Baby monkey lost mom cries seizures

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    Baby monkey lost mom cries seizures
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Monkey life

      Good videos

    2. Safa Khan

      She is so confused with which one is her mother

    3. Dale Morrison

      I wonder do these animals kidnap other babies so often? This is like the 5th video I’ve seen so far where steal another baby from its mother? I hate to hear them so upset and you can see it desperately trying to call out for its mother...I really love these videos and I near the little baby making different sounds of course I know what the screeching means but when they make that sound out of their mouth which sounds like a whistle what does that mean and I hope nobody gets mad at me but I have to say those things are so ugly that their cute...except for the little babies now they ARE cute...😏😉 monkeys 🐒🐒🐒⬅️that one is Lola..👍🏼

    4. Isabel Nogales


    5. Nicole Catlin

      This is not ok one day I'm coming to Cambodia and I'm rescuing and returning these kidknapped babies to their moms.

      1. Tammy Neal


    6. stangy wangy

      This is getting old, why don’t you put something in a piece of fruit and make DeeDee go bye bye.

    7. Joe Loewelli

      So cute baby!!

    8. Karen Kiely


    9. Tammy Neal

      Isn't that mean ass Deedee kidnapper I think baby's mom don't fight hard keep her baby

    10. Nidia Moya

      Es terrible ver esos videos esas monas son muy malas madres

    11. Roxy Mendez

      Fucking monkey

    12. Fatma Mengi


    13. Fatma Mengi


    14. Jorge T

      You mother fucker help the baby monkey, but you are always filming to get money out of your shit videos. Hope US-new does not give you any money.

    15. MegaRoo

      I'd love for someone to just walk up behind DeeDee and give her a swift kick right in the cooter. I mean like so hard her ass end tumbles over her head.

    16. The Grimwiz

      Why's the mum not courageous enough to just snatch the back back to her?

      1. Metal Sunshine25

        It's a liw rank. Cant do Jack squat or itself will get hurt and the baby killed, which fyi, a lot of people want to happen

    17. J.J .j

      would put a moose round the kidnappers neck and yang it so hard its neck would snap little bastard needs killing

    18. J.J .j

      picks it up by its tail swing it round fast lets it go and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      1. XXXSouth_parkour-uwuX

        Such evil....MMmmmWwwaHahahahahahaaa.

    19. J.J .j

      i would shove a gob stoper in the gutter rats mouth hahahahhhhahahaha

    20. Karen Garner

      Dana does not want that baby. She just hands the baby to them. I do not care if she rates to the bottom I still would fight for my baby. All we are waiting for is when is DeeDee going to kill Daniela. but if it was Lori they would of rescue her by now.

    21. Sonia Jimenez

      Yo quisiera saber xq esta Mona trate a este bebé tal mal?

    22. SySy Subhanna'Allah

      12:48 alors que le bébé 🐒 Daniela pleure et va tomber sa mère essaie de la reprendre et la kidnappeuse l'en empêche! Finalement elle 🐒tombe de la pierre ce qui permet à la maman de récupérer son bébé 🐒 Enfin elle 🐒peut prendre6le sein et dormir dans les bras de sa mère !

    23. SySy Subhanna'Allah

      9:01 regardez comment bébé Daniela regarde sa mère alors qu'elle est prisonnière on voit qu'elle parle avec sa mère et se mettent d'accord pour qu'elle echappe ! Regardez juste après cette macaque âgée reprend le bébé 🐒 des bras de sa mère retrouvée ! C'est toujours comme ça on confisque le bébé 🐒 de sa mère ! D' ailleurs cette macaque âgée qui reprend le bébé 🐒 des bras de la mère avait organisé une attaque contre celle ci ! Visiblement la mère de Daniela 🐒 est faible et soumise a ce clan qui fait ce qu'il veut d'elle et de son bébé 🐒 Question de soumission et de hiérarchie ?!

