Baby monkey lost mom cries seizures

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    Baby monkey lost mom cries seizures
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. susan0801

      It makes me sick when the camera guys are right there filming it all but do nothing while these babies are taken from their mothers and dragged and abused and no one does anything. Is it all about the money? These guys have no hearts. 😡

    2. Sheila Coulton

      She gets away with it because her troupe is afraid of her and her mom, marcus took a chunk out of her a week ago, that was surprising,mabel things will change and marcus will step up more often, Newly Monkeys why do you allow some terrible comments to other people that subscribe to your channel to treat people so horribly

    3. Mary Kennedy

      Its so sad she's just so lil and always being kidnapped. She's just hungry and wants her mom.

    4. OceanBlue Heart

      A sniper shot will do the job on Dee Dee. 💀🙈💀🙉💀🙊💀

    5. rocky dubois

      Love watching these screeching goblinoids suffer. Stupid little genetic malfunctions

    6. Malachina White

      Oh my God! Why poor baby cry so hard? Pity, pity; break heart! Oh the agony! Soul is destroyed! Why not care? Help please!

    7. E GIBSON

      Watched the entire video. "Lost Mom"? That baby monkey was within 1 foot of her the entire time. These monkey videos are all click bait and virtually the same." Infant monkeys in distress". I call horse shit.

    8. waita minute

      Poor Daniela was Abused Everyday since Birth, her mother was always leaving her alone to defend for herself and Everyday Dolly or DeeDee or Maria or other Monkeys would Torture Her Everyday. I do Not see how She satyed alive as long as She did.

    9. Antonia Mosley

      Ugly as thing

    10. Cam Phil


      1. rocky dubois

        Cam Phil these are the definition of trash species

    11. Kylie Danielle

      so tell me why. my sensitive ass cried when the monkey dragged the baby🥺🥺

    12. Tina Müller

      She was the luckiest baby monkey ever 😂😂😂😂

    13. Phraethong Rutland

      😡😡😡😡gives baby back to mum

    14. Cica  Featherstone

      I know Danielle is dead but I sure wish someone would take DeeDee out. In this video you can see all the cuts and sores on her face due to being dragged.

    15. Debbie Norred-Vaughn

      I still hope karma bites Dana in the azz . How she did to this poor baby.. smh 🤦‍♀️

      1. Debbie Norred-Vaughn

        Justin Hopkins your kidding me right? Seriously mannn?! I was just saying out of frustration out of hurt because she didn’t take care and have her baby back.. I’m not stupid

      2. Justin Hopkins

        Karma is a superstitious system of belief created by humans. Animals are innocent and are incapable of evil. They do not have free will. Just think about what you’re saying and the absurdity of wanting revenge on a monkey.

    16. Giusy Filippin

      Recognized her because of her ugly face...this is Daniela

      1. Schrödinger's Angry Cat


    17. Shea Terwedow

      These babies don’t want to be with the kidnappers but they sure hang on!

    18. Inna Mariya

      Мать придурашная, позволяет издеваться над своим ребенком 😡Молока хочет малыш

    19. Bonnie Google

      Give 2 big fruits to the kidnapper, he will automatically let go of the baby who will be able to escape

      1. rebecca perez

        Good thinking! And don't forget to lace the fruit with antifreeze!

    20. SandyMike CrowderFink

      I love deedee she makes the videos worth watching. Heehee

    21. Li Hua

      what kind of monkey is that

    22. Cheryl Manus

      Why won't she let it go?

    23. Patricia Ann

      Oh i see now, Thank you for filling in the blanks for me. You know i was thinking maybe Deedee and Dolly tortured Daniela so much cuz they knew the Baby's Mom Really didn't Care her Daughter Daniela.

      1. Patricia Ann

        @lori ann is torturing them, and dragging them by their tail and biting them and even sometimes killing them like Baby Nino ! (I think that was his name). Anyway is that part of their lesson? It seems more like abuse if you ask me😕. Doesn't it?

      2. lori ann

        No it's part of baby learning to be kidnapped.. It happens to each baby till they learn... There are rules and such in the troop theyneed to learn.. They will kidnap the baby till it learns then it will be left alone Danielle like lori refused to chill out during kidnapping so therefore it keeps happening....

    24. Christina Pefanis

      I miss baby Daniela. So sad what happened to her...

      1. waita minute

        @Kermit the frog Daniela was left alone Again !!! and Santra grabbed her by the gut and ripped Her stomach out trying to show His might in the group.

      2. Kermit the frog

        Aw, what happened

      3. Lil Dill Jones and Me!

        Her mother was a shit mom and never paid attention to her and a male named Santra killed her one day about 3 or 4 months ago.

