AMAZING Kids You Wont Believe Exist



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    AMAZING Kids You Wont Believe Exist! These people and kids have talent, its incredible they actually exist! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Check out my Riddles Playlist Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      Which one of these skills would u want???

      1. tsedey Kidane

        The smart girl's because I would be liked to be praised by my parents every day 🤣😣😅

      2. Kacie Chin Loy


      3. Ben Qiyi Pyraminx

        All or them

      4. Cutiebunniestar

        the flexibility one cuz im a gymnast

      5. Jaffar Fares

        all of them

    2. juan martinez


    3. Kayla Roddis

      I have green eyes. I know there boring right! id love to have brown eyes

    4. Lily Simmonds

      i have blue eyes

    5. Lily Simmonds

      the girl that can fit in a suitcase

    6. Jason Sears

      Blue &green

    7. Kyleigh Jones

      4:04 that aint fair

    8. Marianna Derhay

      i already can do that (dont do a shout out)

    9. Crazy Fun


    10. Loralai Forbes

      I would like to have the one with no spine because ya I would be a master in hide and seek

    11. Annabelle Sanders

      My eye color os brown

    12. Binta Aliyu Zurmi

      I have brown dark brown eyes

    13. Sam Lowry

      Alexis is smarter than Stephen Hawking

    14. Indira Randall


    15. Najara Robertson

      I got brown eyes

    16. lps kitty cat films

      i feel stupid and none flexible

    17. Edward Newman

      Two different colored eyes I would have

    18. Kellie ann Gray

      i have rainbow eyes its so rare in this world i am so happy to have rainbow eyes

    19. Anim3_g0dd3ss

      i have hazel eyes but sometimes they change

    20. Daniela Ruiz

      I have hazel eyes

    21. Bianka playz

      My eyes r bluish, green, yellow and they change idk y

    22. Steffi Howarth


    23. Jmclaughlin1020

      2 blue

    24. Luvsly Melaniie

      I have two different eyes colors! There Green and Grey and I'm flexible and I can do Flips and a scorpion

    25. FortniteGod -_-

      I have brown eyes

    26. Rylie Keyser

      Being flexible

    27. Rylie Keyser

      Blue eyes

    28. Michael Nunez

      i have brown iess

    29. kim hall

      green and Blue

    30. Wolf Alex

      I have two different collard eyes too

    31. Ena Archuleta

      I have blue eyes why👱‍♀️

      1. Ena Archuleta

        Fite in a box

    32. Princess Panda xx

      Heterochromia is not just your eyes, I have it and one of my hands is much lighter than the rest of my skin. It’s just a lack of melanin in a certain part of your body 😀

    33. Sanjay Paul

      I hate

    34. Nayima Bernal

      I’m flexible once a kid called me a witch for bending my back to much

    35. Melida Ayala

      My back is hella flexible I can do all that stufft he girls did sooo I went to gymnastics for 9years

    36. Kiara Craig

      My eyes colour are blue and green 😊😊😊

    37. Shadow Cadet

      Brown eyes

    38. maia humphries

      and i am VERY FLEXIBLE!!!

    39. maia humphries

      i have one green eye and one blue eye

    40. Sarah Hall


    41. Sarah Hall

      The president you know he did school 40 years ago and the little ones still do school

    42. Sarah Hall

      They are spine less each Sofi Dosi

    43. Sarah Hall

      I can do the slits thing

    44. Sarah Hall

      Wach Sofi Dosi

    45. Alyssa Craig

      Green blue

    46. Tracy Ventimiglio

      me & my brother both were born w/ a full head of hair.... lolololololololol

    47. Kiera Davis

      Hazal and brown

    48. chloe krupp

      I have brown but on halloween they turn green

    49. Blueberry Kids

      Well I don't know which one I would won't because I can do a lot of them so yeah but maybe aww I don't know. So I will just think 😄❤

    50. Blueberry Kids

      You know who Sofie dossi is a US-newR too And I can bend my back to my thys🌈🦄

      1. Kelly Mendez

        Blueberry Kids *thights

    51. Brigita Zuzic

      HEY im 8 years old too so yeah

    52. Ted may

      I 👀 chanj coller

    53. WWE KEVIN

      I have blue and red 😎😆😆😆😆

    54. Bacem Allali


    55. pøțåťåš føř_łïfė

      And I had IQ of 156 when I was young?

    56. pøțåťåš føř_łïfė

      Um I have the IQ of 180?

    57. EVlog Hough

      I have an IQ of 140 and can read a full 500 page book or 20 chapter book in a couple of days. I could read when I was 2. But the problem was that if I shared that news nobody believed me.😢 My friends had twins and one was bald one had a full head of hair!

    58. Joanne Nyilas

      Some of those seems like trolls.

    59. Amber Shimkus

      My eyes are 3 colours they change from blue green and gray but we my brothers as born to when he was 3 his eyes where 2 different colours blue and green but now there a dark brown

    60. Wolf Gaming


    61. Wolf Gaming

      I have blue and brown

    62. Emma Mills

      My color eye is Tyffani

    63. Vener Tv

      I have all gray eyes and they are not hasel

    64. Lilit Asoyan

      Blue what colour are your eyes

    65. Gacha WorksStudios

      I have hazel eyes

    66. yepit'sstilleleven

      I want to be REALLY flexible. Like the last 2 girls

    67. yepit'sstilleleven

      The girl who can fit in a suit case, she might even a contortionist

    68. dixie bruggeman

      I got 190 iq on both sides on my brain or head and I’m 9 years old my name is McKenna Wright

      1. Gacha Samantha TheGamer

        No one cares and you're lying

    69. dixie bruggeman

      I got 190 iq