50 Cent Speaks On ‘Power’, Wendy Williams, Megan Thee Stallion + More

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    50 Cent drops in to talk the sequel to 'Power' called 'Power Book II' and whether he's team Tommy or team Ghost. The rapper also touches on Wendy Williams, his recent drinking habits and the new special woman in his life.
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    50 Cent Speaks On ‘Power’, Wendy Williams, Megan Thee Stallion + More
    The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. bob doe

      first time I seen 50 cent hammered

    2. SnK Aron

      "You cant just show up to my party man"😂😂😂 felt that to the core

    3. Mia Jackson

      50 You Should Have Let Rena Live Because You Could Of Showed Ghost Sacrifice Was To Put His Children Through College To Not Follow His Tasha And Tommy Stupid Decisions To Make It And They Can Be Just As Successful. Only Drug Dealers And Killers Are Successful (NOT)

    4. dMo Lar

      He so NY

    5. Larry McNutt

      Coming from the West Coast! 50 speaks it real!! I bacc him 100 percent!! KEEP IT ALL THE WAY REAL 50!! I'M GOING TO WAR WITH YOU IF IT COMES TO IT!!!!

    6. Bjorn Blackman

      Yo 50 cent is a genius and a bona fide hustler. I'm really proud of how he has lasted and dominated in the game.

    7. Tywanna Ball

      Ye: Well tradition isn't always right. Envy: 50 gotta go in 5 minutes. 🤣🤣🤣

    8. MrSupersmokesum420

      Nigga next to dj envy bro with beard look like he be talking hella mad shit after the main person in the interview leaves the room

    9. GoldenNine Studio

      Name 1 artist that rap better than Tupac right now plz??? 50 is dumb and there is no way Chris Brown could ever enter the same thought as Michael Jackson

    10. SoraXme

      Lmaooo at dj cutting off Angela”now 50 has to go in a few mins.” “Ok....”

    11. Bri And kids

      This 1 smart man 💯 #BlackExcellence

    12. sherina926

      He’s funny and smart but he’s petty. I peep the quickness to disrespect women if he thinks they are hoes.

    13. Mandough Beats


    14. Jayjay_ 2xs

      24:36 charlamagne: but that was ya son fifth..! Fifty: yeah I know, but he's his mother's Child now.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. Anna Lore

      Rappers can get away with ALOT in their lyrics. 50 is a smart guy ..he hustled from day 1 ..u cant ever take that away it's in his DNA. I'm not a fan of his music but tip my hat to him where its appropriate. " Selling crack with MJ poster at home" that was hilar

    16. Maryam Bey

      50 Cent is top of my list to interview on Tellavisiontav. I respect his rise to fame despite his struggles and obstacles in life. An inspiration for those who lived that life. He made no excuses. Thank you.

    17. Alex Felix

      50 Cent sold his soul and sending your kids to the Hellfire he's like the new weed alien OG Kush don't smoke it don't try it and don't go to the dispensaries they spraying are we down with chemicals chemical warfare

    18. matthew mann

      50 is petty many times but he makes some points

    19. Jacob Moore


    20. D Z

      50 Cent The Definition Of Legendary

    21. Jewl Gat

      Money is power....

    22. Dawn Lestaevel

      50 cracks me up. I love him and his personality

    23. ABS - Jakes

      Yee got all glamed up for 50

    24. Vantrice W

      Been a fan since day one, glad to see how fif have grown into a successful business man 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    25. Yoogie Yoogie

      Damn I bet homie smelled good asab😊

    26. Keisha Brooks

      Angela Yee got herself together cause she didn't want to be 50 next bash victim on the internet 🤣😂🤣😂

    27. Glam Glam

      Peace be with you ALL ☮️

    28. Demi Parker

      Bruh 2:19 who farted ? I can’t tell if it’s Angela or 50

    29. Kolby Long

      50 shades of 50

    30. Tapiwa Yafele

      Dope dope interview guys

    31. Alfreda McCoy

      Look at Angela all cleaned up for 50. I m a big fan, best of luck babyboy.

    32. Bole Gee

      50 cent " Walk around with guns the size of Lil bow wow Bow wow: Oh yeah🤔 Ima catch this nigga slippin

    33. Jodeci501 Entertainment

      This nigga said its a prequel NIGGA 48 HOURS AFTER!!!!!

