Amazing Inventions That Actually Exist



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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      helllooOooO friends Hope ur having a swell monday

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      2. Jose Chavez

        I love you

      3. liam Lowell

        I love sssniperwolf

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      5. Mary Kisakye

        My favorite french messy hair US-newr

    2. Watts


    3. Sarah Wheatley

      Why Lia always say "wham bam yes mama" It doesn't make since

    4. XxGrassy_Fox

      Title : “ inventions that actually exist!” Lia: “this is a future thing it’s coming!”

    5. ACB IXI

      70% floor is lava 20% random 9% hate\ FUTURE STICK 1% I d k

    6. jael Cacuyog

      Have you herd of mittens

    7. Lulu Love Plays

      4:36 why does it look like the phones on nick

    8. Bibi Ayala

      Not cute now

    9. Eminado Kiss

      this was on my lil sis bday

    10. Ashley Brown

      That treadmill in the water is usually for people in physical therapy. I have sickle cell and use one to help strengthen my back and the treadmill has handles to help stay on it. hope I helped answer your questions.

    11. I love Mcr

      I’m actually not that easily cold so I guess not all girls get easily cold

    12. Alpha. Wolfyggs

      The laser keyboard is real 2019 anyone?... Wait it is 2019 😐

    13. midnight queen

      describe your mom with one word:helpful

    14. Queen Amari

      Why can't these inventions be out now?????

    15. Kane Marechal

      if you have a cold pool could you put it in there and boom warm water

    16. Amaya Avila

      9:34 My mom has that scale

    17. Joan Cairo

      You are funny

    18. Barbara Schulz

      Men, the word is men!

    19. Summer Montrone


    20. Natalie Klimt

      We have one of those scales at my house

    21. KODY REIDY

      This is how many time she said wa bam 💥 man

    22. Ericka Martin

      It is a thing

    23. Refugio Flores

      SSSniperwolf their is a heater jacket

    24. Luis Son

      WAM BAM YES MA'M hi sssniper Wolf me and my friend talk about how cool you are

    25. Cindy Rodriguez

      The hologram keyboard DOES WORK. 😊I watched a US-newr try it it’s SHOO COOL

    26. Serena Thompson

      What if your phone’s dead

    27. Kai Reed

      9:24 who grows that much hair on their back

    28. Lucy Mckenna

      If you put boiling water in a glass (MADE OUT OF GLASS) it will smash no question. Don’t believe me? Try it I dare you.

    29. Kate Kitty4409

      yes the L.E.D keyboard works because i saw it on LANKYBOX

    30. That anonymous lams shipper

      I have a see-through toaster

    31. Jose Chavez


    32. PinappleGamer

      I already knew that the under water treadmill was a thing bc they use it for dogs physical therapy!! BUT NOW FOR PPL!!

    33. Wolfiezzqueen _YT

      Wolf in 🇦🇪 we start the week at Sunday not Monday

    34. Bobbi Cline

      Like, im just finna heat my water up with my mini fridge

    35. XPuppy _LoverX

      3:30 not showing off but I'll its real because I have one and they are hella AWESOME!

    36. Pimp mo420

      The cure 2 cancer exists no joke

    37. Alanah Grayer


    38. Road Rage Boiii

      I’m colder than every girl I meet but when it’s 20d c I’m cold

    39. Anime lover

      an app to open your door?!

    40. Curious_ Lobster

      I'M a dude and have never had hair on my back, never understand it

    41. Brody Marimon

      3:22 works but it does Not work well


      How old are you

    43. Effie Zach


    44. AllaboutAlicia

      Humans knows how to upgrade technology. But doesn’t know how to save the Earth.

    45. Paige Coke

      Hey are we friend Wolf

    46. Tyler Flash9

      Airpods trumpet

    47. Emma_love Cz

      For the lazer keyboard yes it works my friend as one.

    48. Jaida Alvarez

      Idk but, she should make some "wam bam yes mam'm " merch

    49. Kenna Kue

      That girl’s buns are better Girl: **twerks**

    50. Gamer Go

      2:30 this is not for me literally 2:31 gasps this is for me

    51. Jubileen Tamayo

      Tachnically an airplane is a flying car🤔

    52. abby g

      my room stays cold i just cover up and watch youtube

    53. Lilacglooming

      We pretty much do have flying cars..planes they have wheels they have wings they carry people BOOM flying car

    54. Unique Monique

      Lia: A folding phone... it's the future iPhone: Wtf...Is this I'm wayyyy better Folding Phone: Heh You wish

    55. ErikaShea:P

      Underwatr treadmills exist already for dogs doing physical therapy

    56. Ethan Reed

      i eat chicken apple sausages

    57. pipanoma gamer

      Im a girl im a fricking polar bear I hate the heat

    58. Gether T

      The glass will shatter in the boiling water 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    59. Gachawolf 29

      My dad and mom both have heated jackets and they winter jackets they are so 😎

    60. Jacqueline Unverzagt


    61. ツꜱᴜɴꜱᴇᴛ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ

      I once tried a treadmill in a pool before, it's was so cool!

    62. Summer LeBrell

      Wam bam yes ma,am

    63. Summer LeBrell

      Why do you say cuss?did you know I love your Chanel ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    64. Dora The Explorer

      Lia the jacket heater thing is already a thing in Tennessee

    65. Elektra Myrt

      Reason why don’t buy a heated jacket Is it Could catch on fire same with the blankets

    66. Esosa Okoro

      theres a flying taxi

    67. savedge_cloud

      wdym boys are always warm im always freezing cold

    68. Lola Aalderks

      Sssniper wolf putting a toaster in bread lol

    69. bri_stiel _

      With heat there's fire, with fire theres explosions, with explosions theres death 😂

    70. Erin Shadel

      7:44...i know lia means well but i got a bit triggered when she was bashing on the in-water treadmill. My uncle got in an accident 1.5 years ago and he had severe brain trauma. He's made good progress but he still is working on strengthening his non-dominant side. To help, he walks on an underwater treadmill in therapy to take the weight of gravity off. If he had one of those at home he could possibly progress more so. yea that's my take on it