4 Parasites Too Creepy to Exist



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    Warning! This episode is a little gross… Between 1/3 and 1/2 of all life on earth is parasitic - and here are 4 of the creepiest parasites we know about.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. SciShow

      Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to try their Beautiful Geometry course. The first 200 subscribers get 20% off an annual Premium subscription.

      1. sandra yagi


      2. clayton johnson

        Those exist

      3. jyri X0

        Are those In finland

      4. Mateusz Czerniawski

        @SciShow 2 questions: 8:40 how this is possible? How that even could evolve? Is the mitochondria a parasite? Could be some parasite story background in primiry cells and mitochondrias fusion?

      5. TheDerpyfredbear

        Baby's are basically a parasite Lives of a human Kick it out it will get hit by a car

    2. Boxed In Gaming

      i actually dind't know the corpse flower was a parasite. even though i live in indonesia

    3. WinterFrost_Productions

      "To feed on the fish's nutritious FlUiDs" Ew.

    4. The Clumsy Kitten

      I wish parasites did not exist

    5. Lioneagle255


    6. Lynx Integra

      I got rid of a "big parasite", still sucking anything and everything out of the life of my kids and I. That leech needs to get "treatment" , like years ago. I have no idea why that has not happened already. PERMANENTLY.

    7. ThatAspieCalledMyth

      a bit surprised and disappointed he didn't mention cordyceps, the zombie ant fungus

    8. Hobostarr180

      I remember NatGeo did a video over the snail eye worm things years ago. Horrified the crap out of me as a kid

    9. Line-Marie FORTIER

      Intresting, but BEUEUEURRRKKKK. I stopped before the snail!!!

    10. Kenneth Mcghee

      I think that crab barnacle got to sum these guys on the earth

    11. 必きり

      I can only hear the Crash Course Chemistry intro song when he speaks...

    12. Vicarious Gamer

      Humans being in at least the top 5 of all parasitic life. There ya go, a show topic for you. You're welcome :)

    13. Tash YzD

      The Question Is ; .Why Must PARASITES Exist

    14. Nathan L

      When I saw the snail, I wanted to take holy water eye drops

    15. Megan Barnett

      #1. Me :(

    16. Andre Bowman

      We are all paracites sucking down on the earth's recources and gives iy nothimg in return

    17. The sinner Jim Whitney

      There's a particular wetland near my home in West Virginia in which I've found what I feel is an inordinate amount of frogs and salamanders with additional or malformed legs, I always assumed it was due to pollution due to quite a few industrial facilities (powerhouses, steel mills, chemical plants, and natural gas compressor and metering stations) and the coal mining runoff in years past. I'm sure that has some effect, but I'd be very interested to learn whether there's a lot of that family of worms in the water. Interestingly, it's a natural wetland, but only sorta. It's along the Ohio river, and if left to nature would probably be under the river's surface almost all year, but since we built many locks and dams along the river to make it year-round navigable the river channel has become narrower and deeper, exposing the wetland to year-round air. Side note, how the hell does a creepy parasite video from smart folks like the SciShow crew not mention the mind-control cordyceps fungi?! Good vid just the same, I'd never heard of the frog mutating worms or the crab manipulating barnacles.

    18. Floaroma 44

      Yay Vileplume shout out :D

    19. Twinbornmoon385

      They start out at free swimming MALES but when in the mouth they somehow change into FEMALES

    20. Now Nothing Will Be Wrong

      Oh look they made a video about me

      1. Now Nothing Will Be Wrong

        The_Orange_Gamer ah yes, a fellow struggler

      2. The_Orange_Gamer

        oh i see you put your grasses on

    21. Braeden T

      Large animal: I’m about to- Parasite: end this man’s whole career

    22. davichost 1

      Oh at least the flower is cute I guess

    23. stephanie kreinheder

      So humans, humans are parasites...

    24. Mr Bluntforce T

      Human beings are extremely Parasitic

    25. Jeff Byrnes

      Absolutely everything is food or fuel for something else.

