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    We’re back with our highly requested series #AskMeg! On this episode, Kevin gives us his view on the controversial topic around canned hunting, as well as answers to questions you've been dying to know about. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this episode in the comments below.
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    The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary's mission is to provide a self-sustaining African carnivore sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation through education, awareness, and funding, especially pertaining to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, unscrupulous hunting, disease, and their illegal trade.
    To raise awareness, Kevin has now set up his US-new Channel 'LionWhispererTV'. The channel is all about raising awareness about not only the declining numbers of lions but also how this rapid decrease is happening. By watching these videos, you are directly contributing to our scheme of land acquisition.
    Kevin captures the majority of his footage on GoPro cameras, allowing the viewer to get as close as possible to the lions.
    By doing this, Kevin hopes to give people an insight into the lives of these beautiful creatures and to let them see just what they can do to help. You can nearly touch them.

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Samantha Flynn

      I cant believe the government allows this! So so wrong!

    2. Bel P

      I can't wait till I have a stable job again so I can start donating to this cause. It hurts my heart to see these big beautiful creatures being exploited. They are so amazing. Thank you Kevin for devoting your life to this great cause. You truly are a hero!

    3. grosstravis

      You make that shitz look cool


      Nice hat Kevin

    5. Svarog EUROPE Identity

      If a man kills an animal, such beautiful intelligent species as Lions he would kill humans too..

    6. A Baked Demon

      I'm general, I think hunting is only ethical for survival, nothing more, nothing less. Hunting lions and other exotic animals is always unethical because it's for pride and trophys not survival, people that hunt for fun make me sick honestly

    7. Whitewolf 4277

      Dont do hunting topics they suck makes people sad keep the videos light and happy

    8. Keegs

      I had no idea it was legal at all to hunt a lion. This should not be happening

    9. Michael Braun

      trophy hunt all trophy hunters with the same bullets

    10. Michael Braun

      hunting lions is barbaric

    11. braden carothers

      When the lions are taken on enrichment walks, do you ever have a problem with other animals/lions coming near you or them ? and what would you do it that happened ?

    12. Frank Stanley

      you are the caretaker of something that can not be away from the earth. the big cats are just the start thank you

    13. Donna Palmeri

      It should be illegal,to harm these beautiful lions ,is not right. It must be STOPPED ASAP!!!

    14. HEMI Momma

      Not any different than euthanizing a pet except for the WEAPON and GREED! Those animals have put their trust in the humans only to have it turned against them in the worst of ways! There's a special level of hell for those kind of people.

    15. Senaida Poulsen

      Sad story That is evil people Who breed lions with no affection in their life, in those closed captivities Just for the sake of the sport To release them And hunt them down Sad sad sad 😢😢

    16. g h

      Anyone that can hunts it's a bully. They take pleasure in knowing they will accomplish their goal. I cannot wrap my head around this warped way of thinking. May God always take care of you and your staff for such an amazing job. 🐾🐾🐾

    17. Hsien Li Chen 陳嫺李

      On Ads, Kevin, run Ads, whatever you need to do in order to make the valuable work you do easier. Incredible Channel, deserves support.

    18. Hsien Li Chen 陳嫺李

      End and outlaw all or any Lion hunting/shooting. Period.

    19. paved w good intentions progress not perfection

      What's wrong with Kevin does anybody know is it cancer AIDS parasite infection hopefully it's nothing maybe it's just heat Nana case seems like a really good guy I really appreciate the videos

    20. xISnJIx

      Kevin I couldn’t agree more and thibk canned hunts are disgusting and wish we put the hunters in there with no gun and let the lion hunt them! Also, run adverts Kev !

    21. Wendy Noto

      I think it's fabulous and I don't think there's no new thing under the Sun so you got knocked down I someone that loves you called a lion or lioness and I like that

    22. Michael Lotenero

      How anyone could kill a lion is beyond me totally barbaric. Heres praying one day this is out lawed forever.

    23. Un known

      I appreciate the effort taken to outline the Foundation's definition of "canned hunting" however I believe that it is essentially a mute point. Species under threat such as the lion should not be hunted under any circumstances. Now I am aware that South Africa has its unique socio-political issues and that has an effect on areas such as species protection. There comes a point in time however that people need to stand up and demand of their governments policies and procedures that alleviate poverty whilst protecting threatened species. I'm of the opinion that government members around the world should be personally held accountable for their decisions that do not adequately enforce laws to prevent species decline. Excuses should no longer be tolerated.

