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    Today, we visit the amazing Antstore World of Ants in Berlin, Germany and check out their awesome collection of ant colonies and ant keeping equipment, as well as chat with its founder Marten about the various species of ants they keep, the ant keeping hobby, and why they sell ants from other countries, despite the on going heated debate on the keeping of local vs non-local ant species within the global ant keeping community. Hope you guys enjoy today's info-packed episode and enjoy watching the various ants featured in this video. #Antstore #Interview #ExoticAnts
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    If you're ever in Berlin, Germany, visit Antstore | World of Ants:
    41, Selerweg, 12169 Berlin, Germany
    Special thanks to Antstore World of Ants for accommodating us and providing us with the footage in this week's episode!
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    About We believe ants are the most amazing creatures on the planet, and every new discovery about their micro world gives us some profound insights into the world around us and ourselves. Bringing the ant farm and love of ant keeping to a whole new level, we are dedicated to show the world the joys of keeping big and healthy pet ant colonies. Shipping worldwide since 2009, we are innovators of ant keeping products for ant lovers and museums alike.

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. AntsCanada

      Hi AC Family, sorry for the late video again this week! It's been a mission to put this week's episode together, but I am thrilled to be able to show you guys this Wonderland for Ant Lovers - Antstore Berlin! It was amazing to chat with Marten about ant keeping and explore the ants they have! Which of the ant colonies did you like? I was inspired with new ideas for our ants in the Antiverse! Be sure to hit the LIKE button, if you enjoyed this week's episode, SHARE it with your friends, leave me a COMMENT, and of course SUBSCRIBE to this channel (hit the BELL for notifications) to join the AC Family! We're over 3 Million ant lovers strong, guys! Ant love forever!

      1. Conner Buss

        AntsCanada i think you should keep wht you are doing now and maybe one under ground view one

      2. The Emerald Men Official

        AntsCanada I have a question. Have you ever had to deal with Cordyceps or seen an infected ant?

      3. Benjamin Rodriguez

        Quality over quantity. This was a great update

      4. reptrillion questions

        What is happening with the chameleon

      5. Pawel Szczepaniak

        Hi I love your channel it is any chance we can meet i am on holiday in Philippines

    2. Fatinhannani Suhaimi

      Ant privacy rights matter!!!

    3. Galina Ioffe

      The bioactive set up is more health beneficial for the ants so the real question becomes what are you more concerned about?? Their health or how they look

    4. Svampmoln

      This guy is like the personification of Buzzfeed, "You won't believe" "You will be shocked" "Stay tuned for his surprising response" etc. all within the first 2 minutes of the video :D

    5. Juulz Gamez

      Please get Leaf Cutter ants!

    6. Tuperusrr Loipoloi

      The silk nest is amazing

    7. V-Squid

      I think the titans should stay were they are

    8. RaZe Nightmare

      When you have Trypophobia...

    9. Darkness Lord’s Gamings

      I thought you were bald

    10. Pengu Luu

      Is there anything stopping somebody from yanking a tube from a nest?

    11. Anton Gavrilov

      I was in Berlin 3 weeks ago, I didn't see this video and I didn't know such a place existed there. I'm so upset...

    12. Moonie

      Ur face matches ur voice.

    13. Kaneki Gaming

      are you sure the black ants always come to my house but i destroyed their colony which i was like 8 before i saw this channel

    14. Bea Stephenson

      your vivariums are much cooler then his

    15. Pisces

      My god those ant habitats are so aesthetically pleasing

    16. Shayne Gadsden

      In Australia you don't get pretty much any exotic animals if they can survive in the wild our bio security is extremely strict to the point where I could bring an Australian native snake from the mainland to Tasmania

    17. Hulphaids Stik'ieds

      For Germans if they don't like certain ants in certain areas they just try killing them off.

    18. Kira Neko

      Mikey bustos is that you?😳😳

    19. Voldemort

      Can you keep native ants in setups outdoors? I am very interested in keeping them but I dont want the risk of having them inside. I have a shaded porch so they wouldn't have to live in direct sunlight. If anyone has advice please reply.

    20. trixw _art

      Are you

    21. Sword Fastic

      No idea why I’m watching these videos when I’m eating. Especially when I see their feeding time XD

    22. Flash Cloud

      Sucks they only deliver to the EU.

    23. Rainbo 123

      I live in Berlin

    24. Rainbo 123

      I wase in the antstore

    25. Nat Sirk

      Are you filipino?

    26. cheetahx13

      love leaf cutter ants, always enjoy watching them walk with tiny leafs

    27. Lookatyou Notreal

      Hmmmmmmmm is this a face reveal episode? hehehe 👏😂✌️😁

      1. Justin

        Lookatyou Notreal nah this is definitely not the first time. He even plugs his vlog channel sometimes, it’s not like he’s shy. His content on this channel just focuses on the ants, not him.

