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Arsenal v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 3/10/19 | NBC Sports

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    Check out the extended highlights between Arsenal and Manchester United during Premier League Matchweek 30. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #Arsenal
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    Arsenal v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 3/10/19 | NBC Sports

    Published on 14 days ago


    1. bapluda

      wenger out

    2. Risakov zuzu

      Why the commentator is insulting the arsenal goal scorer at 9:31

    3. Michael Kemakolam

      in soccer the 69th minute of the game determines everything, for arsenal vs manchester aubamayeng scored the 69th minute goal to change the course of the game, also liverpool when they beat bayern munich with an excellent goal scored by virgil van dighk in the 69th minute

    4. Michael Kemakolam

      the first goal was a mistake

    5. Guillermo Perez

      I just have to say... this laca and auba partnership is amazing. If mane and salah were this slefless they would win the title. Arsenal just needs a defence. Its a wrap after that.

    6. Franco Vallejos

      yooo lmao what’s up with the commentator.. was he calling someone “stupid, stupid” lol

    7. Hussain Ahmedesmael

      Don’t know what to say about this but bad Luke for us and good day for them 👍

    8. Jumung Dao


    9. Olaoluwa Olagbenro

      I'm confused, how this trending?

      1. Olaoluwa Olagbenro

        Wow in talking to myself?

      2. Olaoluwa Olagbenro

        Me neither why?

      3. Olaoluwa Olagbenro

        I don't know why?

    10. Zara A

      So sad they lost ;( but I know they tried their best

    11. Lucas Argandoña

      7:51 we have a man u fan

    12. jActionfigs101

      Arsenal sucks man

    13. Alvin J Agolla

      Arsenal should’ve won against spurs

    14. Андрей Баран

      WHO ARE YOU ?? 1-Starter YUTUBER 2-BUSINESSMAN 3-PERSON 4 BEAUTIFUL 5-zadrot 6-SMART (AJ 7 are lazy (aya 8-SUPER HERO 9 rich 0-YUTUBER (MILLIONIK)17

    15. John Cannon

      Isn't this the team we beat 3-1 in the FA cup? Tf happened in this match

    16. Alma Gomez

      Somebody had to stop the fairy tale. Poeticly, it's Arsenal.

    17. ItsMitsuki

      Bring back soccer skin in fortnite

    18. Kakashi0429

      Can't win em all.

    19. Samuel Durfee

      I remember the summer we signed Lacazette and the pundits were all saying Arsenal had to settle for a second rate striker because the "BIG" clubs signed Morata and Lukaku. Pundits are not very smart

    20. Rangerstown94

      Arsenal hurts my head

    21. Just Awesome ::

      Congrats to Arsenal👏

    22. Veronica Vera

      Arsenal is my favorite team in the league man united are are the worst.arsenal will make it to the champion league!

      1. United Boy

        Yea and embarrass PL by getting beat 5-1 again by Bayern lmao

      2. Dagmawi Haile

        They arn't the worst, but i guess like Arsenal and all but give respect to Man U, they eliminated PSG 3-1 in the parc de princes, thats sayin some thin, you cant win them all can you

    23. Tempted Clothing

      Lukaku or lacazette Like for lukaku Comment lacazette for Lacazette

    24. M1lkyway

      Lacazette out here carrying

    25. Patrick Stubbs

      I'm a Manchester United fans, lukaku too slite he need to protect the ball better any little player just take his ball he is too big to be so slite, rashford is a very good player he is young but I think if he play more team game manu will do much better rashford just want to run and kick the ball hard no placement.

    26. Frutfive5

      NBC why do you not show all of the highlights in the EXTENDED highlights? Didn't show lukaku hitting the post or the amazing build up play by Manchester which included pogbas wonder ball and lukakus god first touch.

    27. Mudig

      No lucky goals for United for this game

    28. Andrew Terra

      At 7:56 of the Highlights, I can't hear exactly what the commentator said! Why and who was he calling a stupid person?! Commentating should be about giving enthusiasm for Football, but, when they're biased, he need to shut his "stupid" mouth. Sadly, Football is ruined because of commentators biased opinions! How many times we see a ref or commentator give a match decision or yell goal but when it's a disliked team, everyone just crawls to silence! Football used to be a "man's" sport, now it's for wusses. How many times players just fall to get attention, but, not play for their team's ambitions! Sad where times bring us! May God bless us all!

      1. Andrew Terra

        +Dagmawi Haile Thanks! Care and have goodness 😀💪

      2. Dagmawi Haile

        Yup, I agree

    29. Integrity In Christ Ministry

      Thumbnail looked like this was a video game LMFAO

    30. Daniel Talero - ESC

      Auba has sloppy penalties

    31. u56d Ings

      Only United smacks PSG 3-1 and gets beat 2-0 by Arsenal .

