Aladdin Angry Trailer Reaction!



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    AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the full Aladdian Trailer, does Will Smith look any better as the Genie? Find out!
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. AngryJoeShow

      I have no idea why this video is only 360p, apparently US-new is having processing issues at the time we uploaded it, some 6 hours later its still not in HD. Hopefully it will go HD at some point. If not this will be our only 360p video lol.

      1. Playoba

        If Gilbert Gottfried ain't in it as jago I ain't watching it.

      2. Delphine Dofain

        Watched it at 144p, worth it!

      3. Squall

        AngryJoeShow disappointed in u! Appropriate jasmine ? She’s like 10 shades lighter and not even from the heritage but I guess all u care about is Mexican culture!!!

      4. تم تهكير القناة

        Even Facebook and Instagram have Error last hours this is wired I know what's happening It's the Apocalypse

      5. jose esquivel

        Cause even US-new feels like no matter the resolution it's in, the actual movie will still suck no matter how you see it.

    2. Filiz Booday

      They should have made an animated Genie instead of a blue stupid ass Will smith. And that Jafar one?! WTF! HE’S not even close to look like Jafar. That’s just pathetic..

    3. Schmitty

      Who would of thought everybody in the middle east are professional dancers and singers.

    4. jesuslikedpie

      One thing I hate about "A list" celebrities is that they refuse to not be recognized. Genie should be bigger, rounder, and always blue. Or Will Smith as Deadshot spends most of the movie with his mask off. The only time Will Smith ever pretends to be someone else he uses a crappy African accent that makes you wish he would just do his normal thing. The movie does look alright.

    5. Danni Jensen

      "... cave of wonders..." and then he walks into a room with no color and a skylight shining in the wrong spot. A cave of wonders should not look so boring, and yet... congratulations Disney you failed yet again.

    6. Link Hybrid

      Poor Will Smith. I respect him because he is an Amazing outstanding Actor and then the Producers doing this...... Omg

    7. Jorge Batres

      I think snoop dog would make a good jafar

    8. fajar adi Pradana

      I can show you "za warudo"

    9. abmong

      "You think you can even find someone you looks like jaffar" Yes! Ghassan Massoud, F. Murray Abraham, Ben Kingsley, Oded Fehr, Alexander Siddig, Saïd Taghmaoui, Raza Jaffrey Anyone of those guys would've made a better Jafar

    10. Ricardo

      all of the scenes that the new jafar has in this trailer is supposed to be "friendly" so I guess they have more in store for the movie.. maybe he will be as creepy as the animated once yall watched it.. give this guy a chance lmao

    11. BigBeard

      @AngryJoeShow look at Ben Kingsley as Jafar.... I’ll wait.

    12. Mo El

      Genie turned his look into a human during the Palace Parade.

    13. Versus2000

      Disney: We're going to make this 100% authentic. Also Disney: Casts a 25 year old Naomi to play a 14 year old Jasmine.

    14. Glitch Lord

      03:45 joe childhood memories back in that minute ^_^

    15. Jeff Wentz

      Yessss. I honestly think will Smith is perfect for that role! I always held will Smith up there next to Robin Williams. ❤️🤙🏻

    16. Eatmyass

      Does any one else think that this looks cheap as hell? Lmao is jafar played by Mohammed bin salman? The prince is already a villain so it fits perfectly

    17. kurojima

      i honestly hope this and lion king remake just flop hard at the box office, disney needs to stop with these unecessary crappy live action remakes

      1. aj pat

        The live-action Aladdin is going to be a trainwreck. It's all f**ked up.😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

    18. gamer1000%

      The jafar they used in "once apon a time" i thought worked realy well

    19. Carolyn

      Jafar must have that aging disorder, because I remember him having a much deeper and more threatening voice.

    20. AaronGoose

      Still looks wack, poor choice of actors too

    21. Iris Dawn Pangan

      Is it just me or it feels like "T-Series"? jk.. It does feel like Bollywood to me.

    22. albert fish

      It does seem like a big budget bollywood film featuring guest star Will Smith

    23. rcmgamer218

      People are bashing Will Smith for how Genie looks. First of all, not his fault; I doubt Will had anything to do with the design. Second, I’m sure will is going to give it his all, so let’s see how he does

    24. Samuel Taylor

      :45 😂😂

    25. koopa159

      Song sounds good, wish the movie looked good.

    26. FireFlameHawk17/KiritoGTV

      Ij the original the genie wasnt all the time blue from time and time he would go into a human form and then his real genie form but for live action i think they will use genies human form more and i would work better

    27. Warm Pond

      Will Smith's genie reminds me of Shaqs genie. Who else remembers that movie?

    28. Ena Vuckovic

      Oded Fehr would be a perfect Jafar

    29. Aaron Alexander

      I may be acting a bit petulant but I almost feel as if Will Smith is becoming annoying.

    30. Sundincubus

      I could be worse. At least in this movie, some of the actors/actress are not white actors/actress playing the role of middle eastern characters.

