Arsenal vs Colorado Rapids - Friendly - Highlights presented by Budweiser - July 15, 2019

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Dániel Papp


    2. Amine

      Who was the captain of arsenal

    3. Simon Mulholland

      Right. Why do Americans act is if it’s legally required to play their national anthem whenever you take a bloody step? How pretentious do you have to be? Also, what the fuck was this commentating? How do you forget a player on the pitch?! And another thing. Why did you spend more time analysing a missed shot over the actual goals? Is it because the Americans did it? Is it because you need to give yourselves compliments to hide the fact you’re all shit?

    4. Shiyan Hassan

      Dam the keeper 6 7

    5. no name Dyrseth

      American are so weird Why you sing national anthem While playing friendly club match?😭😭😭

      1. Harrison Coombs

        Its tradition to do it before any match at any level, including schoolboy level.

    6. Squaredot01

      there were more arsenal fans in the stands than rapids fans!

    7. Jason Mulligan

      CB quick run on first goal. Smh mls

    8. Hunter18112

      Damn y’all suck lmao

    9. Jonathan Rivera

      And this proves mls teams can’t compete with European teams except maybe lafc

    10. Roy Di paulo

      MLS Is A Joke

    11. Anthony Benallo

      I went to that game!

    12. Wayne Reilly

      I only saw it on the thumbnail, but did they us a UK flag instead of an English one during the anthems? Or maybe.. why did they have anthems at a club friendly? I'm not sure I've seen that before?

      1. Bryan Turner

        Anthems before a sporting event are a thing here in the states. If one team's from another country, they'll do theirs as well.

    13. Hello How Are You

      Emery need to find his best 11, even with ozil in bench is still fined. And please focus in premier league more. Arsenal had chances last season but Emery first season in EPL sum it up. One win in last 7 matches or so is awful. Hopefully this new Arsenal can play well, press well, defend well. And emery can manage well his players. 😎😂😅😆 I mean it will be sad if Arsenal not able to get 80 points.

    14. Bob Bobby

      Though the combination of yellow and red🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    15. Bob Bobby

      Yea, American Soccer association better pay men and women equally lol

    16. Dario DeNiro

      Arsenal are shit anyway, their gonna win fuck again.

    17. Tobi Hachiu

      It's a fucking friendly match America, if you open a god damn McDonald's does the first thing you have to sing the damn star spangled banner!? Fuck you guys are simple

    18. Amina Tari

      no matter what AFtv or anybody says,ozil is still very popular and loved by the fans.

    19. Rue Roxanne

      The commentary is terrible. “Who is that again?”

    20. Zack Cervantes

      The Macdonalds kit. I'm loving it. 😉

    21. Sam Lucas

      3-0 to the better team by MILESSS #COYG @arsenal

    22. Sam Lucas


    23. David Stufflebean

      "It's a learning lesson" for how many more decades? Every time we play a C or B team from Europe or South America etc we hear the same thing they have been learning for decades =p

      1. JustFun

        David Stufflebean you cant expect that they can play on the same level. The teams from the european top leagues are to strong. But MLS can be a good training league and an interesting league to watch because of young talents. And when they are good enough they can go overseas.

    24. Christian Nogueira Harper

      I thought US football was bad but at-least it ain’t as bad as US football commentators

    25. Cut The Cable

      Just shows how bad MLS teams are. It’s a crap league!

      1. Harrison Coombs

        Just like yall were playing youngsters so was colorado

    26. Jbbjabbb

      Show this video to any delusional mls fanboy who thinks mls is a good league. Those were Arsenal's academy kids destroying the Rapids bench with some starting XI players in their lineup. Embarrassing.

      1. Jamie B

        thamonkaface999 arsenal has a budget of around 40m this season

      2. thamonkaface999

        Whats arsenals total season budget again?? I guess like 300-400mio. So, about 300-400mio more as colorados budget.arsenal spent 100mio per goal.embarassing.

    27. odaily

      MLS players should get "equal pay" as Premier League :P

      1. Thomas Powell

        Haha nice joke

    28. LFP

      Where Is Arsenal team????.

    29. Aleph Tav Official

      Young players looks more hungry then the first team

    30. xX1Ns3RT C01NXx

      Fake and Split, oh do shut up, cringeworthy.

      1. no further west


    31. GuyJacques9

      They lost 3-0 to a reserves team that wasn't even taking them seriously 😥😭

      1. Harrison Coombs

        @GuyJacques9 rapids were playing mostly a youth team too 😐

      2. GuyJacques9

        @Ag Thomas how is that statement relevant in any way as a response 😅

      3. Ag Thomas

        Called u23

    32. Enthony Devos

      Lmao arsenal plays all reserves and subs and still beats a doodle mls team. Lmao mls will never be a top league

      1. M18 Hellcat

        Lol rapids were playing their reserves too so... but doesn’t really matter for me, I like both teams.

      2. Dahar Master

        the future kids of a top tier club 'should' be better than one of the worst mls teams.

    33. Fernando Gonzalez

      📢 Not my Arsenal.

    34. Greg Bray

      listen to those yank commentators sycophantic crawling towards arse en all and those idiots with gunners tops in the crowd out numbering the local fans. we have the same problem in Australia. culturally fucked up people worshipping overseas shit

    35. e- money

      That was such a good game I was there

    36. M18 Hellcat

      It was cooling seeing my two favorite teams play each other, that was an awesome game.

