30 chickens take the RIDE of their lives

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    We need to get 30 chickens, 4 ducks, 2 peacocks & 1 turkey moved to the new farm. And we’re moving the emu fortress, what could go wrong…
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. mr craft


    2. Kathryn C

      what happened with your Mandarin ducks? I have not seen them in any video since they were hatched out.

    3. Marilyn McClintock

      Such a nice video. I miss having chickens. Grandma Sue in central Indiana and Izzi Too

    4. Tim Adams

      I know that was a lot of work I moved all mine across two states little be little 😂

    5. Jenny Meng

      RIP emu house... xD

    6. Carrie Ashley

      I move chickens coop close barn they us going up barn that way they'll going be for night and close it up keep safe it more when they old house for them..

    7. Mit Rahate

      Love from India

    8. K.D. Col

      Is the father sick .... he looks like he has lost a lot of weight in a little bit of time .... I hope that he is ok ....

    9. SA TA

      *look at all those chicken*

    10. Karen MAcgyver2

      You mite want to let near by places & people, around you know that you are moved in whether or not you n family are really moved in ,because spent bullets can still kill even though they have traveled a very long way...you want to keep family n livestock very healthy...old farm girl here ,love your family n vlogs ...been with uou long time ...!!!

    11. arman asrhaf

      Please do an update on your cats and mandirin ducks

    12. Ehab Imad

      You should add the quail bird to your farm i think will be profitable to you Special their eggs

    13. Nova & Ace service dog's On the go

      What's the chicken fence you use called?

    14. pizzamon 79

      So, uh, is your old house up for rent? I know where it's at and I'm interested in renting it. I know your busy but I wouldn't feel comfortable just showing up.

    15. Raulph GOT

      Great job getting all the birds settled onto the new farm. Such a delight to see your videos and your progress.

    16. Ohskelily Wurarah


    17. pixazelz

      10:22 ooof carefull he may have been injured with this branch

    18. asker skov

      So many possibilities with your new property.

    19. Cherish Merritt

      I love your videos soooooo much!!

    20. areeba ashraf

      I am waiting for your cats to return please do an update on your cat I pray to Allah that they return as fast a possible ameen

      1. White House on the Hill

        +areeba ashraf - there's zero chance that they return, unfortunately

    21. nemophilist love

      Whats with the nose my frnd

      1. nemophilist love

        @White House on the Hill tc and love ur farm .😍

      2. White House on the Hill

        +nemophilist love - wasp accident

    22. Rits Bits

      Leave the chickens in the tractor for at least 2 weeks. You can move the tractor to new land every day or so to keep the grass new and clean. They'll learn that the coop is their safe home. You can call them in with a whistle or "chick chick chick!" something and everytime toss scratch into the coop. They'll soon enough come running in every time you call no matter the time of the day!

    23. Yuepheng Yang

      Animal harassment 10:22 to 10:28

    24. Richard Masters

      I noticed your peahen has some white wing feathers. If you got a white male for her you might get white and pied chicks, because she carries the white gene. Just getting into raising peafowl myself and it's something I just learned :)

    25. leah lahman

      Just found your channel and absolutely love it. The content is amazing please keep uploading. Hope you all are doing well and hope the animals are adjusting to the change nicely.

    26. Twelve

      I'm jealous of you guys. Live on a farm, away from people, have a bunch of animals too. Aw sounds so great

    27. Vision Plays

      Call. One of the emus spiral

      1. Pio Soto

        He already named them. Their names are Peekaboo and Cashew.

    28. Deni Albarokah

      Do you ever heard about laughing rooster from Indonesia ? Try to hatch that one so you can have more Joy at your farm 😁

    29. Jheremia Holloway

      Animal abuse

    30. Crystal Evans

      Are the videos once a week now?

    31. Lakshika Rathore

      i am your biggest fan

    32. Lakshika Rathore

      please get budgies in your farm

      1. pixazelz

        It's not birds for farms???!

    33. Lakshika Rathore

      i think you should buy some budgerigars

    34. History Vision

      Plzz keep aseel chickens at your farm.

    35. History Vision

      Plzz keep aseel chickens at your farm.

    36. I Am A Rat

      Just found your channel definitely subscribing good luck with your new home

      1. White House on the Hill

        +I Am A Rat - thanks! We appreciate it!

    37. S M

      I have a long story because why not, so get comfortable. So my family lives on just a couple acres, but we have chickens. We recently had a predator get one of our chickens, so we set traps. Some people might not agree with trapping the predator. With a foot trap. I don't love it, but my family sets them. So we were going on an extended weekend trip and no one would be home for 2 nights. When we do this we find something to do with the chickens. This time they went into an indoor outdoor room. Where they would be safe. We get the area all ready for them. Then we go to their fence/pen. As we are walking down we decide how we will catch the chickens, as they are not very used to humans picking them up. Once you get them they are fine. The hard part is catching them. Anyways we go down and there is 3 of us getting chickens. We only have 6. So we all catch a chicken and go up to where we are putting them. Then all of a sudden, my sibling goes "I THINK THE CHICKEN IS IN A FOOT TRAP!" me and my sister think he is just being stupid, and just trying to be funny. The he says "SHE JUST STEPPED IN IT!" at this point we are like crap! So we walk back down there, my brother first than me a my sister. He sets down his chicken in the pen, and tries to get her out. We finally got her out, I immediately called my friend who is a vet. She came and looked at her and said she will be ok. Now all the chickens are in the area they are staying in, she is limping but it is not broken. So just an hour later we leave to go out of town, leaving her there. So when we got back, my friend came back and looked at her, and said she needed more rest, before going back outside. So now I have a chicken in my house. If you read this whole thing thank you.❤

    38. Evan Bostrom

      now that you have your own place will you get any swans? Or geese if you do not have them.