    34. Tell a vision TAV

      I enjoyed Power last night. Good ending for Tommy. POWER is a great show.

    35. Marc D

      Angela looks fine as hell oh my lawd

    36. Zirkhov Odhiambo

      50 is a genius

    37. Wealthiest Success Successful

      50 cent is a king Happy New year 2020 yall

    38. Hearing Visions

      No... he his mamas boy now lmao

    39. 1blackmikeTV

      I met 50 once in my life he really is a very smart business entrepreneur POWER is big. What up with the BMF show?

    40. Sheeka Johnson

      The womans movement isn't a response to African (pre colonial) tradition.

    41. Sheeka Johnson

      Tommy is the only one true to his choices. We all have seen people like that survive it all. They are following their own law and NOT double minded. He will be the last man standing if Tarik ain't truer.

    42. Janna T

      24:05 omg when he blushes

      1. Game of Thrones season 8 is trash

        Cubun link will do that to you 😏

    43. Dirk City Diggler

      This foo really said "desperation twerk"

    44. Movies&&Highlights!!!

      MJ will always be better than Chris Brown... Why ???? Because MJ was the biggest music star on the planet who had fans of all genres of music digging his music & what he was doing. Chris is not on that level of greatness. 50 says that no matter what MJ fans will look pass if he was a pedo. I’m not one of them. If it’s actually true and you can show men undeniably proof Mj was that kind of person then I wouldn’t give that a pass. No way.


      24:03 what kind of laugh is that


      I thought you was fake drink it I was for a whiel Aha hahahahahahahahahahahaha 23:23

    47. Grinder Man

      I was selling crack while a billie jean poster hung in my room at mum's!!!😄😅😂🤣

    48. Valerie Boynton


    49. polo boy

      Nobody can rap better then 2pac

    50. Joe Momma

      Team Tommy bruh

    51. Plus2 Golfer

      Scripted interview and the interviewers don't even know it lmao... He said the same shit in ebro show and they didn't know they were getting played either lol

      1. Ew Muva

        Happens alot.. seems you're the one who dont know shit

    52. Spiritual Gangsters

      We are Praying for you 50.

    53. Emily Morales

      Dj Envy: “oh boy” 😂

    54. Emily Morales

      He’s such a sweetie pie 🥧, hope I meet him again 😭

      1. boris lillo

        Emily Morales u meet him??

    55. traningday

      50 forever be a hustler music tv wherever the money is unbelievable.

    56. Grand poobah

      50 cent is a business man. 💯🔥💵

    57. Lashanda Roker

      I love 50 cents he's the realest.

    58. Deion the Don

      I may have to study 50 cent business mind.🤔 He kind of remind me of a few things I want to do.

    59. AS J

      The Zab Judah commercial was better than the actual interview.

    60. jose Gonzalez

      Charlamagne; “ does joe have your number”? 50; “Yeah 👀” 50 and Charlamagne both ; 👀👀“ ahhahaha” good one almighty

    61. etnohc


    62. SmoothVisionMedia

      So Trey Songz sprayed Envy in the face

    63. Spaceman Creations

      🦀Cancer squad

    64. lex luther

      He pronounced it buff-et

    65. BLVD BULLY

      50 wanted to say about the amber rose and megan the stallion ordeal that if your fucking with hoes lets talk shit and have fun but if your marrying them then we cant talk shit now thats your girl but i think he was afraid to say it cuz he didnt think people wuld understand but i get it.

    66. Adrian Reeves

      "This is not desperation twerking, we're twerking because we're having a good time." . - 50Cent on why they bring a budget for the strippers. lol

      1. Grand poobah

        Adrian Reeves he said they brought a lot of money. He’s generous!

    67. DEVILxMAYxCRYx5

      Damn they just had to bring up MJ .

    68. He Died And Made Me God

      WATCH THIS!!!!! Trump Gets Assassinated 🔫 us-new.com/online/video-Ozf-3xIzyjM.html

    69. Alex T

      @15:35 "....No". Lolol classic Fofty.

    70. ThatsStraight UpBullshit

      how old is 50?