      1. Nani devi Shahi


    24. SySy Subhanna'Allah

      Votre titre de video est erroné ! Le bébé 🐒 n'a pas perdu sa maman il a été kidnappé sous vos yeux en début de vidéo ! Comme cela arrive souvent avec ce bébé 🐒 nommé Daniela 🐒 dans diverses vidéos.... Ce bébé 🐒 attire les convoitises du clan de sa mère ou du clan adverse... Parfois, souvent même c' est la mère qui délégue l garde de son bébé 🐒

    25. SySy Subhanna'Allah

      Ce bébé 🐒 est Daniela! On le voit sur différentes vidéos où il est toujours kidnappé par le clan mais toujours repris par sa mère qui est négligente ! Ce bébé 🐒 se laisse pas faire :. Il hurle bien fort et arrive toujours à se dégager du kidnappeur et tomber dans les bras de sa mère 🦍 Daniela est marquée au visage ! Onnla bat souvent

    26. heera rodriguez

      Shut up, annoying vermin.

    27. Cara O'Doherty

      Come on!! Let's see some video's, of some tree rat human's being abused. LOL

      1. Princess Haven

        Cara O'Doherty can I ask you a question?

    28. Cara O'Doherty

      Didn't some of you cry, as a baby?? Yes. Babies cry thats what babies do.

    29. Cara O'Doherty

      Wake up call!! 2 all the loser tree rat humans, i'd like 2 see what you would do?? If you were in the same situation, as baby Daniela. Cry like a baby, thats what you would do.

      1. The Grimwiz

        Shut your mouth.

    30. farbod tajer

      Useless mother!!

    31. Oku Urtt

      Why did she get dragged?☹️😢😭

    32. Vic A

      Imagine those were humans

    33. Waste with Me

      Um... does anybody have a laser gun I can borrow?

    34. cricket foxxer

      The kidnapped was WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. Ary Wilbourn

      This is so sad the way he drags the monkey that poor thing

    36. Толя Яговкин

      Задолбали уже бедную Даниеллу.😡😡😡

    37. Penny Vanmeter

      Cant even make up mind who mom is

    38. Paula Weddle

      I really hate Dee Dee and her mother Dolly! They are so cruel to those babies, what's the point in snatching them? Idiots they both suck!

    39. Mari Jóse

      ¿Porque dejan que se acerque tanto la gente?

    40. Nagendra P

      Little baby never drinks milk or eat any thing . Very strange.

    41. Carly Zwinky

      why was it keeping the baby captive?

    42. Quackdarlens 4000

      1:38 is it wrong for me to find it funny the way he dragged him by the tail

    43. Mysti Smith

      *You VOs seriously need to learn the difference between a TANTRUM and a seizure...* 🤔🙉

      1. island girl

        @Mysti Smith I agree. Kidnappers suck.

      2. Mysti Smith

        @island girl *A little from column A, a little from column B.* 😊

      3. island girl

        @Mysti Smith I always thought they were more scared than angry. Lol.

      4. Mysti Smith

        @island girl *They throw tantrums when they are angry at the kidnappers...* 🤔

      5. island girl

        Not a tantrum or seizure! This is called terrified of a kidnapper!

    44. Lilia Dworkin

      Daniela will be like Lorie if she doesn't behave, Dee Dee will make her life miserable every time she's finishing her tits sucking

    45. Marina Raygoza


    46. Suheda Alic

      everyday the same daniela kidnaped poor daniela

    47. Steven Prime

      URGENT!!!! Statement re: macaque rescues The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team has recently rescued several primates. Once again we have been inundated with requests for updates regarding these individuals. We are all extremely busy rescuing illegally traded wild animals, ensuring these receive the most appropriate outcome and also raising the funds to ensure we can continue with our work. We apologize but do not have the time to respond to individual requests nor provide regular updates on all of the many animals we rescue or care for. There are suspicions that the VOs filming these macaques interfere with the animals to ensure they have filming opportunities. We have been informed that often these interferences are of a cruel nature, perhaps involving the death of the mother to ensure there is an orphan to video. The number of followers on US-new channels ensures that VOs are making a lot of money from their videos and have a significant financial interest in continuing this activity. How can you help? 1 STOP WATCHING the US-new channels. There appears to be some evidence that these filmers are directly interfering with these wild animals, including possibly killing the adults to remove the infants. By continuing to watch these videos you are directly supporting these individuals and condoning their behavior by doing so. 2 Complain to the relevant authorities, details below. The Apsara Authority - The Cambodian Government Forestry Administration - or

      1. cianna Talavera

        Steven Prime 1pl

    48. Grandma Linda Moore

      Thank you VO for such a clear, crisp, in focus video. It is a pleasure to watch.