    25. Emery Jones

      You are an idiot. You are told what the definition of words are and you ignore it. So you are an idiot

    26. Thanjuti Mu

      This is a baby name Daniela her pass go away from us because a man Santra killer baby.😭😭😭😭😭

    27. Francisco Brenes

      Most of the times, mothers will just be nearby and will not fight to get back their babies. Some times the kidnapper may be a female with a heighter status in the troop. If that is the case the mother will not risk a confrontation that may hurt the baby

    28. Mustang 82

      That baby seen and felt more hell since born and died it's short life.Cannot watch anymore of these when yoy could of helped

      1. Pascual el vidrios

        It's the nature way....

    29. Ghillian Takashima

      Help the baby monkey instead of recording...

    30. Lisa Pilkenton

      Looks like Daniella!!

      1. Pascual el vidrios

        Because she's Daniella...

    31. Галина Сагайдак

      Несчастная малышка Даниеллочка. Сколько ужаса пережила за свою очень короткую жизнь. Мало того, что над ней издевалась эта дура подросток Диди, так, в итоге, погибла от зубов пришлого самца Сантры. Мать бегает рядом, а ты паразитка Диди, убегает от неё и уносит малышку.

    32. Joyce Thibert

      OM Daniela was really a gorgeous baby ..👼🌹 RIP DANIELA 🙏👼🌺

      1. Mary Kennedy

        She really was a pretty lil sweet girl. Just a tiny thing being picked on and kidnapped only at two weeks old. Look at how scratched up her lil head is from Deedee's constant dragging and brutality. I really hate Deedee she's not a nice monkey at all. Look at Jill as well, she's been beaten she got a gash from her trying to protect Daniela and it upset me when everyone said she was a bad mom cuz she wasn't. Daniela was only her 2nd baby and she tried really hard but was over powered by higher ranking "meanies". Daniela was my favorite and I've been watching these for a while because she was so tiny and exstremly pretty. It was pretty shocking when she was killed so swiftly like she was. I told myself I wouldn't watch her old flix anymore but here I am.

      2. B. Coin

        I think so

    33. Dr Gashi

      Pretty much like the Trump family except the monkeys are more respectful and more civilized

      1. Denise Pittman

        Just like a Democrat, always got to bring up trump even if it has nothing to do with him!!

    34. Uma Kulkarni

      Poor baby Daniela... she was so cute...RIP baby Daniela...

    35. Sherrie Alexander

      Daniele was so cute sad day she died by Santa always thought dd would of killed her

    36. Aishwarya Kulkarni

      So cute yrrr😭😭

    37. Manuel Aguilar

      I have seen a certain amount of these short subjects and not one has protected their baby. Why is that ???

      1. Christina Pefanis

        And this baby died a month ago because of mom not protecting her and allowing her to be abused every day all day.

    38. Lesa M

      Fyi, Santra is the one who killed Daniella and he's a guy. And every time I see him, he has a bullet between his eyes. I hate him for what he did to her. He gutted her in 2 seconds flat. What a prick. And shame on her mother. If she acted like a real monkey mom she would've been right there and it wouldn't have happened.

    39. Lesa M

      I believe that's DeeDee. She's always taking babies and dragging them.

      1. Mary Kennedy

        I totally agree. I told myself I wouldn't watch any more old flix of Daniela because of how brutal Deedee is but here I am and im just furious. I really wanna kick her butt. She deserves a severe beating. She took Daniela just to be cruel and nothing more. She actually enjoys torturing babies but especially Daniela got the worst of it. Ive never seen anything like it from even a higher rank. Deedee use to actually jump as hard as she could when she drug Daniela high up in a tree and shook it as hard as she could to make her fall out. I better stop. Uggg

      2. Michael Hatfield

        Yes it is DeeDee kidnapping poor Daniela (poor Daniela was killed a couple weeks back by a rogue male named Santra), DeeDee is just evil with the babies of the mothers lower in rank than her. I think she is jealous that a monkey lower than her has a cute baby and she doesnt so she pulls rank and then flaunts it infront of the mother. Sometimes they fight for their babies and take a beating but many give in to avoid themselves or the baby from getting hurt. DeeDee needs to meet Mr. Slingshot

    40. Zhiyi Liu

      The monkey walks everywhere to new places

    41. Mollie Smith

      That’s so mean

    42. Kevin Bautista

      What the fuck bro At 2:05

    43. Kevin Bautista

      What the fuck bro

    44. Patricia Ann

      Is that Sandra the kidnapper? And the baby is Daniela? If it is, she's the one who killed Daniela.....

      1. Queen Mum

        Patricia Ann “Santra” is a male and we never see him until he killed her. Video of the killing proves this. The kidnapper is DeeDee who pretty much with the help of her mother Dolly, tortured this baby every day of her little life.

    45. geoff mallette

      This is baby Daniela being tortured by DD and the worthless piece of shit in the background is her mother Dana. It went on and got worse and worse torturing and yet the mother did nothing and Daniela was killed by Santra in July.

