ASMR with KITTENS 🐱 Ear to Ear Purring, Goodie Smacking, Fur Grooming

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    MEOW sweet insomniacs & cat lovers. Ready for some ASMR with KITTENS?! 🐱 ASMR ZEITGEIST's fluffy little companions bring you lots of ear to ear purring, goodie smacking, fur grooming and more.
    It's official, I finally fulfilled my destiny and became a cat dad. Say hello to Rasputin and Ronnie
    Oh, and Frank is going to be in this as well... of course.
    Tonight's trigger session is dedicated to the cat, an animal that practically embodies ASMR, don't you think? They're so quiet and smooth. Their presence alone calms you down immediately.
    Do you also have a cat? What's it's name? Please share your cat story in the comments down below and send me pics of your little fella on Instagram or twitter if you want, I'm really curious.
    Enjoy the Kittens. Meow!
    Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content, but the quality of YOUR experience!

    C U SOON! :)


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    1. asmr zeitgeist

      MEOW sweet insomniacs & cat lovers! I hope you enjoy this session with my two fluffy friends! Do you also have a cat?! What's it's name? Share your cat story down below, I'd love to read it. Hugs!

      1. Marcia Mc Intosh

        asmr zeitgeist aww so cute those cats are soooooo cute 😊

      2. Joris Decock

        My cat is black and her name is Nova, that means new star. I thought it sounded cool for a cat. And she is afraid of everything

      3. *Cherry Soda*

        I have 2 cats, my cat is named Angel, and my sisters cat is named ginger. Angel is sweet, skinny, energetic and adorable. Ginger hates everyone but she’s fine with us, we still love her 💕

      4. The Check In

        My parents have a lovely but timid cat called Olivia. She's so sweet! I am definately a cat lover! Amazing friends!

    2. MuRiLo OLiVeIrA

      I dreamed that I had 1 cat and 1 tiger in the house the tiger never appeared but of time while yes, video:★★★★

    3. Ceeson Ward

      Please make more vids featuring your cats!!

    4. Lissa / Claire

      ive had a few cats actually- my favorites were Vicki and Miko i found vicki and her twin on the side of the road when they were really small and took them home- got to keep them for a while until they reached the point where they were ready to go out on their own Miko's is way less exciting 😂 my neighbor's cat had just had a litter of kitties and I decided I wanted one, and thats basically the story of little Miko 💚💙

    5. Lissa / Claire

      vv wholesome cat dad

    6. Qurimp

      Chonky cat

    7. Garfield the nice cat

      Aww my cousin purring eating licking

    8. 1Warriorcatnerd

      Who clicked on the video because there was cats AND asmr?

    9. xavier moore

      My cats name is Oscar

    10. Starimelt

      I have a cat named Saga, she’s a Tabby and around 2 years old. And another cat nned Jasper who is white and almost 2. I love them so much 😭

    11. Space Dude

      I have a cat. Its name is Zebra...

    12. Kelley sue Martin

      My cat is Georgia. I got my cat from the State of Georgia

    13. max

      this is so fucking precious i want to kill myself

    14. Toby -

      I have two cats named Fred and Ginger Ginger is a calico and she likes to eat bacon grease Fred is a tabby and likes to go outside a lot Fred and Ginger never like to hang out with each other even though they are in the same house But they are always being pestered by my dog

    15. ALhashimy

      Oh my god is that Goose??!!!

    16. Girl Power

      Myc cat names Rosse(Dutch) and he looks like(for the one That now warrior cats) Firestar

    17. Sophie Pentland

      Hi 👋🏼 I am a fan but I am a good. Fan

      1. Sophie Pentland

        and I love your cat 🐈

    18. John Moffitt

      I have two cats one name Penelope and the other is Pandora

    19. extremely inperfect

      My cat stomp my neck in ahhhhhhh! Help me

    20. Шушара

      Рыжий кот прям как с голодного края :D

    21. Kytheres37

      I started watching this and two minutes later my cat Thor hopped up on my bed...

    22. darinius


    23. wolfgaming

      Ur cats are cute OMG

    24. NINJA

      My cat's name is Oreo because he gray and white and looks like an oreo

    25. el gee

      Once upon a time... when there was a black cat my dads friend adopted him so he let us have his cat and we tried to name him so i name him boston and yesterday i was gonna feed him so i picked him up and put him where his water bowl and food bowl was so i gave him water and his food and later he ate it all and for years he was growing up as a big black cat and after last time he was thrown out and there was dogs outside ready to eat him but he fighted with the dogs attacked them with his sharp claws and he had attacked my big white dog yoda and he has surived from the dogs but we found boston and he was cold in the morning so we need to keep him warm... the end......