    31. fairygamer77

      Actor playing sorcerer Jafar looks wtf.. And his voice omgggg smfh. Patrick Stewart or Ben kingsly please!!!

    32. Power King879

      Should’ve gotten ghassan massoud to cast as jaffar,I mean look at him in his role as Saladin in kingdom of heaven,he’s definitely got that jaffar look,plus he’s Arab.Either him or Ben Kingsley.

    33. InfiniteUltima

      That actually looked way better. Wish Jaffar had a deeper scarier voice for sure. Looks good!

    34. Stephen B. Smith

      They should have made Jasmine sexier. Get a hotter actress.

    35. Kraflyn

      they sing? i'll pass :D

    36. Alexis Morales

      0:43 F@cking KSI XD

    37. Weather Report

      It looks, alot fucking better xd

    38. Dogma

      This movie looks horrible rest in peace childhood

    39. lhalls9116

      Refering live action movies a theme park ride. See joe you are a legit movie reviewer. Thats perfect

    40. niqhtt

      Oded Fehr from Once Upon a Time was really good

    41. Darius Lithav

      If will smith had any intelligence he should of told them to make the ginnie look like the old one but just CGI, we never saw the ginnie in human form so it would not matter what face you gave him as the ginnie besides will Smith's face that's just fucked up.

    42. Goran Unkovski

      Should have cast Jazzy Jeff as Jaffar. Opportunity missed :-(

    43. HiP3R SniP3R

      Do your 2 just complain just for the sake of it?

      1. HiP3R SniP3R

        Samuel H. I am aware of that, but they just moan for the sake of it

      2. Samuel H.

        Do you know what a critic is? They're critics... So yeah.

    44. Walter Thatcher

      09:00 - I don't get this new conspiracy theory US-newr after US-newr is talking about. He DOES go into human form in the original. One example is the entire Prince Ali performance. Still, I hear sooo many US-newrs repeating the totally untrue statement that he neeever goes into a human form in the original.

    45. derekisazombie39

      Disney just needs to stop. This looks awful.

      1. aj pat

        Aladdin remake is the tip of the iceberg.

    46. Bear Knight

      Just listened to what Joe said about Trump supporters. I was one of your biggest fans. I guess you think a party that calls its political enemies human garbage is ok. They also say we should not be able to speak. They also want to disarm us. This is exactly what socialist authoritarians always do, then comes the rounding up of political dissidents. Your party preaches hate, while screaming BIGOT the loudest. Only those with closed minds are listening at this point.

    47. zachary grabowski

      Y’all are judging this movie too hard, it’s gonna be it’s own film and different version but still will reference the old memorable scenes.

    48. Arbaal The Undefeated

      A Travesty! The actor playing Jafar is a miscast! Jafar should be older, look more evil/menacing/experienced and does not have a light smooth voice like that of the actor! The actor is too young, not intimidating enough and has a too light and soft voice! Should have used Woody Allen as Jafar, Danny DeVito as the Genie, Melissa McCarthy as Jasmin and Dolph Lundgren as Aladdin! It is an indian legend after all!

    49. Carlos Medina

      I really like the trailer! The only thing I'm mad about is that Jasmin has a deeper voice than Jaffar... COME ON!

      1. SoyHugmonster


    50. Deform 2018

      I might actually watch this remake, it doesn't look that bad.

    51. The Aussie Ninja

      They're turning classics into bloody horror movies O_o

    52. Jack Mills

      Screw these Disney remakes! where is my Dinosaur sequel?

    53. wu1ming9shi

      Nothing beats the actual animated movie and that's not because of nostalgia. I don't know why but the cartoon felt far more alive.


      Kind of fuck the original.


      Hafar looks like the guy that sent him for the lamp though, even though it is more of a cup.


      The blue man group is crazy


      Will smith uses his makeup


      Mine has


      Has your channel ever been taken down


      Kind of like in the cartoon, wont you guys get a copyright strike


      Hagar turns into an old man


      Some how the Aladdin girl is in the princess universe


      The Goni can make you a prince vs the fairy god mother


      The Goni can grant any wish


      I am going to see the avengers 4.


      What application do you use for your special effects, what was that one video of those black people. Did you do a teaser trailer reaction, this is the more realistic version of Aladdin after Star Wars was bought by Disney.


      Will Smith is black, and blue.


      Will Smith is on youtube as well.

    69. Zachary S.

      This looks very similar to the Aladdin plays that are put on, and if it is, I think this will be a surprisingly good movie.

    70. Mash V

      What's with the bollywood feeling in this, while it should be Arabian?

    71. JonJon

      They should’ve made jim Carey the genie

    72. Solo Lolo

      This should look like the Sega Genesis Aladdin but it doesn't. Hard pass. There is no colorful fantasy and sparkly magic of the Disney film. Where are the colorful carpets and starry Persian nights? 🤣

    73. tsohgallik

      Ben Kingsley as Jafar...

