Animal Cops South Africa - Ep.2 | TRULY



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    Documentary series following the work of the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in Cape Town, South Africa. SPCA Chief Inspector Andries Venter assembles a team to travel sixty miles East of Cape Town, where they’ve been told a woman is keeping over a hundred cats in filthy conditions. Inspector Nelson Sowati responds to an emergency call, when a dog has had boiling water thrown over it. Inspector Conchita Milburn and the SPCA’s Mobile Clinic travel to one of Cape Town’s poorest communities to try and improve the lives of the animals there. And a man accused of staging pitbull fights faces animal cruelty charges in court.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Limi V

      I was very happy with the verdict on the dogs kept for fighting. Community service is in my opinion an underutilized tool, which is a shame because instead of costing taxpayers money criminals actually contribute and possibly even learn something on the way. It's also very important that the man is no longer allowed to own animals. I wish more cases ended in such an outcome

    2. Dagmar Heinz

      hi belongs in prison , you never going to see the money or he just start what hi had be for again somewheres else.

    3. Maire Ni Laoi


    4. CatherineZ

      While I watch this series because of the topic, I can't but keep being astonished by the fact that in South Africa most people know at least two languages to some extent, and their language skills must influence their condition (and their conditions provides them with different opportunities to acquire language skills). I'm not judging it at all either way (come on, I just can't, that's not up to me), I'm only wondering about the dynamics. That's extreme to me because I live in a country where everyone learns one language. Often regional languages are neglected, which is a great shame, to deny people the language of their ancestors, but everyone gets to learn the language everyone speaks all over the country, which avails more opportunities than if they didn't learn it.

    5. Nadia R

      a poor person can still clean up the yard and walk the dog and give it love. not put it in a cage

    6. India M

      That was one of the most revolting houses I have ever seen. Cats are so fastidious with their hygiene, this must have been terrible for them living like that

    7. India M

      Did he say 150 cats??

    8. Anne Arteaga

      Houston ASPCA would never give up on an animal so quickly. If there’s any way they can save it, the will do everything they can

    9. Cheeki Anne

      You Guess Who Is Amazing Read The First Word Have a amazing day or night 😁

      1. Cheeki Anne

        I ty my dogs up when I am not home

    10. hftv fgyvh

      God damn it, don't put every animal with severe problems down.

      1. hftv fgyvh

        @Oz Lang I get your point and I recognise that not every animal can be saved. It just angers me that in this series some animals were put down when there surely was a chance of treating them (I know that I'm not a specialist, but e.g. I've seen dogs with greater mange problems in Greece and they got treated) and sometimes they put down dogs just because they are old. I live in a country where it is not allowed to put down animals just because they aren't likely to be adopted. But I get your point, thank you.

      2. Oz Lang

        Maybe I’m being patronizing. I’m not meaning to be. I just want you to understand that as sad as it is, not all animals can be helped. I’m not out for an argument, mate. I replied, because I felt sad you felt the way you do. I was trying to make you feel better. I’m sorry if you felt patronized or picked on. That wasn’t my intent. I guess when it comes to an animal that cannot be tamed or has a disease that has gone to far, euthanasia is better. That’s all I’m trying to say.

      3. hftv fgyvh

        @Oz Lang You told me that not all animals can be saved and it sounded like you said it so because in your opinion I thought that all animals can be saved. I don't mind people having other opinions, I just asked you why you answered to my comment when you clearly didn't even care what I have said? (you wrote that)

      4. Oz Lang

        I’m replying because this is a platform that allows people to reply to comments. Might I suggest that if you don’t like people having differing opinions to yours, you don’t leave a comment in the first place? I love animals, but I’m realistic about them. I never said you said ‘all animals can be treated’ btw.

      5. hftv fgyvh

        @Oz Lang Then I also don't care what you are saying (why are you answering then). I never said that ALL animals can be treated, but most of them. And yes, currently we had two cats with Parvo and they were being treated - the next owner who adopts them has to make sure they don't let the cats outside so that they don't infect others. (The cats are fine, they just have the virus still in their body and it will stay there, but don't cause problems anymore) In case you want the source: (It's the shelter which had the cats)

    11. hftv fgyvh

      It's good that there are organisations that care for the animals, but I hate it that they put to sleep every animal that seems to have severe problems. I have seen dogs in much worse conditions that were treated and fighting dogs that were rehabilitated. Surely they have no money and time to do such things, but then they could just call other organisations that specialise on e.g. rehabilitating.

