35 SMART SCHOOL HACKS || DIY School Supplies, Funny Pranks And Life Fails

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    This video is full of cool school ideas you totally should share with your friends:
    -You will learn how to organize stationary using rubber bands
    -You will find various ways to cheat
    -Check out a lot of helpful tricks for mathematicians
    -Turn an ordinary marker into rainbow one with a single move
    -You will learn an easy trick on how to teach a kid to hold a pen correctly
    -If you usually tend to often lose the pen cap, attach yarn to the pen and glue the cap to the other end
    - If you need a compass, make it using a pen, pencil and binder clip. Watch the full tutorial in our video
    -Check out how to organize your backpack and how to fold clothes
    -Find out how to make a no-spill cup using a balloon
    -We share one more cool idea how to make a secret wax crayon that looks like a pack of chewing gum
    -Reuse empty Tic Tac boxes and make useful crafts
    -You can make a kid more organized by making an effective visual reminder using a clock. You will need a white wall clock, colored markers and a piece of paper. Remove the plastic cover off the clock and divide the day into sections of different colors. Every color will correspond to an activity you need. For example, yellow is for homework, purple for playtime and red for bedtime. Next, take a piece of paper and make a list of colors and activities and your kid will know the schedule
    -Check out how to reuse empty lip balm
    -Learn a great trick on how to change the mark on your worksheet and your teacher won’t see the difference
    00:35 Handmade scissors
    01:58 Spirograph art
    05:38 DIY Compass
    06:38 After school routine clock
    08:38 No-spill cup

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    Published on 6 months ago


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    43. Deep King

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