    24. Devonne Marcove

      Please sit through all the ads, because they help Kevin take care of his beautiful babies.. 💖🦁💖🦁💖

    25. Dill Pickles

      I don’t get it isn’t he in a game resort I don’t get it

      1. Devonne Marcove

        No he runs a sanctuary park, where his Lions have a forever home. 🦁🦁🦁

    26. Angie Castro

      i'm touch when Meg kiss and cuddle Sir kevin..i think she undestand what his saying😊

    27. Atelier.si

      Lions would make great basketball players one day, but you spray them and reset their pacified learning among humans

    28. Schnauzer Power

      I don't think canned hunting is great, but the Zimbabwean gov culls lions to preserve balance on their dime now, when before Cecil, they were making lots of money off of lion hunts for conservation. That 200 lion cull was 10mil down the drain that could have gone back into the reserve.

      1. Schnauzer Power

        I know in that case it isnt canned hunting (depends on your definition I guess), I dont think this is a fix for conservation, I think it is a band-aid.

    29. Sarah Wood

      A few years ago, I was looking for a volunteer/travel opportunity and ran across a South African ad for volunteers to raise cubs. My plans fell through and I'm so glad they did. I would have been horrified to learn I was helping a canned hunting scam. Thank you for talking about this horrible practice.

    30. Steph Felix

      Anyone who would kill an innocent animal is a murder and deserves to be canned and killed them selves

    31. Love Love Brooklynne #WildGirl

      #AskMeg: Kevin, Where do you sleep when it is time to sleep?

    32. anirudh sharma

      #askmeg Kevin if you spay all the females in the farm then how will the lion population count will increase ?

    33. Amar Saini

      You should go to Joe rogan podcast, it will boost your channel tremendously

    34. The Milk Man

      I've deer/turkey hunted all my life and I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to kill a lion. They're so majestic. If there were any justice in the world, another lion would never die by a hunter ever again.

    35. Joyce Hutchins

      I can't understand what's the point of big game hunting to begin with? If you don't need it for for food why?

    36. Reality

      Most ethical hunters in the US would never want to hunt African game because of what you just illustrated. In the US we have large expanses of land in which there are very few to no captive raised animals to hunt. I'm saddened to see that isn't the case in Africa. Hunting is strictly governed by the States as to maintain the sustainability of natural herbivores in the absence of natural predators due to human expansion. These predators have been suppressed by human expansion in the US but we do not want our iconic animals to die off from overpopulation or disease. Even apex predators are protected in the US now in order to keep the balance.

    37. Elena Brambilla

      #AskMeg Hi Kevin. Would you like to take care also of leopards and cheetas? and which great predator, from another continent, would you like to know better?

    38. Elena Brambilla

      #AskMeg Do the lions purr?

    39. Meg sechrist

      Those people need to go away for that! That’s horrible ☹️😔

    40. Meg sechrist

      She is just absolutely beautiful! I love her 😩 lol

    41. Jen Wren

      All hunting of wildlife, whether it's bread in captivity or not and regardless of what animal,, should be illegal ALL over the world. Anyone who kills any animal and calling it sport is sick in the mind & I don't care who agrees or not it's disgusting and unnecessary in my opinion. Yes I do refuse to eat animals as well. That's also unneccessary.

    42. Jen Wren

      Meg is gorgeous 🐾

    43. Devn

      #AskMeg what happened to vyetse's brother?

      1. Devonne Marcove

        He was bitten by a deadly snake and sadly passed away, in front of his brother. Very traumatic experience and he would not stop calling and grieving until Kevin brought him his 2 gorgeous Grrrrls.. 🦁🦁🦁

    44. Cactus2734

      Trophy hunters should be given 1 bullet and a picture of the lion. Nothing more

    45. Xolisa Ndenze

      We should get Kevin on Joe rogans podcast

    46. Cas

      Rich trash is the ones who hunt lions.

    47. Cas

      Anyone that hunts lions is a lame human. There is no point in hunting a animal that you don't need to eat to survive.