    12. Elizabeth Wagner

      Why wouldn't they wear hazmat suits & gas masks going into that cat house?!

    13. Wild Furry

      You should always feed and water your animals no matter what you do take care of your pets

    14. Clayton Paisley

      Awe man the conditions in that settlement.... NOTHING should have to live there, human or animal. These same people have been abused by their government and colonizers for more than a century, it's no wonder they are suspicious of the people coming from outside to 'help'. It looks like South Africa has a long way to go

    15. Igor & Brooke

      It would've taken Houston alot longer to catch that dog

    16. Igor & Brooke

      "It's not lekker" 😂 shame

    17. Paulette Rinck

      I feel so sad. The person is mentally ill and needs treatment and also probably medication. It’s too bad people were not concerned before the animal were abused. I’m glad the animal control can give them better conditions

    18. JEANNETTE belanger

      Just making them pay money is pathetic prison for these scumbags rediculous a fine that will teach them what a joke

      1. Igor & Brooke

        Our prisons are sadly over run. Can't afford to put any more people in jail

    19. The Lovely Mel Chan

      Letting animals fend for themselves outside is way better than keeping then in filth and mold and no ability to find their own food. Rediculous.

    20. The Lovely Mel Chan

      I hate that one guy. He seems too rough or uncaring about the animals. Like it's just a job and that's it.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        @Anna Inspain thank you Anna.

      2. Anna Inspain

        He has to distance himself in order to keep a cool head and do a very difficult job. Giving his emotions free rein wouldn't help the animals or improve the quality of his work, you don't know how he feels at home later.

    21. Amelie R

      ''Your animal becomes like your child. And you treat them like your children. If you can't do that, then it's no use having an animal. You need to be able to look after them'' Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you lady.

    22. Nastascia Brown

      Anybody burn my dog me a burn them back. My puppy??? Me never know seh u did a help feed har

    23. Nastascia Brown

      i hate cats so i would never get one. another reason is the litter box. i dont wanna clean a litter box. my dog goes outside shits in my yard and i can leave it until i feel like.

    24. Meghan Mitchell

      I wanna see inside the cat hoarder house! Did you see the woman who burned the dog with the hot water? It was quick, but she smirked like she knew she was getting away with something. I don't believe it was accidental. I hope she's never allowed near animals again, and it's scary that she's so cruel and has so many children.

    25. Kiarash

      Why are we not finding these guys more ?

      1. Kyla The Broken-Hearted Bust

        Deadric prince cause there show ended....

    26. Dawn Chérie Woodworth

      Has any one else noticed that the SPCA in Africa is putting the animals down a lot more often than the SPCA in the states? All those animals with mange would have been given the treatment for mange here in the states. I've seen several episodes where the dogs were completely hairless because of mange and they treated them and let them be adopted. I've also seen the SPCA in the states save horses older than that skinny 20yo pony. They fatten up the horse and usually give it to somebody who rescues the horse and lets the horsw live out it's life no matter how long or short that may be. I would like to know if it's a funding thing or a cultural thing.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        @Karlshorst no, not more money, just better economical standards. And more people in general.

      2. Karlshorst

        It's simple funding. Like most SPCAs they mostly rely on private donations (apparently the South African Government also give a miniscule amount via the national lottery, but it's nowhere near enough). Simply put, we Americans on average have more money.

      3. Nastascia Brown

        well they dont have the resources america does. my dog got mange some time ago and one pill did it. of course it cost me 7k which is 55usd but at the end of the day it wasnt as bad as all those dogs that woud need continuous treatment

    27. X X

      It's amazing to see them helping these communities. Even in impoverished areas, you can always help and improve conditions for animals. The way to animal welfare is through educating the public!

    28. Kiara Luff

      That woman truely loves stroller. And that males me so happy,

    29. Summer Patterson

      Wish this area had more funding to save more of the animals they confiscate.... it seems like in alot of the other "Animal Cops:...." manage to save 90% of confiscated animals where as this area seems to only save 60-75%. Super unfortunate that an under weight dogs with manage and possibly a worm problem get put down.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        Yeap. South Africa has economical problems, and not alot of people can afford caring for the treatments.

      2. Violet 456

        Summer Patterson yep and sadly this is one of the better off shelters

    30. Siiri Cressey

      A dog who doesn't know how to play becomes a dog who dances!

