4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



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    We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of pizza. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which pizza was the best?

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    4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

    Published on 23 days ago


    1. Sprytez


    2. I AM 1/3 WANTED

      Level 1:BUY!!!! Level 2:SOME BUY!!!! Level 3:NO BUY!!!!

    3. 麦

      I like Stephen's dough and sauce and I like Beth's toppings.

    4. itsnotblackitsgray

      Stephen's pizza looks even better than Sim's pizza tbh🤷🏻‍♀🤣

    5. Jeff Mcneill

      Level 3: Burned

    6. Stellabih

      @5:38 🌈 I like my sausages fairly thin and sort of long 🌈 . ⏸

    7. Jonte Peake

      Level 3 Chef: I’ll leave my pot outside for flavor. Especially when it rains

    8. Green Gale Productions

      I had to go back to make sure that when Level 3 said "Bay Leaves", he wasn't saying "Babies".

    9. Fortnite Clipz

      Level 0 :can i get a large 2 topping pizza

    10. Big Oof

      Lvl 0: here is a pizza pocket i bought from the grocery store

    11. Maizie Parmenter

      Level 3 gave me billy Mays vibes. Lol

    12. Felipe Mora Stecco

      what kind is this oven?

    13. YS_ Awarevening

      Number 2 looked kinda bad.

    14. Pslams 82

      Level 3 - Spends 3 years waiting for a pizza that cooks in 3 minutes, only to burn the crust.

    15. Ab C. Def

      Bless Stephen's heart

    16. CelticShadow

      the first dude put wayyyyy too much sauce on

    17. goggo9

      The grandma is the closest to the real thing.....please kill that “chef” and his worchester sauce

    18. Ren

      i like sims because it is not smother with cheese and tomato sauce

    19. Анастасия Теплинская

      It is a little bit strange that they leave dough in refrigerator for day. I just mix all ingredients together with hot water and leave for half an hour.

    20. Anurag Dhar

      I love this comment section 😂

    21. Morgan Henry

      1: where’s Lorenzo 2:WHO IS THE FOOD SCIENTIST LADY

    22. SS Shadow

      Where's my boi LORENZO

    23. Brian Pacos

      If the food scientist was trying to appear like she was being held at gunpoint, she succeeded.

    24. Thomas Whiddon

      would love to see each chef try each other’s creations and their reactions

    25. Kai Vlogs

      I prefer lv 1 pizza

    26. Rene Carling

      The way he chopped those peppers and mushrooms was cringe worthy. Had to look away.

    27. Libby Reed

      Is there a chance they can all try each others? It would be interesting to see what they think of the others' processes.

    28. Naomi !

      I’m sorry but I don’t like Stephan at ALL he says he’s all fancy but just uses box and canned stuff

    29. ژینا

      My pizza tastes and looks much better than these disables pizzas

    30. oh yeah yeah

      this video would be lifeless without the black guy

    31. missingno

      The food scientists should taste the pizza too

    32. tApja

      why cook the sauce though

    33. Christopher Nava

      level 1 was the best

    34. Nyah De Thandt

      Why tf would you put sausage on a pizza

    35. TheOfficialJeffreyLi!

      When it takes 3 years to make a pizza

    36. Cheevo Central

      One bite, everyone knows the rules.

    37. Itskelvinn

      4:22 It doesn’t make a difference at all? Also the idea of “we’re making something unhealthy so we don’t have to make it less unhealthy” makes no sense. And pizza isn’t even unhealthy

    38. Yonggon

      lvl 2 one is very reasonable and you really should go simple.

    39. NachozDood

      Level 1 just put letus on his pizza I'm done

    40. George ᐕ

      Haha I can’t imagine vegans watching these videos

    41. Veev Okafor

      Expert: " ...and I've been a baker since 1974." my parents hadn't even met! and I'm the second born of 4 kids lol.

    42. Ami Phi

      Every other episode: Wow I learn so much from chef 3 This episode: Chef 3 sucks, I know how to make a pizza better than chef 3

    43. Cameron Conroy

      tbh...the level 3 one didn't even look all that good...

    44. Moist Pudding

      ahah.. ha..haaa... "this is my store bought dough..which is nice and..ready"...................

    45. Fiorii Alaia

      level 1:thinks he can cook good level 2:want to look like a professional level 3:calling himself pro with a burnt pizza level 4: i skiped that part

    46. Baldi

      Level 1: I like to buy it from the store. Level 2: Do NOT buy it from a store. Level 3: I like to buy the store.

    47. Beniel Thileepan

      Oh my, the level guy acts like the best pizza chef.

    48. Elizabeth Mak

      Hey the level 1 is actually really good. He even roll out the dough and not that frozen round one and use arugula at the end. These three are really good!

    49. Keri Harguess

      Beth’s looks the best! Yumm!

    50. 1984bluesboy1984

      I might just be a stereotypical italian here, but I'd never eat any of that sauce, sorry

    51. Brian Sounalath

      RIP Richie

    52. YameruSenpai

      So the pro burns the pizza ?

    53. Berlin Follosco

      I wanna eat the food scientist already

    54. Josef Breker

      Is it weird that in most of the episodes the level two food looks the most appetizing

    55. Jocelyn Cortez

      Stephen's pizza looked the best.

    56. Polar

      level 0 pizza: bread with ketchup, tomatoes, oregano,cheese,ham,olive slices, and more cheese in that order

    57. Mike Mckinnell

      I hope I find a Beth in my life. "This is a pizza for my richie"

    58. AOT Fangirl

      Level 3 be like: The best time to start making your dough is October 19 every 8 years at 3:57 am because it really brings out the flavor, and let it rise for another 17 years because then you get a nice complex flavor, and then you have to grow your tomatoes, and you have to pick them right when they finish riping, not a day longer because or else your pizza will have an old rotten flavor. Then you have to grow all of your herbs and seasonings and weigh then all before crushing the tomatoes in with the herbs and seasonings into your sauce. Then you have to milk a cow at 6:21 pm and age that milk into cheese for 2 years, 11 months, 3 days, 6 hours, 49 minutes, 2 seconds, and 138 milliseconds. Then you spread 3/4 cups of sauce into the dough that is shaped in a circle that is 5 inches in radius and 1/3 of an inch in thickness. Then sprinkle just enough cheese to coat the pizza and the bake until golden brown. You must check the pizza in the oven every 37 seconds to make sure it doesn't burn. Then you can eat it.

    59. Brandon Brown

      Make a new 4 levels no one cares about any of the other stuff

    60. Bobby Hileman

      The best part is the level one pizza looked the most delicious.

    61. Majed Kalaoun

      Level 1: Been cooking for 2 years Level 2: Cooked for soldiers in WWI Level 3: Was a professional chef for 40 years Level 4: Literally a 12-year-old

    62. Joelson Moon

      level one is my favorite he kinda reminds me of the frog from meet the robinsons.

    63. Fatben

      Level 5 cheese

    64. Gary Edmondson

      A gOoD gLoPy GlO

    65. CurlyDoctor

      when people are here looking at this because this is the 10,005th comment

    66. Geometry Dash Element

      Anyone think the people who run epicurious had a big sigh when they heard mr italiano say "this is a 3 day dough:

    67. pedro motta

      Black dude level 4 home lol

    68. Jessica Shumpert

      Level 2 looks great but it needs SIGNIFICANTLY more cheese

    69. yeolliepollie

      level 3: have an accent