Amazing FOOD ART Challenge



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    Amazing FOOD ART Challenge
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Amazing FOOD ART Challenge


    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Bai Ling

      Do u realize when she said lilltle monster she put the face of the monster in teach yr monster how to read LIKE IF U AGREE PLZZZZZ

    2. Jimmy Pham

      Save the turtles Azzy don't eat them

    3. Xx snow white pup xX

      AWELS ARE ALIENS D: sr to tell ya

    4. Papaya Okdaz

      Two ladybugs landed on me😎

    5. Wolfertdawolf22

      I love your vid. They are amazing azzy

    6. sophia lloyd

      7:50 so the turtles are dyeing from azzy eating them and them getting straws stuck in there nose

    7. LightningGymnastics T.A&K.P

      Tbh I became afraid of caterpillars the same way

    8. Nini Stanic

      i love your outro

    9. Gatcha_livv

      One like is one balony flower for azzy

    10. Maria Gonzalez


    11. Desiree Rose

      👸 👗 👠

    12. Lalalalisa_m

      Did anyone notice Azzy’s vids are becoming food vids recently

    13. richard wang


    14. Andrea Keith

      Everyone:whO LovEs AZzy No one: AZzy: wowowowowow

    15. Karen Ledger

      *Ever heard of an Octo-dog???*

    16. Poosh Pash

      Hey Azzy my appendix was removed too but I was only 7 when it happened 😊

    17. Khole Tucker

      i loooooooove turtles

    18. *- Sofichu -*

      SO i saved a caterpillar one time- so there was this caterpillar on a tree and i was standing under it and the caterpillar fell and landed in MY HAIR. i did not know, and when i saw it i jumped. i got it out of my hair and put it back to nature. :D

    19. lifewithMari Mari

      Save the truttles

    20. idkdaniel

      5:39 Azzyland: it’s raining raisins Me: would you choke yourself

    21. Doggie_an _Kittylover

      Hey my mom said when she got a house she would get me and my brother a hedgehog and let us take care of it!

    22. pedro tlatenchi

      Azzy do you have a baby azzy?

    23. jil herrera

      did you see cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2? bc there are FRUIT ANIMALS you would love it!

    24. milo tin can

      but strawberry’s aren’t berry’s

    25. Merav Ross

      For a second I thought about making one of these, but then I realised that I was in bed.

    26. Zisky nisky

      I had a caterpillar as my pet but it died :(

    27. Mike Buchan

      I love catipilers

    28. Mike Buchan

      Pufer fish 🐠

    29. Cooki Crisp

      Ash it’s real easy to do but just make a sandwich and then get a heart cookie cutter and then cut it and then you have a heart sandwich Or you can use a cookie cutter in any shape

    30. Alexandria Ames

      I know I’m commenting again but the turtle joke at the end was really cool I want to say it to my friends but then u could sue me for coping u

    31. Alexandria Ames


    32. Erin Johnson


    33. Amira Hawks

      I didn’t get any of those

    34. Britt Gonzalez

      Who’s excited for Halloween 🎃 👻 👇🏻

      1. Diamond Daisy787


      2. If Kenny Was My Dad


    35. fox lps plush productions

      When I was young I saw a yellow Caterpillar and touched it

    36. anouk demers

      It à snake

    37. Tufa Begum

      Roses are red Ketchup is too! I got a like👍 But why is it blue 💙 I love azzyland who doesn't too? I know you do too😊

    38. Melany Howell

      Apparently caterpillars to azzy look like snakes

    39. Guido Zoller


    40. Barbara Benito

      Butterfly s in my stomach 😝

    41. Judithlee Eats

      One time I was laying down in my room then a lady bug landed on me😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋Now i have goodluck!

    42. Garrett Woolsey

      I love this video

    43. Pundertale Fan

      I guessed the chicken family before you. And that was it. We guessed the crab at the same time. :03

    44. Lorry Lemire

      No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: WhO ElSe LoVeS aZzY? 👇🏻

      1. Yli Kitty

        No one: Literally noone: Not even a single soul: 9 year olds: WhO eLsE lOvEs AzZy?

      2. Lorry Lemire

        Marshmallow Puff Ya I messed up sorry.

      3. Marshmallow Puff

        You did it all wrong

    45. Jeff Kelly

      you are the best youtuber ever azzy

    46. Abernally s

      “Zero effort to own this fish, you don’t have to feed it, you don’t have to clean it” -Azzy 2019 I give my pet fish baths idk about u tho (Don’t do that it kills the fish it’s already in water it doesn’t need a bath 😂)

    47. Mikaela Donna

      Cool ya

    48. juliana bright

      what about bacon flowers?

    49. Sue Kray

      It's a butterfly NOT a dragonfly

    50. Emily S

      Mr. Krabs

    51. Ann Randall

      I will get back with you, NICOLE

    52. Fun Time with JASIR!!!

      What if we marry each other because story broke up with you and we probably can have a lobster as a pet and have babies🎃😍😎💪

    53. G Friend

      Am i the only one who wants to see azzy do this leave a like if you want azzy to try this

    54. Dija Animates

      These people are creating masterpieces while I am struggling to peek an apple

    55. Flower-bees Gacha lifë

      The thing is will all of the food taste good together??.

    56. Wolfie Starz

      Commented and liked

    57. Gamer girl Crazzywof

      Azzy: that is so cute Me:and it taste even better

    58. Analyn Labrum

      Azzy: better bigger better

    59. xX MysteriousE Xx

      5:56 Two years ago a lady bug landed on me and I freaked out!

    60. Rasmus Segerlund


    61. Rasmus Segerlund


    62. Emma Anderstedt


      1. Emma Anderstedt


    63. Emma Anderstedt


      1. Emma Anderstedt

        So cute

    64. grace heaton

      "I can't eat this! He has a family!!!! (The chicken family out of eggs)"-Azzy 2019 The evil Me: Well...JUST EAT THE FAMILY FIRST! BAM! Now he has no family so you can eat him! The real me: LET THEM LIVE!!!

    65. Veronica Herington-Reese


    66. rianna yong

      Me:mom I don’t wanna eat vegetables Mom:idc all I want is that you don’t waste it Me:ok😉 *makes vegetable animal*

    67. Gacha Unicorn

      I'm not ready for the year I turn 16. That October 13th is on a freaking FRIDAY. So....yeah. 1 like = one hedgehog for me and Azzy :) (*i just wanna see who wants to give Azzy and me a hedgehog. Plus I love these creative type comments*)

    68. Rickity Rock

      ...I want a hotdog slinky...

    69. Zally’s Toy Reviews

      It is not a catapiller it is a snake