    31. Art blender

      she took them to neighboring farms? WERE THEY UPSTATE? BECAUSE THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE DEAD!

    32. CK1983

      I'm confused how the owner of the burnt dog can say she cares so much for her "faithful dog" when she let her suffer for two days before calling the SPCA?? That's unacceptable- it's not like she couldn't SEE the damage!

      1. Karlshorst

        @Igor & Brooke It's a sliding scale thing. Just like court.

      2. Igor & Brooke

        @Karlshorst my aunt wanted to take her dog to the vet after she got caught on some wire and ripped her skin. The SPCA asked money in order for them to help her.

      3. Karlshorst

        @Kiara Luff And they were frankly in this case simply ignorant - they thought that like a lot of services referring the pet over to SPCA would cost money.

      4. Nastascia Brown

        @Kiara Luff exacty cause i would try to sooth my dog first like ointments and stuff. then when he gets worse we take her to a vet. a 2day delay isnt negligence. it'd be the same with my son. if he gets burned so long as it isnt major then i would deal with it at home, if after 2 days its getting worse then i take him to a doctor

      5. Kiara Luff

        It obviously got worse. They probably tried to fix it themselves and realised they couldn't

    33. Muhd J

      how come most of the dogs in southAfrica are so submissive? they would allow people they dont even know to touch them and handle them. My own dogs will never allow you to just walk like that in to my house when they are loose.

      1. Violet 456

        Muhd J It’s not really *all* dogs in South Africa

    34. BJ Martin

      Human beings can be such savages animals. GOD created animals just like he created us. Humans beings wouldn't like it if they were mistreated and left in unsanitary conditions, not being fed properly, not able to get medical treatment or to even get a proper bath. GOD is taking notes on how humans are treating his animals and he is not pleased. People will have to answer for mistreating these beautiful animals.

    35. Anna Sounas

      I was very surprised that there was an animal cops South Africa. Very well done. All animal shows I feel for the animals also the poor people that have mental problems.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        Where do you live?

    36. Gacha _logic


    37. Sherri M

      I'm amazed these people are not sick them selves with diseases or worms. When dogs are that sick and dying not good for both. The Government should go through and take all animals out.

    38. Tiffany Hakunashi

      The people helping these beautiful creatures have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

    39. Tiffany Hakunashi

      This disgusts me. I have a husky/sharpei mix, blue heeler and pug all inside bed sleepers. I ensure their back and front yard are debris, weeds/goat head free, plush grass and food that fits each of their needs. I can't imagine why people do this.

    40. Ej Edwards

      I love that we're showing SPCA agencies outside of the US. Its drawing attention for some people who don't know that organizations like this exist elsewhere and may get people to volunteer or adopt these animals.

    41. Raquel Correia

      How people can be so bad with this little animais.

    42. Sea_Venom04 Gaming

      This is so sad. I want to be able to do this once I graduate High school and college.

    43. Stacey Jesso Green

      These sorry excuses of humans should suffer the same way they treated their animals.How can anybody hurt one of God's little animals.My heart hurts for these little pets.But there is a special place in hell for sorry excuses of humans.I hope they rot in hell.

      1. Cynthia Kline

        Stacey Jesso Green , I feel your compassion very deeply. I used to rescue like this and there never was such cases where mental illness wasn’t an issue. These people need to be put in a mental rehab , medicated and counseled. Then an order should be placed where their not allowed to own animals. The people live in horrible living conditions cause they’re so sick but when animals are involved they’re the victims too. Sadly I understand as my mother is very severely mentally ill but thank god we made sure she never was allowed more then two cats and me and my family made sure their care was good. It’s sadly not like that for so many. Past that when neglect and cruelty happen for regular people then they need to be punished to the full extent of the law and I have no sympathies. God bless with love and hugs from ohio🐾💕🤗💕🙌🤗🐾💕🐾

    44. Abandon3dRain

      Wait are these new episodes? Does that mean they picked the series back up?! :0

      1. Mariam D

        No they are old episode's from different countries, hence the not so fantastic video footage 😅

    45. Barry Smit

      how wade do that

    46. elena espinoza

      Rip kitties 😥

    47. Tammy Bands The ink kitten 2

      I love this show so much but I’m sad because it can only be made because animals are treated badly!☹️

      1. trudy hill

        I agree. it is just sad to watch the way people treat there animals. people need to TREAT THERE ANIMALS THE WAY THEY WANT TO BE TREATED.

