๐Ÿ‘ถ look cute

    20. Jamila Springer

      Baby next is soooooo cute

    21. Alexiss Larowe

      mom she gave birth to me and shes nice

    22. Alexiss Larowe

      hwo said you cant have a phone when you have a copture and a tablit to play your music

    23. D Helvacioglu

      The boy baby is so so sorry CUTE๐Ÿ‘ถ

    24. AaleyahTillmanVampire Tillman

      SSSniperwolf is better looking at being a baby

    25. Avonna Hunt


    26. Wolfy person

      No mom=No exist

    27. Bellamae Altizer

      Baby next is cuter

    28. Hannah Roberts

      You do not look like baby's no offense

    29. Tabitha Scott

      SSSnipetwolf,is the cutes baby ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ

    30. XxGachaCookiexX

      Lia is the cutest baby At least in my opinion

    31. Jessica Vieira

      Youuuu because u are cute and I love you

    32. jean - pierre Boucher

      You are the cutter then him

    33. Sarah Hanlon

      US-new social media!!!!

    34. Blank _

      What app is this

    35. morgan hodge


    36. Ariana Live

      Digital and lia

    37. Anime Lover 2006 Pluto

      I only ever shout

    38. Dark High cloud

      Actually no mom because my mother just yells at us to clean but nothing is ever dirty my dad really takes care or me

    39. Dark High cloud

      No dad

    40. Dark High cloud

      Sniper wolf

    41. Krystal Bauer

      Lia is the cutest and I think Lia would get adopted first

    42. Devion Livings


    43. Devion Livings

      No mom

    44. Devion Livings


    45. Gacha Demon


    46. Terrion Morrow

      Sssniper wolf is the cuter baby

    47. Bianca. T


    48. MidnightMoonWolvesTheShadows :3

      Sniper wolf ur cuter XD

    49. Kelly King


    50. Melissa Retz

      I will adopt you SSSiperwolf baby

    51. Kaila-Ann Kahookele


    52. Nestor Ramirez

      Idk -_-

    53. Nestor Ramirez


    54. Nestor Ramirez


      1. Nestor Ramirez


    55. Caramel & Cream

      worst house in best neihborhood = safe house soo they can't break in (that's how my place is like and I know I spelled the 5th word wrong)

    56. Caramel & Cream

      Leah is cuter baby

    57. Vicki Weeks

      The girl is better

    58. it is just RoRo


    59. Robert McGeehon

      Digital necks

    60. E Brady


    61. gacha kiele

      Sssniperwolf is so the cuter baby

    62. Murve Lurve

      Digital is the cutest baby ๐Ÿ˜‚

    63. Foxymoonlight 17


    64. Foxymoonlight 17

      Sniper wolf is cuter i would aspire her

    65. Oreo biscuit Forever

      I would have no dad because it already is that way

    66. Oreo biscuit Forever

      Btw i started school at 2

    67. Damegy0

      0:06 Baby Nuts

    68. miguel albelomendez

      I'm 8 years old and I love your videos my name is Isabella

      1. Choll

        i havent seen a comment like this in a long time lol i love it when kids comment things like this, its so wholesome

    69. miguel albelomendez

      Sssniperwolf would you have parents to boss you around or no parents to not bust you run you can do whatever you want