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    We’re back with our highly requested series #AskMeg! On this episode, Kevin gives us his view on the controversial topic around canned hunting, as well as answers to questions you've been dying to know about. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this episode in the comments below.
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    The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary's mission is to provide a self-sustaining African carnivore sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation through education, awareness, and funding, especially pertaining to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, unscrupulous hunting, disease, and their illegal trade.
    To raise awareness, Kevin has now set up his US-new Channel 'LionWhispererTV'. The channel is all about raising awareness about not only the declining numbers of lions but also how this rapid decrease is happening. By watching these videos, you are directly contributing to our scheme of land acquisition.
    Kevin captures the majority of his footage on GoPro cameras, allowing the viewer to get as close as possible to the lions.
    By doing this, Kevin hopes to give people an insight into the lives of these beautiful creatures and to let them see just what they can do to help. You can nearly touch them.

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    1. KBN H.


    2. DevilMatt777

      Give that "hunter" a knife, kick him out in the dark...alone. Lets see if he will survive.

    3. Kinkou Kinkou

      I personally think, if you choose to hunt a Lion, you should only have a spear & knife or large blade (Let's make it Fair); you should be on foot with no transport... Also, once that hunt starts, you have x amount of time to complete the hunt, while another person is hunting YOU WITH A RIFLE & Bucky! & if you don't kill that Lion in the allotted time, YOU DIE! Your life should be placed on the table as forfeit... ONLY then can it be called a TRUE HUNT! There's no need to hunt Lion's anymore... They're completely out gunned & out matched in such scenario... It's barbaric & should be BANNED OUT RIGHT, but if you want to do it, here's my suggestion - Talk about good cable TV SHOW! Everyone will be watching, I can guarantee it!

    4. Movie Cat

      I can't even believe that canned hunting in this time is still allowed. I thought we humans were intelligent enough to not do something like that senseless, I am speechless :s

    5. Movie Cat

      People who support canned hunting are sociophats and should be hanged, this planet has no place for trash.

    6. EEGE

      Thank you so much for caring about nature and sharing your life with these beauties. It definitely is worth it. Stay safe and happy, just as the animals you give your all.

    7. Elm TreeABC

      These great animals have been hunted to almost extinction. Time to stop the practice FOR EVERYONE NO MATTER HOW RICH.

    8. Susan Sibborn

      Love your care and love for lion's.thank you.

    9. S Finnegan

      Hunting is NOT a "sport." When the animal is armed with a weapon and the playing ground is evened, then we can talk about it being a sport.

    10. Alex Miller

      As far as I’m concerned ANY hunting of lions is despicable. It’s not a game. It’s disgusting. It’s usually rich American a**holes too. Makes me so mad. And canned hunting is just disgusting. Honestly anyone who enjoys that should be put down 😡

    11. David Ekstrom

      These cowards would never shoot a lion if they actually had to try, just bullshit testosterone story's for their shitty friends that probably don't even like them. They just show up for the free food and drink.

    12. Onyx

      Raising any animal with the intentions of one day selling it for a hunt is wrong in my eyes, if it has any contact with humans from a young age you cant tell me it has the full fight or flight instincts a completely wild animal will have. If the area has a lion,wolf or bear problem and you follow the laws and do everything legally when hunting a truly wild born and wild raised animal that doesnt bother me, but canning..... it just feels immoral to me. What Kev was basically saying at the end is that the breeders have spent alot of time and money on their lions and when its released theres a 100% chance its going to die to a hunter, they arnt gonna say "oh darn that one got away lets forget about it". Where a true wild animal may be hunted many many time without even having a single contact with a hunter.

    13. Kaimi Naao

      Hey Kevin, wonderful soul and heart !!! Your amazing relationship love and care for the lions. You are looking tired, take good care of yourself.!

    14. البق ما يزهق

      I want to thank you for saving this beautiful animals. You are really making a difference in our world . Love from Morocco 🇲🇦

    15. MASOON TV

      We as people shud know better

    16. MASOON TV

      I do not

    17. MASOON TV

      Do u believe in killing this animal

    18. lyncheeseman

      Whether it be canned of captive bred for hunting, either way it’s not going to go far from its home, as it knows no different. I can’t understand people that would pay to have a photo taken with a cub or adult lion that has probably been drugged.. No lion or animal should be killed either by poachers or a rich twat that has to prove he is a man, woman also hunt. It’s totally cruel , there is only one winner that’s the twat with a gun and the owner. 😢😢😡😡

    19. Javed Shah

      50 hunters disliked..

