Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. ignad samarpan

      Arnold swaaaaddggjshfagudgifsujdsyujsshjdshufwfygddyygegner

    2. Archie Danesh

      You still eat meat and there’s nothing wrong with it, everything is good in moderation. Even too much veggies and too much water is bad, meat is necessary for bone and muscle development and strengthening, brain and heart functioning, your eye sight etc... I do the intermittent fasting which I eat breakfast and lunch then I don’t eat for 16-19 hours and I feel great. I eat 6 egg whites in the morning with spinach and sometimes I add just one yolk, for lunch I’ll either have chicken breast with rice and guacamole or ground bison meat/ground beef, or salmon and tilapia. Also I hit the gym weightlifting for 1 hour and 13 minutes of cardio.

    3. Carlos Bonilla

      Haha..There's the door and Don't say " I'll be back"

    4. Blake Siegle (Student)

      Ok... who really hates milk

    5. Elon Mush

      the whole egg made me laugh

    6. Misterfriggin Garrison

      Bet he doesn't support trumpo...MUCH!

    7. Oscar Ahlke

      He can/could eat everything he wanted and still have THAT body! That proofs what an incredible genetics he has!

    8. fabrizzio c


    9. perlaand

      That's the exit, and don't say "I'll be back". Ok? LOL

    10. Brandon Johnson

      When asked what training partner dead or alive would you choose? I'm surprised he didn't say Franco...

    11. Carl A. N.

      Arnold for president! More down to earth man is hard to find.

    12. Red Bird

      Incredible man. Like his humour and the fact he can have a laugh even at himself.

    13. Boss

      Miki mouse workout 😆

    14. motomaniac 69420

      This nigga just put a full ass egg in that shit

    15. Gaming Dracula

      7:23 did this, did that, and lost his wife, had illegitimate kids, publicly humiliated his loved ones and lost respect for himself. Oh I'm so inspired Arnie.

    16. Hunter Fulton

      Eat your cereal

    17. Will Krull

      Arnold has been my motivation and Idol ever since I was 5 years old. It was conan the barbarian which started it all for me. Lol this was 25 years ago.

    18. renzofan

      ARNOLD could be a stand up comic if he worked at it, he makes me laugh all the time. hes very witty and has a great sense of humor

    19. Russel Westbrook

      You have the worlds biggest beta male interviewing the worlds biggest Alpha male

    20. Sauna Mad Man

      Arnold still be da Boss

    21. Melissa S


    22. Biuti Col

      I want to see Carls's drapes

    23. szybki Lampard

      Super Listen to this Link THANK

    24. STEMSWIM

      I got fries soaked in meat sauce in my fridge.

    25. NewStyle Modeling

      Arnold sleeps with the help

    26. juergen bertram

      There's the exit, and don't say 'I'll be back!' ok ?

    27. gtmoney007

      You forgot to tell everyone the other supplements you take Mr Arnie. Such as, HGH and Testosterone..that's ok Mr Arnie, you can thank me later🙂

    28. Emir


    29. Cy cling

      What that written phrase behind Arnold means(THE MECCA) ?

    30. rupesh john

      did he really drank whole egg

    31. Michael Henderson

      You know hes rich bc he can just leave the fridge open

    32. shino88

      Arnie is the PUMP. He has earned it after so many years.

    33. Gianlucca Leri

      Look a terminator in the gym

    34. Gerry Vanderzeypen

      THANK YOU ARNOLD, you have been an inspiration for me and at 75 years old, hey, I don't look so bad (lighter weights, more reps)...It's been a wonderful ride and watching everything you have done in the gym and on screen with your movies...LIVE LONG SIR, AND...keep pumping it up!!!.....

    35. TheTimmyewrard

      Geil, Radler

    36. Mark W


    37. Mike Misk

      Did this dude just put a whole egg in that blender??!!

    38. Larry Burns

      Thank You Arnold for everything...

    39. Kevin Richards

      I wonder who would win in arm wrestling between Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone.

    40. Kevin Richards

      💪😎 Arnold Schwarzenegger

    41. justynjonn

      He puts no protein powder in his drinks.

    42. Nihaal Sandim

      Man arnie is such a funny guy i love him

    43. Earl Longwood

      Intermittent Fasting is NOT a diet. I repeat, NOT a diet.

    44. Louw Burger

      Arnold: I hate cow's milk! Also Arnold: I wouldn't say that I hate anything.

    45. Joseph Henry Richard III

      Arnold laughs like someone who is about to propose the most outlandish solution to the simplest problem.

    46. Bricio Cadenas


    47. Javawn Pro fitness

      Arnold is a great guy. Terminator! Love all the movies

    48. Vp Football

      He lost a lot of mass

    49. Ed M

      he put the eggshell too wtf xDD

    50. Racoondevil

      Fist pumping into the air at 9:07! Sorry Arnie but it's iconic! Great person, thank you for my childhood movie memories and you're doing great at living a more mature lifestyle.

    51. joe coder

      stupid kraut, turned California into communist state

    52. blumb tumb

      I like gramps arno

    53. Globus Bikes

      Arnold: "I hate cows milk" Also Arnold ten secs later: "I don't really hate much of anything "

      1. Daniel Taylor


    54. Famous Cryp

      Can you even eat eggs raw????


      Dont keep Banana in Fredge its harmfull really really 🙌

    56. GDI TD

      eating the pizza with 9mm bullets on it

    57. Azeem Ahamed

      Not every cow milk is bad v Hybrid cow are the bad one

    58. Donnie Blanco

      Totally digging Arnold's Homer Simpson muzzle he's got going.

    59. J. Ziggs

      He put a whole egg in a smoothy? How does that work?

    60. roger kle

      whats up with his house and kitchen ? i just bought my first apartment and it looks way better then his shit house. did he lost his money ?

    61. Bonsai

      god damn my man arnold drinking Radler. what a fucking OG

    62. Jeffrey D

      Those hair plugs though....

    63. Brenden Beef

      "2020 = more gains!!!" guys you can put on a ton of muscle fast with: ** 💪 working nice for me!!

    64. joe Johnson

      Arnold S you good

    65. Brianiak

      Radler :D if you would live in Germany they would kick you eat if you dont drink a real Pils

    66. Christi de Chattilon

      This is such a vegan advertisement. It's so transparent. 😂

      1. vigowaygo12

        Fr. A whole sellout

    67. DADDY Villanueva

      I'll be back

    68. Rosy Rios

      Un hombre muy disciplinado mis respetos

    69. Abhijit

      Looking at his own pictures in gym must be like "I'm proud of this guy"