50 questions answered by the CRAzY chicken family

We asked for your questions about raising chickens on a small family homestead and we got a bunch! The crazy chicken family answers 50 of your questions in 20 minutes!
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00:39 What got you interested in becoming homesteaders?
01:05 What got you started on raising animals?
01:24 What's your ultimate goal on the homestead?
01:44 Is this your family’s farm or did you buy the land?
02:04 What is your timeline to own your own property?
02:30 What are your short term/long term goals to getting a piece of land of your own?
02:40 How many hours per week do each of you spend at your jobs?
02:57 What do the boys want to be when they grow up?
03:35 What state do you live in?
03:42 How long have to lived on the farm?
04:00 How long have you wanted to have a homestead
04:17 How much did it cost to get your homestead started?
04:50 What other types of animals do you raise?
05:05 How self-sufficient is your homestead with food for yourself?
05:38 Do you plan to homeschool your kids?
05:57 How many acres do you have and how much is wooded?
06:28 Is farming/poultry your full time job?
06:36 What do you do for living other than US-new?
07:04 How did you get into keeping animals?
07:15 Why did you choose chickens?
07:37 If you could only have one chicken breed to lay eggs, what breed would it be?
08:00 What kind of ducks do you have? How many chickens do you have in all?
08:20 What are the expenses to keep your chickens, ducks & turkeys fed?
08:54 How many different birds have you successfully housed together? What do you do when your birds become ill?
09:30 What do you think about raising chickens and turkeys with waterfowl?
10:18 What is the hardest thing you've discovered about raising poultry?
10:43 Are your cats fixed?
10:52 What are the basic steps to start a bird farm/colony like you have?
11:20 What do you do with a rooster that is extremely aggressive?
11:49 What do you do with all the chicken poo?
12:17 Do you try to hide butchering meat chickens from your boys?
12:37 What do you do with all the eggs you collect?
12:43 What’s your marketing strategy for selling your eggs?
13:17 Do you have any expensive breeds of poultry?
13:43 What advice would you give someone that wants to raise chickens?
13:57 Is it a good idea to let your chickens into your house?
14:24 Are you getting meat rabbits?
14:39 What are you going to do with the Lionhead rabbits over winter?
15:06 What animals do you plan to get in the future?
15:37 What are the best five animals to start with on a homestead?
16:08 Have you considered getting a dog in the future?
16:38 Do you have a green house or do you have plans to get one in the future?
17:01 What is your favorite thing to grow in your garden and why?
17:13 What is the oldest animal on your farm?
17:34 Are you a family that says, “I love you,” to each other?
17:44 What is your favorite season?
18:08 How did you two meet?
18:26 How did you grow your channel when you were just starting on US-new?
19:00 What is the most important tip you have picked up from another US-newr?
19:28 All that you guys do, is it worth it? Does it fulfill everything that you ever wanted?
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  1. Terri Wilson

    I know this is a past video. But I'm touched by you wanting to finding a place of your own. We weren't called to do what you do. But we rented for 25 years, in several houses. We finally bought a house when our kids were pretty much on their own. They were ok about it because we made a home no matter where we lived. With The Lord living with you, anywhere is home. I'm praying for you to find the circumstances for your own farm. What a day that'll be! Hahah!!

  2. Santhi Golla

    You guys are doing great job, please pray to God(Jesus), he will multiply your farm birds, may God bless your family with prosperity

  3. deaksbear

    You guys should check out the u tube channel voodoo garden! Ray is an amazing guy! Great garden nome and fantastic human being..

  4. Designsby RareBeauty


  5. Heather Nettrour

    I train and rehabilitate roosters in my area and help people train problem roosters. These are my basic tips. I hope they help. How do you stop a rooster from becoming aggressive? 1. Never take eggs that a hen is sitting on. It makes the hen upset and therefore the rooster upset. 2. Never butcher a hen where the rooster can see or hear you do it or you become the predator. 3. If you can have at least 2 roosters, do so. Many roosters like male companionship and help with guarding the girls. 4. If a rooster runs towards you run towards him with no fear. You are bigger and stronger. 5. Show no fear to a rooster. A rooster can mark you as a coward or a threat. You do not want to be marked as either. If your rooster is aggressive it is never too late to teach, unless you ate him. If you can pick up your rooster you can carry him about the farm as you feed the hens and such, this shows him you are good. You can hold the rooster down and peck its neck gently with your finger.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Heather Nettrour - ok, thank you, Heather

  6. Heather Nettrour

    I keep sick chickens in the bathroom in cages. Maybe not the best spot but it works for me.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Heather Nettrour - nice