    20. jillian southern

      *#Askmeg* I know if you were to bring someone else with you with the lions they would probably be killed but what if with the two Cubs that were rescued would there be anyone else that they would be comfortable with?

    21. Teremei

      Hunting with a sniper long rifle is cowardly. IF you want to hunt, craft the weapon yourself, like a bow or spear, and hunt in the wilderness. I detest all forms of hunting. But just sitting in a truck with a sniper rifle is the definition of a coward.

    22. BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN

      kevin keeping the sticker on his hat to fit in at africa.. haha i like that hat tho

    23. Reginald House

      Why are we as a human species so blood thirsty?

    24. Sriram R

      i have seen people killing elephants for food to feed a community in some parts of Africa. Is it legal to kill old elephants ?

    25. Lara Gravenor

      Canned hunting is cruel. No way! 🦁🦁🦁

    26. H Town Hitta

      The most beautiful animal in the world

    27. Nyna Camerlick

      Hate all hunting! But you do is amazing and thank you for what you do.

    28. TheBobtheguy

      So is hunting a lion that doesn't have boundaries the same as canned?

    29. MortZon

      I would never be close to a "cat" big enough to have my head in the mouth. This guy is crazy

    30. SUAVE B

      I wonder if he would know or tell us what to do if we’re ever in a situation stuck face to face with a lion?

    31. Old Man Mercenary

      Can I get a license to hunt these canned hunters?

    32. Carlos Mendes

      Anyone that kills these amazing animals, not to mention wildlife in general, should be put in prison for life whatever definition they claim.

    33. katoria sapp


    34. Travis Williard

      Loved this. Great video

    35. Angie RM

      She’s so beautiful~

    36. Myrth Pike

      Love this type of content. Keep it up!

    37. M W

      I can't understand why ANYONE would want to hunt and kill anything. Especially these gorgeous creatures. I especially don't get how the people where these and other beautiful creatures live could stand for any hunting!! I'm so not sorry if that "offends" any one! By this time in humanity we need to cherish all of God's creation. It's said in the bible that after the first coming the lion shall lay with the lamb and eat no more of meat but the grasses in the field. That I want to see! I do plan on being there, but back to my rant. These idiots that do these horrible things if not in this lifetime will one day for sure receive their judgment! Thank you for all you do for them🙏❤🙏❤

    38. Dave Guyzer

      Run all the ads you want 4 at time , I wouldn't mind just make the videos longer . lol

    39. linda sullivan

      how do we donate? on youtube?

    40. Little Girl

      Any trophy Hunter is a psychopath. People who are missing and never found ... trophy hunters man is the ultimate game.

    41. Blue In red


      1. Karen

        We should also be mad at these African countries (like South Africa where Kevin and his lions are) that allow this sort of savagery to go on in the first place! Be mad at South Africa, Botswana, etc, all nations that like to sell their animal's for profit! It's despicable 😡😡😡

    42. Raymon

      i still people hunt with 2 steak knifes and a rough leather outfit, i dont like people hunting for sport with a longe range weapon, thats not very sporty and there is no sportsmanship in that. thats like a proffesional soccer player playing against 5 ten year olds who just play for fun. and i HATE it when those people go on social media or something and brag they shot a lion or whatever, if you shoot a lion to death you dont have any braggin rights, you are a sad pathetic human being, if you want to brag you killed a lion you have to be on equal grounds and the lion must have a chance to win. hunting for food on the other hand, thats something else, lions dont let their prey have much chance to escape or they would starve. and population control hunting is also i think similar to hunting for food, but i do think we go a little crazy sometimes thinking we have to control nature or its gonna be a disaster and the animals are gonna go extinct, well unless we introduced those animals into that ecosystem or have done something to disrupt the balance, we should let mother nature do her thing.

    43. Chalky White

      Fund any which way you can dude. Ads are fine. Canned hunting is foul, bone trade is foul. I hope one day soon it’s outlawed and these “hunters” with their little guns and big egos are told to stay away and I hope you and everyone you are making aware of this will play a part in that.

    44. DJ terbaru


    45. Rajiv Alvares

      This show gives a me joy from my daily misery . Congratulations Kevin on Ur podcast. I'm looking forward for more. Love u man.