      2. trudy hill

        I agree I love animals to death. it is just really sad to watch the way to treat there animals. people need to TREAT THERE ANIMALS THE WAY THEY WANT TO VE TREATED.

    48. ginger cox

      Victor would heal them all. Here we go. The kindest thing to do....?

      1. Almira Nina

        Not every country can afford the cost The Houston scpa have the most owner pay for the bills so they still have spares to help the other dogs Do the owner at that place (sorry) can pay for their animal? #nohate

    49. GILLIAN Muspic

      What impresses me so much is that they have the authority to ACT right away eg in confiscating an animal. The cats at the hoarder's home were IMMEDIATELY put under the supervision of the SPCA. What did concern me though was that they left the dogs there.

      1. GILLIAN Muspic

        yeah. Healthy for now bu still in a hoarding situation. I do hope that they kept their eyes on the dogs.

      2. Mariam D

        They were "healthy" though, that's what the officers said

    50. Holden Caulfield

      What are you's talking about? Are you people from SPCA gone crazy, you don't put a dog down because it has mange. For god sake, you can treat that. You's sound like you put down alot of dogs. DO BETTER!!! I don't think this is a good show because some of the workers don't know what they're talking about.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        @X X thank you

      2. X X

        Unfortunately, it makes more sense to use the thousands that would be spent treating that one dog to help multiple other animals. Don't shame them, they're doing the best they can with the funds and resources they have.

      3. Cynthia Kline

        Holden Caulfield some cases of mange are contagious to humans and animals and very easily contracted. It’s sad but true I’m sorry to say. I used to rescue like this and some can’t be risked to keep them as long as it takes to treat them. It’s horrific but they depend on donations and can’t save them all. All decisions are more complex then they show here in the show. Sometimes we could save one or two rescued with health or behavioral issues but then a bigger seizure would happen at the same time and drain the resources and then tough decisions have to be made. All my best to you sweet compassionate soul. Love and hugs from Ohio 🤗🐾💕🤗🐾💕🤗🐾💕

      4. GeoCat 927

        @Holden Caulfield Lizzie has a point. Also, the SPCA is also gets most of their money from donations, so they may have decided to put down the dog, which would be cheaper and less painful than all the treatment time cure the dog

      5. Holden Caulfield

        Since when can't a infection not be treated? Please tell me because I don't believe it's a reason to put down a dog. That dog was said to have mange and some open wounds if you can't treat that then there is something wrong with the SPCA . If you really want to care for dogs and cats or any animal for that matter they should all be treated to live. If they still to sick then do what you have to but try!

    51. Ruby Green

      I have rescued many dogs and all of them eat like that . It seems 2 me they think that its their last meal evry time cos of their last owner who didnt care for them properly cos they starved them .Very sad indeed and dogs r so loyal.

      1. Igor & Brooke

        Mine was like that, but eventually got use to knowing that there's gonna be food every day, and now eats calmer

    52. Judith Campbell

      Thank You for sharing this with me.

    53. Judith Campbell

      Hope they nail whoever did that burn to the puppy! No excuses. All those poor animals. I feel no sympathy for the humans responsible! They should go to jail. Starving dogs! And the sicknesses caused by human neglect. I hope you fill the Jail with the guilty! Thank You to all the investigators who saved them! R.I.P. for all the animals who have died. A’ho

    54. story wings XD

      Im live next to south afrika

    55. knotty1966

      Why did the lady wait 2 days to call SPCA and leave the dog so badly burnt and in agony.

      1. Rima Sarkissian

        knotty1966 I was thinking the same, I don’t believe it was accident

      2. Oz Lang

        Not having the money is no excuse. Don’t have a pet if you can’t afford to look after it. I’ve been badly scalded, and the pain is horrific. Anyway, the SPCA don’t charge if you can’t afford it.

      3. Mariam D

        Exactly like, have you never been burned and not taken action

      4. GILLIAN Muspic

        she didn't have the money and obviously did not realise that they would have helped her right away. As the lady inspector said at the other place - they do not turn anyone away

    56. florinda my68sleeper

      Absolutely love this show. Hats off to ASPCA for all their wonderful work! I live in the US and is really awesome to learn about different culture cape of good hope looks like a beautiful place to live!! I used to watch Micha from the Gambia but he was burnt out loved his clinic and US-new channel❣️

      1. Oz Lang

        Cape of Good Hope, Lovely. It’s a noun, and should be capitalized.

