Animal Cops South Africa - Ep.5 | TRULY



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    Documentary series following the work of the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in Cape Town, South Africa. Chief Inspector Andries Venter rushes to rescue a cat whose leg is trapped between the joints of a cement wall. Meanwhile Inspector Wilber Khenkebe is called out to a pony that has been viciously attacked by a pitbull terrier. Wildlife Inspector Kira Joshua comes to the aid of a young seal whose life is threatened by a net tangled around its body. And a team of SPCA inspectors is mobilised to help a dog that has fallen into a drainage canal.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Shiela Aposaga

      What poor dog to euthanized it’s cruelty to animals.

    2. Shiela Aposaga

      The owner deserves to be jailed or firing squad. We should not abandoned our animals cruelty. Instead show compassion and kindness

    3. Ashton

      Why do they keep repeating it was a pit bull that attacked the horse. You know they wouldn’t if it was a lab or something. Any dog can be dangerous, pit bulls just tend to be treated in conditions that cause them to attack. So sad that dog had to be euthanized but I’m glad the horse is okay.

    4. I am Shade

      Hate how that cat was adopted, and so soon after surgery, let back outside like that. Seems irresponsible.

    5. Lynn Burkhalter

      Is it me or does Rex still look to thin? I wonder if they told him that when they gave him back to the owner.

    6. Bethany michelle

      Shame on you guys for putting little naked children online like this, there's tons of pedophiles that enjoy that footage! That's completely wrong to do to those children. What the hell is wrong with yas for putting innocent vulnerable naked children online?

    7. India M

      That cat must have been in terrible amounts of pain

    8. Cheeki Anne

      The poor cat I hope they can fix the cats leg if not I really want to see the cat chasing something at lest oh god that leg is horrible. Oh my the horse poor thing please have a lovely life the horse has a good behaviour and the dog is a bad thing. The seal poor thing hope he don’t get in that trouble again. again poor cat. and the pack of dogs so poor bedding and flees and to meny dogs to take care of

    9. Caeli Cassidy

      Poor kitty D:

    10. Elizabeth Wagner

      Those little dogs are so cute it's a shame they're treated they way. They're sweet dogs

    11. Leo Strydom

      5:45 i hate that dog

      1. Pebble Parrot

        it's its owner not the dog.

    12. Jody Sheridan

      Does the South Africa SPCA offer community population control and vaccines to impoverished communities?

      1. Leo Strydom

        Jody Sheridan I think so

    13. Theodore Villamizar


    14. April Rants

      The picture of Rex as a puppy was so cute

    15. Abigail Rose Cottman

      so they found out their dogs had cancer and just dumped them in a sewer???

      1. Igor & Brooke

        I bet it developed cancer in the sewer

    16. Ew Pls

      woah woah woah, y'all just euthanized the pittie? he could've been trained probably... and he was injured.. and quite skinny... I don't see a need for that.

      1. Ashton

        April Rants they should always try. At least try. That’s someone’s life, not just waste of resources.

      2. April Rants

        Ew Pls it’s the law any attacks are euthanized What if it was a person A child? He tried to gut a horse Not all dogs are able to b rehabilitated And the resources to take care of healthier more adoptable dogs would be wasted on that particular dog It may be difficult to accept but I personally agree with your decision they letting him go was the best thing

    17. Christine Davis

      I watched one and you showed a dog, I believe, with parvo. It's a shame that you couldn't just give them an iv with no meds and wait a few days. It may have survived those few days if you have it a chance. As a our humane society is backed up and overrun and desperately needing more and more money, at least they give all parvo animals a chance unless it's too bad off.

    18. Anna Inspain

      10 inspectors for nine thousand square miles. Wow. Just wow.

    19. kakN

      Cannot watch this show it’s too sad for me seeing all those animals suffering how could they do that 😭😭😭

    20. JezebelNeverDied

      I tell you, I'm too used to jump scares. The whole time they were poking that camera up in those snakes' faces and standing there with them unlidded I was like "keep it up, those snakes are gonna come up out that bucket and mess you up!" I was almost disappointed that they just went on their merry way

      1. Igor & Brooke

        Lol nah, pofadders are really lazy. They don't jump up. Heck, they won't even be able to slither out of the bucket. The way they catch prey is literally to just lay there, camouflaged, and wait for anything to walk by or near them. That's why many humans get bitten when walking in tall grass. They don't see the snake, just gets bitten.

    21. Malka Ringel

      Where are more episodes of these programs? I await them with great enthusiasm yet there hasn't been a new episode, in forever! Thanks

    22. Meghan Mitchell

      That guy had a whole farmer's market on his head!