      1. Purplest 22


    49. Anonymous User

      these thangs aint babies

    50. joe carr

      Is this kidnapper higher in command?

    51. Marie Serrano

      It's so sad how this piece of shit kidnapper drug this newborn baby back and forth over rocks and shit.. poor baby.. the baby just wants his mom, hes hungry..

    52. Bree Dube

      Jesus Christ if it's not fuckin Dee Dee it's that fuckin other piece of shit dolly for fuck sake this vaby doesn't stand a chance

    53. Michael Abiuso

      Awesome drag ...!!! SLAPPED off some nice rocks ..!!!

    54. Kaidosbuddyagain Doberman

      13:58. LMAO. The idiot spasmd herself right off the damn boulder landing on her damn head. Moron.

    55. Sync Nova

      Geez that kidnapper is nasty, dragging it over rocks and such. Hope the baby gets the napper back when its older, damn bully.

    56. Cassidy Rose Taylor

      I don't think I've ever seen a baby scream like this because of a kidnapper

    57. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

      At 11:30 she’s starting to get super hungry and thirsty, probably wants a nap too. You can tell the kidnappers enjoy watching these babies become all desperate and hungry. It’s awful. Her mouth is all dry and she’s begging to be nursed. So sad.

    58. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

      Too bad too because she’s such a cutie.

    59. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

      It’s such a young baby. She barely walks. She doesn’t even have full control of her hands. Poor thing has scratches and claw marks on her face. Those bitches look they want to rip her in half. The mom must be super low in the pecking order and that’s why there’s not much she can do to get her baby back from these assholes. Sucks because the rest of this baby’s life is going to be like this.

    60. cosmoSpacely

      it would be so much fun to tear it from its mother

    61. Doris Del Valle

      Drama Queen!!

    62. Sharon Barnes

      This baby sounds like a nest full of baby birds chirping. 😂😂

    63. Isabel Nogales

      Cuántas calamidades pasan estos pobres monitos!!!


      Những chú khỉ 🐒🐒🐒 đuôi dài

    65. elaine kent

      Jeez this fucking thing screams more than Lori did and that's saying something. Shove it in the hole with Nico ffs.

    66. Tara Shelton

      I wish someone would cut dee dee’s head off! That would be a great and wonderful thing!! Die bitch! Die!!

    67. Anaida Morales

      Why you no help baby monkey that it's the poin

    68. Del Cee

      Seriously, Deedee doesn't even rate in terms of abusing a baby monkey, compared to Possum (rip) Tara, or Cruella. Deedee is dragging Dani from time to time, but basically she's just holding the baby monkey. Deedee looks like she could be ready to start breeding. This looks like typical aunty behavior to me. Dani is luckier than she ever could know.

    69. Victor González Palicio

      Creo que mejor que titular de forma tan lastimera, sería explicar las conductas de estos monos.

    70. Rita Sorsa

      Why that monkey steels a baby monkey?

    71. Bree Dube

      I wish that huge male balu or what ever his name is would fuck the shit out of Dee Dee then she would have one of her own and keep her grubby mist off the babies all the males should line up and repeatedly fuck the shit out of Dee Dee till there is nothing left of her she would learn to keep to her self and mind her business lmfao

    72. Bree Dube

      Common dana kick Dee Dees ass you could do it easy

    73. Bree Dube

      Fuckin bitch I hate Dee Dee kill the whore

    74. Bree Dube

      Someone shoot this kidnapping cunt let the baby go back to dana

    75. Ana Marilou

      Eu odeio esses macacos que maltratam com violência seus bebes recem-nascidos e inocentes .

    76. rckhard abman

      Maybe mom should have some balls and not let another tree rat kidnap her baby vermin.

    77. Kelly Boyce

      I don’t think this little one would have the issues it’s having if it wasn’t throwing massive fits. I think if it remained calmer they would lose interest like most do with other babies, I think it attracts more attention for the others to keep taking it because they get such a reaction.

