Animal Cops South Africa - Ep.4 | TRULY



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    In a previous episode Chief Inspector Andries Venter uncovered a pitbull fighting operation, and brought the dogsโ€™ owner before the court. Now he has heard that the man has breached the terms of his sentence and has more dogs, so Venter, and the police, move in again. Wildlife Inspector Kira Joshua has to relocate a family of Egyptian geese that has been terrorising the owners of the swimming pool which the geese have made their home. Chief Inspector Venter rushes to the rescue of a dog drowning in a canal. And newly qualified Inspector Wayne Hector investigates a report of an emaciated horse being used to drag a cart made from half a car.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. TheElvander

      I don't get why you would have dogs and chain them up all the time - so horrible :-(

    2. Shiela Aposaga

      The animals cruelty and abandoned they donโ€™t deserve it.

    3. Shiela Aposaga

      The owner deserves to be jailed also where he sold his dog and dump. What monster

    4. Shiela Aposaga

      What cruelty to animals to dump them to the canal the owner deserved a lethal injection or in jail he cannot bailout. What poor dog.

    5. Jenny Newman

      I love pitbulls

    6. Katy Grant

      He sold the mama dog when the puppys were only 3 weeks did i hear that right? 23:03 i could be wrong but dont the puppys still need her up untill 8 weeks? Again i could be wrong.

    7. Ramona Wendt

      This man is extremely defiant. Not sure how intelligent he is.

    8. Rima Sarkissian

      This guy is so tough and patient , great job

    9. Techis God

      THERE IS NO LOVE INVOLVED WHEN IT COMES TO DOG FIGHTING!!!! All the dogs want is to be loved and cared for. The people who are in charge of the dog fighting are pure evil!!!

    10. Just Mo

      I gotta admit I like the personality of everyone in this show. It gives off the kind of attitude that is kind of lax and and enjoyable and yet with all the seriousness that's warranted for these kind of situations. I like it.

    11. Julio Perez Estrada

      They are cool cops if you did that here in America you would be in the ground!! Well it's for their protection luckily this guy dident have a weapon

    12. Reinhard Ristow

      I am from South Africa

    13. JustSayin

      None of these people should have animals if they cannot afford to take care of them and keep them in their homes instead of on the HOT streets.

    14. Indy T

      Over a month to get those dogs... wow that took long... and then back to a chain...... that's so cruel

    15. Indy T

      Public shaming, they have to do that in every country

    16. Cheeki Anne

      Itโ€™s a sham that amazing animals have to live like that

      1. Cheeki Anne

        So sad and disappointing

    17. Elizabeth Wagner

      They should offer free clinics to help these people care for their dogs. 1 day once a month everything is free

    18. Lee Cooper

      Anybody else notice the cat snoozing on the desk (at 42:29), not giving two craps about any shouting going on around her/him? Hahaha......God, I love cats. Speaking of which, I was surprised not to see more cat abuse in this video.....the cats likely limped off into the bushes to lick their wounds in silence (or die, unaccounted for). Poor dogs get CHAINED to the area, so they can't possibly leave..... :-(

    19. Jody Sheridan

      South Africa takes animal cruelty seriously! Does South Africa take child protection equally as serious?

    20. B vegan Now

      I wish they could put their siren on for emergency rescue of animals.

    21. Cory PowerCat

      When it comes to putting animals to sleep do they do it more often because they don't have methods to treat parvo like the American places do?

      1. Igor & Brooke

        More like they don't have the money.

    22. Cory PowerCat

      5:15 I love that.

    23. nashvillenightkat

      I love how they don't mess around and I like how they publicly shame

    24. Devonna Eatpizza

      Its so sad.. Especially since the people are hardly better off then the dogs...๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    25. Gudrun Fehler

      Nice to see those children play like we used to.

    26. LayRose Selda

      Poor horse.. shouldn't give back to bastard owner!!!

    27. Wolf Mountain Kennel

      I feel like S Africa has better laws than us? Seems like they never convict the dogfighters on American animal cops. And go arrest the guy because he has another pit? Awesome!