    26. vanessa herrera


    27. hana shifry

      They protec They attacc But most importantly They snacc

    28. Randomly Anonymous

      I can only imagine how long it took to make this video. If it were my cats, one would glare at the camera for ten minutes- because that’s just what she does- then yowl loudly a few times before walking away; then the other would walk up to the camera or the microphone and bite them, because she chews on everything... I love them though.🐈

    29. Cindy Araya

      Cute kittens 💘💘

    30. Fortnite

      Guess you could say this is catisfying

    31. Marcia Mc Intosh

      Aww there so cute

    32. Tyler Kresse


    33. Leonie Bergdorf

      Damit hier auch ein Deutscher Kommentar verweilt 😂: Mein Kater heißt Sunny und er ist 16 Jahre alt. Ich liebe ihn sehr aber er hat einen drang danach immer zu schreien 😂

    34. Dell Smell

      My cat has been pregnant for 3 years what do i do?

    35. Sùlvan Ghoch

      they look so cute and fluffy

    36. Noodelzmop

      Ngl the orange cat looks kinda like goose from captain marvel

    37. normal stuff

      I have two Cats since i'm three . Their names are Pepper and Polly

    38. snowy bunny graham

      this makes me so calm. im at my dads and there’s no cats here and im not used to it... before musi died (my cat) I was used to hearing her purr in my ear every night :’)

    39. TheKimiko16

      KITTIES!!!!!! Here lies a major cat lover who died from this videos cuteness I have 2 cats. A female I’ve had for 15 years named Buttercup, she’s my everything A male I’ve had since April from my brother in law Named Archy. He’s still hyper

    40. Liina Ennusaar

      Oh. My. God. Jesus. Oh and the names... Jacob, Mufasa, Buddy, Lancelot etc. I don't own them. Just met them at different times 😂

    41. Joris Decock

      What did you put on franks ears, that they would lick it??

    42. Valeria Valle Benetts

      Soo Cute!!!~ ❤❤❤

    43. Taylor Brown

      I have two fur babies myself. Their names are Lucky and Ace. They are brother and sister from the same litter. Lucky is a white cat with orange splotches on him. Ace is a tabby cat and has black, grey, white, and orange tiger stripes on her. Four fun facts about my kitties: 1. They are 13 years old, their birthday being October 15th, 2005. 2. We thought they were both boys, but Ace turned out to be female. 3. We did not originally want two cats. We only wanted one, but when the cat I wanted, the runt, ran behind the owner's fridge and refused to come out, mom handed me Lucky, the second biggest and I fell in love. I knew he was going to be my baby boy. At that point however my brother already had Ace, the second smallest tucked away in his jacket, and mom couldn't deny her cuteness, so we got both of them. 4. Lucky was almost named Butterscotch because the orange in his fur coat reminded me of butterscotch candy. I wanted to name Ace, Pumpkin, as that is the nickname my dad gave to me when I was born. So those "almost" names became their middle names. I have photos of my fur babies on Instagram @lifeisanadventure.freespirit I have a private account, but that is so I can regulate any bots that try follow me.

    44. qlavii

      I have two cats. First up is Simba Lynn (but we call him simba from the lion king lol). He’s a male, ginger cat. Edit: he looks like your cat Next up is SweetPea. She’s a really soft, old kitty who’s black and white. (We found her in a sweetpea plant, and we noticed that something was wrong with her tail. To this day, it’s all bent and twisted, but she’s still our cute little fur ball.)

    45. Raluca Ralu

      I really want a kitty. I have a dog tho. I love him just as much as i would love having a cat

    46. BURAZER16 S

      My cat is "Orah". He is perfect for tingles (im from balkan )

    47. Tatjana Banana

      I wanna pet them😭

    48. Happy Horse

      Are you from germany? Because Zeitgeist is a german Word

    49. Lone Chuckles

      My cat's name is Cindy!

    50. m v

      I just started a cat channel please subscribe!

    51. Koda Prox

      S he's a cat person he's a cat person he's a cat person he's a cat person on my god he's a cat person who my god he is a cat person I am I God he is a grub Damron ever goddamn motherfucker I'm sorry I swear sorry I'm a mama mama mama mama mama I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm mama mama I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry he's a cat person finally someone that likes cats as mine

    52. s b

      Your cats are so cute :3

    53. yannick guillerm


    54. Punk Princess Sarah

      Best. ASMR. Video. Ever.