    32. Mesut Is the best

      Leno has been amazing

    33. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

      YEAH... I'D SMASH THAT!!! ;)

    34. Wade B

      United gets free penalty against PSG. Arsenal earns a penalty against United. Karma 2.0

    35. Irfan Suwandi

      De Gea had a clear vision a head. No defender block his view, but the shoot was superb!

    36. aquasense

      Laca could fit in at Barcelona

    37. Curlybeccaa

      Where are the Manchester U. Fans at??

      1. Consiglieri

        I'm here.

    38. paranormalfrank

      That was not a pen.

    39. Alok

      Cheer up. Although life may not be easy now, in the end it’s all worth it. Everything will get better in time.

    40. Kamsic Man

      Haha! Manchester United sucks 😂🔥😂🔥

    41. R McElhaney

      Romelu Lukaku is built like a bull! I'm surprised he doesn't score 40 goals a season, even in the English Premier League!

    42. R McElhaney

      Marcus Rashford did a poor job of marking Xhaka on Xhaka's goal.

    43. ЭХОЛОГИЯ

      good game for Arsenal but also lots of luck, though perhaps kinda deserved. still, both their goals were kinda mega lucky: first a horrible flop by De Gea, who for all my sympathy to him seems to be very overrated, given amount of various blunders he's lately had; second, a penalty that seems to be one that wasn't. plus United hitting the post. score could've been very very different

    44. Logan O'Connell

      Can't stand these commentators, so anti-Arsenal it's ridiculous. Makes watching Arsenal games unbearable...

    45. Gor

      United deserved to win

    46. Tony S

      What happened to United? I mean, they didn't turn up, or better said their midfield didn't turn up. A bad game is forgivable, but they need to turn up for the rest of the season.

      1. Dagmawi Haile

        Probably after a big win they just couldn't concentrate or maybe the lads were tired, there could be dozens of reasons why

      2. Consiglieri

        We miss leadership of Ander Herrera.

    47. Lee Everett

      Why extended highlights and not just regular.

    48. Choma Picha

      This Is by far the most viewed and commented upload by NBC this year

    49. Emery Stadium

      2:23 Lindelöf gets rekt

    50. Bald Uzi Vert

      Every gunnar out there wreck me. I want smoke with y’all.

    51. Sia Ahmadi

      Arsenal fan and I DON’T think it was De Gea’s mistake. The ball swerved too late, and by a lot.

    52. Abdisalan Sandheere

      XHAKA 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀💪💪💪

    53. Michael Beela

      The gunners

    54. Landen McCormick

      That was a terrible call for that pen. That wasnt a foul he just gave him a little nudge and Lacazette dove

    55. Aka Amobi

      Shocking refereeing. Lacazette dived. It's blatant.

    56. nmb nmb

      Could you imagine how amazing Arsenal would look if they had Mkhytarian and Iwobi on the wings, and then they went out and got a guy like Mesut Özil to provide service through the middle?!? Oh, wait...

      1. Consiglieri

        Mkhitaryan is a baller, I wonder why Unai didn't play him. And Özil didn't play well today.

    57. Brian Yu

      Here it comes the first lost game in the league, but if it has to be someone , I am glad it’s Arsenal

    58. Fap Goblin

      Not a pen not in a million years

    59. Awaken Dellon

      OOOOOooooOoo De Gea Trash!!! Quote by "Courtois"

      1. Consiglieri

        Courtois is way more inconsistent.

    60. Betta Fish

      Missed lingards intensity today

    61. luima5


    62. the bossness

      Marcus Rashford’s nose is like that caricature created by the lead singer of digital underground, that Humpty fellow. It’s like a pickle attached to the skull, jeezus

    63. Matthew Carrano

      Weak pen

    64. sheets0f metal

      I'm an Arsenal Fan and I love how Ole manages the team. Alas, we were the better team today. COYG!

    65. Elisha Oluwafemi

      The penalty was a gift. The first goal was sheer luck, perhaps drifted by the wind. More so, the players are exhausted. Man U is still a team to beat in the premiership

      1. Mtandao

        They lost 2-0 my friend

      2. Lebron James


    66. Evan  Lesuisse

      No VAR or Kimpimbe to save Man U

      1. Consiglieri

        VAR is coming next season.

    67. Todd Williams

      5:35 kick save and a beauty.

    68. Aaron Chan

      Soooo, Rennes is better than PSG, Man U and Arsenal right? Mhmm being a Gunners fan is such a roller coaster ride of emotions

      1. Consiglieri

        +Aaron Chan Better add some emojis to your comment for your readers.

