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    It took me so long to get this video out we got 2 more million views then what we had when I recorded!! WHAT!!
    THANK YOU ALL! I'm thrilled so many are enjoying what we made! I promise you the future of Hazbin Hotel is my number one priority, but in the meantime I have lots to share about more cartoons and goals for this channel moving forward!!
    Stay tuned for an official Helluva Boss trailer soon as it's nearly done and ready for be seen! Helluva has been in production from a new team since the summer and thanks to the amazing artists I worked with for it Hazbin was able to finish in time for it's October release!! So you can thank Helluva for Hazbin being done when it was! I can't wait to share these new characters with you all soon and clue you into the BRILLIANT people who helped with it!!
    If you'd like to be part of funding more Hazbin content like comics (possibly even shorts if things take too long to sort out for a season), or brand new cartoons produced for your free entertainment please consider donating on patreon or buying any merch that might strike your fancy!
    Video Edited by Fakanza!

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    1. Anime King

      "Harder daddy"

    2. MaxyboiELITE -

      I’m guessing it gets 4 seasons and a movie

    3. Ÿãñdërë _Xøx

      You know what.....you should do a drawing tutorial! Like for Alastor or something this is AWESOME your deserve all this love!! You deserved it alllllllllll!!!!!!!!!! You have a ton of stuff coming your way don’t let them hater get to you!!!

    4. Snek

      I need more alastor!!!!

    5. The Great Pumpkin

      Hey Viv I saw a character in Hazbin Hotel when Charlie was in the news that looked at lot like Blitz was that him?

    6. x x

      Vizi obviously needs more animators and artist. Grab the chains, we're raiding Disney.

    7. Lightning Strike

      One recommendation to make you guys jobs easier is to cut back on the sound effects. I feel that a lot of the ones in Hazbin Hotel were kind of unnecessary.

    8. Parker Incledon


    9. •{Lulu_Chan }•

      Vivziepop! I'm brazilian but I would like to show you a video: us-new.com/online/video-kMGx9a7vsBM.html ↑(Comic strips he dubbed)↑ This video was made by Pedrokys as you can see, and I think it would be soooo cool if you could do like ..... I don't know, a contest that will see who will officially dub Habzin Hotel in brazilian! Of course this is up to you as the animation belongs to you! If you are reading this ..... Thanks for your attention, and even if Pedrokys is not a professional actor, believe me, he has great potential to play Angel.

    10. DJ Lockwood

      If u make it family friendly then it womt be super funny for the SUPER dirty minded people like me and my friends.

    11. DJ Lockwood

      I wanna voice someone!!!!!!! SOMEONE LIKE ANGEL DUST PLEAAAASSSEEE

    12. smiley satanson

      cant wait for episode 2

    13. IAmAgentZ

      "We're gonn\a make a whole season" Fans, in a similar mindset as myself: Alastorgasm. XD

    14. el de los coches y los memazos

      They say their gonna do an entire season.... My heart gonna explode right now, NOW

    15. Fizzy Fennec

      IMO helluva boss was better

    16. jonathas Gabriel

      Alastor likes to have a word with you

    17. Joshua Thomas

      *Zoophobia short* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~

    18. nyan panda gamer 57

      Great job lol

    19. Juana alcorn

      This could crossover with panty and stocking with gaterbelt!!! 😩😩😩 that would be amazing...

    20. Skylee Brewer


    21. Edy Emanuel

      I Like more than helluva boss make hazbin hotel 2 now please

    22. Jake Martin

      well its a great show and i can't wait for epasiod 2

    23. CraZy BraT

      When do you think we'll see more radio demon 😋😋

    24. Ryan Jeff-errs

      Thank god for rule 32

    25. Jamie Thompson

      Loved it!!! Excited to see more

    26. CoryTheReptilianQueen Cornellyus

      Can you please ship alastor and angel dust

      1. Malus Rising

        no. she's not shipping them. (for the last time)

    27. Ben Dover

      How much demonization do u get each video?