  7. Heather Nettrour

    I have a lot of house pets. 2 cats, 4 little dogs, some house roosters, 3 house hens, 2 broody hens with there 8 chicks, 2 ducks, a duckling and about 10 rabbits :) I love a house of animals. Most my house pets have cages and the ones that can go about are cage up when I am not home. :) But sometimes I have the ducks, rabbits and chickens out with the dogs and cats together as they are all friends :) My house pets are house trained or little trained. Do not let farm animals run about your house if they do not know were to go. :)

  8. Penny Hardin

    have 17 acers in oklahoma all wooded not taped into the water line but have access to rural water line gots lots of deer wildlife no road even tho water company said the water is on my side of an overgrown road either way i don't have the means to do anything with it anyway love the answer video but i really like yall God bless u and urs and the duck emerald lol

    1. Penny Hardin

      best part of youtube god bless u&urs

    2. White House on the Hill

      Penny Hardin- Thanks for watching!

  9. Penny Hardin

    compost WORMS protein for birds

    1. White House on the Hill

      Penny Hardin - Great idea!

  10. Karin Lyncker

    I have an question. How treat sour crop and avoid feed what kind cause sour crop.?Thank you

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Karin Lyncker - good question. We've had it happen a few times. Making sure the chickens have lots of water really helps. Fermented feed helps keep feed from clumping up in their crop, but we haven't tried that yet. If you see it happening, first massage the crop to loosen it up. If it continues to get pretty severe, you'll have to work to push it up so they'll regurgitate it and get it out of the crop. This is only a last resort. We tried to do this to a chicken too late, and she died the next day.

  11. mark Robertson

    does farm chicken like yours really taste diff from shop bought what is it like

    1. White House on the Hill

      +mark Robertson - absolutely. Pasture-raised chicken tastes fantastic & it's very rewarding to know we grew our own food.

  12. Michael Ripperger

    At 6:28 I see the electric netting is connected to a metal fence. How do you keep it from grounding out ?

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Michael Ripperger - good question... there are parts of the fence that the electric current flows through (the black & white strands) and white-only strands that don't conduct current. We connect that part to the metal fence to close it up

  13. gerldine rice

    The boys would love mini pigs, so cute,you could breed them for pets.

    1. gerldine rice

      Tell her they could chase them about the yard , and that would tire the boys out, thus less running after them for her. Then when I see how u get on with them, I might get one. Lol

    2. White House on the Hill

      +gerldine rice - you sold me! We've been looking at them for awhile. I just have to convince Becky to get them 😀

  14. April Waller

    Ya'll are super!!!

  15. Chip Scarce

    I am a US-new Addict as my wife says but I've never Subscribed to any US-new Channel until I happened upon your channel yesterday. I compliment you on making it so professional. I feel as if I am watching a TV show and can't stop watching all your videos. I can tell you do "software" for someone because of the music overlay, slow-mo, story line editing. Thus I appreciate the multi-story line stuff from different points of view. I like how you both take lead on the story of the day. But I confess that the main reason that I chose to subscribe to your channel is because my wife and I have Ameraucana Chickens ourselves and really love those birds. We have Cayuga Ducks as well. Only 20 birds live at our house though. God Bless you all!

  16. Salvy Gonzy

    hey bro i see u have a huges place my advice for u as extra protien and income supliment for your chicken is breed some meal worm and super worm they are also good feedS for chicken

  17. Emily Causevic

    I really admire your whole operation. You both seem like great parents with adorable boys :) I have hatched chicks and ducks myself, and absolutely loved them all. I’m volunteering at a horse rescue in Farmington. But as I’m getting out of school in December I’m looking for a place around Farmington and your family’s story really inspired me to follow my dream of having my own small farm one day

  18. Barbara Leighty

    One of the boys kicked a cat (I think it's a cat), during question 38. I couldn't watch anymore after that.

    1. Jeanette Iacovone

      Wow I caught that to

  19. karen catalano

    They sell for $4 a dozen.around here. Would you move to another state to find your homestead?

  20. Devra Biallas

    Did you see Justin Rhodes video on how Karl Hammer feeds 600 chickens on just his compost pile ...no grains, might help you save some money.

  21. Samantha Boyd

    So im a new viewer.. how many eggs do u get from all these animals?

  22. Lski3

    That 15:05 drop kick though!

    1. Barbara Leighty

      I SAW THAT

  23. John Train

    Check out offtheranch and his little chicken setup. He made a water containment that catches rain

    1. White House on the Hill

      +John Train - yep, we've watched him working with the chicken coop plumbing.