    46. Over Heated EsKim0

      Personally i think they should make it illegal to use long range weapons and guns see how many people want to hunt lion's then. Make it a fair one on one. Give that lion a chance to kill them back only fair right? What's funny is when i hear people from America or Europe say they hunt them because it's in their nature yet their ancestors most likely never ever hunted lion's. It's just an ego boost and a story to tell

    47. terler 1272

      #AskMeg Do you ever take any of the lions hunting? Do you release any prey into their enclosures?

    48. New Adventures

      no one should be aloud to hunt lions at all

    49. éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion

      Respect à cette belle personne 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    50. éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion

      Kévin à l.air fatigué. Afrique du Sud. .dur . 🦁🐅🐅🐅J.espere qu'il vas bien ainsi que sa fondation

    51. Chandra  Smith

      I'm glad people are starting to wake up and care about the plight of these magnificent creatures...i don't agree with anybody killing an animal for sport..i thin it's cruel and inhumane....

    52. Elsa Ros

      There is a new movie called: Mia and the White Lion where you can see what is canned hunting. The movie is AMAZING, I recommned it to you.👌

    53. jackie oman

      Does Meg get tired of hearing your voice for long periods of time ?

    54. Audrey Bee

      They should NEVER be hunted. Not under any circumstances, in my humble opinion. The same goes for elephants, gorillas or any other living creature.

    55. tyranomegosaurus

      canned hunting, actually any hunting is disgusting. GO VEGAN!

    56. Kikifeisty

      Trophy hunting is the worst. For fun and games.....and money.🤦🏻‍♀️ Hunting for food is okay on my list, but only to a certain amount/limit. Not to the point where animals are going extinct.

    57. John Barney

      Why would anybody have a desire to shoot a lion in the first place is beyond me. Hey coward hunters, if you want to hunt down and kill a lion, do it without a guide and only use a knife to kill it. IF you manage to kill a lion or any other wild animal then I guess that would be ok, otherwise you are a coward.

    58. Lexy Commisso

      I hope all these hunters get eaten alive!!! I love you Kevin!!!💓💓💓

    59. Stephanie S

      Amazing video, as always. I am relatively new to the channel so forgive me for asking: Where is this pod cast you speak of?

    60. OMG video OMG video

      Mr. Kevin we love the lion whisperer shirt and cap' do you have online store for that.? Hoping this can help the lions.,, seriously we dont mind watching ads' we love you here'

    61. Mark Hoffman

      Canned hunting is for cowards.

    62. Wendell Savage

      Why watch if you're not interested ppl are delusional

    63. bed22455

      Here's what should happen to so called "trophy hunters".... You really want to be part of a hunt so bad? Have them hunt each other for sport and leave the animals alone. That way we can thin some stupidity and aggression from the human race.

    64. Hus 9

      No one should hunt lions

    65. Reality

      1:25 "Ok, Hi everyone" I think you mean: us-new.com/online/video-98k05_bM2e4.html

    66. Krithika Ravi

      You had mentioned in some videos that lions love horse meat. Do they fall sick if they eat a diseased/infected horse's meat? #AskMeg

    67. Karim-San

      If someone attack you, the lions will protect you ?

    68. Vulcan44 Vulcan

      Kevin is a awesome and I blv is metaphorically awake go Kevin

    69. marijn Jumelet

      You are a great person what a amazing life you have working with all these great animals!!! 🦁🦁🦁

    70. SophieSophs

      End canned hunting it’s absolutely disgusting and deplorable.

    71. Simone Schultz

      I say that canned hunting is basically a way for rich hunters to kill a lion without it being a fair hunt. I wish more of the snipet where your asked about the plan would have been shown.

    72. Ben Tyner

      Where is the podcast at

    73. Lucky Luke

      When you have too much $ sometimes you do stupidness evil things such as canned hunting. Imagine how much good they can do with this kind of money....

    74. Roger Ramakers

      What ever you call it, when you hunt something you will not eat or in an other way saves people, like pest control, or maybe even the Botswana claim about elephants. if you kill needlesly any life form, lion, or fly you are a retard and need professional psychological help. I know that as activist you have to take a step back to start the discussion. But I absolutely don't understand why needless killing of other living beings makes sense.

