Angry Hippo CRUSHES Antelope (Vertical Video)

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    In the ultimate act of betrayal, this hippo saves an antelope from being savaged by a pack of wild dogs, only to turn around and annihilate it himself!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Tier

      Hippo: Dont worry, I'm protecting you. Wild Dogs: Wanna team?

    2. KDUK knuckl3s

      Look out I think moto moto likes you

    3. Duke Devlan

      (Screen blacks out) he lived

    4. Raging Roadhog


    5. woe woe

      Moto moto gone wrong

    6. Ananthu Anil

      Coolest climax scene😂

    7. Jake Paul l


    8. 100 subscribers without videos? Woah

      Why i keep hearing hitler instead of hippo

    9. J Cook409

      This did not happen a week ago this is a very old video you just retitled it I will report you will be suspended

    10. zhealthcare

      Awesome !!

    11. peacock birb

      high schoolers amirite

    12. Sheikh Hassan

      When you get tired of rescuing a heroine in movies

    13. its TOUSHA

      He just saved her!!!! I don't understand

    14. Sebastian Tinoco

      I hope that hippo dies so grosmely

    15. Sebastian Tinoco

      I hate hippos

    16. Flaming Fatality

      1:44. Hyenas: My teachers Hippo: Dad Antelope: Me

    17. 17%


    18. yulna k

      short death is better than torn up

    19. AG Wolf

      I forgot how aggressive hippos are...

    20. LavenderLushLuxury


    21. LavenderLushLuxury


    22. LavenderLushLuxury

      wow damn.

    23. Lizzy Striley

      That is so mean😭😭😭

    24. dodger the pitbull

      This reminds me of scar and the hyenas

    25. Daniel D

      One thing is clear. The poor beautiful vegan animal who doesn't hurt anybody has to live a life full of suffering and despair because all those cruel animals.

    26. GracieAndLexie Slime

      At first I thought the title did cantaloupe

    27. hanna banana

      When you see it 😂💀 2:13

      1. mii mii

        hanna banana omg 🤣🤣

    28. Alberto Martinez

      1 like for that poor animal

    29. Tom Petr

      Hippos are assholes. I used to like them but I found out years ago how mean and vicious they are.

      1. SAS squad Lgm

        Tom Petr NATURE so I presume you don’t like humans then??? Or matter a fact I presume you don’t like most things that are on earth? As in there own way everything is cruel and vicious as some say humans take land from the animals making them extinct and some say animals like dog or cats are vicious

    30. No offense but

      Hippos are psycho-jungly

    31. Tomasz Kuryński


    32. Mohamad Mossab

      Instead of doggs tearing it apart painfully and slowly The hippo crushed its skull and gave it a quick death. That's how I see it

      1. Liam HD

        Wasnt really a quick death if it was being ripped apart for couple of minutes

      2. SAS squad Lgm

        As the hippo is territorial and got fed up with them not leaving so it attacked the closest creature some people keep saying the hippo made it quicker for the antilope but he didn’t he just simply attacked a creature who wouldn’t (or couldn’t) leave its territory

      3. SAS squad Lgm

        Mohamad Mossab well you are living in a happy world were everyone is nice to each other then....

    33. Faker

      and somehow this is allowed on youtube reported.

      1. SAS squad Lgm

        Faker it’s allowe as it’s a nature documentary “technically “

    34. kfunkdeluxe

      Hell is being reborn as that antelope over and over again

    35. Susan MinhTrang Nguyen

      Nature sure can be cruel at times 😢

      1. Colin Atterbury

        nature is cruel 99% of the time.

    36. Ihasfrenchfries

      I hate that that hippo pour antelope

      1. SAS squad Lgm

        Stephanie Vremaric it’s nature there, you don’t like it live on the moon XD

    37. Justin Rodman

      Yall petty for that replay

    38. Enigma Dynastyy

      This is so sad can we hit 15 likes?

      1. Enigma Dynastyy

        Nah fam it’s a meme

      2. Mich Mitchess

        DynastyyGotBuilds why still hit 15 likes if its sad?haha you trying to be famous tho

    39. Cain Marko

      Why are hippos so angry?

      1. SAS squad Lgm

        Becouse they are territorial animals think of it like someone who just chills it all day then gets disturbed

      2. Qs-ii

        Cain Marko They get fat shamed a lot.

    40. Homosexuality My Dear Watson

      I’ve always hated hippos

      1. Xbox

        oh yeah yeah

    41. thicc tits 69

      Hey that's how mafia works

    42. dannylive3000

      This clip was uploaded so many times last year

    43. Elle M

      the antelope was still moving (it's back leg) at 2:01 as the dogs drag it away tho xD

      1. SupremeBank

        anything with nerves do it

      2. Elle M

        Louise Barrowman oh I didn’t know antelope did that too but thank you for clarifying

      3. Louise Barrowman

        Amy Elle A body will still twitch after dying due to the nerves

    44. President CRingE

      When your playing with your siblings and mom comes in with a belt.

      1. Carlos Martinez Garcia

        President CRingE 😂😂

    45. Joshua Snow

      Poor thing just had no luck

    46. Anissa V Gutierrez

      And so is life

    47. Harold Ara

      One of the best video I have seen 🤭

    48. Sara Panda

      I fell so bad

      1. SAS squad Lgm

        Oww so this was a really bad fall then?

      2. me and snickers

        You fell lol

    49. ninja fishdog

      Rip :(

    50. Dylan Mccallum

      Big bully

    51. XxPotatoDerp xX

      News: We report that dogs will take over the world! Hippo:Hold my beer.

      1. WHY DO I


    52. Sun Shower

      Those are some patient dogs

    53. Mostafa Ashraf


    54. PresidentialWinner

      You know if i was the Hippo, i would have done the same thing. He realized these dogs were not gonna give up on the antelope and he didn't want them to hurt him so he just one shotted the antelope to end it's miserable existence. Or that's what i would have done in his hooves.

      1. 17%

        The Hippo just got pissed because the Antelope was pissing in the bath water

      2. Never Lucky

        Lol looks like you live in a pink world where everyone is happy and friendly

      3. Jiren The Gray

        Antelope was still alive tho. Look at its leg?

    55. DexGxd

      Hippo wasn't playing anymore

    56. That'sUnfortunate

      The hippo is a mood.

    57. Morgan Leigh


    58. Akari - chan

      poor antelope ;0;

    59. Wølfie Gacha


    60. Pigeon Fowl


    61. Anissa V Gutierrez

      Yea I figured that's why the hippo jus got rid of the antelope so the dogs would leave

    62. wolfpackgaming 5000


    63. Maurice Fuqua


    64. Jesus Hurtado

      Hi , this is amazing 😱

    65. Ayla Nelson

      I think the antelope might be dead

      1. itz_lupita _


      2. SAS squad Lgm

        The antipope was still alive it was still kicking

      3. wolfpackgaming 5000

        @Jill Cipher XD ok

      4. Jill Cipher

        Ayla Nelson Nah, he looked alright

      5. wolfpackgaming 5000

        @Never Lucky Lol gets hes body crushed by the hippo powerful jaws and getting drag by the wild dogs and getting eatin by them nah hes dead.

    66. Foxy fox22

      First ish

    67. pickle

      Like why though?

      1. nintendokings


      2. Banshee Queen

        because hippos are very aggressive when bothered

    68. Emiliano Lopez

      Cycle of life