      1. Igor & Brooke

        South Africa is pretty strict when it comes to laws and stuff, yeah. Especially better than North America. North America's crime system isn't really... Up to code

    28. Lita Trail


    29. Amy

      Parvo is completely preventable if the dog is vaccinated. The SPCA should be conducting education and a vaccination program.

    30. JEANNETTE belanger

      There should not be anyone allowed dogs there just pathadic

    31. JEANNETTE belanger

      They live in filth they should not even have animals what a disgrace do they know that garbage can hold garbage not just every where pigs live better

    32. The Lovely Mel Chan

      Finally!! A country that can yell and call out animal abusers when they find them! So annoying that they stay too calm when confronting these people and they never know what they did was wrong enough.

    33. Adam, Tahlia Virgo

      We need more public shaming in Australia South Africa has the right idea here

      1. Igor & Brooke

        @SkyGemini lmao I'm from SA, but I'm moving to Canada.

      2. SkyGemini

        Yes that was pretty cool! We could use that up here in Canada as well.

    34. crazycatgirl18

      I require subtitles

      1. Igor & Brooke

        And I for one don't! Its awesome!

    35. Elizabeth D

      8:25 this kid is relatable, someone meme him

    36. Angela Neethling

      Eish, I'm South African and I feel embarrassed how these ppl are going on.

    37. Chris Kratchman

      fenton is treating him like a child! AWSOME!

      1. Zelia Le Roux


    38. Meghan Mitchell

      There's always a dirty kids face in the background ๐Ÿ˜‚

      1. Rebel Crown

        @Meghan Mitchell Ah, alright. The way it was phrased made it seem to me like you were laughing at the fact that the kids were living in poverty

      2. Meghan Mitchell

        @Rebel Crown Because kids are funny. They're nosey. It doesn't matter where you go in the world, kids always do the same funny, stuff.

      3. Rebel Crown

        Why is that funny?

    39. Crystal M

      Kiera J. is like the wild animal whisperer. Sheโ€™s amazing at predicting animal behaviour to get them in an out of the crates with the least amount of stress and injury.

    40. SammyPlays

      I love how dedicated these guys are (:

    41. K S

      public shaming on loud thing I ever saw hahaha

    42. Sussie Due

      They treated the drowning dog wrong in the beginning. They should have held it with the head hanging down to let the water run out of the lungs. That has been used before in the past with great success.

      1. Rebel Crown

        It wouldn't have survived anyways, water in its lungs or not. Let the trained people do what they've been trained to do, please.

    43. Terri Rickert

      I am amazed how many "know nothing" people accuse the SPCA officers for not doing enough for the drowned dog. How many of you have ever given mouth to mouth to an animal ???? Let alone animal your know nothing about it's health history. Majority of people don't even know how to give CPR to their own children.

      1. Cheeki Anne

        Terri Rickert agree

      2. Cory PowerCat

        That is true.

      3. Anna Schreiner

        Especially when a professional says there is nothing they could have done for this dog at that state...

    44. anti-drama llama

      I love how all the kids come out wanting to show the officers their dogs it's so cute

    45. Sara And Adventure Pets

      At 8:30 the photobombing kid! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    46. Anna Bartsch

      You guys are my favorite people because you guys like animals

    47. Nova De Hoo

      The work these people do is so great, but for the dogs on chains, man thatโ€™s no life for a dog, the owner shouldโ€™ve taken a day to put up some fences around his house so that they can run without pulling their necks, itโ€™s quite sad, they probably never go on walks either, that makes for neurotic restless dogs

    48. CK1983

      Thanks so much for the upload - I take my hat off to any animal inspector because they obviously do this job due to their love for animals, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to walk away sometimes and the emotional effect this has on them. I'd probably end up in jail myself for kidnapping these animals and screw the due process if I were an inspector!

    49. Barbara Botanica

      this canals are so dangerous not only for animals - why they don't put every 50 or 100m a big stone in it like an escape point!!!!!