    55. Un dindon

      Rasputin...why not ? 😅

    56. Grace Newton

      This is pure happiness thank you 😻 meow

    57. U YY


    58. sayon dey

      I like your cats.

    59. 혜류까까

      korean한쿡인 나밖에 없놔요ㅜ?

    60. golden years

      my cat is living for this ajahahah

    61. Janina

      Me encanta 😻

    62. red

      *i **_love_** them*

    63. Art, AG, & Awesomeness

      Two strays, benji and Vanjie

    64. Payton Ezekiel

      I love cats so much! My little kitten's name is Peaches and she just recently turned 3!

    65. Alexandra Productions

      My cats name is Jake. We found him July 4th and he's 4 and 3 quarters

    66. Melmeldaily 7

      I can really only enjoy cats through screen because im allergic 😭 but both of them are so precious and they are so adorable! ☺️ also if i had a cat ( and wasnt allergic) i would want it black and name it frijoles which is beans in spanish 😂 only because my family and I love black beans ❤️

    67. Samuel B. St-Pierre

      Your cats look german

    68. catsos Bean

      Now this is the ASMR I needed

    69. Shelby Cook

      My baby’s name is Kiwi. She’s my tuxedo goddess!

    70. Никита ASMR


    71. Lapis Cahill

      I have two cats, bmo and Luna

    72. Fallen Forever

      My cousin has a cat named Felisha

    73. Servus Mervus

      Maaaan Im cute

    74. Kasia

      Omg they are so cute

    75. glow 612

      My Cats name is Mason he is a Maine coon mix he is 9 years old he acts like a dog some times he loves cuddles, but when you touch his belly he gets mighty bitey :) so the scars on my arms are from this stinking biting me at night (he's declawed so he uses his teeth)

    76. Izzy Robertson

      I didn’t know kittys could do asmr to!! 😱

    77. Emily Mae Rubley

      1. When I woke up 2. I saw that I had a cat 3. I was so happy 4. I cuddled with it 5. I cried 6. I fell asleep Now read it as 6, 2, 4, 3, 1, and 5

    78. Pamela go


    79. 夜トYato

      So cute

    80. Meow Scribs

      Cat watching me while I watch this: hello human Me trying to act normal: *hI* Cat: whatcha doin? Me: *nOtHiNg* Cat: the contract that I had human that takes care of me has expired, due to the violation you have made. You can pack your things now. Me: *i lIvE hErE* Cat: you think I care? Nah fam, gtfo

    81. Carol Lynette

      I wish my chihuahua purred.

    82. M.Carneiro

      How dont love the cats?

    83. Hailey Thompson

      I wish i have a cat. They are my fav animals 🥰❤️😍

    84. sneeks leeks

      My cat fell asleep when I watched this he fell asleep right beside me!!! So many tingles!!

    85. Martina Severino

      My cat's name is Tigre, she about 10 years old. We found her and rescued her by a swimming pool. She has made our lives better ever since

    86. Memezz Lord

      So cute I wish my cat could do asmr

    87. Sansagott Jins lines give me strongpower thank you

      10:10 best part omo 😍

    88. 15th Doctor

      0, 5, 10

    89. pikamochzo TV

      -WHO ORDERED EXTRA SUGAR -me -WATCH THIS some time later -it gave me diabetes

    90. Bean Productions

      Literally 4 am for me so...🖒🖒🖒

    91. S N O O P T H E D O G G

      I have a cat ✋. So his name is Keto and he is a Ginger cat around 6 months maybe (not sure). My dad rescued him from a sidewalk next to a dangerous road and he was freezing cold. He gets his name from the famous diet which is called "keto" which kinda sounds like Kitty. Also don't talk shit or your ass finna get reported

    92. Felicity McLeay

      My cat tries to kill me 🤣

    93. Julian Ruiz

      My cat is Bela I love her so much 😻

    94. [TheBusterBoy]

      Cats really be out here making better mouth noises than humans 😂💋

    95. •StrawBerries •

      Zegitgeist: Cats Are So Cute In This Asmr Video Me: *Oh rEaLlY hOw aBoUt dOgS iN aSmR*

    96. A Canadian

      How did you manage to make the cats lick Frank's ears?

    97. ÂestheticŠushiッ

      I love cats so much! Your cats are so adorable! Nice job with this video😍

    98. and eliza!! sad peggy has entered the chat

      First Asmr vid I've ever fallen asleep to, my insomnia has a sence of humour and a good taste in asmr!

    99. and eliza!! sad peggy has entered the chat