A Tour Of My Plants



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    Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - us-new.com/client-results?search_query=hilton+carter
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Ali Mixson

      Thank you for sharing your precious plant babies!!!

    2. Marie Løvdal

      You need to make another cooking video because its Arieees seasoooon

    3. Chris M

      Just bought an Aloe and a Yucca 😂

    4. Evelyn Emerson

      Please do a Bob Ross tutorial with your plants it would be a fountain of true wholesomness and joy

    5. witchery 97

      "oh ma god she fuckin ded"

    6. Elizabeth Agee

      I see a green witch slowly blossoming

    7. RummerChan

      1:59 Julien: "wait, that's what that's doing?" You can hear the fear in his voice. 😂

    8. Hilly Acres Rabbitry

      Love this so much!!!

    9. Daëmon

      Dude Cmmoon, where are the autoflowers ?

    10. aarockw123

      Ok so I am going on a flight later tonight and I’m literally TERRIFIED of flying but this video made me so calm and happy and I really needed it so thank you Jenna I love you

    11. pidge pidgey

      I love this so much it’s so calming and good and reminds me of when I used to garden with my grandma and now I wanna pick up gardening again and 10/10 please give us updates!!!!

    12. Lynne Faubert

      The dog falling asleep on his back while walking around the place is too cute. You made me want to buy plants and maybe find a garden refuge and save some abused hosta ;)

    13. Lidia Holt

      Ok Jenna I have a plant it’s like a tree it’s pretty big and it’s dying. I think people should send u plants that need some help and so u can save them and u can call it Jenna’s ratchet plant salon!

    14. C

      thanks for mentioning non binary ppl who like boring domestic things. i feel represented :,)

    15. Ashlin Harrington Gill

      Is that the shirt Julian got her when they did the my boyfriend buys my clothes video?

    16. Alexandra Colace

      Impulsively, for my 18th birthday I decided to buy myself a couple birthday presents. So I made my way down to Home Depot, and I bought $200 worth of plants and now my mom yelled at me. But to my defense I was left unsupervised

    17. Faye Kay

      For some reason I just remembered when you used to have the spiderman posters you would say goodbye to at the end of your videos....

    18. Helane Ruslan

      I perpetually think she's in her early 20's even though she's 32. I wanna be like her when I'm in my 30's

    19. JaredTheFriggingHodgson GoshFriggingDangIt

      How have you made me, an 18 year old boy, want plants so bad

    20. Leighanne Gray

      I loved this video!!

    21. Callie Herring

      My cat tries to eat any plant left in his reach and now I want Jenna to get her cat even more to watch that battle of wills unfold

    22. UnknownPerson

      "I've only seen the straight variety" me being gay in a rural town

    23. Megan Howe

      I want plants now

    24. Seanna Miriah

      This video quickly turned into a shopping list for me...I got the plant fever as well and it's taking over. I am about to just quit my day job and go work in the garden department at Home Depot. That string of pearls plant gave me feelings I can only describe as plant porn. 🌿🌱🌵

    25. Bllu Wow

      heck yea boring domestic things are the b e s t i love them plants

    26. Emma Duh

      CERMET 3

    27. Emma Duh

      CERMET 3!!!

    28. ThatGuy Josh

      The fact that she just knows all these plant names and how to take care of each of them off the top of her head is cray.

    29. Emma Duh

      CERMET 3

    30. Emma Duh

      CERMET 3!!!

    31. lurking

      shameless plug you guys but i run a succulent/plant account on IG and i dont post nothing but my plants that i rescue from the store! @succuvibes

    32. Emma Duh

      Cermet 3!!!!

    33. lurking

      the downvotes are the 2.8k pissed off succulent lovers. JENNA, MOVE YOUR ECHEVERIAS TO YOUR SOUTH FACING WINDOW!! they are stretching because they are desperate for some of that sweet sunny sun rays!

    34. Jess T

      I went out for a plant IMMEDIATELY

    35. Britney Evans

      I am in love with the formal dining room, that is my goal for my apartment for sure 🤩 Also, I love my Pilea peperomioides! Definitely still figuring out where he is happiest in my apartment, he was struggling for a bit but he’s doing better now 🌱

    36. Laura Kortokrax

      I bought a new plant because of this video It's a Pilea cadieri or Aluminum plant and her name is Oksana Her variegation is silver

    37. Jess Thiru

      Jenna turned into a Filipino mum lol.

    38. Virginia Vandevender

      I love how she assumes were all plant aficionados and gonna correct her plant keeping like girl you teaching me somthing idk what you talking about but I like it 😂

    39. snel

      I just realized Kermit is me with my boyfriend...

    40. MrSplashes


    41. Candace Arends

      WoW! You really have a ton of plants! So cool! I definitely dont have a green thumb but my husband does. You guys going to try and do a garden one year?

    42. Laury Tan

      Omg now you’re a plant lady too Lmao

    43. Awkward Ari

      can I get a HOYAAAA and why can Jenna make everything entertaining? She could just be sleeping for 30 minutes and I would watch that video to the end

    44. Nicole Solis

      I like how she treats her plants like they a human beings.

    45. Grace Deehl

      Watching kermit's resting face was my favorite part of this video

    46. Autumn 1220

      I love this video

    47. Nicole Solis

      I just planted my seeds for vegetables and what not. I've been so obsessed learning how to grow a garden and it's so relaxing

    48. CrazyRach111

      OMG I want these

    49. Elizabeth Wilson

      I love your makeup in this video. Also, glad to see you're so passionate about your plants.

