Antonio Brown is 'looking real selfish' & must move past helmet drama - Harrison | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Former Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk about the report that Antonio Brown will file another grievance over helmet issue. Harrison explains why it's time for AB to give it up.
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Antonio Brown is 'looking real selfish' & must move past helmet drama - Harrison | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 6 months ago


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Do the Raiders regret trading for Antonio Brown?

    1. Trenton

      now they do xD

    2. Ralph Adkins II


  2. gtlip

    DEEBO!!!!!! The silver back.

  3. Trenton

    LOL harrison the prophet

  4. briansmad1

    Shannon has the greatest analogies 😂

  5. wobroncos

    Does Skip not realize Shannon’s number was 84?

  6. ben bishop

    I still remember Shannon on a rant saying if a young black man sees a watch or a car that he wanted and can't pay for it ... He has to take it ....


    Funny how last season Harrison blamed Tomlin and Ben for all the drama. Absolutely Tomlin clearly didn't command that locker room like a leader should but maybe sometimes players like AB are given too much leverage. I've been saying for years many of Ben's picks came because he was forcing the ball to was too obvious. I guarantee the Steelers are better this year with the two B's gone. Now it's time for Tomlin to stop being a pushover and be a real leader and not a cheerleader.

  8. Claudius P. Green

    AB is Oakland's problem now, and it serves them right.

  9. Rod Stiffington

    Nougats, I would play with a beekeeper suit with hornets in it for 30 million and do 10 crossing routes down the middle with Ray Lewis and Derrick brooks playing lb

  10. Kaven Gilbert

    AB wont be in the NFL for long at this beat !


    The media should move past Antonio Brown. They’re just as bad as he is.

  12. Bonemane

    When James Harrison can't even defend you anymore...🤦 smh... How bad is this situation going to get? If AB gets run out of the league like Carmelo or Iverson it'll be sad, but at this point what can you do?

  13. Jonathan Oviedo

    Big head Harrison still salty at the Steelers 😆

  14. Hllywd55

    He got his money, now that's all that mattered to him, he's nothing but a money-hungry DIVA!

  15. samoth adis


  16. Mike Jurnak

    AB is the devil behind the smile trust me I've seen it personally at a signing came 2 hours late with a stupid coat on walks past the kids takes picture next to sign and walked out the back never acknowledged anybody

  17. martinishot

    As this season plays out I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to be able to contend for a super bowl .And then the raiders rebuilding is going to be ruined and keep them in the cellar. And both things are going to be blamed on Antonio Brown. And what he did to two franchises is not going to be forgotten five years after he retires. He will not go in the Hall of Fame first ballot. And he will be on television with Skip Bayless having to hear why.

  18. SHAYDEE3

    Imagine James as your strength and conditioning coach.

  19. Tim S

    It’s not selfish. It’s greedy when you gotnAB name in your mouth 👄

  20. Art Quintero

    Why is the audio so up and down?

  21. jack jack

    I'll wear a booney hat, for half the money he's making.

  22. Mystic Souls

    Ab was the PROBLEM ALONG

  23. Scott

    I would have died if Harrison just turned to Shannon and said "Why you yellin'?"

  24. Give me more Head

    "I think right now... he wants to win". Doesn't look like that's what's important to him. Stop being nice.

  25. FILAY Bull

    Watch him stop as soon as week 1 starts I think he’s just sitting out the pre season

  26. Ikon

    He makes a great point, that's like someone walking out on thier mom, because the dad ran out on them, makes no sense.

  27. Duh Mass TV

    Hurting his team and teammates is Brown's M.O., fym

  28. Verbaldavenci1

    Antonio Brown's just a piece of s*** human.

  29. R R

    James “At the end of the day” Harrison

  30. T Nelson

    I remember love for game, now it's I love the bag from this game.

  31. Brian Baer

    James talking about being selfish is funny

  32. Miami 808

    James Harrison droppin badass quotes. "everything thats done in the dark, will come in to the light" "You're throwin rocks at a tank"

  33. Karim Amin

    For NFL money, I'd sit on the bench and hand out warm towelettes

  34. Adam Price

    Who cares. Carr is the thorn in Gruden’s side anyways. Gruden will be 🛒, and Carr will be replaced by 2020. Carr had a healthy Jordy Nelson in ‘18 and did 💩..

  35. Chamberlain Achilihu

    Antonio brown better live up to expectation. Folks r coming to say some..

  36. Chamberlain Achilihu

    Why everybody is on Antonio to frustrate him?

  37. MGladwell

    Making Big Ben look better everyday. Thanks, Antonio.

  38. jonjon

    Pittsburgh did a bright move letting that girl go

  39. NoctemAeternusMusic

    I think AB is realizing now that Derek Carr is not gonna give him 1,000+ receiving yards every year like Big Ben was. He is realizing he ruined a good thing just for a few extra mil and it’s really gonna hurt his numbers.

