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    There are certain people you do not want to mess with - they are incredibly strong, cool and look intimidating enough to scare any bully away.
    Such people are usually admired - from a distance. Today, we’ll tell you about people you definitely don’t want to upset. Ready for a daily dose of tough guys?

    Published on 15 days ago


    1. aaron porto

      I don't agree with many of these people you saying in here. No. 👎👎👎👎

    2. momo

      1:17 when I'm mad and start punching the wall

    3. Randall Fortney

      The real bad asses are the ones know one has heard of

    4. Alberto Nation

      6:10 (there is no such thing as right or wrong questions) so its not wrong if I say I want to kill someone

    5. Grace DeLeon

      10:Hispanic mom

    6. Shloyo Miller


    7. Sheldon Cooper SDG

      Crav maargaar 😂😂 it called crav magar

    8. ZIPNADO 8

      A MacDonalds meal, would defeat them all

    9. Exclusive Max

      Bruce Lee should've been here

    10. Willy707

      Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them

    11. Willy707

      Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them

    12. Willy707

      Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them

    13. Willy707

      Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them

    14. Kev Efe

      (GiGa Ugoguru) Man! do you have to be a white man to know you should start your own movie?

    15. Life of Gopnik

      Who also does teakwondo?

    16. A Zambrano

      I would personally advise a person to stick to one art or MMA, as I am third dan myself, it is a waste to see a person for instance number 1, who is multi-talented but had he took on a high paying sport like Boxing UFC MMA etc he would be in line to earn millions and that's the point, doing backflips, spinning kicks, four directional punches etc may be good to protect yourself or get a pat on the back but sadly your bank balance will stay the same, when I got my first million-dollar purse I retired at 24 then I concentrated on getting my first dan and so on,

      1. A Zambrano

        I broke the collar bone of a well-known fighter using the 1-inch palm strike, the person can never fight again, I came out of retirement to earn 3 hundred thousand in which I gave to the person in question,

    17. Nedim Talovic

      = Jesus Christ!

    18. otineb5

      Anyone that hits concrete or a tree is......., can't think of the word but it begins with an s.

    19. Delano Blanco

      My mother

    20. MOTIV-8-U

      the"ninja" probably has a glass jaw. Didn't see any MMA guys on the list. I tell you what I would put John Jones, Anderson Silva and Daniel Cormier against anyone on that list minus the shooter of course.

    21. Hemen Kareamg

      Me me me!

    22. Jay Polyak

      No Christmas

    23. madafaka992

      ok ok all this is nice but where is Chuck Norris?

    24. Prathamesh Sawant

      Keeping all these incredible people aside.. The only person you don't want to be messing with is a Soldier guarding his/her country..


      We need to hire these dudes to protect Tommy Robinson.

    26. Titus Thompson

      Rule number#1 Never reveal your skills check your attitude. #2 Avoid fights if possible. #3 Be humble! #4 Never underestimate an opponent or his skills. #5 You are not bullet proof or unbeatable. They carry guns now and a crew with skills. Or they own the police when they pull you over! So is this all worth it? Karma is real.

    27. vsmith3rd

      Jon Jones is watching this like "meh".

    28. Gray Pistachio


    29. John Motyl Jr

      A bullet drops every single one of these dudes.

    30. Matt Toll

      The first dude looks scary fast. The Indian lady is a joke.

    31. michael khanlian

      Good Advertise for this people 😄

    32. Na zametku


    33. Na zametku

      8 March original. 9 March copy !!!!!!!

    34. Na zametku


    35. Na zametku

      Its just Copy with translation 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

    36. Robin Miller

      Question.. *Why is the first guy NOT a stuntman for Hollywood?*

    37. Robin Miller

      My Mom should be num 1..

    38. I_am_ Dimi

      The guy on the thumbnail is vito from hardgainercrew lul

    39. cobblerama

      Why the hell hasn't Hollywood come knocking on Gigas door? I'd pay to see him in a film, or a bunch of films actually

    40. Khmer Meme

      Boyka want to know all this guy location

    41. Guchu Sokukuki

      8:30 thats not his head but shoulder.... it would be pure suicide if not major selfinflicting concussion which is not a joke to get if he had been doing it with his head... nevertheless pretty impressive dude

    42. bill smith

      Hardly anyone could withstand this fury...says the gay English guy. Anyone from 125 on up in the UFC might get touched by that carnival act because they couldn't control the laughter.

    43. ulysses cooper

      I'm thinking that's the real Black Panther 🐯

    44. Sharif Samir

      Indian women 🤣😝

    45. Paul Richards

      All pussies

    46. Taariq Khan

      Nice to see some people had enough resources to never grow up.