      1. M18 Hellcat

        @nufc Khadaroo Both

      2. nufc Khadaroo

        A B1 Battle Droid were both side playing their youth team ? Or only arsenal

    37. Nibzu of Nibiru

      Mustafi looked truly upset at the end of the game after being booed, he is not my favourite player at the moment but i didn't enjoy seeing that. If emery ends up keeping him and playing him it serves arsenal and you as a person to either help him or just leave him alone, because if he is playing badly and emery keeps playing him, its down to emery.

      1. Cesar Ivan

        @Claggz equal

      2. Claggz

        Most disrespectful behind Madrid fans

      3. Cesar Ivan

        we have the most disrespectful fans.

    38. Soma

      KRONKE out!!!!!!

    39. Nathan Cook

      And stan kronke still didnt make the game

    40. Phil Cooper

      That third goal off the nipple though.

    41. therry Lendoye

      Hope they get rid of the yellow flocking at the back before the season starts.

    42. Herbert Chapman AFC

      oh the yank does not care he doesn't give a damn of the great club I love he will bleed us to hell and god bless the gooners who will nevvveeerr surrender we will fight to the end to send Kronkies back home

    43. Hhla8485

      Who is this tall dumb defender on CR side? fire his ass.

    44. H10 PRODZ

      Arsenal vs Colorado Rapids Extended Highlights

    45. McPherson Azubuike

      Can we all sign an online petition to take that yellow of the back of the jerseys please, it's depressing.

    46. Danny Hustle

      Mls is so shit colorado player can't even shoot.

    47. Sbuyiselo Sandile

      I have always wanted a dirty Brazillian player, a guy who would do crazy thing with the football and that Martinelli goal is a step in the right direction.

    48. Ziluzila Keviyasi Gunner

      Respect Gunners

    49. Warside Media

      Olayinka next patrick viera mark my words

      1. Warside Media

        Ogi coquelin didnt have the skills he was just good on defense

      2. Ogi

        Coquelin the next Viera.Look at him

    50. manav sahni

      How shit you must be How shit you must be We are winning away How shit you must me

    51. 魏志远


    52. Abimbola Adewumi

      Come on arsenal we have won your game we did it

    53. Zack Jarvis

      And this is the reason we need to see some of the academy boys play, let’s hope Martinelli has a good season

    54. DeMar DeRozan

      Am I the only person who'd prefer Thompson over Kolasinac any day?

    55. Vivek

      Shows why Tierney signing is important. Kolasinac is good with the ball, but without it he is pathetic. Defence opened up after he came in. Had it been a better opposite team, arsenal would've easily conceded 2 or 3 in last 30mins.

    56. A I

      That Montreal kid looks promising

    57. Sashi’s Beatz lol

      “Well controlled by Montreal or um what’s his name?”

    58. Sashi’s Beatz lol

      “Well controlled by Montreal or um what’s his name?”

    59. Balaji

      @4:18 Musti contemplating his life decisions :) BTW MLS standards must be pretty bad when a group of under 20s score 3 on ya!

      1. Balaji

        @M18 Hellcat I am an American Arsenal fan i used to watch MLS when the likes of Landon donovan, Thierry Henry, David Villa were playing. I am also a big supporter of the USMNT. Got tired of the dropping standards in both to the point I asked myself what's the point and Arsenal doing the same with owner Stan Kroenke slowly destroying a top team in EPL.

      2. M18 Hellcat

        Thanks, most were from their tier 2 league and their younger squad, mixed with some starting 11, just like arsenal.

      3. Balaji

        @M18 Hellcat sorry I stand corrected. They do seem like a young group.

      4. M18 Hellcat

        Lol you do realize a lot of the rapids starters were under 20 and from the USL as well right? Please actually do some research before saying dumb shit

      5. Colin Bell

        This wasn't their starters either. They are in the middle of their season, they wouldn't waste starters on a friendly. At least try to check facts before you start ragging on American teams, dude.

    60. Sav age

      I hate the yellow at the back of the Arsenal shirt

      1. Funamel

        Sav age just for preseason

    61. F*** what You think


    62. The real Catch

      Européen football is supérior

    63. David Nonny

      Everybody should notice this, that our defence here was tight when the kids were playing.... But got exposed when mustafi and kolasinc came on.... Omg😔

    64. Zameer Patwa

      Laca , Ozil and Auba come on and we become shit

    65. Liam

      MLS is trash and this proves it

      1. M18 Hellcat

        Yes and no, it’s gaining momentum from being a retirement league, but jeez it’s not a “trash league”. It’s biggest issues are expanding too fast and having terrible refereeing, but financially it can be one of the best leagues in the world and it showing signs of being one of the better leagues given a few years or so.

      2. Liam

        A B1 Battle Droid because it’s a trash league

      3. M18 Hellcat

        People will find a way to hate on the mls, most of the rapids starters were players on loan from the USL anyway.

      4. JustFun

        Adam Solomon Rapids and arsenal didn’t took it serious anyway. You dont have to be a genius to realize that arsenal (when palying with starters) is more than one level above but dont hate against mls.

      5. Liam

        Adam Solomon you’re right

    66. Temi Mayor

      That dude olayinka scored a sweeeet 2nd goal. Xhaka watch out!


      Feel sad for mustafi at the end

      1. Temi Mayor


    68. KampfGruppeLehr88

      I can't get excited.

    69. kenny anderson

      Yellow fonts?!!!

    70. Saw Hsato Say

      Only me thinking something wrong with Arsenal kit