    23. Mathias Køhler

      the music is so upbeat compared to the animal cop shows in the USA

    24. Cesar Sanchez Cerda

      Graciiias por darles una segunda oportunidad a estos seres vivos🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸😌🇪🇸💯🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸😌😌😌👍

    25. EzzaPlayz MC

      The poor pit bull looked like he was in terrible condition! Even if it had had proper care, it is likely that it would still have attacked the horse since it had never seen one before and hadn't been socialized with one. Many other dogs probably would have acted the same way especially when they don't have their owners around. It really ticked me off when the man said something like 'it attacked a horse, it would probably attack a child too.' That's absolute bullsh*t. The difference between an animal aggressive dog and a human aggressive dog is huge! I wish they showed what the dogs 'assessment' was.

    26. Zoë Joel

      I have watched these videos and some people are coming to my house today to see if I can adopt two dogs. They're so sweet

    27. K S

      I think they euthanize too often in this show in Africa. After watching all these Episodes, it comes more and more clear, that they often don´t have the will too try everything for a stray.

      1. Kitten

        It's about funding in this country. They can put months into one animal, or end its suffering and put those funds into many more.

    28. lee now

      I'm bothered that I never hear 2 words in these shows, Spayed and Neutered! They shouldn't return animals back to owners unless this is done. The stray cat that had leg removed- was it fixed before releasing? In a country where most people are too poor to have this done, the center should be doing it.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        They are. Its always immediately done. They don't have to say it anymore since its so common. Its scarce to see a dog owned by someone who isn't spayed or neutered. They SPCA's do it immediately every time they get an animal in.

    29. Alpha Chernyyvolk

      Thank you for saying that it was the owners fault, not the dogs.

    30. Holly Sweet

      I say lest cat in world the better i say.

    31. Jennifer Germer

      What I find alarming is the deplorable conditions some of these people live in -- and not one person has mentioned that. I wish there were a way to knock all those shantytowns down and give them decent housing.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        Ya know what's funny? The government put them in that position.

    32. Long tell wife

      You kindle a dog boooooooo you sake so much 😢😢😢😭

    33. runningfromtheherd

      Wish the vet would speak more clearly

      1. Pebble Parrot

        english isnt their first language... and its hard to learn english or any second language so dont blame them.

    34. Roh Laren

      The story about the woman who had 10 dogs in her back yard and didn't want to give them they eat dog meat in South Africa as in S. Korea?

      1. Igor & Brooke

        No... We don't... We don't even eat horse meat. As far as I know, South Korea don't eat dogs either. Its just China.

      2. Deltapaw 123

        We don't eat it here.

    35. Power Couple Life

      We went to Cape Town and LOVED it, we made a video about our trip too. I subscribed to your channel, keep up the good videos!

    36. Rachel Barker

      That pitbull was not properly cared for, exercised. It looked horrendous when they decided to give it up. I have a pitbull that was bred to hunt so I take precautions against him attacking animals. I have to take him hunting or he gets overly excited and rambunctious. It is about knowing your dog and taking care of them. I work everyday with his training.

    37. Noel K

      that germ shep was not happy in his home at all

    38. Muhd J

      i dont like the fat black Animal cop, he seems like a rude person.

    39. bigbrownshinyeyes

      So cute those boys trying to move the wall trying to help

    40. sera

      You guys are saying Pitbull like that is bad. He seemed perfectly fine when you were picking him up, he was even wagging his tail a little bit. Tbh I think with some training he could have recovered. And I do know you were saying it was the owners as well, but he could have still been fixed. I dont know that's​ just my opinion.

      1. Bethany michelle

        Wagging of a tail doesn't mean it's friendly, plenty of dogs wagging tails have bit people. But that's for any dog, not just pit bulls..the humans should suffer these consequences, not the poor dogs.

      2. India M

        I think that some dogs are just too dangerous. I agree it’s the owners fault, but it’s the animals which suffer

      3. Tina H

        So unfair, I agree at least try

    41. sera

      You are bacckkKK!!! Yay i love thEse VIDS SO MUCHH!!!! :D

    42. skunkape

      This bias against pitties needs to stop. Yes, this dog did bad, but many dogs like this are put down just because of their breed. So sad

    43. Un Acceptable

      Screw africa!

    44. Meghan Pappas

      That pit terrier does NOT look like he's been taken care of and doesn't look healthy at all!!😞

      1. Rachel J

        the only reason its aggressive is because they arent walking it or as u said taking care of it and now yet again the stigma against pit goes on

      2. Cathy Smith

        he was obviously kicked by the horse and was injured. his face was bloody too

    45. Meghan Pappas

      Omg😔😟😱😰 poor sweet kitty!!!

