AMAZING Kids You Wont Believe Exist



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    AMAZING Kids You Wont Believe Exist! These people and kids have talent, its incredible they actually exist! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Check out my Riddles Playlist Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      Which one of these skills would u want???

      1. Gloria Gutierrez

        ily SSSniperWolf ♥️🥺

      2. manuel zapata

        I actually can put my Foot on my head

      3. Erika Wickus

        I can bend my back into strange positions so I don't know

      4. karina pavlova

        Flexebility! But im so freaking flexible

      5. 3Glxckz

        Being smart because I’m dumb I flunked 4 times😢

    2. Orfelina Mostache

      Dark brown 👀👁🖤

    3. Ali Ar

      That's not fair I only know how to count to 1,000 in English and Spanish

    4. Farrah Workman

      I have green eyes

    5. Cece Mayhem

      I’m super flexible, I did the thing where I went into a suitcase and I freaking fit

    6. adam david

      My sister has green and brown eyes I have blue and green eyes

    7. Riane Loparo

      I can touch my right and left leg to my head but not any farther. i also have SCH but i don't have just Headeral chromeia I have sectulial headeral chromia whitch is where one of your eyes is to different colors split in halve. and the other eye is still a diffrent color i swear hack to death this all true and i do SCH



    9. Mike Lavalley

      My eyes are blue

    10. Zeeniya Imran

      That kid that fit in the suitcase isn’t unbelievable she’s just a contortionist

    11. Rose Hennings

      My niece was born with a full head of hair

    12. Brooke Roberts

      I have green and blue eyes

    13. CheckThatMark Nothing


    14. Destiny Nye

      Hazel blue

    15. mvp_tv boi


    16. Kaitlyn Ward

      I have blue eyes

    17. OlympicTheKitsune :3

      Kinda Purplish Brown

    18. Dominick Dumas

      Lol me and my cat are sitting here watching this video

    19. Gacha cookies Popcorn

      I have grey eyes

    20. Cooking Up Laughs

      When I was little and learning to read, but still couldn’t read, I would memorize the words in books to make people think I was a 3 year old that could read

      1. Cooking Up Laughs

        By the time I was in 4th grade I had a college reading level. I still am not nearly as smart as these kids!!!

    21. cfourxx

      i am a spesh i can macke plans gro be humiog

    22. Papa Stalin

      Ssniperwolf : he can count to a 100 in al ot of different languages Me : jedan dva tri cetri pet sest sedam osam devet deset ................. devedesetosam devedeset devet sto if u dident understand heres in numders 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10............98,99 100 ( this is in bosnian )

    23. Dudgy Patterson


    24. Maelyn Slawson

      blue eyes

    25. Yeet delete

      i have Green

    26. Alois Trancy

      I has gray eyes qwq

    27. Nevaeh Ballew

      Pooppy brown

    28. The Wittlets


    29. Maxime Immerzeel

      I have an IQ of 143... does that mean i’m smarter than Obama?

    30. Torsten Szkola

      No me hev Mai con

    31. Jade Miles

      Lol I am jojo siwa 😂 The Second kid is flexible

    32. Jade Miles

      The first kid is done

    33. For Me

      I can do that flex 💪🦄

    34. amber beckles

      I started reading when I was younger than 2

    35. Susan Marin

      My eyes are brown

    36. Leah Thomas


    37. Musical creature Culture

      Me: well it is not brown it’s blue

    38. Musical creature Culture

      Sniper: comment down below what is your eyecolor”

    39. Alexandria Sedlmayr

      hey i can do that with my back

    40. Andrés García

      so wird

    41. Edgaras Kriaučiūnas

      I would like flexibility bc I'm already very flexy and I have green eyes

    42. layla Robinson

      I would want the flexibility

    43. Abigail's World

      I can bind like that Im really flexible

    44. hira and her parrot

      I got red eyes

    45. howcudany1dothis

      Brown eyes

    46. Angelica's Random Channel

      Blue eyes on a cat means the cat is blind so that cat was HALF blind

    47. arsh ismail

      OMG in 10 years I have read just 2 or 1book😛

    48. Sophie Davies

      My eyes are blue

    49. Gia Francesca Furto

      the baby that climbed the wall is not just on you tube but he is also at facebook!

    50. The D.O.C.E

      Your eye is brown like the kid my eyes blue like the kid

    51. Seema Jospeh

      I have rainbow coloured eyes

    52. Maimuna Camara

      Two green eyes

    53. John Coffey


    54. x Rosey x BC x

      I can climb the walls without socks only

    55. Evie The Gem!

      3:43 i’ve got aqua eyes!

    56. Matthew Smith

      I have blue eye

    57. Inna Olofsson

      I Love inglish even more den swedesh and i am from sweden

    58. Inna Olofsson

      Blue eyes

    59. Parris Armstrong

      Or I will not subscribe

    60. Parris Armstrong

      Don’t say the d word

    61. Misty Nielsen

      My eyes are brown.

    62. I Draw

      news:people only had IQ100 and alexa has IQ160 me: omg im rare i only had lQ3


      Blue eyes

    64. Pizza M4n

      I have brown eyes

    65. Mark K

      Blue eyes

    66. Martin McGarey

      Don't no🧖

    67. Martin McGarey

      Blue eyes

    68. Nanagurl 2020


    69. Beyondlife7

      I read 43456

    70. Brittany Ward

      I have heyzl eyes