    28. FerretsForever94

      I like the simple set up for smaller colonies, if only because they make it easier on the keeper when they're starting out. But your bioactive terrariums are a big part of why I started watching. It's like seeing them in a more natural habitat, and seeing how they react to the environment and how the environment reacts to them. But if you ever decided to make it easier on yourself and move to simpler colonies, I'd be okay with that too. It's ant love all the same. Please do what suits you best.

    29. Carprincess

      I've been wanting to start my own ant colony, but I can't find a queen

    30. Carprincess

      I totally want to find my own queen!

    31. Christina Crowther

      why is your voice different in your vlogs

    32. Christina Crowther

      make a bio active set up so you can see underground and conduct cool bio expierements

    33. Music lover

      Maybe just have a clear out world that appealing to dig in

    34. Lorne Putnam

      Did they leave all their formicarium open to light Or only while you filmed? I thought they prefer darkness in their nest

    35. Joshua Chandler

      I like the idea of having both seeing the cool world's you make but it'd also be nice to see them underground

    36. PixelPhobiac

      Germany rules any other country

    37. MatureBeauty12

      I love AntsCanada and the AC Family. It would be awesome to see a collaboration between AntsCanada and Exotics Lair.

    38. bugweasel

      That guy didn’t need subtitles? He spoke very good English?

    39. Cod Player

      I really want to take care of ants but imma have to wait awhile or to find cheaper prices 😬 but this is inspiring

    40. Matthew Tan

      I'd like to see Carebara Diversa underground, but you really don't have to do it because of the risk

    41. Dancing Food

      MIKEY BUSTOS!!!!

    42. sadboyfromtexas

      5:59 german boy hit em the hard R

    43. Mason Parks

      I wonder if Martin plans on expanding his store to America

    44. Laxus Gaming

      Ants canada’s ant be like: where did you go? Ants canada:To the antstore Ants canada’s ants: So u saw aliens?

    45. arran williams

      Did you take all your ant to Philippians if you did are they all indigenous to Philippians im not going to pretend to know enough to say more on the matter but would be interested in the answer either way

    46. Nick Lantagne

      I think you should have a bunch of naturalistic out-worlds and formicariums connected by tubes to allow for many options and climates plus you'll have the ability to see them in different environments

    47. B.G.B Beezo100

      5:55 Wait a got dam minute did this nigga just say nigga my nigga ??!!!!

    48. Völundr Frey

      I find that half the fun of you channel is the kingdoms you create for the ants. So I think you should keep it like that.

    49. MegasXaos

      I would love to see more underground! However, I think your belief that the environment should match what they would find in the wild is soothing and creates masterpieces. I'd love to see more of what goes on underground, but not at the expense of the beauty created above. I wish there were a live-stream of every colony that I could tune into an watch whenever. I could just watch the ants for hours. It'd be cool if you could somehow have a "doughnut" type enclosure that would allow you to get a camera underneath and in the middle to see more of what goes on underneath.

    50. Anyu Min

      I don't support keeping non local ants at home, cuz if u ever want to stop keeping the colony then u can't just let them go outside, it'll mess up the ecosystem and might damage the local colonies.


      Makey Bustos

    52. Micha

      As a german its very painful to watch him speak english xD

    53. vlads channel

      Mikeyyyy buuussasstooooss i mean mikey bustos i will suscribe your a cool singer

    54. somejudoguy mchugh

      I don't normally like insects, or things like that, but, I have been subscribed to your channel for sometime, and I must admit, I'm mesmerized by your videos, you do a fantastic job filming, and your narration is top notch, you keep me entertained throughout the whole video. Just wanted to say thank you, and I look forward to each video.

    55. Vernowietsch

      This guy's english skills are... uh... entertaining I guess?

    56. Jonis Ameisenkolonie

      Im from germany and its not so an nice anshop because some queens cant breed

    57. Little Liz


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    59. Sparkle & Fun

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    61. John Howard

      Pets! They are not pets, they are insects. And they hate you, so calling them a pet is a stretch.

    62. Omis Liebling

      I'm from Germany but I never been to this store :(

    63. Sandi Morris


    64. Lars Hillmann

      It's sad that today almost no German over 40 can speak English well. I'm from Germany too and I'm 14 and can better speak English than Martin. Btw I live near Berlin in Brandenburg 1 hour from Berlin. I know... "You're learning English in the school and he hasn't really" BUT that's the sad thing!

    65. The Emerald Men Official

      You know the movie Inside Out? I think AntsCanada just has five ants inside his brain.

    66. christopher garrison

      5:59 is that how you pronounce it

    67. E. Q.

      Is this the first time his face is on this channel ?

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