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    Trick shots from all your favorite sports!
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    Comment: I remember the OG Boom Stick!
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Dude Perfect

      throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍 thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton

      1. るびちゃねる


      2. XX Abzi52 XX


      3. Naveed Malik

        Come to india

      4. Merica

        @B T a

      5. FJTA

        5:55 THANK YOU!!

    2. mir kino

      Can you show us failed scenes

    3. BRO Army

      I got 11 skeet blitz blaster

    4. Mattia Carvetta

      Skeet blitz blaster Skeet blitz blaster Skeet blitz blaster Easy.

    5. Станислав Чернецов

      Охренеть!!! Как это вас все получается??? Это какими же надо быть координированными!!!

    6. Amanda Bankson

      I remember the OG Boom Stick

    7. Ondet Cyrbja

      Is the bowiling far shot real

    8. John Thomas

      Crazy part is, Anyone of us could make these same exact video's...


      you guys are so cool

    10. Gdasher 512

      Mini golf trick shots?

    11. J JONES

      They don't make these shots its video edits frfr

    12. Tofa Muhammad


    13. Squeezable Cuber

      sepak takraw hmmmm

    14. Ty Schmidt

      Didn’t expect a fake bowling throw from my childhood legends

    15. Pentius

      At 2:30 he has no shoes then magically puts flip flops on his feet a couple seconds later xD

    16. Choodu Samir

      Чо блять

    17. Dylan Steinbach

      Need a map of the route the bowling ball took lol

    18. george w

      You missed out rugby 😢

    19. Mariya Bawa

      next volleyball trick shot plzz

    20. Ghenadie Suns

      do another all sports golf battle.

    21. Lars De Rooij

      Ty i did it

    22. Cyanide

      Cricket trickshots for all the aussies out there like me? Like if you agree

    23. Fernando Rios

      2 strikes you're out smh 😒

    24. Vortex Night

      Weres baton

    25. emerconelvie

      Thats like my badminton racket

    26. Tim Branagan

      Sick as


      I did 12

    28. Not Official

      They are the toppers of physics

    29. Redmi Note7

      I from thailand

    30. Nicholas L

      which stadium where they at?

    31. Dominic Trzcinski

      i said skeet blitz blaster 5 times fast

    32. Monkey God

      How do you do it

    33. It's gabers c

      tyler should be on tv and play golf lol.

    34. Scott Goodnite

      Big time fan

    35. Scott Goodnite

      How do they do the trick shots

    36. Muslim girl

      Play cricket

    37. Mubuso-Taurai Zamchiya

      To the people who disliked what were you looking for when you clicked it

    38. Cris S. Caleigh

      Can one of u be my gym teacher? XD

    39. lord headass

      Where was rugby, hurling, gaelic football and cricket

    40. davi 274

      This is real ????

    41. RayKay

      All the fans are right here dude 4:20

    42. Tiger

      Is this fake?

    43. Sheng

      What about squash? Come on guys

    44. Bekyk Music

      Volllyball trick shots

    45. Bekyk Music

      Lax trick shots

    46. Romelia Morales

      They are the best

    47. JasonWithIcey

      Why isn't anyone talking about Garret's spinning gong shot? He kicked it with his LEFT foot.

    48. Jose Renteria

      You forgot soccer

    49. Clix-Rowan

      So basically all of your videos in one video...

    50. I'm BROKEN

      7:01 that's hurt

    51. Wynn Ramsey

      Oh, it’s normal to put a needle on a $100 football

    52. Diego González

      Alguien español????

    53. Ívar Jónsson

      You forgot swiming

    54. Ghost of Hollonest

      If it ain’t broke

    55. Lil Gamer


    56. Keithfliper 2008

      I did it

    57. Roy Beddington

      dude he roaked that football😂

    58. Koel Whaley

      But in baseball there is 3 strikes

    59. Luca Balani

      You’re my favorite US-new or‘s can you subscribe to my US-new channel click on the icon

    60. Derek Parmer

      I beat the skeet blits blaster challenge actually got over 6 i got 13

    61. Jowel guerrero

      Im a big fan of you and i want to try something

    62. FJTA

      5:55 THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!

    63. OscarM452

      Imagine saying all sports then leaving out the 2nd biggest in the world, cricket.

    64. Aileen Mueller

      Theme Park stereotypes

    65. Cyril Jones

      dude, dude perfect x nike would be so cool, like the dp could be two nike swooshes man.

    66. Johnny channel45

      Dude perfect office stereotypes??

    67. Troll Block217

      I know I'm late but..... Where are my Badminton playas at?

    68. Ana Watson

      say hi to the twins for me

    69. Devin Barta

      like if HOCKEY TRICKSHOTS!!!!!!! I I

    70. Fujoぴ〜

      I appreciated that shoutout to badminton players