20 Annoying Things People DO!!

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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Jazzy Puppy

      1:56 best asmr

    2. Kanhaiya Prasad

      I am the knuckle cracker. Yes I am

    3. Gaming 24

      Spell front right!!

    4. Emily Martin lazy_fox 11

      My dads the toe picker But I have a phobia

    5. Zachary Claflin

      I'm the pen clicker

    6. Connor Jaskowiak

      sssssssssssstttttttttttooooooooooopppppp with everthing

    7. afterhungover

      Asians talk loud too

    8. Russel James Dela Cruz

      I am the loud talker

    9. sketchy Genny 101

      How is the milk before cereal annoying ? Either way you eat it and there is no “proper” order (not a hate comment)

    10. Asma Guedouah

      Wow show off

    11. hunter man 08


    12. Matteo Massaro

      All the Italian put first the milk and then the cereal and I do same becouse I'm Italian

    13. XXLS K1NG

      I’m the knuckle cracker 100%

    14. Sergio Paone

      ummm uhh.... I poor the milk first..........

    15. Zoe Sala

      The teeth flanker got me

      1. Zoe Sala


      2. Zoe Sala

        I meant flanker

    16. white angel wings

      Stupid Nancy

    17. JTB Zapper

      Caution people with OCD

    18. Jessie Lapp

      i absolutely HATE pen clicking so i muted my laptop XD

    19. Katia Dubois-Pelerin Sanz


    20. Summer Clark (Student)

      I love you guys you are such a great family

    21. Zianna Robinson

      Miss bee if you knew my brother you won't like him he bits the kit kat he doesn't break it

    22. Brayden Greenwood

      3:06 that sound😄😄😄

    23. Brayden Greenwood

      3:60 sooo .... Umm... Ya

    24. Saurabh Kumar

      2:02 she is wearing 🕉shirt ❤

    25. Guitar Kid

      My sister does almost all of these

    26. Cinder Flare

      1st one made me angry

    27. Gonçalo Martins

      Milk before cereal is way better

    28. Marius 787

      The hair EATER is more annoying

    29. Owen Cowan

      The like likers are becoming more common and very annoying.

    30. Bayne Hendricks

      What's the matter I wear socks on grass

    31. Sariel Maynard

      Milk before cereal is actually better because it makes your cereal crunchy not so soggy.

    32. TheUnnoticedPotato

      I eat kit kats like that though

    33. Gracie

      Please make more videos like this

    34. Rani Kobrosly

      The loud chewer is always dad especially with apples

    35. ABrillliant

      2:36 min make me laugh 😂

    36. Hannah Volpe

      What about people who clap after movies or when planes land 😂😂😂

    37. Panda Vlogs

      1:39 i dont get it

    38. Dude 99

      Hate to say it but I am the Kit Kat

    39. DukonicTheHegron

      the chip opener one is not weird. in school my classmates used to open open a sweet like that so they get the toy lol so its kinda smart and fast to get the toy. and two am i weird beacuse i crack my knuckles too.... . front packer the same as the chips one in here where i live there are some places you have to have it like that so you don't get robbed. i think the weirdest and annoying is the spoon one when i accidently bite the spoon i freeze (on the metal spoon)

    40. SchliechLovers 3000

      I do the one with the Kit Kat. Is that not normal?

    41. Jason Hollero

      Why eat. bother. kitkat. in. outside sister.she see kitkat. she. Little kitkat. she not. share 😧

    42. Secular Indian

      My dad is the loud chewer and I get annoyed

    43. Marta Bliumaitė

      Yay, I'm annoying

    44. Saloni Chadha

      The shirt mama bee is wearing is from my religion and I have the same one

    45. Princess Unicorn Love

      Aaaaaaaass me

    46. negative commenter

      I've never seen the gum biter but oh my😣😬

    47. Dragonchan _23

      We HaVe BaGeD mIlK In CaNaDa SoOoOoO IdK wHaT yOu ArE dOiNg. (At the beginning)

    48. Abednego Stanley

      Sadly i do some of things, on certain conditions

    49. yasqq

      Iam honetly the interupter and shaking legs

    50. {Strawberry Milktea}

      2:17 Gabby: *Thats what you get for eating Kit kat like that*

    51. j j

      I put milk before cerial cuz i worm up my milk

    52. sosig ??

      I’m the finger zapper ;-; I do that to my friends

    53. caroline obeirne

      Him: eats a kit kat Me: instantly craves kit kat

      1. Sarah H


    54. Mythic Bopzz

      I was cracking my knuckles while standing on the grass in socks while my brother was clicking a pen

    55. xXededXx YT

      1:00 my friend' OCD was so T R I G G E R D

    56. James Goar

      The loud chewer is my dad

    57. dark ness

      This is the most common thing that happens to me 5:15😕why

    58. gerald doty

      She used the chunkla

    59. hey itz a taco

      What’s wrong with the Kit Kat one? It’s just chocolate ( little secret ): when I eat a Kit Kat in public I eat it normally but at hone with nobody around I take a whole bite at it >:3

    60. Sasha Heart123

      Me: sees a person eating a Kit Kat wrong Also me: hey I do that sometimes when I eat a kit kat

    61. вождь джинус

      2:00 ASMR

    62. yasine العاب من قناة nitwerk

      تڨول جامي داق tofaH

    63. Mr. Reddit

      No offense but Papa Bee seems like the person to wake you up in the middle of the night to remind you to take your sleeping pill

    64. Ash Brown


    65. Ahmed irshad


    66. Ahmed irshad

      All of that was funny

    67. avalon23

      finger zapper?! that's not just annoying but weird! who does that?!

    68. Manha Imran

      The kit kat one bothered me SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

    69. Tigist Ayalew

      I hate you It's me eliroe