      1. CK1983

        The problem with that is the rubbish and other natural debris that gets flushed into the canal with heavy rain. If you put a massive obstruction in them you make the problem worse and the canal ceases to serve it's purpose. Also, this may work for humans, but if you've ever seen an animal in distress like that, they could be right next to it and not realize that it is there to help them. People simply need to take care of their animals in the same way they take precautions with their children. Sadly this is easier said than done. We don't all have the same principles.

    50. Muhd J

      i noticed how the chained up dogs seem to trust everybody my own dogs dont, not that i keep them chained up all the time but when they are chained up no unfamiliar person can go near them let alone touch them, unless that person wants to get bitten.

    51. Nicole Wheeler

      You see this I where I draw the line; poor people shouldn't have pets. If you can't feed or take care of yourself how are you going to take care of your pets? I think all of them should be taken and give a chance at life.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        @Muriel Vaillancourt that's true. Sadly, south Africa is a pretty conservative country, so everything is still stuck in their old ways.

      2. Amy Jeane

        No one has a right to own an animal. But the animals of poor people should be given help where they are whenever possible instead of being seized.

      3. Muriel Vaillancourt

        Nicole Wheeler a lot of poor people give good life to their pets. The problem is more cultural. They ignore what empathy is. Even when an inspector explained to a man how handling a chicken, like a baby, he refused to hear and to show his masculinity, he went out with the animals tied head down, by their paws. Pets are often vital for poor children and lonely persons. People are always ready to restrain freedom to vulnerable people: they must not have babies, pets... And you, if you lose your job and meet rough times, should we take out your children and your pets? People have rights. Poor people have the same rights as you. Think perhaps to educate, itโ€™s more difficult that to forbid but itโ€™s the difference between a cruel dystopia and a democratic country. Itโ€™s so easy to become a tyran!

    52. Lynn Wiltshire

      Omg I wish they could come to Cyprus and deal with all the abuse here. Unbelievable that in an EU country nothing is done to protect animals

    53. Lynn Wiltshire

      Great stuff.

    54. Karen Bailey

      Most of the dog owners donโ€™t even know or care how to look after a dog , so what is the point in having one ! ๐Ÿ˜ก

    55. Cathy Smith

      double photo bomb

    56. Donna Johnson

      How can the government let theses people live like that? The goverment should make shore there peaple have a decente house so what are the govermant doing getting fat

      1. Igor & Brooke

        ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ the government has stolen over R20 billion from the country!!! They put them in that state! Why would they take them out of it?

    57. Donna Johnson

      I wish my country was as strict as you with animal cruelty

      1. Igor & Brooke

        @Car Nissan isn't death penalty a thing anymore?

      2. Car Nissan

        USA is not strict at all. There's no consequences, no pain, no sacrifice for hurting animals. It's horrible and insensitive. In fact, all the sentences are too trivial. No one fears prison anymore. Our justice system is a joke.

      3. Kamryn Smith

        Do you know what country do you live in

    58. Sara Harrison

      He should be permanently banned from owning anything living

      1. Car Nissan

        No, for harming and/or killing a defenseless domesticated pet, they should lose their own freedom for life. No discussion.

    59. LonelyLife

      I actually live in South Africa, and all my animals are rescues besides one cat, My dogs, one of them was kicked,hit, whipped and almost beat to death when she was a puppy, another was a street dog half starving, and one of our cats had her guts up in her rib cage cause she was kicked so much, and i see dogs who are starving, and neglected all over the roads and its sad to see this.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        I also have a rescue pupper, I just don't know his history, which kinda makes it worse.

      2. Alpha Wolf Doggo

        LonelyLife Thank you for saving such lovely animals. I wish more people where like that.

    60. Angelica Luna

      This SPCA vet would realy put down an animal than help then. Parvo can be overcome. You make me sick and you call yourself a Vet??disgusting!!

      1. Igor & Brooke

        @Rebel Crown I like you

      2. Rebel Crown

        @Lilian Not all dogs can. If they're too young, or too weak, or too malnourished. I don't care if you claim to be educated or not, were you there with that dog? Were you in the room taking part in its examination? You have no idea what all was going on with that dog, what other medical issues it had combined with parvo. They don't tell the public everything, nor are they obligated to. Unless you are a licensed veterinarian and were in the room with that dog, you don't have the knowledge to say if it was right or not.