  40. Rick D

    You guys must move past antonio brown already, kicking a dead cat

  41. Protective Measures

    I watch the Raiders feature on Showtime, and all of those grown men act like little kids. They talk like, dada, do doo towards the coaches instead of looking them in the eye like a man and talking like you have some sense. All of these coaches condition the minds of these grown men in the thinking that they are subordinate. So sad seeing these strong black man stepin fetchit.

  42. Joel Williams

    James Harrison needs to be a Perminant figure on this show. PERIOD!!!

  43. Pot Head Media

    Same dudes bashing Colin for kneeling.. Loom at this clown.

    1. Anonymous Man

      Colin didn’t do anything but get paid

  44. Aaron Cooper

    Why do we care what a sell out has to say, and he is more selfish


    James stay away from TV shows like this. They will force you to change. Stay true to yourself and go and coach college football.

  46. Andrew Parker

    I've said it for years you should not give guaranteed money to players like Antonio Brown. They might be great but they'll destroy your whole locker and within a season.And he might have a record-setting year but you're not going to the playoffs just because of one person.

  47. Dawn Break

    James, ab your boy right.

  48. William Marshall II

    It's pretty clear he doesn't want to play for the raiders and is doing whatever to get out of it.

  49. Joe Reed

    I question whether or not Antonio Brown wants to really continue playing football anymore...he illuded to it earlier this year during the interview he gave from his home.....something like "I've made my money, this house is paid for, I'm good, I can walk away but if I keep playing, its going to be on my terms" we got foot issues cause he not wearing the proper footwear, refusing to showup for work cause he doesn't approve of the new helmet(that the NFL & NFLPA both agree on btw); esp after hearing Deebo say helmet changes are a given, every so often you already know to expect the change.....what the man(AB) wants seems to be in want of now isn't really a new helmet....what he wants is a platform for all to see him and only him.

  50. Battlefielding

    Popcorn Muscles

  51. bronco devil

    AB turning into TO.

  52. Joseph Toombs

    I hate boring, no energetic guest. I fast forwarded to Skip

  53. Hater Hurdler

    I honestly feel like AB had CTE start effecting him, he went from one of the most humble and respectable guys in the league, and now all this...

  54. thubb6

    Harrison is a clown. According to the Hard Knocks.. AB is practicing and ready to go

  55. Ryan Wilson

    Dead set on safety..... come on man, they trying to add 2 more regular season games. What part of safety is that?

  56. brian yamashita

    give them less gear and feel the hurt on both sides

  57. brian yamashita

    new protection stuff is dumb

  58. Ericka Jones

    I'm in Pittsburgh breathing a sigh of relief, AB is Oakland Raiders problem now 🤗🤣. Thank You.

    1. Anonymous Man

      You can’t breathe a sign of anything because y’all about to be 3rd in the division

  59. Zephaniah Asa

    Honestly if you putting your body on the line you should be able to wear whatever you want.

  60. Bill Fleming

    Love James Harrison on the show , get him on more often !

  61. Byrdman 51/50

    A.B. is like the Kyrie Irving of the NFL. A cancer to his team and a grown man who acts like a teenage girl going through her first period. I'm so glad Kyrie is out of Boston, we will be better off in the long run if not this year.

    1. Anonymous Man

      Byrdman 51/50 kyrie just wanna have a veteran role on a team. Also protect your guns, they finna be taken away soon

  62. EtelorveHc49

    Harrison lookin like D bo

  63. 7OGAN FO2D


  64. Bryne Lanham

    AB obviously has no work ethic and is immature. He works hard when he is there but availability trumps ability when you get to a certain point. This guy should be growing up by now-

  65. alex nahra

    Thinking about this situation has me feeling like the NFL should let him use the helmet, but have AB sign a document that states if he does get a head injury wearing that helmet, it is on him and he cannot sue the NFL

  66. jnut45

    Its all irrelevant for the simple fact....... the Raiders aren't even going to make it to the playoffs SmH

  67. thepac12andbig10suck

    James Harrison still got fined somehow for this

  68. Cole

    Oh man i loved watching harrison play back in the day but cmon with the hypocrisy dude. He talks about AB hurting his teammates bc he's mad at someone else but wasnt he the one who would show up late, sleep through meetings, not show etc. Bc he was mad at the coaches?

  69. Chilly Pimp

    Antonio brown just actin like another kaepernick

    1. Anonymous Man

      Gerard James what has kapernick done?

    2. Chilly Pimp

      They’re two different arguments yes, but the same whinny drama attracting attention

    3. Gerard James

      So far off the mark...Kapis talking about injustice and people dying...this whiner is crying about a helmet what planet do u live on to equate to two subjects...smh

  70. Calmnrelaxed 2

    Pretty much a "company man" answer...been conditioned to response this way