ASMR with KITTENS 🐱 Ear to Ear Purring, Goodie Smacking, Fur Grooming

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    MEOW sweet insomniacs & cat lovers. Ready for some ASMR with KITTENS?! 🐱 ASMR ZEITGEIST's fluffy little companions bring you lots of ear to ear purring, goodie smacking, fur grooming and more.
    It's official, I finally fulfilled my destiny and became a cat dad. Say hello to Rasputin and Ronnie
    Oh, and Frank is going to be in this as well... of course.
    Tonight's trigger session is dedicated to the cat, an animal that practically embodies ASMR, don't you think? They're so quiet and smooth. Their presence alone calms you down immediately.
    Do you also have a cat? What's it's name? Please share your cat story in the comments down below and send me pics of your little fella on Instagram or twitter if you want, I'm really curious.
    Enjoy the Kittens. Meow!
    Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content, but the quality of YOUR experience!

    C U SOON! :)


    Published on 4 months ago


    1. asmr zeitgeist

      MEOW sweet insomniacs & cat lovers! I hope you enjoy this session with my two fluffy friends! Do you also have a cat?! What's it's name? Share your cat story down below, I'd love to read it. Hugs!

      1. ur mom

        My friend has a cat named boo and shes PHATT

      2. Claudia Topciu

        I have One cat

      3. Melanin Poppington

        asmr zeitgeist I have two black kittens Panther (a girl who loves sitting on top of my head or shoulders her nickname is High Riser) and her twin brother Jaguar (who’s nickname is Shadow because he loves watching the sun come up through our glass front door in the mornings.) I’ve had them since they were 6 weeks old 🖤🖤. They are both very independent and affectionate they always end up in my bed. Surprisingly the both love water so bath time happens at least every three days because they always end up in my tub 🛁 😂😂 (I don’t shampoo them every time they are strictly house cats so no need). Greetings from the Southside of Chicago 🥳

      4. Peridot

        My dad has a cat named tigger🐈

      5. NightlyDrugs

        I have 2 boy kitties too, Casper and Sam. Sam is in my profile pic. 🤗

    2. North bravo

      I have a 2 year old cat named Leo! He's such a calm cat but tends to scare himself over little things like moths or other stuff lol.

    3. Forky

      Naaaaaaaw deine katzen sind sooooooo süß💗

    4. maichiki yiist

      To us this is cute, but to a mouse this is disturbing and threatening.

    5. Edwardpro Zhu


    6. ChloeMSP 010

      Awh..that’s so cute!

    7. KiwiQutie

      omg the cats are so cute when they were sleeping 😭😭

    8. BoxedVoid

      my cat's name is "giygas" and he is a bastard boy who screams

    9. Love Embodiment

      Great video. Kalimba is the name of the cat we have at home. He is white and his tail is black and also some spots in his body are black. His eyes are Yellow. My Instagram is @love_convolution there you can see pictures of him. Thanks.

    10. Hannah Messier

      Calico who is named P.K it stands for Pretty Kitty .real original huh? ?😉

    11. aeonjoey

      This is disgusting, how easily you play us like a fiddle, we're trying to be cynical US-new COMMENTERS here Zeitgeist! and then OMG CUTIE WOOTIE BABY WABY KITTEHS MYEAHHHH MUAH MUAH MUAH look what you've done to me!!!

    12. aeonjoey


    13. 우연


    14. Wolfsplash McWarriorsTrash

      Good lord Cthulhu, what perfect fluffy angels

    15. Sarah Smith

      My cat's name is Spooky Wednesday is the first one and the second one which is a kitten Sparky July

    16. Lefty YT

      Nobody: Ad: *DO YOU TRY TO SLEEP?*

    17. Top hits Official


    18. FAUCOZ MC

      J'adoooore thanks you

    19. にゃーねこ〔公式〕


    20. Karina Khasanova


    21. Mntddy

      My cat was 18 years old.... I miss her! Its iconic

    22. Steven Villon

      Now this is better than the lady eating a freaking CAT

    23. endri_ koci

      10:22 Cat : pika pika pika pika.... Pikaaaaachuuuuuuu

    24. sexy skeleton

      May I snatch the kitties?? Is that a no? Oh okay then :(

    25. Christine C


    26. Sergio Uente

      Que lindo y super cute 😍

    27. Brooke Mosher

      My cats name is lucy

    28. Callme Babygurl

      just look how these cats play with that little pillow 🥺🥺🥺🥺😍

    29. G4B¡ 0L¡V3¡R4

      Oummmm so cute ❤

    30. Максим Шатохин

      Отложу свой суицид ещё, на 20:24 минуты

    31. Juss Sokx

      I have a kitty cat, his names Squeaki and he’s a chubby, grumpy old thing, lol. But he’s gorgeous. As are your cats!

