7075, 7076... Whatever It Takes

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    Don't know if this was worth the effort, but was in a chatty mood. Come along for the ride as I sort out a few little things on a Factory Scorpa. We'll do bad things, I promise.

    Published on 4 days ago


    1. Dat L24

      "as you can see from the wear on the bolt hole, this'll probably get replaced sooner rather than later" Why not just make and press a delrin or brass bushing in? We do it all the time for old SU carburetors with steel throttle shafts. Years more service is left in those things

    2. JohnIn WayneNewJersey

      I just have to say here that the production value of your videos is quite impressive. So what were you in your former life, machine operator of film producer? You are definitely quite adept at both.

    3. ShamblerDK

      The first few seconds scared me quite a bit :-(

    4. scoper49

      I literally flinched at the beginning when the part kicked back. Panic mode engaged.

    5. jim ewok

      why would we design an aesthetic hole in something that is expressly a "guard" against ingress?

      1. jim ewok


      2. This Old Tony

        weight savings? :)


      Ok ok I just went back to the old video to say i told you so in the comments lol because 30% of the time I am right every time. Xx

    7. Janos Ballo

      Man , that sense of humor ... love your videos :)

    8. James T

      Just lol.

    9. joppe peelen

      you coffee beker looks EXACTLY like mine.. im gone check if mine is still there. it has a chip missing at that same spot :) hehe

    10. Ciaran 9843

      @thisoldtony I’ve a question and thought you would be the man to solve my problem

    11. Hector Heath

      Talking hands...too weird.

    12. Matthew Fox

      Plenty a solvent Bake at 350 degrees for one hour More cleaning solvent and install problem solved Rotor saved

    13. majormindup

      If there was a concern about the weldability (is that a word?) of the footpeg, wouldn't a bead of weld on the point where the footpeg contacts the frame accomplish the same thing? Maybe harder to get access but it appears the frame is steel so...On the other hand, I paused the video to read the instruction placard on the ultrasonic footpeg cleaner... was NOT disappointed!

    14. Vivek

      Beware... Extremely danger...

    15. Vivek

      Alumium just sounds wierd.. let's fix it . Say it alumiNium

    16. Vivek


    17. Jesus

      "Ultrasonic foot peg cleaner" :D

    18. firefox5926

      10:18 could you not have just scuffed it up abit and then superglue a bit of metal to it ? or brazed/soldered?

    19. firefox5926

      9:59 NOT THE KITTY

    20. Richard Burnsed

      At least you know your brake system is good.

    21. Miguel Moreno

      Condescending gay..

    22. Logan Agee

      I will pay you to cuss once in a vidja

    23. nombre apellido

      Why not a single machinist here on US-new manufactures his own custom Lathe Chuck? "Time" is not a valid answer for the one who uses the lathe and mill as a hobby, are you able to make one? Without a jig grinder.

    24. Scott Marshall

      With all these comments, several people probably already pointed out that the Loctite has bad long term effects on many plastics, PVC is among them I believe. It doesn't kick off where the threads (or shoulder) contact the bore ID, and it just sets there, eating away at the part. Hope it helps, and Congrats on the new toy!!

    25. Regular Joe

      A foot peg specific, ultrasonic cleanser. As if no other metal objects can go in there.

    26. Steven Homan

      Let he who is without sin, cast the first non weldable foot peg.

    27. Steven Homan

      What about rubber or neoprene back stops affixed with glue or what ever. That asymmetry would drive me nuts.

    28. guerro327

      I feel sorry for those people who do not get your style of humor. They are not living life.

    29. Pat W

      Tony we have to see you ride trials!!!

    30. RiverMan RC

      You need a t-shirt with "Extremely Danger!" on it. 8:58

    31. skytower309

      Fyi, the usual causes of spongy brakes is usually air in the hydraulics, oil contamination, worn out master cylinder, or mechanical binding. I'm glad you replaced the problem with something you've been wanting ;)

    32. ClayZ

      0:19 Explains the fingernails.

    33. holmes1956O

      I got bad news for you. 7075 is weldable I weld it all the time it is my profession. To weld it properly you must pre heat and post heat. Done properly it will retain it's temper and will not crack because of the weld. Back yard do it yourself I am a welder types run into all sorts of problems welding all kinds of material because the dont know what they are doing and of course think they know everything. The manufacturer may tell you its not weldable for 2 reasons. Liability and they want to sell you new parts. Go figure. In 1972 my welding instructor told all of us not call ourselves welders when we left the school we had only scratched the surface of the skill. It will be many years before you can even come close to knowing haif of what you need to know to truly be a proficient welder

    34. John Knox

      i would of used cutting board from momma`s kitchen to make the chain deflector

    35. Nick's Stuff

      I don't agree with your warp disc thing, some smart guys had offered a much better diagnostic, it would have been cool to acknowledge that one

    36. Shineto147

      Tasting is a good indicator. Rofl. "...Even my wife." Rofl Maybe your right. Rofl What are the odds. Rofl More differenter. Rofl Extremely danger. Rofl Not a penguin. And sub

    37. Psych Olocke

      I'm not sure if they fit. but maybe considering foot pegs from Tusk might be an option. nice to see you're riding too. 😉

    38. plan pitz

      The pegs are drooping because they were manufactured by a slope!

