16 Useful Clues To Understand Your Dog Better



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    How to understand what your dog wants? Understanding a dog’s body language is essential for building a strong and trustworthy relationship with your four-legged friend. This is really important because dogs are a source of limitless positivity!
    So, do you know what your pet is trying to tell you in different situations? Our video will help you understand your pet or any other dog. Let’s get started - here are 16 useful clues for you to understand your dog better.
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    The dog’s TAIL 0:33
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    - If the dog wags his tail slowly, this means he doesn’t understand what’s going on.
    - A tucked tail is a sign that the dog is scared, afraid of pain, or feels uncomfortable. Most often, the dog tucks his tail between his legs when he is really afraid of something or someone.
    - When you approach an unfamiliar dog, it’s better to avoid looking directly into his eyes. For dogs, staring at the eyes means aggression.
    - The ears are standing straight up or inclined forward. The dog is showing you that he’s curious and reacting to some new event in his environment.
    - The dog yawns. This means your dog is grumpy and nervous. Puppies do this quite often when they’re surrounded by big unfamiliar dogs.
    - The dog licks his face. The dog does this when he’s stressed or feeling pressure or danger.
    - The dog rolls over and exposes his belly. The dog is showing that he trusts you and wants to please you.
    - The dog puts his head on your knee. This means the dog wants to get attention and show that he needs you.
    - The dog puts his paw on your knee. If the dog does this with a very smug look, he is trying to dominate.
    - The dog has one front paw raised. This stance means your pet wants to ask you something.
    - Dogs may shake (like they shake off water after a bath) as a way of relieving tension. Probably, your dog was in stress or met an unpleasant person or dog.
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