    32. Nabeel Moazzam

      Bought my Cat for $50 on Craigslist

    33. Цепкая Рысь


    34. Bjorn Chatalak

      The only kind of ear eating I want to hear

    35. * fan

      I love cat

    36. purple lace

      I have a cat and I feed 3 others their names are kitty , panda , snicker , and ginger . I love them so much ❤️

    37. Song Bird

      I have three cats, Furgus, Olli, and Pip.

    38. Quinn McDaniel

      we've had our cat for a little over a year now, i believe? we got her from a shelter close to our house and she is honestly the softest, most beautiful, most clumsy cat ever her name is luminara and if you throw anything {be it a sock, a towel, a pillow, tinfoil, etc.}, she automatically chases it and absolutely d e s t r o y s it

    39. Dener Fernandes

      best asmr ever

    40. Ella Plays

      I have two cats a male and a female…The male one is called Garfield and the female one is called Chi-Chi…

    41. Jimanky Gaming

      My cat's name is Junior. Instead of meowing he chirps like a bird. It's adorable. He also loves to cuddle =D

      1. Melanin Poppington

        Jimanky Gaming okay now you have to post videos of him so we can watch him and make him lots of moneys for toys and grooming and food and snacks and everything else Junior wants 😭😭😭

    42. Pingu

      I had a little black kitty named alfie for 1 day because I found out I was allergic to cats

    43. Ash Underwood

      You can't hate this. You can't.

    44. donkey donkey

      To add to the weirdness of this whole thing why animate the Mic

    45. Isabel Muñoz Torres

      OMG! I wish have a cat like yours😻 they are so cute. What breed are yours?? Edit: I don't know if I wrote it well or nah😂 sorry i'm spanish

    46. Janek Wąs


    47. Shaina

      So adorable

    48. Kath M

      I’ve never touched a cat before :(

    49. Typisch Maja

      Sprichst du auch deutsch?/speak you german?

    50. Dr J. Pepper

      Your cats are fat but sweet 😊

    51. gio

      La faccia d frank😂😂

    52. L2 Escanorban

      Im owning 2 cats . one is black and white and its name is Felix and the second one is black with a litle White spot under the chin. Its Name is zimba also i heared you are fromm Bavaria so: grias de schene kotzn übrigens

    53. E L

      Okay but why are there eye animations on the mic

    54. Katrina Wilson

      My cats name is carmela becsude she is brown with white black and carmel strips she is so cute but mean somstimes i luv her so much

    55. pro hair

      I love your cats

    56. ToastyWolfa


    57. pro hair

      My cat name's shiro

    58. Tamara BouAyache

      My cats name is luna and shes 10 months and il white with grey patche on her back

    59. AmrHfz

      CAT : enter the room HOOMAN : left

    60. cupcake torres

      I have a cat his name is antonio and he was forma my birthey

    61. N4SiR •

      Wow how cute!!!!I love cats and i also have one!😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    62. Its ME

      We are getting two kittens in 4 weeks when there ready to leave the mother and we are thinking about calling them, Hugo and Simba. There both boys!!! 😀😀

    63. Kent Oraya


    64. Inksansgirl 24

      10:10 Yeah um.......... this is cool but i don’t feel comfy idk why.................

    65. Random kitty lover

      I have a kitten shes basically how i go to sleep

    66. ENDerBass NaChi ASMR

      コメ欄見てたたら、日本人いて安心。 可愛い過ぎる。。 最強な癒しです😻😇 猫のゴロゴロした音、まじまじで聞けるとは・・・! しかもASMRでww まさに新感覚なASMRですね!🤩 猫で寝る日が来るとは思いもしなかった・・・w🐱😴👋 Good night😪💤💭🐈🌙

    67. WinterTech Gaming

      Can we get a doggo asmr???

    68. WinterTech Gaming

      I literally think I fell asleep during the preview

    69. Phoebe Davis

      I don’t usually like cats because one left a scar on the side of my face 10 years ago. But this is just adorable

    70. Artisticfandom

      I am allergic to cats so this is the best I can get! Thanks for making this