5 As Seen On TV Lights Test!

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Runthis313

      Your fast nervous impatient movements irritate me

    2. VIPER410

      They are all pretty good lights thanks for sharing Taras


      I'm blind

    4. Voyager Techno

      Who is so noisy in background

    5. Random couch potato

      I keep forgetting that you got birds

    6. Susmaster 64

      Plz notice meere

    7. Frederick Gordon

      You should try using a wall rallying t is a RC car that that can. Climb walls and drive on ceilings

    8. Missmallows

      I can hear ghosts whining on the background 😬

    9. Maxilyn Capell

      The Everbrite lights worked great for about 4 months, and then stopped working--period.

    10. Bridgett west is a whore

      greetings from Soviet Russia we miss you

    11. GAMES O, FREAK

      Haunted video 😬😬😬😞

    12. Cat Videos

      The first onr didnt turn off

    13. Danzil Dias

      360 i mean 180 whatever🤐

    14. scarface 82

      Name ya puppy floppy ears

    15. TheCancerousLoli

      What do you do to your dogs in the basement?

    16. Victor

      9:51 3 jealous dogs outside ;)

    17. Andy Roberts

      Put some drylock and a moister barrier on those walls get your basement waterproof and buy a couple humidifiers problem fixed lol

    18. Edward Lopez

      8:30 uno of the OG 😂😂😂

      1. Edward Lopez

        One* hah

    19. Alanzo Gopaul

      Aye wait I guess I was hiding from it lol😂😂😂😂

    20. Andrzej

      Why does he have a bunker? 🤔

    21. Otosaka Yuu

      İs it really şıtormi outside?

    22. Zachary Wise

      I wouldn't be surprised if those were zombies.. Have you heard about the crazy things going on over there?

    23. d3Vo0

      Alpo dog food tho 👎

    24. Eric S


    25. Alex Kondratyuk

      Did somebody get air pumped straight into their blood stream? 0:10!

    26. dThomas Dell

      The little motion light would work great in a safe

    27. don't trespass

      Where is hacks ?

    28. Niko xD


    29. Pitufff

      0:29 "i hope butter is included"

    30. Luka Muhvić

      He have Croatian dog food(Purina), his dogs eats best food😂

    31. Chris Olsen

      deam that light is hurting my eyes

    32. Amp63

      What is that noise?

    33. Ghillie Nation

      Does motion light review to ghost proof his home.

    34. The Yellow Ninja

      more like 5 Light gadgets put to the test

    35. Zollohit Bagants

      Noice vid but the backgrownd was sceary

    36. Frank Crawford

      Nice dogs you got there.

    37. J M

      Laboratory but we are in the kitchen and the zombie apocalypse or rapture is happening somewhere in the house.. 😂😂

    38. Hugo Solorsano.

      Good showings .

    39. pronita barua

      Seeing his basement remind me of Annabelle

    40. Gravity Productions

      Do science experiments please crazy bro and like who all agree ↙️↙️↙️↙️

    41. Ritzy-plays 906

      What happen when you cut the plastic the bird screen like something else

    42. Alex Jeff Dust

      5:49 it is really ştormy outside lol

    43. Baron Ganie

      Me me me! I am one of the OG!

    44. Ben Feller

      Love the dogs

    45. Logan's Life

      Boy that cinder block wall in your basement is seeping in too much moisture... you should have someone check that

    46. MMAD productions

      Get a dehumidifier for you basement

    47. Ardra Dwipayana

      4:21 LOL

    48. Ardra Dwipayana

      yo Taras do a video with your mom again!!!

    49. jonathan alvarez


    50. Tytus Nezluk

      "This is super bright, I wouldn't look at it directly " Proceeds to point straight in front of camera 😂

    51. JawjaBill

      I hear Slestaks

    52. Brandon Smith

      0:16 i think you forgot to feed your demons

    53. f0rgg13

      Taras you have water problem in your cold room.

    54. dudeDK

      0:16 *when the Ghost from nether comes through your nether portal*

    55. dingo7055

      your basement is haunted

    56. DeWayne Whitney

      Do a nighttime follow up with those lights.

    57. Tiffany Collins Heberer

      That dog food has been recalled so many times. You really need to feed your dogs much better food.

    58. Noora Hallo

      Why do you have zombies in your house?

    59. Rahul Roy

      I've been watching for years and still can only ever hear " welcome back to malabar toys"

    60. Luke S.

      ...what's the demon in the background?!

    61. Dona Lyn

      Your husky scared me when he jumped on the glass😂 and George is so cute

    62. Neelansh sharma

      Bigger mystery than Bermuda triangle is that why every magnet taras sees is neodymium magnet.

    63. Ali Asghar

      We could film a horror movie under his basement :)

    64. Angel De Hoyos

      What’s happening in the back round in the beginning?!

    65. Anime TV

      5:14 hahaha...

    66. Алексей Ахмадулин


    67. Justin Fox


    68. Mega MonsterManTV/Dia & Kiko

      it is really really štormy outside XD

    69. Mr. Das

      Make some diy home security system & camera review videos. And love your videos 😍 brother.

    70. SAS Vapes

      Solar power so I'll put it in the basement. Then he puts it outside. This guy cracks me up. Keep up the great work Taras.