  24. Anna Dela Cruz

    The questions, your answers are so good. I watch because I'm 60, done a lot of working in insurance, real estate, Avon and I'm wanting a better life. My children are grown. It's just my husband and I, due to health issues I want to grow my own food. I have land, working the details out, saving a bit more money to do what I want on my land. My goal next year is to build my home and I'll have 5 acres to do what I want with. I totally APPRECIATE WATCHING your vids along with others that got my attention. Thank you for all your information and sharing this part of your life with us all. As always, I love the vid! Anna Banana has a big smile and wishes you a funtastic day. .

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Anna Dela Cruz - that's great to hear! Good luck getting it all going next year!

  25. Black Pack Homestead Chris and Marella Ogden

    We raise meat rabbits on our homestead. So you mentioned putting your lionhead rabbits inside for the winter. Just a tid bit of info on rabbits and cold tolerance. They are way more cold tolerant than heat tolerant. Our rabbits stay outside all winter. As long as they are protected from wind, rain, and snow all is good. Last Jan we had a mama and kits outside in 10 degree weather and snow. And they were always warm and toasty every time I checked the babies. The point is you don't have to bring them in if you provide adequate protection. Now I am going to watch your 1000 sub vid. We have had our channel for 4 months and are stalled at 56 subs. Anymore tips about growing a youtube channel I'm there. Check our channel out, we would really appreciate it! Thanks for all you do, Keep the content coming! I bless you!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Black Pack Homestead Chris and Marella Ogden - thanks for the info on the rabbits, keeping them outside would be great! Growing your channel... be consistent, be different (stand out from other channels) and collab with other channels your size and larger to get your growth kickstarted.

  26. Suzy Komar

    Glad to hear your female cats are fixed. Great.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Suzy Komar - 👍🏼

  27. Christina Valdez

    Great video. So much feathered eye candy. 😍 I want to comment on a few things. The chickens you are calling Ameraucana are actually Easter Eggers. I have both and love both. Frost bite is caused by moisture and not cold. You may want to look into adding more ventilation in your coop. Nipple waterers are a great way to offer clean water in a mixed flock. Though my chickens still like to drink the mucky duck water. I’m new to the game too but these are some things I’ve learned along the way. I look forward to watching more of your videos. 👍🏻

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Christina Valdez - thanks, Christina

  28. chicken volaille

    Cool video as usual :) You are a great family

    1. White House on the Hill

      +chicken volaille - thank you very much!

  29. Sony H K

    Attractive news. Cheers guys

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Sony H K - thanks!

  30. Homestead Wannabee

    I get all the creative camera shots now! Lol Never saw a chicken run backwards before. Best is still the 'chick town'. Blessings ~

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Homestead Wannabee - thank you so much!

  31. Lensa Patriot

    time is hapy with family ...success

    1. White House on the Hill

      +lensa - thank you very much!

  32. Jose Carmona

    You have got to get a dog. They protect you and the flock. I have even taught my Huskies to get along with my chickens which was not easy.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Jose Carmona - sounds good

  33. Madi Rose

    How is the pecock eggs

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Madi Rose - a couple more day till they hatch

  34. Bennystropical swimmig wolf

    Jake and Becky I loved the video

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Bennystropical swimmig wolf - thank you so much!

  35. Stef Styl

    What is going on w/ the peafowl eggs?

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Stef Styl - a couple days till they hatch

  36. Jacky Waldon

    Jake that was a very interesting video buddy it was very enlightening. I hope you guys get your own Farm someday soon. Love peace and prayers friends.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Jacky Waldon - thank you, Jacky!

  37. koocookrur

    Will you buy my old house it’s 21 acres and has a horse barn and has a chicken coupe that used to be a garage and had 84 Chickens in it (76 Bradshaw rd Dryden ny us ) www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/76-Bradshaw-Rd_Dryden_NY_13053_M31350-97393

    1. koocookrur

      Btw when I said will you buy my old house I didn’t mean to be so pushy I guess what I meant is if your still looking for a house maybe check out my old one ;D

    2. koocookrur

      20 acres***

  38. Misty Nyberg

    You are a creator on the rise!!

  39. Benjamin LaVallie

    share the cds and dvd with doug and stacy if you would god almighty bless us all holy peace

  40. Benjamin LaVallie

    2 thessalonians chapter 1 verse 9 who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his power

  41. Benjamin LaVallie

    anyone send me your address if you would like some free musick cds

  42. Mariella Potter

    Yayyyyy I am not the only one who has a lot of animals/pets

  43. Rick Astley

    Look at all those chickens

  44. Zombie Louscious

    How are the peacocks

  45. Katherine Russell

    You guys are doing a great job!

  46. Penny Finan

    Getting ready for hurricane here in Columbia S C. Stay safe hopefully u guys won’t get any effects from it but just anchor down the animals will go dormant and head for shelter. Remember turkeys are dumb and will hold their heads up in the rain and drown. Usually they will head for shelter but u may have to pen them if the hurricane rains come close. I think u guys are in Virginia? IDK. Anyway I love you guys so be safe. Family first then chickens. Much love

    1. Barbara Leighty

      They are in Missouri. I was born and raised there. Not many hurricanes 😁 but they do get tornadoes.