      3. Lilian

        @Rebel Crown but... it's a blatant lie that if the pup survives Parvo, it will be unhealthy the rest of its life. Many dogs that survive Parvo go on to live long and very robust, healthy lives. They could have said that the cost of treatment and prognosis/suffering the animal would go through during treatment was too high, but they shouldn't lie about the future outcomes should they decide to treat it as justification for euthanasia. So if you trust the person who goes through years and years of school and training, you're standing with me. There is no cure for Parvo, but dogs can overcome it with supportive care.

      4. Rebel Crown

        Let's see, who's in the right here? The person who has went through years and years of school and training to know what to do in this situation, or the person on the Internet who can't use proper punctuation? I think I know who I'll stand with.

      5. CK1983

        I remind you that this is a third world country and the SPCA survives 100% on Pro-Bono vets and donations from the public. A public that consists of 77% population living below the breadline, so donations are on the slim side. In South Africa, SPCA's can barely keep healthy animals for more than a week before they have to move them along to make space for new ones. Yes parvo can be overcome, but it takes weeks of treatment. So while the fairy tale idea of saving that one is very grand, the reality is they have to make the tough choice of saving 10 who have a 100% chance, versus saving 1 with a 20% chance, with that same money. So before you make yourself so high and mighty, PLEASE tell me when last you gave your entire salary over to a shelter to save one dog? Because that's basically what you are expecting this Vet to do. So your comment is the only "DISGUSTING!!" thing here.

    61. Gillian Burger

      Not aloud to own animals for 15 years. Should be for life.

    62. Arbi

      Why own a dog when you keep them chained up? I'll never understand.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        My great gran mother used to chain up her dogs and keep them outside. They were basically just an alarm system

      2. Cory PowerCat

        Some dogs you have to.

      3. SkyGemini

        Me either. Dogs are like kids.

    63. Spaghetti O's

      I hope they went back to get that dog with the bad leg

    64. Russel Wolf

      I will Never Look at This World The Same Again So many Cruel people

      1. April Rants

        Russel Wolf so many good people too

      2. Creepy Cookie

        But there's also good people like the spca officers. They give us hope that the world isn't so bad

    65. Tanya Long

      This is all foll I have a rescued a Begel heโ€™s Old family had him on a chain and I have 5 dogs 2 hamsters 12 Hans 5 turkeys that is all the animals I have. I love them all they are all good animals.

    66. b b

      lmao damn, public shaming on loud speaker.

      1. Cheeki Anne


      2. Youtube Google e Facebook vaffanculo

        b b It is not exactly public shaming... they explain the community why the police is there (animal abusing) in order to prevent violent collective reaction from people thinking it is groundless stalking.

      3. SkyGemini

        We could use that here in Canada as well.

      4. Ana Ah You

        Public shaming is still a thing in Japan, as far as I know. Not in this harsh way but after a crime the police will inform, of course, the employer, family and close friends.

      5. Chris Kratchman

        b b totally deserved it

    67. Ludmila Popovic

      Thank for the video!!! With respect and gratitude to all You from a small country of Latvia๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ป!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    68. Rosa Gomez

      there is lots of dogs in the street and they don't rescue them

      1. X X

        Well they try their best to. That's just common work for them though, so it doesn't usually make it on television.

    69. Yejee Lee

      No hate or anything but I think it gets a bit hard to understand the accent of these officers. I hope I eventually get used to it tho. ๐Ÿ˜‡

      1. Igor & Brooke

        Im south African too, but I have a dutch accent when speaking english. Idk how I got it.

      2. CK1983

        I think it's the same thing as any country with different states/ provinces. Accents differ alot. Even within the same state sometimes - Cape rural vs Cape Town City is very very different. Because we have so many mixed cultures etc. Im SA born and raised and I couldn't understand a word that owner of the pony was saying. Gibberish.

      3. Kate Kate

        Yejee Lee I am a native speaker and I really have to concentrate, too. It sounds like English/Indian/Dutch and Scottish all rolled into one!

    70. Dee B

      Glad they have a good SPCA in south Africa.