    48. Shawnie Lynn

      I dont believe in murdering ANY kind of animal, UNLESS u r going to eat at least MOST of it. People dont eat Lions, or Elephants etc, so they should NEVER be killed EVER... Theres no logical point in doing so. I DESPISE people who have animal heads, or skins in their homes...its disgusting! Ive cried because i went to clean a house at my old maid job, and they had OVER 70 DEAD WILD ANIMALS heads, skins, or stuffed bodies etc in their home...i cried and left the job that day...i couldnt clean that house. I am NOT against people eating meat...i mean animals eat meat because they need it, and i believe we do as well... I DO HOWEVER dont like the way they treat the animals we eat, like cows, pigs, chickens etc... So a few years ago i stopped eating all meat BESIDES birds...so i only eat chicken and turkey... I still wish they could be treated btr before they end their lives, like FREERANGE chickens... I ALSO am okay with killing an animal in self defense...just as im okay with killing a human in self defense. BUT that doesnt mean a wild animal kept in captivity should die for attacking its trainer! Its only doing whats natural, and they knew the risk when they wrnt in the cage with the animal. I mean self defense as in... A bear somehow breaks into ur home and starts attacking, OR ur out camping, and youve been SMART and u dont have food laying around and whatnot, but a lion or bear comes to ur camp and starts killing ur brother, u have the right to defend that person. HOWEVER, U have to UNDERSTAND the risks if YOU are going into a wild ANIMALS home! Just as u have the right to kill a bear that comes into ur home... Doesnt that bear have the right to get u out of his "home"... BUT AN ANIMAL IN CAPTIVITY THAT ATTACKS SHOULD NEVER BE KILLED! EVER! Its HUMANS fault for puting that animal in a cage, and they knew the risks. SAME WITH DOGS! If ur dog bites u...normally u wouldnt just kill it! Cause u understand its a dog. Dogs still have ANIMAL INSTINCTS and thats how they show emotion...they would do it to another dog so thats what they do to humans. (But also...i dont believe in "bad dogs" i believe that all dogs are just a normal dog, and it depends on the owner how the dog turns out...bad dogs arent born their made by humans) ANYWHO! I am 100% against animals living in cages, captivity... HOWEVER, u are the FIRST person i have ever seen that i actually truly TRUST and RESPECT with these creatures... U respect them so i can respect you. Anybody watching can tell u TRULY care about them and want to give them the best life possible...the way u rotate them, take them on walks with NO FENCES its just amazing! Other animal "sanctuaries" and zoos could really learn ALOT FROM YOU!!! I HATE zoos...i despise them... I live by a SMALL Cat Zoo, its called CatTales in Spokane Wa....and the poor Cats, Tigers, Lions etc, they live from birth til death in the smallest cages, that are about a quarter of an acre large or less...their cages are slightly bigger than my living room...and they all look sooo sad in their, and the workers there dont really seem to care about the cats at all... They treat it like just another job...they dont have love, respect, and passion like u do and like they should have... I wish cattales would close down...but sadly they make alot of money...so its not happening any time soon. I LOVE how u act with ur animals...you are sooo good with them its just amazing to me. I USED TO WORK AT my local Humane Society 7 years ago... I absolutely LOVED being around animals all the time, i actually WANTED to go to "Work" every day...even cleaning up their poo, and feeding them was enjoyable for me. I was mostly in charge of the dogs, i worked with the cats for a while, but i was pregnant and i couldnt be around the litter everyday. But i loved the dogs, i would grow bonds with them, and get to know each of their personalities, i KNEW if the people interested in that dog would make a good match or not because i really knew who the dogs were. I treated ALL the dogs with the same respect, and love...despite their personalities... Their were lazy dogs, lovey dogs, hyper digs, aggressive dogs, skiddish dogs etc... My FAVORITE part was taking the dogs on their daily walks, and playing with them in their kennels... I was bit a few times, and scratched alot, BUT i nvr god mad at the dog...I knew it was MY FAULT mostly for what happened...i knew i wasnt paying attention to their body language or actions properly... Even when i was bleeding... The best thing to do when ANY animal is being aggressive is to give it space, dont freak out, keep calm, and watch its body language. Animals will tell u or show u EXACTLY how they feel at that moment. They wont lie to u, or hold in their feelings. My DREAM was to always work with animals, especially big Cats, and/or Pandas... As a teen i took special classes for 3 years at a place called The Skill Center, to learn how to work with animals, and learn vet stuff etc. Then when i was 20-22 i worked in the animal shelter. Sadly when i got pregnant my entire life changed and so did my goals and plans for my life. But i am MORE THAN GREATFUL AND HAPPY to have my son, hes 6 now, and i think im going to start working towards my dream again. Especially after watching ALL ur videos the past 2 weeks...youve motivated me even more. Ive ALWAYS prefered to be around animals more than humans, for all the same reasons you have... BUT LUCKILY i am a very kind person and i always do extremely well working with humans... And thats why at ANY job ive ever had i would get promoted to a position to be with customers more, or be put in a spot where im up front with all the customers. Im a very calm, kind, soft hearted, strong willed, logical, patient, active, organized, caring, selfless kind of person... And ive always done really well with Animals...since i was a little girl...since the first things i can remember when i was 3-4 years old, ive ALWAYS wanted to work with animals, and be around them alot. (EXCEPT i nvr wanted to be an actual Vet, cause i cant put down an animal...it would break my heart) My favorite kinds of animals are all the different kinds of cats, i just adore cats... I love their personalities, their stubbornness, their gracefulness, their intelligence, their beauty...their just so powerful and amazing. I also LOVE Pandas, Bats, Snakes, Cheetahs, Wolves, Horses, Monkeys, Dolphins, Hyenas, Hawks, Owls, Comodo Dragons...those are some of my faves but i love ALL ANIMALS, ALLLLLLLL! Even the "ugly" ones...cause their so ugly their cute lol. And i LOVE to watch animals, watch how their bodies move and work, watch how they hunt or eat, watch them play, sleep, relax, interact with eachother... And ive learned that if ur willing to put yourself in their shoes and do what they do the best u can, i really helps u learn about them and make them trust u even more and kinda see u as one of them. ANYWHO HAHA I GOT WAY OF TRACK AND WROTE WAAAY TOO MUCH!!! I really want to say THANK YOU for making these videos, and doing what u do. I wish ALL people who keep wild animals in cages acted like u more. Your the kind of captive animals, u let them have a good life. Your so very smart about all this stuff, and i truly admire u! And thank u sooo much for inspiring me to start following my lifelong dreams again. I dont want to be a vet, or work in a zoo...i want to do similar to what u do!!!! AND I FEEL SO SAD FOR ALL THE ANIMALS GETTING MURDERED AND TORTURED FOR SPORT AND FUN! ITS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I HOPE ONE DAY ALL OF US WHO ACTUALLY CARE CAN MAKE A HUGE IMPACT, AND START TRULY SAVING ALL THE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS IN NEED OF HELP! KEEP DOING WHAT UR DOING, AND U R SO AMAZING!!!🦁🦁🦁🐯🐅🐆🐱🐈