    46. Violet Peck

      I don't understand why they kept calling the horse a horse it was clearly a pony unless everyone around it was extremely tall

      1. Igor & Brooke

        You just called the pony a horse too in the start. See how easy it is?

      2. anna jack

        What does it matter ? They’re not gonna fix the episode just because you’re triggered

      3. Wolfsfee e

        but a pony is a horse, so why not call it a horse?

    47. XmotherbrainX

      hope they gave him pain meds before palpating him like that... :/ poor thing 4:20

    48. Galaxy Fox125

      Bad news for pit bulls. Yes, this is horrible but remember people, not all pit bulls are bad

      1. Bethany michelle

        @Helen Hines actually it's stupid people that are responsible for that, not the dogs. Every breed is capable and does attack due to ignorant and abusive people.

      2. Helen Hines

        @Bethany michelle ok, if I'm not mistaken pitbulls are "responsible" for the most fatal dog bites in the US. Sure most of them are good safe companion canines, but they didn't get a bad rep for no reason.

      3. Bethany michelle

        @Seaeye that's all very true...more people were afraid of my big baby rotties than of my Chihuahuas.

      4. Bethany michelle

        @Helen Hines that's false

      5. Seaeye

        @Helen Hines completely false, pit bulls were chosen to fight because of the way their teeth are shaped, meaning with a bite it would be a far worse wound than other breeds, but naturally they are NOT the most aggressive breed, it is very simple statistically they won't bite more, or be more aggressive but their bite would be more effective, it is a matter of how the animal is being raised, and clearly any dog or animal would be aggressive under the circumstances of being trained to do so. Pit bulls are now "famous" for being aggressive but it is just a trend that has been around for years, they used to say the same about Dobermans, German shepherds, bull terriers, and many more breeds. The funny thing is the one breed who is actually prone to bite or be aggressive is the chihuahua, the thing that makes the difference is that their bite is not fatal.

    49. Yörük Kızı Laz Oğli

      very nice 😍💖🔥

    50. Kyle the Poodle

      Dang! that Pit bull took a big fat chunk from that horse I hope that dog will learn to control it's anger or maybe people made it agressive I hate how people, don't treat animals well animal cruelty should stop!

      1. Bethany michelle

        @Frances Brett that's false, they do not have an "aggressive gene"

      2. Frances Brett

        TastefullyTeal sorry, I couldn't find the correct wording, I just meant they are bread to be agresive.

      3. Meow Now

        @Meghan Pappas well yeah. A fair amount of animals are aggressive towards other animals anyways. I meant as far as people go he didnt appear to be aggressive.

      4. Meghan Pappas

        @Meow Now seriously? I absolutely LOVE pitties!! However, that dog VICIOUSLY attacked and tore that horse apart!! He is obviously animal aggressive

      5. RogueK

        Im so sorry but its mentioned later on that the dog was assessed to be too dangerous and humanly euthanized. Frances Brett has a good point about the dog fighting. Not sure whether there even is an 'aggressive gene' though.

    51. T@ndy

      39:30 Welldone Charles! I am so pleased he was there to help rescue the snakes. I live in Cape Town and I love reptile essentially snakes. Most black people like myself and Charles have been given an unfair stereotypes of being fearful of these beautiful creatures.

      1. April Rants

        T@ndy it is an unfair stereotype I have quite a few non Caucasian friends with reptiles as pets

    52. T@ndy

      36:22 I am very proud of this woman for putting the best interest of the dogs first. It must have been a hard decision but she made the right one.

      1. April Rants

        T@ndy I agree Some like to judge and condemn people but I do not that that woman was being intentionally cruel

    53. Malka Ringel

      Very interesting. Very informative. My 💙 broke again with the housecat that had its' leg amputated. My cat of 7yrs was struck by a car this summer. The vets here in Canada, give prices n one or more options....without many details. They just look at you n expect a snap decision. Sadly, I put my cat down rather than amputating as my cat was a hunter n patroler of his territory. I was in shock. The splinting of his 3 terrible fractures was ineffective (I am certain the vet knew this).....n it never healed. Some cotton threads strangulated his leg so after weeks of this....I made the wrong decision. I am trying to forgive myself as I took a life for no valid reason. My sweetie was otherwise healthy but with dead tissue were maggots (which I never saw) n at that stage there was 50/50 chance of success. How I wish I had known better. So....I enjoy these episodes as we learn much that can be applied to dogs n cats as well as other wildlife. Thanks

      1. Bethany michelle

        I'm sorry that happened, but cats do not belong outside prowling around, they need to be inside and safe.