    47. bur bur

      I can beat all of them in calculus with one of my eyes closed

    48. Jim Bob Cooter


    49. Bart Koomen

      Lars andersen

    50. Jackob

      Wow Lukáš novotný is from Slovakia? :D thats very nice :3

    51. The Gutless Leading The Clueless

      pisss off out nonsense voise -

    52. Rapidshot

      These people can kill Thanos.


      9 PEOPLE YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH : here I fixed your McDojo list : Mijain Lopez, Teddy Riner, Francis Ngannou, Daniel Cromier, Rico Verhoeven, Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost, Badr Hari, Marcus Buchecha Almeida,, all can mess up your McDjo Martial Artists of your video any day.

    54. DENI

      Well...im the best at crying when i get punched

    55. Bobby Brian

      Any ufc champion is way dangerous than any this dudes

    56. BLAZE VII

      Danyela D'Angelo should be taken over the role of Judith Grimes in The Walking Dead.

      1. Angel Diamond Star

        you sexy hot girl

    57. GunManHipHop

      8:02 deck of cards

    58. BlackZero Rs

      90% of this people will not come out from the cage with Conor McGregor... 😂

    59. pacman 52280

      I would, if given the choice, mess with any, or all, of these people before I even thought of messing with Haku.

    60. Ahmed Elkomu

      Where is Jhon Weck

    61. LAH 00

      bring it ON 💪💪

    62. Lio Plavi


    63. nasko ivanov

      I probably just watched trash

    64. zed Mr

      10:20 BS

    65. zed Mr


    66. R A


    67. maximus ryan

      Add khabib and Tony in this list

    68. Cody Charles

      Speed is the way. Speed into agility into your opponent being disoriented into them asleep on the ground.

    69. Mohith Battu

      Just make him friend it's enough 😉

    70. Jay Snider

      Also withn 2.5 meter a trained knife fighter is n control even against hand gun

    71. Jay Snider

      9mm stil is toughr

    72. drschplatt

      This video instantly moved into the moronic category by comparing these people to a ninja even though none of these people have any clue what a ninja actually was. Then there's the old Indian woman who quite clearly was practicing a performance art with no real combat value. The horse archer with the 5 lb draw weight bow was pretty funny too. Trick archery is all well and good, but it's kind of like being able to shoot rubber bands off your finger and hit things.

    73. Zeek M

      Any martial arts expert can be beaten by a tiny little girl.

    74. connori_guess

      That MF thought he was in Minecraft punching that tree

    75. P Healy

      Nar... No disrespect. This is not what it's about.

    76. XxxxX

      well, i just shoot them and win!


      1:17 when you ran out of stick to make a torch

    78. Thecatkingofcats 1

      That guy that can break ice with his head......HE SHOULD STAR FOR THE JUGGERNAUT

    79. Stu Baker

      Didn't #1 get beat in a mma match? I swear I saw the video... Anyone else see this? I'll try to find it.

    80. Thecatkingofcats 1

      Man he be Mining dat wood fast

    81. Dogan Tosun

      Yet another shit list

    82. jdsim9173

      Fancy moves of the 1st would be useless, but he has QCB fighting skills, which more than make up for flips.

    83. X X

      One 50 cent 9 mm bullet will defeat a lifetime of fight training.

      1. drschplatt

        Man, you're shopping in the wrong place if they're that expensive.

    84. Tino L

      That first guy should be in big budget movies if not mma.

    85. Tino L

      Poverty builds callousness.

    86. FZ1 N

      I would like to see a predator movie with those guyz

    87. NahImGud

      3:20 pewdiepie will

    88. Jomaldy Castillo

      I hope that the 16 year old girl doesn’t get bullied, that’s a lot of bodies

    89. TombRaver3 Farrah


    90. john oneill

      You don't want to mess with me if I ask you to pull my finger. Stay clear!!!!

    91. Bien Crafts

      Where's Khabib in this list? Title should be changed to "9 people with fancy skills"

    92. lee strong

      So if these (so called) badass's are what they think they are. I got a few words for ya. Step up to the real world of a thing called MMA !! UFC is looking for guys like y'all for their meet grinder. So do ya think you got what it takes ? Got hair on your chest or feathers on your ass ? Ladies don't be shy your welcome too !! There's always people out there that think their bad and then there's bad for real... Which are you ?

    93. Frank Castle

      Jumping around like a monkey will get your ass kicked

    94. Louis Naude

      What is a world champion martial artist?

    95. Saul Godman

      Any UFC fighters in this video?

    96. Phil Swift

      The first guy should be the new black panther

    97. tom 8aginei

      FAKE LIST since I m not in !

    98. Abdul.R Official

      1:15 is the best

    99. Lockdunn Unit WR

      Whatever happened to Vito on strength wars? He was the countdown guy.

    100. HUCK stir

      mma has proved what works and what doesn't in the martial arts world