    49. Hejcior

      People who claim to be 'a trophy hunters' should be euthanised. That is exactly what is the problem with our kind...our need to exterminate anything else arround us. And this is why we're on the edge of humanity fall. We're running out of natural resources, we're running out of resources in the sea, on land and even out of underground resources. We have no control, no stop button. Bless people like Kevin, who see the issue and who try to do something about it via educating people and showing how we should look at life.

    50. Cori L. Brown

      If you kill something just for the hell of it than you have some serious issues! Hunting for fun serves no purpose and I think that is animal cruelty even if it's a certain degree and animal cruelty is on the triad of sociopathy!

    51. Justgail68

      What about hunts to cull a certain animal because of age or illness or a male that isn’t doing well. Hunters pay good money to participate and get a trophy. The reserve earns money. Not like breeders though. I personally don’t like breeding lions for hunting or body parts. No animal unless it can be released safely with a chance to escape.

    52. Kip Kipper

      Sport hunting is a cunts game. Sorry for the harsh words but it’s a fact. Any kill should be eaten not turned into a trophy. Canned or wild makes no difference. Sport hunters are cunts and should be hunted themselves imho

    53. Danny Sze

      Kevin is getting old.. man... so sad..

      1. Devonne Marcove

        He is still handsome, wonderful and happens to be one of the most important people on the planet. He is not OLD..! 🦁🦁🦁

    54. am i a joke to you?