      2. India M

        Malka Ringel when I was younger my cats went outside. Now I have house cats. So much safer. They like to threaten the cats through the windows as you can imagine. There are several neighbourhood cats who think they own our garden, especially by the pond

      3. Sascha Sushi

        I have a dog and two horses i dont know what i would do if i lost them. Here in Denmark we have a lot of opertunities to what we want to do with our Animal. Its NOT your fault you did what you thought was the Best for your cat

      4. Blue Plague

        I agree that vets here in Canada really jump the gun on options. I have some resentment over that and had a similar experience as you. I hope you can live it down, it wasn't your fault.

    54. Vanja Svensson

      From what I’ve seen I think they give up on animals too quick, too easy 😞💔

      1. April Rants

        Vanja Svensson I hate to upset you guys but the decision to euthanize is not done lightly. It’s easy for us to judge based on a edited reality TV show but I don’t think they just willy-nilly but animals to sleep and I really don’t think that that Vet doesn’t care. Y’all should be less judgmental and more understanding. I work in animal rescue and it’s not ever an easy decision It’s easy to judge if you don’t have experience or aren’t there working with these animals yourself

      2. JB

        I noticed that too. It seems the vet is not all that compassionate or caring. I've watched three episodes and in every one he's made a quick decision to euthanize. In the Animal Cops Houston series, the vets are more loving, affectionate and compassionate toward the animals. I saw an episode where the vet didn't even want to amputate a dog's leg, and performed a very difficult surgery rather than taking the leg.

      3. X X

        @Muriel Vaillancourt The problem is they don't have enough funds to treat and take care of every animal they get. Of course their lives are more important than money, but you need money for medicine, food, water, etc. South Africa has too much of a poverty problem to pour too much into animal welfare, as sad as it is. Sometimes you need to let animals go so there's more resources for others.

      4. Vanja Svensson

        Muriel Vaillancourt that was my immediate thought. You can’t give up on animal because it’s living on the street. Humans have no right to decide whose gonna live or die. It’s not up to us to make such decisions. That’s how I strongly believed

      5. Muriel Vaillancourt

        I’m an ex-nurse and worked 15 years for the first young people with AIDS. Then i fought for old homeless people, old prostitutes and people with mental issues. Nobody wanted to take care of these people. I finish with dying people in palliative care at home. Money is never the reason but those who think that these people don’t deserve the rights to receive good care, always speak of the lack of money to explain their wrong decisions. Shame of them!

    55. AR I

      I am so glad there are people like this to help precious animals like this❤❤

    56. plainflakes

      ;-; ... Cri

    57. Rosa González

      son lo mejor que hay y me gusta verlos siempre

    58. Star Shopping

      oof i just dont like how sometimes they put animals to sleep :( they should just die in peace

      1. Bethany michelle

        Please educate yourself on this subject...being euthanized is peaceful.

      2. Igor & Brooke

        ............ What do you call humane euthanasia then?! Painful death? Bruh, go do some research

      3. special kittie

        Its not sometimes its very often. And the way they do it is exactly how to die in peace.

      4. Jess Buist

        they get put down so they CAN die in peace if they're suffering and in pain

      5. xChijouChanx

        Putting animals to sleep IS dying in peace

    59. BJ Martin

      Obviously some people do not need dogs. They don't even know how to take care if them. They can see the dogs have skin problems and scratching uncontrollably. That lady know she is not properly taking care of them. Their living conditions are terrible. She doesn't even have proper shelter for the dogs. The yard looks lime a junkyard.

      1. India M

        BJ Martin I don’t understand why people do this. I really like big parrots. But I know I cannot provide one of these birds with what they need so I will never have one. Why doesn’t everyone apply this to themselves? No money, no knowledge? Don’t get a dog, or a cat or anything else for that matter

      2. Brandi *click* Bear!

        BJ Martin isn't talking at the one that bit the horse they are talking about the group of dogs that belonged to the man's wife that were matted and itchy.

      3. SnakeHelah

        The dog was probably not even being fed properly and/or was abused, which is why it took a few bites out of the horse. I'm not expert but those looked like chunks from the horses' belly gone.

    60. Denise Robinsin

      pain of the horse I cry for

    61. 7.62

      There should be a penalty for animal cruelty. Sad seeing some of the animals like this 😢

      1. Ashton

        Lol there is. In almost all, maybe all countries. It’s too low and not well enough enforced and I think it needs to be harsher, but it’s there.

      2. Jessie Thomas

        Like death 2 humans

      3. FrozenEternity

        There is. People can face time in prison for it here in South Africa

      4. Meow Now

        There is

    62. Keyon King