    75. Ben Shandrow

      Man so my problem now is ive watched every video :D...also i think im going to cry when any of these lions pass :(

    76. Mike Williams

      Grats on over million views Kevin!!!!

    77. IoNz Alpha

      You looks ill

    78. Zeddman

      Kevin, if anyone on US-new deserves to monetize their videos it's definitely you. Run ads if you need to, I'm quite sure the community wouldn't mind.

    79. Upendra sai kumar Arle

      What happens if these lions may under vegetarian food, not by meat or any flesh Kevin sir

      1. Upendra sai kumar Arle

        Ok ok good

      2. Zakir Abedin

        @Upendra sai kumar Arle You lost your brain somewhere good sir? Buddha laws doesn't apply on african lions..wth.These are pure carnivores🙄

      3. Upendra sai kumar Arle

        By giving vegetarian food to that carnivorous animals, I think some changes happens in behaviour in that animals Kevin sir. Iam just telling by Gautam Buddha laws Kevin Sir

      4. zen0524

        they are carnivore............why asking what if they eat veggies.........

    80. Kodi Patterson

      To be perfectly honest, your (hunters) your a coward if you hunt for sport.

    81. the Boontz

      Just scoured the entire LionWhisperer Shop looking for that hat. What am I doing wrong? 0_0

    82. RespectIsNotFree

      Excellent video as usual! But where can I get one of those sweet KR hats?

    83. JABEYE

      #askmeg What’s the point of hunting lions in the first place? Unless it’s to protect yourself or in need of food. Humanity needs to process their inner turmoil and let your spirit breath. Then you can connect with all of God’s creatures and not need pointless validation.

    84. van anh

      Look at how many subscribers this channel already had? 1 million. And how many stupid channels have more than 1 mil subs? So many. This channel deserves more than 30 mil subs. So sad US-new users. So many dumb people.

    85. Jane Doe

      Sport hunting should be stopped across the board

    86. scot Ex scarrier

      but why would any human want to hunt and kill lions in the first place,i dont get it, i wonder how many captive bread lions have actually mauled and savaged a hunter , many i hope, but i doubt any

    87. Faviola Bloisa

      Beautiful video!

    88. Swatantra Dwivedi

      Add Ads Guys 😓

    89. Redrose Abd

      This lion looks like Scar a little or is it just me? The nose?

    90. Lamin 788

      i want to be like you one say kevin 🙂😊😊

    91. El Capitan

      Create a patreon account please

      1. El Capitan

        youtube takes 30%, patreon 5%. and we can choose how much we want to donate. I know you don't do this for money but we want to help and this could benefit your project/projects ?

    92. Ryan Fults

      The music you use for your videos is great!!! Is there anyway you can list the songs?

    93. Holly Daniel

      Mr. Kevin I've watched you from the very beginning when I believe you were in desperate need of investors so you could do the best possible job of educating the masses, studies, research & my goodness, Dental Vets coming out to do root canals, to save these animals that's become your passion in life, but man, u look beat tired, exhausted but you've given your all to this business/sanctuary you've done your part, BE PROUD & be loud but for Jesus on rubber crutches go to BED! Just saying.

    94. Patrice Herring

      This is a bit morbid, but I am quite obssessively concerned about knowing the plan. My question is, Kevin should, God forbiding, something unexpectedly happen to you, what would happen with the lions at your sanctuary? As it is, you are the only one taking the lions outside their captivites to help them living in captivity. You go in daily to spend time with them just because you love them. So what would happen with your lions should you unexpectedly be gone? Would anyone be able to fill in your role that the lions would respond to as well as they do you?

    95. Derek Evans

      Just received my lion whisperer tee shirt in the mail! Going to wear it with PRIDE! Spreading the word to as many people as possible!!!!!

    96. spice.

      Such a heart breaking topic. Terrible that this goes on

    97. Jigneshkumar Vyas

      Hey Kevin have you heard about India Gujarat... girnar jungle? These lions probably need some rescue and help if that anything you can do for them to keep them alive? You should look into it

    98. Tess Mc

      It would be awesome if we could pull volunteers from various countries to translate (write subtitles) for the youtube videos. They then would reach people that doesn't speak english. It's really easy to do.

    99. Conquistador

      F**k canned hunting!

    100. dirt man

      i wonder if when taking care of a lion there can be some scary situations where the lion is pissed off and you are in there with him, like do they always warn you well before time or can they show calmness and snap over something small?