  47. Jacobs Tribe

    living on the farm is the best! we have a lot of fun adventures on ours, fishing catching or raising animals i don't think we would enjoy the city. love the vids subing now!

  48. Flor Perla

    thank you

  49. Chick-a-Woof Ranch

    YES to goats and YES to horses! Another great video!

  50. IvoryWolf 921

    Darn, I really wanted to know the answer to my question lol I wanted to know all the animals you have or do own. The chickens looked so cute!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +IvoryWolf 921 - we have 70 chickens, 21 turkeys, 14 ducks, 5 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 fish and 1 snake

  51. M.A.G. Visions

    Don't know how we got here but it was a good detour interesting video

    1. White House on the Hill

      +M.A.G. Visions - ha! Well thanks for stopping by!

  52. Penny Finan

    Sometimes. Brood hens won’t raise their hatch and switch with a surrogate asap. They will kill them if not. I guess it’s the same w8th some females they like being pregnant but don’t want children lol. Love ur inspiration and untuned vid. Being open to learn is key to success

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Penny Finan - thank you, Penny!

  53. asa ikw

    I’m new here. So excited! 😎☕️🍮

    1. White House on the Hill

      +asa ikw - thank you so much!

  54. Lisa Booker

    Great video. My dream is to have a farm with daughters and their families. All of us have our own houses but be on the same land. My girls have actually started to like the idea themselves as they’ve gotten older. Kind of surprised me recently when they both mentioned it to me. When they first got out on their own it was fun and exciting and they were thrilled. As it should be. As they’ve gotten older they miss their momma and that melts my heart. Their husbands too. My son in laws and I adore each other and them men know I’d do anything for them! Couldn’t have hand picked better men for my girls. Naturally my grandkids are all about Nannie being around all the time cause I spoil them rotten! Hehe 😉 It would sure be one exciting farm I know that. LOL TFS guys! You’re just the sweetest. Love, hugs and blessings ~Lisa

    1. Benjamin LaVallie

      romans chapter 12 verse 21 be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Lisa Booker - I hope you get to do that one day!

  55. Gerry Marmee

    I have lived watching your channel! Best wishes always!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Gerry Marmee - thank you so much... you've been around since the beginning!

  56. Mischa Brandon

    Get a horse or dogs🐕🐕🐎🐎😀😊

    1. Mischa Brandon

      Yay 😁 thx for always responding me

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Mischa Brandon - we just might do that

  57. Joshua Wilson

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    1. White House on the Hill

      +Joshua Wilson - no comment 😏

  58. Jessie

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    1. White House on the Hill

      +Jessie - I guess Woolite would really like your patronage 😀 sorry about that

  59. Mahealani W

    I just always love seeing what y'all are gonna talk about I've learned alot about chickens listening to you guys and well I just love those boys they always know WHAT CRAZY thing to do to put a smile on my face and I just like calling them my US-new grndkids lol. Y'all are a very sweet family and I just enjoy hanging with ya.... Have a great day! Until the next video 😉👍💜

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Mahealani W. - thanks, Mahealani! We appreciate you!

  60. 50 shades of green

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    1. White House on the Hill

      +50 shades of green - absolutely!

  61. Casey B

    Awe! Thank you so, so very much for answering my questions!! I cant even begin expressing how AMAZING it is that youve interacted with me and, your other viewers! It seems like a lot of youtubers dont truly pay much mind to their viewers questions. I appreciate it more than you know 😄 youve made my day! You guys are so sweet, so amazing, so awesome! Youre inspiration to me. I hope all of your home owner and, any other dreams you all have, come true for your family. You deserve it 😁 although you didnt actually vocally address me by my name as you did everyone else, you BOTH did answer my question pretty thoroughly and, took a little time 💚 I know you were busy and, had tons of questions to get to but, i want to say thank you both oh so much. Really, it is so incredibly nice to me that you respond directly to your viewers!

    1. Casey B

      @White House on the Hill it's most definitely okay 😊 I'm really just glad you chose and, replied to my question. I'm kind of thinking of creating a channel for chicken/animal education purposes, based on what personal knowledge and, experience I have. You inspire me 💚

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Casey B - I know! I'm so sorry! I was trying to say everyone's name before the question, and for some reason I forgot to there. Really sorry about that.

  62. Corey Dewhurst

    Oh That was nice I think I’ve watched to many of you’re videos I knew so many of these questions from watching all you do 🇦🇺👍

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      +Corey Dewhurst - ha! You know us too well, huh?

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