    74. JAmericanGamer

      Lol Purple dildo Will Smith! Also JAFFAR WAS there WHERE?!

    75. Max Towers

      On an upside, seeing Will Smith in blue paint makes me think that there is a really good movie Will backed away from to film this.. (Matrix jab)

    76. rohit bisht

      Lot's of colours, lot's of dancing, brown actors. Feels like a bollywood movie.

    77. The Urik Show

      Going to be so dumb

    78. murfeel1

      I'm still pretty meh. These live actions never fully capture the charm of the animated versions. The music sounds terrible; I wish they'd done brand new songs, with a more cultural Arabic sound and flair, Bollywood or something, cuz all I'm gonna do is compare the movie to the cartoon. As it stands now? 5/10.

      1. murfeel1

        I swear, the best ones I've seen to date is when they do something completely different, like the Brandy Cinderella or Ever After vs the cartoon Cinderella; or the John Leguizamo Aladdin vs this Aladdin. Stop with the frame for frame song for song live remakes, Disney!

    79. Cole Solo

      What is that beautiful outro song?!

    80. iulix max


    81. kukuh iman putra raharja

      aladdin - rapper version. with will smith as the main star.

    82. Silver_Hawkeye

      Ben Kingsley should have played Jafar. Perfect for the role. Or Ghassan Massoud.

    83. Kevin Mahoney

      It kind of makes me wonder... If Robin Williams was still alive if he would have been in this movie.

    84. THE SUN

      will smith the smurf point at the screen and laugh LOL!!!!!

    85. Ivann Souza

      the auto focus is bogas at the end.

    86. A Torgerson

      Do not see how this improved over the animated version. WHY sink millions into a live action version of a movie you already have the franchise / rights too?

    87. z Scuzzy

      Why is aladdin a white man + not indian

    88. Star Villager

      That is some serious muslim shit movie, eww..

    89. FPrimusUnicron

      in fact i wasnt interested by the first trailers but this one really sold me, though i will have to agree jafar lacks....something

    90. John Smith

      Jafar still sucks though

    91. ibmor Joe

      Once again hollweird white out the characters. Real indians are brown to darkskin

    92. ibmor Joe

      It was either will smith or the rock.

    93. VitaKet

      When nostalgia is the best part of the trailer...

    94. Nate Kilo

      At 3:59 Joe looks like he's taken to a magical place with that song 😂😂😂😂

    95. Morgan

      I think Jafar is going for the sleazy conman type rather than the classic mustache-twirling, definitely-looks-evil type villain we know. After all, as the royal vizier, he’s supposed to be the sultan’s most trusted advisor. A young, handsome, charming man would seem more trustworthy than an old creepy dude (see irl: Ted Bundy). Just my opinion.

    96. Thoranzalar Vhazen

      Even though they didn't do anything AMAZING with Beauty and the Beast's live action film, they did bring back the canceled song Evermore - that solo song for The Beast, and that was great, I think it actually added a lot to the story. Maybe this film will be okay if they finally bring us Proud of Your Boy from the original, much older version of the film's storyboards that never made it to the reworked version of the film that we all grew up with. If that happens, I'll be very happy. For those who don't know, Proud of Your Boy was a song used to show Alladin's motivation and tease/foreshadow the conflict that The Genie of the Ring would bring (there used to be two genies, more in-line with the original story - Genie of the Ring and Genie of the Lamp). The Genie of the Ring would turn out to be inside his mom's wedding ring, but none of the family knew it. An evil villain of some kind was gonna try to steal the ring at some point because of that, but that was a background element to this song. The real point of this song was to make the audience relate to Alladin, and to build sympathy for him. Honestly, it would have been one of Disney's most heartbreaking and ABSURDLY down-to-earth songs because it had great, and tragically sad, lyrics. The whole point of the song is he's singing to himself, basically apologizing to his mom for being such an unreliable and unproductive loser. The family is starving, we don't see his dad so he's either dead or they just divorced. The mom sends Alladin to sell the wedding ring for bread, and he feels really bad that it had to come to this because he can't do anything to help provide for the family and pull his weight. So when she goes to bed he leaves, and the song begins and he's talking about how sorry he is for being slow, reckless, and basically a screw up. It was a song meant to speak for pretty much every troubled young adult who's got problems and it ended with him sneaking back home to give his mom back the ring on her finger while she slept, and he silently promised to find another way to feed the family. If they brought us a story element this overwhelmingly powerful it could singlehandedly save the movie.

    97. Curien247

      Open sesame.

    98. Jackk Reacherr

      All these actors/actress choices make me not care about this movie..

    99. Taun-Chi Gaming

      Jafar is the worst.. I don't want to shit on the actor but he's really not good for the part.

    100. Glorious Content

      Thanks for the info on this(there's a live action sonic 2), but reaction channels are cancer, not to make light of serious diseases I have ligma.