Amazing Inventions That Actually Exist



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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      helllooOooO friends Hope ur having a swell monday

      1. MemeGoddess Who loves doggo

        I am having a swell Monday ❤️

      2. Andrew villa

        I have capa tryouts today and its 1:25 am where I am...I CANT SLEEP!!

      3. Elijah Aranda

        I hate Mondays but u fix it

      4. Yasmiris1982

        SSSniperWolf lol I always have a swell Monday

      5. afkaz

        Y3s thank you

    2. Sunny Lyrics

      Me: Watching in 2020 Sssniperwolf: there’d be a cure to all diseases Corona: *exsists*

    3. xcloudy_

      “It’s safe to say, I failed.” *me trying to do a bun* *”why the heck couldn’t my mom teach me how to do a simple bun”*

    4. Magical Chicken

      1st off touch me im super warm 2nd its because men have more blood

    5. Samantha Ehresman

      The point of the running underwear is for less pressure on your body mostly people who are injured or for people who are old

    6. Mariy Mariya

      2020 is the best(jk we have the coronaveires)

    7. Apple White World

      My dad has that for his phone like a 3-D camera it’s the same thing ! !!!! !

    8. Livvy Clarke

      They need to make heated slippers 🥶🦶🏻🦶🏻

    9. Audrey Hanrahan

      I have one of the scales at home and you have to put in the code of the food to get the nutrition facts

    10. Cassie Cooke

      Mommy the best in the world

    11. Mia Cavanaugh

      Hi everyone im a girl who is weird

    12. Lamar Al Deeb

      ι αм αℓωαуѕ ωαям αи∂ ι αм α girl

    13. Patrick Mcerlean

      Lia:IN 2020 I THOUGHT WE WOULD HAVE FLYIN CARS vs....meh:I know a way but nobody has thought about it (hint)a different road material people is stoopid now a days tho -.-

    14. Alana Higgins

      You should do a reaction video on "The Tucker Zone".

    15. { Its me ANGEL }

      Hello! Lia im a new subscriber of ya gurl (•Δ•

    16. Brianna Gage

      SniperWolf: the year is 2019! Me: wait what it's 2020

    17. Jeanette Klopchin

      THE YEAR IS 2020

    18. Geo Sanchez

      A heat jacket would catch on fire

    19. Charlotte White

      This is Wednesday sssniperwolf

    20. Luna Moonlight

      I am super warm and I want to be cold:( not all girls are always cold:)

    21. Ricky Walker

      I love how they be like oOf

    22. Magic World


    23. Dee Miller


    24. john doe


    25. Big Chunga’s


    26. Ninni Helenelund

      We got the heating jacjet or maybe it's more of a vest but yea

    27. Megan Cross

      what does XD mean?

    28. Kaeshaun Golding

      SSSniperwolf didn't know about Samsung Fold

    29. Katie Lewandowskyj

      🤩 wow you are very cool 😎.

    30. sharon and jerome Magno

      Me: its already 2020 Alex:oh i thought it is 2019 ME: BRUH YOU DUMB

    31. Kodie Palen

      My mom has a heated jacket but not heated by phone

    32. Katharina Prinzessin


    33. Brian Yue

      The keyboard works by dectecting the position of your fingers in order to determine the key you pressed

    34. tingying liu

      Nothing happened in 2020 only SARS outbreak came into Taiwan(台灣)

    35. Elizabeth Lantigua

      Your butt is messy fix it

    36. Jill Bailey

      In the beginning part you said something about eating spaghetti yeah I can't have that because I have an expander in my mouth with is basically metal

    37. Adriana Trifan

      (2:28-2:31) Sssniperwolf: This is not for clumsy people like me. Sssniperwolf: *sees the next one* Sssniperwolf: *gasp* :O this is for meee

    38. Kathleen Argueta


    39. Corey w

      We have a see through toaster

    40. Shyanne Hunter

      imaginIf you’re trying to get to your phone but there’s a burglar or you unlock the door for him

    41. Deborah Ham

      We had holograms in 2016

    42. Deborah Ham

      We do have flying cars

    43. Aamra Rafiq

      The heater jacket is a thing I HAVE IT!

    44. Peyton Dunn

      You are my favorite US-newr😊

    45. Lisa  Mahon

      who is waching in 2020 like if so😂😂

    46. DeclareWar4Jesus 1

      I'm confused

    47. Sophea Souza

      Who is watching this in 2020? -->

    48. Lenny Boy Matthews

      So weird

    49. Livylou_07

      the thin clear phone made me very uncomfortable wHy?

    50. Ashlyn Carmichael

      Lia : "With fire theres explosions.." Me : "And with both of those, theres Bakugo (Kacchan)."

    51. LilPotato_Gaming!

      SSSniperwolf: 2020 I thought there'd be flying cars and "there'd be a cure to all the diseases out there". 2020: Coronavirus: Hold my tissue box

    52. Xxgacha_devilan OOFF

      The vr or HD one in the picture or sum is real my mom did it once I don’t know how my dad send it to her

    53. Beaudee Martinez

      What about Nokia The phone company makes a little screen that pops up

    54. Natasha Wilson

      I hope you have a blessed weekend

    55. Heather Flack

      Yet its 2020 and people are dieing from the Corana virus

    56. Arty Isla

      2 0 2 0 ?

    57. Russell Griffin


    58. Jacqueline Servin

      It’s 2020

    59. Asta Lodahl

      * me watching this on a Friday* Wait what!!!

    60. Hazelfox Sava

      ;hair is neat

    61. Hazelfox Sava

      2020 is bad

    62. Dongsu Pak

      I have a complane you talk too much

    63. Anoushka Mohan

      0:13 im in 2020 THERE IS CORONAVIRIS sorry no cure until 2021

    64. Chen George

      It’s so cool

    65. Froxen Wolf

      I love it when she says Wam bam yes ma'am

    66. Laura Cogburn

      Umm actually there's a new virus called the corona virus and it is in China and some parts of japan

    67. Fenderman74 Hubbard

      Who ever is watching this in 2026 leave a like

    68. Sandra McPherson


    69. robert williams

      im in 3039

    70. Breezoill

      I love wofl