      1. Malus Rising

        zero because none of her videos break guidelines

    28. Zadaron

      I have a theory about the ending of the series already but it’s your call if you want me to share it or not

    29. Alisha Griffin

      Love both but I think I like Helluva Boss a bit more

    30. XxEcho SongxX

      It’s been a month and she went up to 2.65 mill congratulations vivziepop you are amazing

    31. Peter John the Brave


    32. ButterBall Billy

      Every comment: "We want to make a full season" Sample Text

    33. Rudy De La Rosa


    34. Gabriel Muniz

      Also good job

    35. Gabriel Muniz

      Mmmmm not going to lie but saber said it was bad but guess what saber it's not it perfection

    36. Squidhuman Uprising

      I’m truly inspired by the story telling in animation. I was bored one day so I checked my phone for notifications on US-new, Helluva Boss came first on my phone and I was amazed. So then I continued to Hazbin Hotel. Keep up the good work!👌

    37. Aidan Makes Things

      I’m down for just 10 minute videos my guy. If it means we get them sooner and it’s easier on you guys.

    38. Hecking Boi

      I fucking loved it along with helluva boss, I strongly look forward to any updates

    39. Eric Palmer


    40. Agent Zazzy


    41. Waffle

      People are saying that US-new is going to die.... so can you join Netflix? I don’t want this to die :(

    42. Chloe Ross

      You need a discordddddddddddddddd

      1. Malus Rising

        she does but it's Patreon-supporters only.

    43. ThatOneCutie


    44. Anonymous Emoji

      U seriously need to get on Netflix

    45. Koyubi_OHB

      YES! YES! YESSSSSSS!!! I feel so glad to hear there will be an episode 2 just we don’t know when, and I already spotted some of my favorite characters from Helluva Boss, Loona, and Hazbin Hotel, Alastor. I feel glad you’re bringing some of your old the characters back I can’t wait to see what you have to make for us!

    46. Magos Explorator Adeon

      Whoever would greenlit this knows what's a good adult cartoon.

    47. Stormorc Gaming

      the word ur looking for is booya all i can say is plz once the 1st season plz release a dvd copy as well as helluva boss dvd season on dvd id love to have it on my shelf

    48. jamiebhoy8

      You mean nineteen milllon views

    49. Allen Beef

      Please don’t let these shows get softer and boring by the influence of the media

    50. Kira Madeleine

      I just screamed and now i'm in trouble for screamin: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i uh-

    51. Tocaboca Crazyness

      I hope this becomes a Netflix show

    52. NeOZero

      Ive followed your channel since the die young animated video..... IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

    53. Oscar Dawson

      20 mil now

    54. Miliana Haruno

      Tá ficando famoso em outros países também

    55. Kelli Clark

      Im new to this and hooked already. Keep it up!

    56. Kermit_TheArtist

      Bruv I love all these characters, the animatics are great. I love all your Voice Actors, animators , ext. i can’t wait for another episode!

    57. TheTorontoTickler

      Take your time please.

    58. Merier Care

      Please don't drop the ball on these awesome shows.

    59. Артем Михеенко

      Продолжайте снимать,, отель хазбин,,и,, адский босс,, незабрасывайте ети 2 мульта зашли нитолько в Америке но и в России)))

    60. Kitty Crusher

      I'm gonna do more sinful things so when i die, I'll end up in hell.

    61. Chocolatevanillast Creme de la creme

      Jesus: *It's time i teach you all something called EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE*

    62. Burnt Emo Soul

      Me: *sees big fluffy cat at the end* Also me: Everything you do I want more of

    63. アジアのばかPL4YER -

      Vivzie, you're just never out of ideas. Just know that you can spend all the time you need on all the awesome series you have lined up for us. The wait is sure worth it!

    64. { S C O R P I O }

      *Yeah, I still ship Charlie and Alastor.* Chartor? Alasie? Alie? Chastor?

    65. Margaret Rielly

      Also anyone who hasnt seen helluva boss, GO FOR IT its so amazing!!!

    66. Margaret Rielly

      I am so in love with Hazbin Hotel and I talk about it to literally everyone who could possibly listen! I adore your work so much, and I am so grateful for you and the whole Hazbin team! Thank you so much for this!!

    67. СКО Deathadder

      Jopa piska

    68. Stefano Basso

      "~OOH harder daddy!~" "Son ?!"

    69. DopiestPlanet16

      Was blitzo and Luna in Hazbin Hotel