    46. Jack00780 0

      I feel soo bad for the baby monkey! But the screams It keeps getting hurt and kidnapped

    47. American Klingon


    48. rashma akter

      you stupid why didn't you help him

    49. Sharyn Davis

      The kiddnaper makes wanna kick him his butt and the drag him over the rocks by the tail

    50. Tamara Kennedy

      Poor Danielle they killed her.

      1. Roberta Henman

        No they won't they need baby monkey killers cuz these people don't believe in killing baby monkeys or monkeys as a whole. They let them take care of the population control.

      2. Matteroftime⌚

        You'd think they would have KILLED Santra by now.

    51. LogaM - extra large

      That baby monkey should fuckin *die*

    52. Kri MD

      I wonder if people have it all wrong and it’s not so much stealing a baby monkey as forced weaning in some cases , where they’re trying to get the babies to learn how to deal with time not glued to mama for some purpose ? Not that I’ve studied their behavior enough to know and def. not like every human can figure out the actual truth to the ins and outs of the behavior of wild Animals, even though they sure think they know it all.

    53. Suzann Puppies are precious

      The baby Monkey mapper lost interest because no one feed her. The baby Monkey will go back to her mom for comfort and nursing. This baby girl monkey 🐵 makes things interesting. She's never boring.

      1. Pascual el vidrios she's dead...

    54. Ean Flores

      In his mind he’s just like alright this is it right here I’m gonna escape annnnnnnnd go go go go Gets caught Fuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!

      1. Maduka Perera

        Ean Flores 9j,,

    55. Ean Flores

      When mom tells you to get off the xbox

    56. Emery Jones


    57. Emery Jones

      You are a dumbass fucking idiot that has no idea of what he is saying or doing. Your misuse of words your misinformation , and your bullshit video tapes all suck shit . You make my ass sick air. You have no business doing what you are doing. Just stop it now. And who ever defends these ignorant dumbass sons of bitches are just as bad as they are . Your all fucked right the fuck up. Asshole idiots is what you all are . Kiss my fucking ass.

    58. Mizanur Rahman

      So sweet

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        Absolutely adorable lmao and funny as hell! I'm gonna miss the Daniela beatings....

    59. Sharon Mcqueen torres

      Starved even back then

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        Just scrawny when shes wasn't getting schooled by Deedee she was always on mom's tit and trying to nurse off other monkeys which got her ass beat by Dolly every time she tried that nasty greedy shit.

    60. Captain Obvious

      The mother should have left the little rat down there screeching and crying. Someone could pick it up and drop it into a small dark room filled with scary sounds and imagery.

    61. Mahri Beneda

      Baby monkey drop dead 💀

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        Well, not drop per say lol

      2. Real Deal

        Mahri Beneda you are evil

    62. Галина Сагайдак

      В начале видео хорошо видно, как у Даны отбирает малышку ДиДи. Она дочь альфа самки Долли. Бедная Даниелочка. Здесь ей отроду всего 13 дней. И над ней уже начала издеваться ДиДи. Она играла в маму. А Дана бегала рядом и не могла забрать малышку. Дана бесправная в этой семье. Занимает самую низкую иерархическую ступеньку в этой стае. В конце видео Дана отобрала Даниеллочку, чтобы покормить, но вся стая побежала за ней, отнимать малышку. Первая была ДиДи, а с ней и Долли. У которой только что истошно кричала малышка, она хочет есть. Но кроме мамы, никто из самок, её не покормит.

    63. amudhan santanu

      Dee Dee kidnapped.Now Daniela no mode

    64. amudhan santanu


      1. amudhan santanu

        @Esperanza Lastarria She is no more.Killed by an outsider Santra Mom DeeDee couldn't do anything

      2. Esperanza Lastarria

        What about her

    65. Sharon laughingwater

      If they would stop chasing her maybe this one won't get thrashed around until death it's not the big monkeys fault she only trying to get away from them

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        If she hadn't whined nonstop, ate out of turn, acted like she was the troop princess and wasn't annoying as hell in general they wouldn't have targeted her.

    66. Voltaire

      Beat that ugly bastard to death and spare us it’s drama. Worthless POS

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        Everything she got she brought on herself. Poor stupid whiny ugly lil thing.

    67. Linda Jenkins

      Baby complains its hungry. What kind a new mommy are you and you dont Breastfeed me! What drama.

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        Brat was always attached to mom's teat til D&D got sick of her little attitude and schooled her thoroughly.

    68. c0rrupted audi0

      Did they just... did they just monkey-nap it?

    69. georgequeue

      I want to bite off this baby monkey's ears!!!

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        Should have been named Dumbo for those ears and her absence of any sort of intelligence.

    70. joseph perez

      What the fuck is this channel? A mixture of scientists and sick fucks? You bastards know their names and enjoy seeing them get hurt? Oh I’m gonna expose the fuck out of you people

      1. Esperanza Lastarria

        Lol how u gonna do that exactly?