      Canned hunting... Cruel.. hunting for trophies and money..... cruel.... just cruel... just f*cking cruel.... THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

    55. Mike Caleta

      There is no conservation value to canned hunting regardless of the arguments of those pro canned hunting. It is an anathema and is counter productive to conservation. It should be stopped as should the breeding of animals for use in canned hunting. Time we as a sepcies started to take responsibility for our actions and started to work as guardians rather than rulers. When we start to lose anumals that are so important to nature the ecology starts to collapse... and that will eventually mean the end of mankind also. I would ask one question do those without consideration have any cancern for their own children and future generations?

    56. Gizmo 21

      Canned hunting is cruel and unfair and extremely evil, thanks Kevin for bring awareness, keep up your great work, your amazing, and so are your majestic creatures. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    57. xerravon

      If you want to hunt a lion, fine no problem I'm all for it!! Just 1 condition NO GUNS!! Let's make this a real hunt, big bad a55 human that wants to kill for fun should have no problem with a fair hunt. IMO it would be hand to hand with stuff you find in the wild!!!! I mean humans have a really advanced brain, thats our weapon. Still kind of unfair, or should be as our ancestors did. I think I would even allow a knife, 15 inch blade or less. That with a good human brain should be enough. Thats my opinion. I have no problem hunting to feed yourself or hunting to control overpopulation, even OK with hunting to protect your property in many cases. Of course I'm fine with killing in self defence. We were taught if you hunt you use every part of the animal you can. I hate sport or trophy hunting. The TV series ALONE shows how hard it is to survive alone with few modern tech. 6 seasons and ive not seen any take any mammal bigger than a squril or one guy got 4 big rabbits. Very rare to see any game other than fish. Some bring simple bow and arrows. Thing is there are plenty of bear in some locations, still starving none have tried for bear yet except 1 by deadfall trap but had no luck. These people can call via satellite phone and tap out so even with half million dollars and their pride none have messed with a bear yet....

    58. Lindsay M.

      I'm obsessed with this channel.

    59. Harry Kaminski

      Anyone who hunts just a trophy or a head and don't eat the meat and I agree with him anymore who hunts lions or anything that there not going to eat or a animal that's been raised by people the people who does that needs to be hunted and stick there head on the wall

    60. marisaande

      There is no argument that majes sense for any" Trophy Hunters " after an animal whether it was held captive or totally wild or bred to be wild or bred in captivity and then let go they have no chance against a man with a rifle, and what you said is the legal going after them in a car with rifles . it's illegal but it's still done. This neither fair nor right. no trophy hunting should exist. There should be no Trophy Hunters, they are the species that must go extinct. People that want to kill an animal, and kill it for a trophy to put an animal into a trophy to show it is sick this is a form of ego, and mental illness, because it's sick and cruel.. this should not be happening.

    61. Obvious Captain

      Canned hunts are absolutely despicable. In the U.S. in Florida, I raised zebra, kudu, water buffalo and sun bear from babies until they had the ability to take care of themselves in their respective enclosures on a property of 1500 acres. Finally learned the animals were being bred for private sale, and canned hunts. Confronted my immediate boss, got fired, called fish& wildlife.



    63. Ron Fili

      As a hunter this canned hunting thing really is a pile of crap! And in my opinion a big wrong done towards animals! Too many sadistic killers in this world! I hunt to eat period. If need be to control populations of certain species (being we sure know how to screw up nature) I don't put down a animal with ease! If you enjoy killing you have head problems. Sorry but its facts! And its time you re-evaluate your mind personally! I hunt and put down animals with precision. No reason to taunt them before putting them down like you can see in so many damn videos online. Regardless we need to learn rationing a bit better!

    64. afra shine

      Humans are Evil 😈 but it restores my faith in humanity by seeing people like Kevin who is an angel and has such a big and unique heart ♥

    65. Andy Gridley

      No one has the right to hunt and kill any animal ever on the planet

    66. Raaka

      This is my dream job, I would love to travel to Africa and see this all in it's greatness by myself. I love your clips, I will support you all the way when I can.

    67. U M-F

      I don't agree with hunting animals that are struggling to sustain themselves in the wild. I know hunters and game keepers and I understand some arguments for maintaining a healthy herd for example but I believe that no hunting should be for fun, regardless of the setting.

    68. Eli Griffith

      At 1:49 I was in sync with meg with a yawn