    39. Colleen Penny

      Me and my mom just love watching all your video's. My mom had late stage 7 Dementia and I fixed her with lots of CBD oil. Now we follow your every move and wish you well with the new house!

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Colleen Penny - we really appreciate it!

    40. daycee farm

      I'm dreading moving all the animals when we move, more so then all the packing lol

    41. Harry Griffith

      Its sad u 2 had cut down on ur flock 😞😞

    42. Langston Vaughn

      I love ❤️ your videos just wish you uploaded more often

    43. 1BlackopsGuru

      sorry but you emu house is a piece of shit

    44. Deaf Barefoot Melange Farm

      Amazing. I learned some new things.

    45. shelizabeth25

      Just noticed the Spotify playlist! 😃 🎶🎶 Following 🎶🎶

    46. MrTopGaming L

      Make Your Own Bread to

    47. Paolo Palacio

      Where are the cats??mandarin ducks??

    48. PK Touch

      I'm so excited for you guys!!!! I cant wait to see it all when its finally done.

    49. melanie jimenez

      i didnt relize you hada bandaide on your nose till you siad lets get started

    50. Cara MC

      I am so happy for you guys. What a wonderful feeling it must be to have a home all of your own!

    51. Jacob Simpson

      Awesome! Good luck at the new farm!

    52. Csiprián László

      I haven't seen the royal palm turkeys, the Females, were are they?

    53. Cool Cupcake

      You’re lucky your chickens weren’t killed by that trailer divider swinging free during their trip over.

      1. Garrett

        Was thinking that too, they were using branches like they would a net too, could have injured them that way. They will probably have nets soon though, or have them now. It looks like a forested area so I'm worried about predators. Probably has coyotes, raccoons maybe wolves too. Bears could be a threat too but are easier to notice. Coyotes though would just dig under the fencing or jump over it. Bears would mow electric fencing down if they are hungry enough.

    54. Farmhouse Teas

      Moving is so fun... Maybe not 😉 it will be worth it in the end.

    55. Tam M

      Jeremiah was a bullfrog? Man. I can remember moving chickens. It was NOT fun.

    56. ::BreeDraw’s::

      So did I rescue them ?? If so god bless u if not I’m confused

    57. Anna Dela Cruz

      Congrats with moving the birds to their new home. Loving it, just so happy to see you doing this. It's a journey that I'd like to never forget for your family. Big smile here and so proud of what you two have accomplished and of the boys getting in there trying to help out. Anna Banana - hugs and smoochies to everyone. Good job!!

    58. ABADDON 247

      So happy you guys are living your dream.

    59. cristinalcherry

      I’d worry about the peacocks the most. I’ve moved with ducks and chickens and geese no problem after a few days. I have lost peacocks however from a move. After about a month they might realize that’s their new home, or they might still go try and find your old place. By the way, I love watching people who can relate to my struggles of my life revolving around closing in the chickens at night and letting them out in the morning. Lol. It’s something most don’t understand who don’t have them. Loving seeing the work on the new place!

    60. The Franz Kids

      This is great!! We just started our US-new channel about our family vineyard. It's us kids working out there just like you guys

    61. LJ Cl

      Do you have posted signs up around your property? I wouldn't want strangers shooting or hunting around my property with livestock and children running around.

    62. Fynn Sill

      I feel like such a weirdo, I kind of want to cry a little bit I’m so happy for you guys and this new chapter and opportunity in your life… It particularly hit me when I seen all the foul in the back of the horse trailer.

    63. Abdullah Tarin

      Gggg.... guys, I'm so happy for u people. You finally got ur own house and are working so hard. I wish you the best for the future ahead with all my heart!

    64. Faheema Patel

      Really excited and happy for you guys. I lovee the acres of land you guys have. Can imagine all the fruit and veggies you will grow there too. I wonder if any of the chickens will try to fly up or sleep in the tree. Our chickens prefer the trees to their coops.

    65. AJ Farley

      How many acres do you have? by the way I love the little house!

    66. Holly Harris-Cardew

      Good to see you!

    67. jacob castillo

      When is the next video. Btw love the emus

    68. Montse3070

      OMG... you guys must be exhausted!!!!!

    69. Mariella Potter

      i don’t understand why you guys don’t catch your birds at night when they are roosting it would cause way less stress or just don’t let them out in the morning.

    70. kenny mooney

      The birds went crazy when you where trying to catch them to get them in the truck