    57. Dee B

      Those who use dogs to fight are disgusting and depraved. They get what's coming to them. Have no sympathy for humans that abuse and torture animals for money or their sick kind of entertainment. 😣 thanks to south Africa Humane society. Good job.! I Just hope you could save those cats whose eyes looked so bad. Please give them. love. they did not get. A kind touch and warm soft words. Cats really love to be spoken to in baby talk. 😢😊💝🎋

    58. Dee B

      That poor dog . boiling water thrown on it. 😭 😣She said she was boiling rice and threw the water out and didn't realize dog was there ? 😣 😢 Who throws boiling water without making sure nothing was there..???. PLEASE do not return that dog to her. That poor sweet dog. She dosen't deserve it. 😂Maybe worse happen next time.

      1. Summer Patterson

        Idk if you realize that this is a developing country in most places. Many people dont have running water or plumbing of any kind. Chances are she needed the pot for something else so she just chucked the water outside like she probably has done for years with out issue. Either way I bet her neighbor will check next time or dump it some where else.

      2. Mariam D

        She said both boiling water and boiling oil like either way, why are they THROWING boiling anything?

      3. Another 90 days to change this

        +Ej Edwards They don't have a sink. That's why they were washing their dishes outside.

      4. Ej Edwards

        Better question why did you throw out boiling water? That's what sinks are for.

      5. jkishhabi_#HTD4Life

        Dee B the owner of the dog was not the same person that burned the dog. It was a neighboring family. Stroller had gotten out of her owner's yard, living up to her name. The neighbors were given a written warning since it appeared accidental but know if they hurt the dog again they could face charges. The owner of the dog and her family dote on Stroller and the dog appeared very happy to be home with her family who did not hurt her and were the people who called the SPCA for help as they did not have the money to treat her injuries.

    59. Trisha Visser

      It is horrific!!! I feel sick seeing the living conditions for these poor animals, no wonder the dog darted out of the window. I am in tears now, but thankfully there are amazing people like you guys. God bless you all !

    60. *Tracy Born Again Farm Girl

      Here’s to happy endings ♥️ !

    61. Susan MinhTrang Nguyen

      I don’t understand why they have to blur the faces of animal abusers? Those assholes needs to be exposed to the world and have all eyes on them. Once an abuser, always an abuser!

      1. Kiara Luff

        It's illegal to slander someones name until they have been charged here in South Africa. They could get away with their crimes if they are revealed before they are charged

      2. Summer Patterson

        It's because its not the US where this would be public info that you can obtain from the courts. I agree we need to bring back public shamings!

      3. Elizabeth H.

        It's a legal thing. Unless the people or a court system lets them, they have to blur the face, no matter how much harm/abuse the person did.

    62. Mareli Nunez

      Wow I feal so bad Im so gld they help DOSE PEEPS DONT KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A ANIMAL AND GET ONE

    63. Susan MinhTrang Nguyen

      RIP Sweet Babies 😢 I’m sorry humans have failed you so. Run free babies ❤️

      1. xdallas _.

        Susan MinhTrang Nguyen I haven’t watched the episode and now I’m sad 😭😭

      2. Mariam D

        I know 😭

    64. Jay KayPop

      Poor things :(

    65. Klara Kent

      Spca South Africa is my favourite out of all of them! 💚🍃💚🍃💚

    66. wolven tiger

      I wish we could see other countries. #love

    67. Makenzie Cely

      I appreciate how well the investigators addressed the hoarder situation. They acknowledge the obvious mental illness one must have to be suffering with to live in such filth and to subject animals to such horror, but they do not excuse the behavior. A hoarder living alone, in a stand-alone home, no kids, no animals, no neighboring apartments, that is a situation where I can have empathy and understanding, but once your mental illness starts to cause detriment to other beings, my willingness to forgive subsides.

    68. R O S I E E E E E E E E

      I feel bad for all of those animals ☹️

      1. Mariam D

        Dont' we all, except those who disliked :(

      2. Rüya Çetinkaya

        Yesss 😭😭

    69. Ashlyn Gillespie


    70. Julia Templen

      I gave a like for hope they are going to be okay and keep up the good work 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐕🐕🐩🐩 🐁🐁🐀🐭no mice

      1. sleepy woods77