    50. Jade Hardy

      Surely a biannual update on her plants/ plant collection/ plant names 🥰

    51. Anais Haftman

      17:45 “dirt cheap” that’s a knee slapper

    52. Acorie

      im subscribed and im 11

    53. Damien Hamilton

      kermit in the background in the first thirty seconds is so menacing......

      1. Damien Hamilton


    54. Magi

      First of all....LOVE this video, gosh secondly, what's that type of piercing on the side of Jennas ear called?? Does it have a name?

    55. spoon

      I don't know why but this got me emotional. How could someone be so gentle and sweet? I wish I was one of her plants.

    56. Gabriela Froener

      I love this video more than I expected

    57. leah torrez

      pls get fruit trees 😍

    58. Lyra BloodWolf

      The wiccan in me is just like “yaaas bitch! Plants!”

    59. Lucien Peter

      And yet again Jenna remains the purest and least problematic youtuber

    60. Juliët Sophie Koezen

      Rip my wallet... I need to get a rubber tree now.. and that humidity meter!!! 🌿💗

    61. nicola offert

      Such a relaxing video..... and I think your cute dog thought so too, that look where you just can't keep your eyes open because you are soooo sleepy ! Love it ! 😴 👍🐕

    62. Anna Varga

      Idk how well california is for growing a garden but girl, plant a garden. Herbs, zucchinis, tomatoes, omg it's so rewarding

    63. taniyha j

      It looks like her house is set up the same as James Charles’s house 😲😲

    64. Miranda Moheit

      This was EVERYTHING! Love it!

    65. Anne Stewart

      Please someone help me find that oxalis rubra! The cool little tree plant

    66. Anna Varga

      I got a fiddle fig tree for 16$ from kroger

    67. Nina Ann

      Thank you Jenna! Can't wait to see more

    68. Fuck up your Commas

      I'm the same, I became obsessed about a year ago and now have about 50 plants. Some huge and some not so huge. Brings me happiness 💕

    69. Tyffanee Lavely


    70. Rudi Barczewska

      How Dare you put up this video, I NEEED succulents now, I forgot how much I adoorre them!

    71. Daniella Vidaurre

      Jenna needs to be a mom... like... now

    72. Jordan MIller

      this video is a form of meditation

    73. Kylie Sullivan

      I got my first plant about 2 weeks ago, his name is lezlie 😁

    74. pinkrobot001

      As an almost 32 year old plant lover who is about to have a whole house to fill with plants, this is a delightful video

    75. jennifer morton

      Is your lipstick plant a specific one??? Cause I need

    76. PSOLDE

      Amazing video !!!

    77. Laura P

      I looooooove Jenna’s big heart!! I love that she’s referring to her plants as “he” and “him” “she” and “her” AND naming them! You are just so loving and sweet and caring. I’m just in awe of how wonderful you are!

    78. Tim Bennett

      The Latin names of these plants Jenna remembers is the whole quintessence of the video.

    79. Amanda Shafer

      In the middle of watching this video I bought four plants online. Thanks Jena. You have ended me. R.I.P

    80. Hui Zhen Leong

      This is EXACTLY the kind of content I want

    81. drinalukacs

      houseplant tour but also house tour. Loved it, will go out and buy more plants

    82. Sir Yodasbongsalot

      Jenna's plant children.

    83. Mr Marbles

      midlife crisis

    84. XO lemme hear you say XO

      Jenna is so cute 😭 now I feel like getting a plant

    85. joye

      Why do I keep coming back to this video. It’s so wholesome.

    86. Ochre Clay

      I love that you are wearing a plastic stretchy necklace from the deep deep past. You make it work.

    87. Hayley Baybe

      alright I want a diy for plant pots

    88. Jill Sandwich

      How many people are just looking at kermit and laughing 😂

    89. Missy H

      Holy crap the amount of plants she has...I kill any plant in my house😫 I love her knowledge and passion, shes so happy talking about her plants! Love it

    90. Kim R.

      I’ve never wanted a plant as much as I do now

    91. Afsdsh

      You should get yourself a green house and start growing edible plants such as tomatoes and peas. I think you'd have so much fun with that

    92. Miracle-Gro

      WHAT a tour, they're all beautiful! We loved meeting everyone and can't wait to see what other little guys join the family. Welcome to Plant Parenthood, Jenna!

    93. Sami Jones

      Jenna is so knowledgeable about her plants. I’m terrible with names

    94. hiddentears

      looks like you beat grayson to it

    95. Brianna Mottola

      Are you ever going to plant all those plants outside & have them last long like trees? Someone let me know because I’m not sure do they just have it for decoration for a little while and then that’s it or do they planted outside for like a long lasting life?

    96. xMicoMemeex

      You should get an arabica coffee plant 🌱 I LOVE mine, and in a couple of years it makes its own coffee beans and you can then make your own coffee ☕️ 😍

    97. Kittie

      i literally turned 32 the day of this view coming out. heeelll yeaah.

    98. Kim R.

      9:00 that little bark 11:48 me when I buy new makeup 24:10 “the fuck, dawg?” Jenna: 🧿👄🧿

    99. Claire Johnson

      Me, a plant addict: so freaking excited

    100. Max Hinojosa

      This is probably one of my favorite videos of yours. Not trying to be funny, I just really like this one. Oh btw this is my 5th time watching this video