    26. yeossimika

      did prageru hack scishow and upload this?

    27. ManuelPinner

      Just like Religious Organizations,

    28. Daily Tofu

      The name of the Raflesia was actually the name the 2 people who found the flower, I forgot the last part of the name, but it was pretty old for me, so it would make sense

    29. Felix Daniel

      you know, i love information, BUT, i prefer to see examples more, and not his face, nothing against him

    30. Dominik Muminovic

      you forgot humans

    31. Adnan Luthfi

      is it from those crabs we have the gender bender things in novel?

    32. Jed Henaku Budu

      Really A Pokémon???!!! Going to watch all my episode again

    33. PhantomIL

      We are the ultimate, worldwide parasite - granting billions of animals a horrible life just to take it from them and sustain ourselves longer to infect more areas. But this host of a planet will soon die Btw i eat meat and make sausages :p

    34. laventier

      My stomach is ichy while watch this


      10:20 dat aint vilemplume

    36. Tomorrow Yesterday

      Sorry, but I thought this video was going to be about me.

    37. Ross Hirst

      Humans are parasites to the earth

    38. Ribbons & Bows

      Thank you, so much for the vlog. A vlog on "parasitic zombification" would really delight your subscribers, I'm sure :-). If you've covered this already, apologies, I've just come across your site.

    39. Ethan Q

      The Giant Corpse Flower looks like the same parasitic flower on Venusaur’s back. Fascinating. I wonder if this is where Gamefreak got the idea from?

    40. Mr Monstah

      Nice. I better make 'em all work on humans

    41. Mike Adder

      "Where did you learn so much about corpse flowers"?? "I heard it through the grapevine"

      1. Luis Carillo



      You forgot humans... biggest parasites lol

    43. grant foshee

      I have a hermit crab and now I’m scared for her

    44. TheMightyLeeOh

      I, for one, welcome our parasitic overlords.

    45. the cupcake eater

      Poor fishes

      1. the cupcake eater

        Poor crabs

      2. the cupcake eater

        Poor frogs

    46. Al Weida

      I thought this was about our government

    47. C C

      Did this show just teach me about Trans Water Parasites? Fish are more woke than us.

    48. A Ghost.

      #5 The human race

    49. Tristan Abarca

      3:40 imagine having a race so terrible that you have to question if you caused something bad

    50. Harvey Rickard

      This video reminds me of the ex wife....

    51. Evergreener


    52. SantaPaws Kitty514

      This was a mistake.

    53. The normal Gamer

      What if a parasite barnacle manages to get into a human when they are swimming?

    54. Maria Surio

      '' on the squeamish side'' me:wot da HELL you think me scared of that

    55. V Ling

      That barnacle parasitic system is downright horrific.

    56. Chris Chapel

      Corpse flowers sounds like they might be able to to help fight cancer

    57. I AE

      00:33 my parents would agree

    58. Lighting Gaming

      How are these to creepy to exist even though they do exist

    59. TheMidnightBanshee 59

      let me bring out the popcorn

    60. Alexander Kelly

      Not that creepy. You can do creepier

    61. ThePHiLsTeR

      Fun fact: humans are parasites. We milk maple trees for their tree sap (their blood) to make maple syrup.

    62. The AnotherMysteryoso

      Corpse flower to me represents a deceiving person. Corpse flower is beautiful looking but its inside stinks. Like a girl who is beautiful but evil.

    63. Phazelight

      Thats tragic can you imagine being a creature infected with something that occasionally has sex in your mouth

    64. Jimbo Sirette

      Ya forgot the 40 year old, meth addicted skank.

    65. izznutella

      What if parasite Din't Exist

    66. Intifada

      Humans are Earth's parasite

    67. Tèñ Rìķź Đí Ćapŕìø

      so that means my girlfriend is a parasite. She mooched me off for like years and left.

    68. Austin Hinkley

      Thanks I hate it

    69. David AdventTime21

      So basically parasites is another word for women?


      Human are parasite to this world