4 Levels of French Fries: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



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    We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of french fries. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which fries were the best?

    Check out the recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/palak-patel-french-fries
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    4 Levels of French Fries: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Diviance

      I feel like I wouldn't eat any of those fries and I love fries.

    2. PeachyEats

      Um a week

    3. ᴄᴜᴘ ᴏғ ᴛᴀᴇ

      Step 1: Get your phone Step 2: Order McDonald’s Step 3: Enjoy your fries

    4. neil u

      Wow 3 horrible ways to cook awful fries n take forever doing it. Morons

    5. Really ya

      i think they should make deep fried chicken with cheese sauce

    6. Toomin Dev

      Does anyone else think Palak looks like Alita Battle Angel?

    7. Gheb Gicalde

      Makes me want to study food

    8. detectiveErin

      Im ___ and im a level one chef Im ___ and im a level two chef Im ___ and ive been a chef for over 10849558 years

    9. DrKlaja

      Any Belgians cringing here?

    10. Kaifa Modeste

      Level 1 chef: My method is a bit longer Level 3 chef: ..................

    11. Javier Esposito

      Level 3 chef: Ok so harvest the potatos you planted 10 weeks ago...

    12. Eugy 076

      I know you'll skip the level 4 part...

    13. Acko Neri

      that level 2 seems like a former level 1 that got upgraded because Lorenzo had business

    14. Juan Faisal

      to name a sauce "queso cheese sauce" its a little bit redundant 11:42

    15. Pointillax

      When you need to be a chef to know that you don't have to drown food under 2L of diabetic sauce, you know you're in the US...

    16. dhruv verma

      I would love to go to KFC and buy fries which will cost me way less and in no time ....and the server will say thanks for no reason

    17. vedant gondalia

      Any chefs here?.... Cause i wanna know which is the best institute for post graduation in culinary, i want proper and good knowledge, i have tried to searching for it but what i found out on net wae just institutions marketing themselves... So please guys help me out n let me know ur suggestions Thank you ❤.

    18. Saša Đukić

      Nobody is gonna talk about skin on lv 3 chef that she left, isn't that unhealthy?

    19. Vinnie Cheng

      Americans: I love the French for giving us fries. Belgians: *belgian sadness*

    20. Vedha Palla

      Honestly I think I'd like 1s fries more than fermented fries

    21. Michael Choe

      The level 2 chef seems worse than the level 1 chef

    22. Jessie G

      i still love mc d's fries

    23. Axola Batyi

      I'll take 2 servings of Bianca's.

    24. Plasma -

      Just go down to McDonald's

    25. Yohan Brad

      The Level 2 chef is going to be a star could tell she's aiming to be a professional 🤣

    26. just have fun

      the only things that goes well with french fries are ketchup mayo and sweet chili sauce

    27. just have fun

      fermented . hell no . rich people food is disgusting

    28. B o r p

      Once I was cooking fries but I decided to be lazy and I didn't dry off the fries so they still had water, only problem was I was cooking them in oil so I almost burned down our kitchen for the second time-

    29. Addison Gray

      Well now we all know more about fries then our friends. Lol Half of the video was her talking about French fries

    30. Stephanie Gould

      Bianca is annoying af.

    31. Kingpurest

      Trust me Bianca's reasoning wasn't pectin breakdown rate

    32. duby149

      I cant be the only that throws a bag of frozen in the oven with a shredded cheese and calls it a day lmaooooo

    33. Moha Mmd

      Video title be like: waste 13 mins & hate your own fries afterwards

    34. p0rt3r

      Chef: "Do you want fries with that?" Me: "Sure. I ordered them last week!" Chef: "My man!" Both: **bro-fist**

    35. B CH

      None of these looked very good, but I'd probably go with the Level 1 chef's fries. But give me some damn ketchup!

    36. Tach Lnk

      If Gordon Ramsay watches the video, he will be angry at the second chef for frozen French fries.

    37. Omer Zeevi

      Since when fries goes well with apples?? 🍎+🍟=🤮

    38. Syya Fire

      Oi the thumb nail is backwards

    39. Sike Vlogs

      Level 1’s looked the best 😂

    40. fabnsass

      I stick the cut and seasoned potatoes into the oven and that's it. I don't do the water thing or use litters of oil, a simple drip of oil with salt and pepper is good enough. Maybe add a pinch of garlic powder if you are feeling fancy, but that's it. Their sauces all scare me, just use salsa, ketchup and/or string cheese.

    41. Person A

      Me: I’ll have some fries for lunch please.. Chef: That’ll be ready in five days

    42. Amano Yuuji

      1:56 that sound error

    43. Alana Cunnigham

      Still can't compete with McDonald's fries

    44. john dowe

      helloo nutmeg daddy, wait wrong video ..

    45. Matthew Sanders

      Are you serious.....golden brown texture?

    46. douglas ascencio

      Calypso Queso, boy do that sounds cool.

    47. Arda

      it's funny because osmosis is just the opposite of what she said :)))

    48. Cooking for the missus

      I love these videos, I would deffo be closer to a level 1 chef.

    49. Isaac S

      That girl looks so uncomfortable

    50. Bagja Kertasafari

      may i know the level 4 girl's name?

    51. Elisa Idir

      Level 0: heat up oil, peel and slice up potatoes, add salt, throw them in oil, take them out, serve and eat.

    52. ding dOoOoOonG

      they put the sauce on top... *how to unsee*

    53. Wolf Blood

      Just by looking at the thumbnail the amateurs looks the best

    54. John Flin

      5:55 sonagoneskun lol that's why I heard 🤣🤣

    55. Gamer ki playsss

      I wish that The level one could taste the level 2's, The level two could taste the level 3's And the Level 3s the level 4's

    56. FortniteGamer2018 YT

      Imagine seeing that title and see that the French fries of the Amateur seem to look a lot more tastier than the ones of the expert.

    57. Zoe Lam

      I can cook better than them. I watch BWB and YSAC

    58. Jordan Costello

      I just click on these videos to read the funny comments

    59. Paula Costa

      This show is kinda weird... Lvl 1: 'hi I like to cook because Its impossible to eat potato's raw' Chef: ' haha u funny I'm a CheEf with 3000 years of experience, I inVeNTed fire:

    60. lol cat

      Go to McDonald’s instead of waiting a week

    61. All Changes

      Western people: We need to wait till it gets up to 300 degrees c Asian people: We don't do that here

    62. Braidyn Sherwood

      None of them look good

    63. Destiny Rodriguez

      Level 1 chef French fries with level 2 chefs queso sauce ,, the perfect fries 👍🏻 level 3 chefs fries and sauce wasn’t it tbh

    64. Eden ETC

      I’ve worked at places that make fries, this video is making me cringe 😬

    65. Javier Bejarano

      1:57 °-°

    66. Claw Glade Entertainment

      I'mma just go make poutine now.

    67. rusted corvid.butterfly

      Am I the only one who eats their fries with ranch

    68. Dustin Platt

      Is it just me or could you literally just open a bag of steak fries, fry them in oil and get some ketchup and like. 8 minutes it's done. Wtf am I gonna do with curry apple garlic Cream de la Suge Knight with fries? THEY'RE JUST FRIES

    69. KissMyNikes

      Sour cream with Tabasco and lime is food for stoners Lmao

    70. KissMyNikes

      Bruh I ain't got time to wait a week for my fries. That's not professional at all Lmao