    78. John Valdez

      These monkeys are disturbed, something not right in that environment, maybe the water, the food people leave behind, dirty park,

    79. resistor

      $$$ when baby cry scared. Thanks

    80. sugarman dedam

      monkeys get mental from dragged over the rocks plus their body parts stretched , pulled ,bitten and poked in the butt hole...oh yes and kidnapped or monkeynapped..

    81. Ray Pratt

      Somebody shut that ugly F'N thing up!!maybe nxt time napper will shut it up for good!!how can anyone enjoy watching this little POS!!first half was great,tho!!

    82. Romana Madlener

      Omg😠👺lol Kidnaper💣💥

      1. island girl

        @Linda Jenkins mother is right there following. She is lower ranking and can do nothing.

      2. Linda Jenkins

        Wheres the mother's troop?

      3. Linda Jenkins

        This boy monkey vcant feed this baby monkey. Park worker doing video could have intervened. This is Terrible.

    83. dina fernandez

      That baby will die.

    84. Mike 55

      Somebody needs to kill that bitch that I would pay to watch.

    85. Mike 55

      When is she afraid to touch her own baby

    86. Mike 55

      How can you watch that little bitch drag that baby like grab that bitch around her neck and squeeze till she lates go .

    87. TheHKitty2011

      Sometime babies monkey get frightened around with young monkey. Older monkey frightened around with young monkey. Cuz of bites to the older monkey. Good grief! The mother monkey should sidekick to that the young monkey. The young monkey control to the mother monkey. Well. I saw the videos.

    88. Kim Jefferson

      11:37 "Damn you! Let me go!"....hahahaha!

    89. Terri K.W.

      Kidnapper!! Where is his mama?

    90. Troll Lewong

      most fucking hideous thing ive ever seen,i wanna choke it and strangle it, then wring its head off

    91. Deirdre Brown

      They should kill the one's who kidnap babies. Period!

      1. Frankie Basile

        Deirdre Brown Or just kill the screeching baby tree rats

    92. Donna Tappan

      I watch a lot of these videos. An read the comments as well. Ppl cant have a meaningfull conversation or name calling. The was that make harsh words abt harming these little babies...they r babies same as a human. The ones who wish harm on these little ones I would want you around human babies. Do some research before commenting be surprise what you can learn. The ones that do make a good comment you can bet they research things Even I do research. If you don't like animals don't watch it. Or get involved with a meanfull conversation ask questions. Have a good day everyone. everyone.

    93. Cheryl Staples

      Out of all the monkeys i really really hate her...... she must of really been Traumatized as a child with dolly as her mom.... she was Probably weened super early. But she is one very hateful monkey. No one ever ever grooms her...... shes not sat by willingly by anyone in the troop. Wait till she goes in heat. She might stick her tail up now for Submission. But wait till the boys think shes really ready shes going to be in alot of pain. Might calm her ass down. And then the thought of giving birth omg!!!! Shell hate life... shes of small it will kinda be like dutchess i guess. But she was like DD until she had her own then it wasnt as bad. Possoum went missing around when Sasha did but thats another that toutured some. First one was calvin. ( when i startex watching on a regular basis) and poor chickis was heart breaking... the worst ive ever ever seen a monkey tourtued even worse the kaya and kayla too..... sheesh. Sorry for the longgggg wind.......

      1. Dianne Moron

        Fucking hypocrite! You say shit to people for hating sweetpea but you say crap about Deedee, your just a fucking bitch

    94. Thu M

      Làm ơn cứu bê khỉ nhỏ nầy không khí lớn này giết hại bé khỉ nầy

    95. D Boudriault

      Just like Donny, she needs to be fixed so she cant have anymore babies.

      1. Pru Dzak

        D Boudriault ....I agree but you got to admit she has the cutest babies❤️

    96. D Boudriault

      She doesnt lose mom she i kidnapped big difference.

    97. Alejandro Tapia

      It looks as if that whole area was under water at one time very very long ago.. Thank you for the upload.. I always enjoy these videos..

      1. Cheryl Thorpe

        Just shows how bored we are with this gangster rule way of monkey life...we'd rather see videos of the area with some monkeys in the background occasionally lol

      2. Victoria Smith

        Alejandro Tapia good observation

    98. Debbie Brownstein

      Her mom has to fight for her! Poor infant!

    99. demian g

      She is the most high strung baby

    100. Monkey Daily Post

      poor baby Daniela