      2. Aaron Chan

        +Consiglieri Well, someone clearly doesn't know how to take a joke

      3. Consiglieri

        Again, childish comparison comment. In football, anything is possible!

    69. No Name

      Smh a loss. But I’m still not gonna say anything because man Utd did turn themselves around. Glad they’re winning again and reinvented themselves.

    70. Ben Hitterer

      De gea on the first goal LMAO

    71. Aaron Samuels

      Where’s Lukaku shot that hit the cross bar in this video?

    72. Ryan Lokay

      Chelsea r gonna slither into 3rd at the end u heard it here first

    73. Sán Kafi

      4:30 That's ending up on a US-new football skills video

    74. Andreas Newman-Caro

      thank you for finally not putting the winning team on the front

    75. Kabir Nasser

      *Man U fans have left the chat*

      1. Consiglieri

        What's up man? You ready for a debate?

    76. Orion Winchester

      Love the highlight NBC!

    77. Sergio Sanchez

      Man u fans where u at? Lmao thought de gea is the best hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      1. Sergio Sanchez

        I just feel like de gea makes far too many mistakes

      2. Consiglieri

        +Sergio Sanchez I shouldn't have compared GK to outfield player, that wasn't my point. But look at all the great GKs we had - Kahn, Schmeichel, Van der Sar, Cech, Dida, Casillas, Buffon, ... they all make mistakes sometimes. And this time it's not even a mistake technically. Imagine other keepers stand there and you think he could save that?

      3. Sergio Sanchez

        Bruh de gea has had so many mistakes. Zidane rarely did. Don't compare the great Zidane to trash de gea

      4. Consiglieri

        DDG is one of the best for sure! And by your logic, you will think Zidane is trash if he fails to convert a penalty by mistake?

    78. adeking 121

      Where is lukaku hit the post come on NBC you are usually good.

    79. Dilly Billy

      Fred, and Lukaku are to blame for the loss. And Rashford to a lesser degree, he was selfish at times.

      1. Consiglieri

        Rashford seems to be back in ballhog mode. Fred and Lukaku, please remember unconverted chances will bounce back into our own net. Rom should learn to apply chip shots when possible, and I'm sure Pogba would've easily scored if Rom passed to him before being blocked by Leno.

    80. Paul Elpers

      Lukaku is overrated

    81. A Milner

      heavy D Boooooooommmm!!!!

    82. David Atkinson

      Arsenal fan here, definitely not a good call on the pen :/ But we showed up today

    83. SpindleFloor

      5:49 he looks like a dinosaur

    84. ام كي

      Thierrryyyyy henryyyyyy

    85. Joshua Brown

      Arsenal/Liverpool= Winning games after losing the ones that actually matter... like cool win guys... lets just forget stade rennais the other day..

    86. Pactin

      Draws to spurs, beats Man UTD. Man UTD beats Spurs, what is the outcome?

    87. Sam Till

      Yo what is lukakus finishing🤣😭😭

    88. maseface1

      @5:20 please explain how Lukaku is onside

      1. Consiglieri

        +maseface1 Okay that's really tight and hard for linesmen to make a decision about raising their flag.

      2. maseface1

        Consi glieri I agree but take a close look at his leg when they freeze the frame before the ball is passed. Still not offside?

      3. Consiglieri

        Players' arms are not counted when judging offside.

    89. Dam Son

      Emery is a really good coach...

    90. Hi Hello

      That really was a dive...

    91. Say truth only

      1:03 not the best goal keeper in the world moment

    92. Monta Lionleo

      lukaku ! like a burden not a striker

    93. Kevin Paige Jr

      Still got my eyes on St Totteringham Day👀😃

    94. crow13b

      City fan. Way to go ARSENAL!

    95. Erik Semambo

      Not an excuse but Man U exerted themselves against PSG , understandably so. Arsenal are not a threat, their fans are looking at the score but they played all their attacking players and still did nothing concrete among themselves, even ozil played. Fatigue makes you lapse in concentration, hence the goals...and that penalty fucking questionable af ...Moss shouod never be able to judge big games like this again wtf was that... Solkjaer is also partly to blame ..He's tactic of playing Fred , paid no dividends and hes at fault for both goals. Why mctominay didnt play , is shocking . Kudos to Arsenal but dont get ahead of yourself ..Fluke goals. They play again and United are still favorites...

    96. Ramisi Gomes

      GO GUNNERS 😤

    97. fuongbregas

      Screw my left ear with the commentator's voice

    98. Amir_Obama19 Isa20

      Arsenal got lucky 🍀

    99. Louis Echenoz

      I hope I'm not the only one that thought that lacazette was man of the match

    100. Angel Eloisa

      Can you start putting the lineups in the beginning please?