Baby SSSniperWolf Plays WOULD YOU RATHER



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    Baby SSSniperWolf Plays Would You Rather! Just a friendly would you rather game with some of the hardest choices ever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and watch Baby SSSniperWolf talk about her crush! DigitalNex Channel:
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hiiiii guys would you rather have no mom or no dad??

      1. Princess Pink

        I would rather have no dad because I don’t even have a dad my dad died

      2. Sarah I

        I want no mom because my mom hates me

      3. Gotcha wolf Fluff

        NO DAD

      4. Shallow Ayden Gamer

        No dad

      5. Noah the darkling

        No dad

    2. Esperanza Le Brun

      Lia is the cutest baby 😁

    3. Yesenia Lopez

      Didjidl next😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    4. Mariam Shighadi


    5. Qudoosiyah Mohamed

      I would adopt sssniperwolf

    6. Qudoosiyah Mohamed

      They are so cute

    7. CareBearsFan 2009


    8. daisy urista

      You cute then him πŸ’™πŸ’œ

    9. Valentina Panther Bone

      baby sssniper and I would adopt you

    10. makayla

      This is how my Mind works: if you know how you will die, in the futures past aka your present, your asked that and when the time comes you try to prevent it and thats how you die ( you end up in that situation from trying to avoid it) if your asked that question whoever asked is probably from the future so your actions for when the time comes changes the future and messes up the future and the question so... If you know when you die you try to avoid what you planned to do and thats how you die So knowing what you die from or when you die cant help.

    11. Layla Bell

      No dad Because I don’t get to see my dad

    12. Katy Padilla

      No dad

    13. Katy Padilla


    14. miguel mejia

      Digital was honestly cuter

    15. Eddie Garnett


    16. Charlie McMullen

      Internet is my life

    17. Devil and the Oc's

      Nex is cute, but so is Lia

    18. T0niX parkour

      Nex is

    19. Bryan Keys

      baby sniper wolf is cuter

    20. Melisa Hodzic

      I would adopt digitalnex

    21. Melisa Hodzic

      I would rather have no mom and stick with my dad

    22. M e m o r i e s - Dabi


    23. Kylee Baumgarner

      Both are cute

    24. Grace Rallos

      You baby leah

    25. Madison I


    26. Xxmidnight gachaxX

      I would adopt both

    27. YNW CSLIME

      SSSniper is sexy

    28. Aldair Chavez

      You SSSniperWolf

    29. Debra Collings


    30. Forse Fier

      Digital nex is cuter

    31. Florence Lundi


    32. Angela Akin

      You are the cutest and you would be adopted first

    33. Emily Ingham

      If you want to know who the cuter baby is it is BOTH ALL IS CUTE

    34. Natalie Laird


    35. FlipaClip Master

      Omg Digital and Lia are so cute! 😊

    36. Ty Finley

      And digital is a cuter baby

    37. Ty Finley

      No dad because I already don’t have one

    38. ε”ηŽ²

      I'd rather have a mom only

    39. Jordon Grager

      Would u rather have shit in yo diaper or pee in it all day choose wisely u decide

    40. Miranda Catlin

      To be completely honest, I think Digital is the cuter baby

    41. Gacha Lion

      I guess no dad because I already no dad Oof

    42. Malachezzy R



      Ssniper Woolf is cuter baby I would adopt u

    44. Himiko Toga

      Digital is best

    45. Kayla Webster

      Sssniperwolf: I think I want my mom Dad: guess who u got your messy Hair from then think again

    46. Phillip Friend

      No dad

    47. Rachel Nieman

      I would adopt you sssniperwolf


      SSSniperWolf is a better baby.

    49. Bethany Rose

      If you had no mom how would you be born? Also I’d rather pick or because i need my parents

    50. i mean i guess

      Baby lia

    51. Angelica Aguilar


    52. Lily Cook

      Sniper wolf yes I would adopt you

    53. Keeley Freeman

      Dijitle is the cutest

    54. Ruby Todd

      Digital next looks cuter but sniper wolf looks better

    55. Deanna Debrill

      Baby sssniper wolf

    56. Isabelle Ramirez

      I would like to adopt you baby Lia and your the cuter baby then digital next

    57. Emily Wernimont


    58. cats and humans and videos dogo

      Digital nex

    59. Sunny Prasavath

      No dad

    60. christiane massanet

      I went to pre preschool UwU

    61. Wins World

      Hi sssniper wolf i am a big fan of yours like really big come to 7nightman street phenox arizona for coffe

    62. Cyrus Nickel

      Mom I would adopt SSSniperWolf

    63. Ayoishi Puppy

      Digital looks more like a baby while Lia looks like a grown woman with a babies head

    64. Jaime Ellis


    65. Megan's Thomas

      Sssniperwolf is cuter

    66. marie jenkins

      Sssniper wolf

    67. William Kay

      Baby Lia is the cutest I love you so much sssniperwolf you make my day when I feel sad πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ€“πŸ˜›πŸ˜œπŸ˜ me some time's:😒😭😒😭😒😿😒😒

    68. GDXdominator Geo

      sssniperwolf is like those sassy girl kindergardeners who never let you down the slide πŸ˜‚

    69. Allison Cobian

      They are both so cute in baby form 😍😍.

    70. Marisa G

      Digital next