    39. kymico

      where's maho?? :(

    40. r b

      weld onto the steel bracket on the bike instead no?

    41. Thu Nell Ⓥ

      I am not kidding: at 6:43 you say the word "explode" and before this word was finished, at about "explo", my computer crashed and showed a blue screen! The sound driver was the problem I think since the "o" from explode was repeated for like 3 sec before it displayed the blue screen. It sure left me with my mouth wide open. *That* old Tony crashed my PC!

      1. Thu Nell Ⓥ

        @This Old Tonyuhm yeah sure *cough* even on Matthias Wandel's videos ;)

      2. This Old Tony

        *blush* I bet you say that to all the US-new machinists.

    42. Littlepixel™

      "Extremely Danger!" On form as ever. Don't ever stop.

    43. John Hageman

      I agree, it certainly is very important not to feel like a penguin.

    44. Cory Gilliam

      Have you thought about uploading your videos to both here and bitchute.com?

    45. Chris Broad

      Pure Gold

    46. Vincent Barkley

      Great video. I would have replaced the bolts and bonded shim stock to the pedal stop with epoxy.

    47. Gaming Dice

      i know that this is a bit unrelated to the topic of the video, but can you tell me what is the max amount of material removal you can do in a single pass when working with the lathe? is it 0.5 mm , more or less?

      1. Gaming Dice

        @This Old Tony i dont know thé name of the lathe that we have in my uni's workshop, nor do i know thé exact name of the material, i know that its Steel, but i dont know if its hss,cold rolled etc, but we started working with about 0.5 millimètres but we were running out if time, so we pushed it to 1 mm per pass, the chip had a blue color to it, would you say we were pushing it too far ? Sorry for the long reply

      2. This Old Tony

        depends on the lathe and the material. mine can push about 0.15" in steel with a good tool before the motor starts complaining.

    48. Paul Salverda


    49. dtiydr

      3:33 Insta divorce. :D

    50. astro igel


    51. jdhtyler

      11.06 second view of the round over bit - fingers in ears - squinting with closed eyes hope it will end well.

    52. P Wettergreen

      Why didn’t you add the weld to the frame landing zone instead of risking life and limb when your infernal weld heat weakens the peg temperament? Odds are the frame was anything other than 7075.

    53. Fuddleton

      You can weld 7075 in certain applications. Like in mould repair, you can put weld material on top of 7075 to then machine back to form. It won't be great quality, but it's through welds that crack very easily for 7075.

    54. Valorie L

      that cmt abt used things with mileage and you wife made me laugh out loud, nearly spit my coffee. You're hilarious man. Thx for quality vids

    55. Justin Brown

      Weld on the cycle chassis instead? Or is it also 7075?

    56. Dr. Spamy

      You know what the penguin sounds like, do you ?!

    57. Mr Danger

      I know you Really meant to say "PEGUIN" lol.

    58. Matt Torgersen

      Your videos a great.Keep making them

      1. This Old Tony

        thanks Matt!

    59. David Forbes

      Jeezuz that intro gave me a massive flinch!

    60. Jedi's garage

      Tony, do u still have a wife :) or I should ask: "are u still alive"

    61. Jordan Güllübag

      you could have soldered it or TIG-brazed..

    62. Bassett Ranch

      is that a raga shock??

    63. John LaRock

      Those pegs are angry.

      1. John LaRock

        They lost their temper.

    64. Ch34pskate 1

      No chance to adjust the portion of the frame where the pegs make contact? Great video once again.

    65. TomLovesKrissy

      I am so confused! youtube what the fuck is this video? why are you? what the fuck is this? tldw.

    66. aola wili

      It just figures that a guy with such expressive hands would live in Italy

    67. Antryg Revok

      why not mill out a little from those worn pedal hinges, rounding them clean, stick thin hard bushings in, then get to keep using those pedals... and it'd probably be nylon that'd be bestest, for that fang you put on your bike... Dood, penguins go Quaq quaq quaq, don't they? : b ( :

    68. local378

      Why not weld on the frame contact instead of peg?

      1. aola wili

        After all the AvE vids, I now expect to hear "keep your dick in a vise" at the end of every machine shop vid.

    69. redwinger99

      Great title Mr. Mom!

    70. Dry Roasted

      Uh... duh... how about adding some material to the inside of those brackets, which were welded? Also, bushing the bolt holes and replacing the bolts would have been a better solution.