5 Waffle Maker That Will Blow your Mind!

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    How to make waffles using waffle maker?
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. devin selmi

      mind blown

    2. Auraa-

      5 waffle makers blew my mind!

    3. Fatima

      Wat do u do with all your extra gadgets??

    4. Ana Conchita Mangonon

      Him:nothing is spilling anywhere Me:what the : /

    5. Angelo Penaloga


    6. Giant 9ers

      Manuel: Only one cup Taurus: Maybe I should put more than one cup just in case

    7. Uzzal Barua

      Please make gun vedeo

    8. Rebeca Green

      Hopefully waffle dog will work as well 😂

    9. Megan Greene

      I think I would buy the vertical waffle maker. I liked the fact that it let you know that it's done.

    10. kingmasterbully

      I Love his accent

    11. Julian Aherrera

      waffle bowl looks awesome

    12. NeverStopLearning

      The second or third one would be good with ice cream

    13. Nani Frei

      I love watching your videos. So much fun!!!

    14. stephen doroja

      And too messy pour gently

    15. Jamie Glynn

      Nothings spilling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. TopHat

      Use a funnel to fill

    17. Vital Sun

      Ice cream and waffles is the best combo ever

    18. TheTrueMitch

      Why make waffle spoons when you can already eat metal spoons

    19. Thom Bosman

      1:59 yes i domt see any spillage

    20. Hakken NR

      your mind is allways blowing :D :D :D

    21. LEXANDER96

      The 2nd one was my favorite

    22. Y T

      Wapfle maker.....

    23. Aaron Weaver

      only the last 2 blew my mind

    24. clint blaze

      Really unique waffle maker thumbs up for me👍👍👍

    25. Akshay Sardar


    26. Bangs Isidro

      Boom mess ❤️👍

    27. Hanifa Bibi


    28. Hanifa Bibi


    29. Hanifa Bibi


    30. Hanifa Bibi


    31. Hanifa Bibi

      T tg

    32. Timothy Onime

      7:10 "It spreads everywhere", as he pours the bottle around the waffle.

    33. Brianna Berny

      Vhatever you like to eat with de vaffol

    34. Rezzie Gallardo

      He's fridge got everything 😁

    35. Fadda Sexy

      First one 👍

    36. Jordan Johnson

      I noticed you used that I've cream scoop from an other video

    37. Jony Alves

      2:00 what do you mean look at the front

    38. Russel Bascos

      You need an adult. Hahahahahahahahaha!

    39. Jayden Hill

      this is actually making me mad

    40. Jayden Hill

      whatta bot

    41. dhyc777

      like that bowl waffle maker the most~ =)

    42. Patricia Wood

      Haha you set my alexa timer, how funny is that she understands Russian.

    43. ido gaming

      It's ready to put-in😂

    44. Quốc Vĩ Lưu

      Where the fork and knife walfle maker

    45. Christopher Santos

      Me: :( *watches CrazyRussianHacker* Me: :)

    46. RODY BLANO

      @crazyrussianhacker You use 1 cup per waffle

    47. Joel Harris

      russia where displacement is a myth

    48. The RoBloxxers

      we have that waffle maker and i would give it 6 stars its w=quick

    49. Tay

      Who else's Alexa set multiple timers during this video?

    50. AM Gaming

      I have been watching for 5+ years , accent didn't improve even a tiny little bit 😂😂😂

    51. Justin Fox

      At 9:25, you made my alexa start aa timer😂

    52. Josh Criste

      Dough or mix?

    53. tadashi namakosi

      Who else watches this for laughs rather than knowing new gadgets 🤣🤣😂😂😂

    54. trutfles

      taras uSiNg BiG wOrdS nOw

    55. Kara Hinson

      When he said "put the dough in" i thought he said dog...

    56. R HS

      mylabradory 🐕

    57. shadowcrash333

      I have the first waffle maker, I love it, it's amazing and can make more than just waffles! Makes a wicked chicken quesadilla! Also, if you are making a stack of waffles for a few people I would recommend putting them on a cake rack (or directly on the oven rack works too!) on warm in the oven till ready to eat. On a plate the steam makes the soft and a little soggy and flattens them

    58. MackyXP

      a baster would have been more efficient, you could just baster the dough from the measuring container so u can still measure and u also get it more accurate, just saying...

    59. Caren B

      What waffle mix did you use? Looks good!

    60. Caren B

      It really helps to read and follow the directions. . . just sayin...


      nice one

    62. No Pasa Nada

      Any one else want waffles now

    63. Ms. Chin BK

      I like the first waffle maker the most followed by the spoon one.

    64. DonDark

      Thanks for setting a 4 minut timer on my echo.

    65. prittybritty

      Forget the waffle makers this video tested 765,000 amazon echos 🤣

    66. StormyDraws

      You should of use the waffle spoon with the waffle bowl

    67. Bobbie Goff

      Could probably make a waffle stAtue

    68. HΞLLBΞNT

      Wafflemaker: *makes an absolute mess of sticky stuff* Taras: I LOVE ZIS VAFFLEMAKAR!

    69. Kitten2Cat

      Yeah, read the instructions! Very easy to do!

    70. Apollo Smile

      First one is junk

    71. Humza hussain

      You are so messy

    72. Tino granfors

      Did you know that just one cup is ENOUGH!

    73. Aaliyan Abdullah

      Taras really liked that beep

    74. Shobhana Salla

      He tries to make up for his mistakes

    75. MATAM

      Perfect wowfle

    76. Janet Desmond

      What happens to all the used food? Love all your videos was just wandering!

    77. Godless Melanisia

      1 upright 2 slight bowl 3 bowl 4 spoons. I'm only counting 4 waffle makers.....

    78. Heru Kurniawan

      9:28 🤫

    79. Adam Heinermann

      Read the directions first? Why is it even possible to overfill? Also using a knife and scratching the surface, really? 🤦

    80. A B

      At (9:52) am I the only one who noticed he said that you can put chicken in the waffle bowls

      1. Forever On My Way To Fuck Your Bitch

        Chicken and waffles is a classic American food

    81. EREBUS 


    82. Jabberwotchi

      His spilling stuff all over gives me anxiety....

    83. Sports Highlights


    84. Emilee May

      Why am I watching this? 😔

    85. Holds


    86. Rolando Soto Madrigal


    87. Bob Ross

      1:59 nothing is spilling half of the mix spills

    88. C G

      Waffle Dough

    89. Tara Wright

      I to love me some "waffle dough"

    90. Fefe Fa


    91. 100 Subs without a vid ?


    92. Oli Beard

      The first one is pointless, just buy a normal one. The one in the video must be so hard to clean and is unnecessary

    93. Nina Lupe

      6:34 "bOoM, lOoK aT tHaT bAfFlE"

    94. Josh Stuart

      You set off my Alexa 😂

    95. Jake Johannesen

      6:35 look at that Baffle!!!

    96. Dave Mann

      Careful your getting some in the machine.

    97. GCYT fudo

      The way he says gadget is hilarious

    98. aznsushi41

      u should review waffle mix pourers

    99. Jamie Aguilar

      i love how aggressive he is with everything 💀

    100. Kinky assleonkennedy