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    Jewelry-making is a cool hobby for boring winter evenings and you can watch this video to find lots of cool ideas. Find out a cool tutorial on how to make various jewelry items like pendants, rings, and earrings! All these tutorials are very easy and supplies are easy to find in every craft shop or you can even find them at home. You will learn how to make a beautiful necklace using pistachio shells, beads from the newspaper, earrings using paper clips and a lot more.
    It doesn’t matter what your crafting level, you can make various crafts using copper wire. All these projects look cool! You can make miniature bicycle that you can use as a keychain, adorable bookmark that looks like a duck and a lot more! Watch our tutorials to make super-cute gifts for your family! You can make matching bracelets for you and BFF and it won’t take a lot of time. Even a kid can create bracelet from copper wire. Moreover, you can decorate it with beads or fake pearls. Also, check out how to make a cute ring with a rose. This project will take only a couple of minutes!
    00:40 Polymer clay keychains
    01:51 Earrings made from paper clips
    03:00 Pendant with flowers
    04:24 Copper wire crafts
    05:25 Copper wire bracelet
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