15 FOOT Invasive SNAKE Caught while Fishing in SEWER! (HELP Identify)

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    WHAT KIND OF SNAKE DID WE CATCH?!? Check out this insane video of a REAL 15 foot Anaconda or cobra CAUGHT IN A SEWER! Trivia question at the end of this video for you to win a shout-out!
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    INTRO SONG: Conquer by HOPEX

    Published on 24 days ago


    1. Jacob Burns

      Ur a faggot is that the right answer

    2. Liza M


    3. Daniel Griffin jr

      Jacob his hands cook him

    4. Jane Reavis


    5. Jessica Jacobs

      1.Jacob 2. Caught it with his hands 3.he said he will cook it

    6. Paloma Lara


    7. Exponent Perks

      In the title it says “invasive” but it also says “help identify.” If you don’t know what snake it is how do you know it’s invasive.

      1. Nigel Varnado

        Exponent Perks because there are more than one type of invasive species..

    8. Nathan Wainwright

      It was a 15 foot long python Jacob... bare hands... and I'm gonna cook it lol

    9. DayNightProductions

      Its a burmese python

    10. Hayden R. Helms

      Never mind about 2. The answer is hands

    11. Hayden R. Helms

      1. Jacob 2.snake hook 3.youthiniese it then cook it 4. It's a Burmese python

    12. Jarod Dingle

      Thats a big snake man

    13. lebron james

      Jacob feeder hands i think I’m gunna cook it

    14. Life Is Gay

      I never gave a dislike but today my clicker worked. You can tell this shit staged. I'm not saying you can't fine snakes loos are. What not but this shit to fake

    15. Xhulio Mance

      I saw to other US-new channel and its insane

    16. Godlike_A1m Yt

      That is a massive Burmese python

    17. Modern Vibes

      That’s a buremese python

    18. SURENITY! Gaming

      I would have ran it over with my truck, put it into my truck, cut if by the tail, let it hang bleed, skin it, then cook it!! Those things are invasive and dangerous!!

    19. Krisann Gongora

      1jacob feder. 2his hands 3cookit

    20. Angel Nugent


    21. Moonlight Rose


      1. Moonlight Rose

        1.jacob 2.with he s hand 3.he said he will cook it

      2. Moonlight Rose

        1.jacob 2.with he s hand

    22. J Ranger

      Hey man I love what your doing keep up the good work, just subscribed

    23. Nikelangelo

      Where in Miami is it?

    24. Norman Beach

      3 cook it

    25. Norman Beach

      2 with hands

    26. Norman Beach

      1 Jacob

    27. Kenneth OLORAZA

      Q1 answer jacob Q1 answer hands Q3 answer cook it Its a python

    28. Ramesh Kumar

      1.Jacob 2.with his hands 3.he said he will cook it

    29. Mr. Tux

      You don't need help identifying it if you already know it's invasive. It's a Burmese python and if it's on your wrist it won't choke you. Trust me. And not to be rude, on pretty much all your videos including this one you act like a HUGE drama queen, for instance, saying there is an anaconda in the sewer when you live there and clearly know what it is, and like when you catch a fish, you tell and scream and act like it's the last fish you'll ever catch and you fish pretty much every day as far as I know. But your videos are interesting and you catch cool animals on cool adventures. Just over all this would be my favorite channel if you cut the drama and I think I speak for many people. like if agree with my statement and dislike if you disagree people.

    30. Robert Dwyer

      his name is Jacob he called the snake with his hand are you going to cook it and eat it

    31. Shatter tessa

      Gay /1/ idiot /2/ retRd/3/

    32. Alex. B

      Jacob Hands Cook it

    33. Falcon Playz

      It looks like he was choking the snake and he was actually. Rip snake like for snake. Spike screw snakes they nasty I hate them I wish all of them die.

    34. Nate Braaksma

      1jacob 2hands 3cook it

    35. Vince Jones

      1.Jacob 2.his hands 3.he's going to put it in the truck

    36. Amal Syahmina58

      Q.1 jack Q.2 with hand Q.3 cook it

    37. Mihaela Coiculescu


    38. Nicko Vdub

      Please shoot the cameraman.......... With a gun 😒

    39. CakelyPlayzRobloxD

      Oop they found my ex in a sewer

    40. Rashed Said



      6:10, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Wooderd Saunders

      Did you turn itin to Fla fish and game. Invasive spicies?

    43. Baller Beast9087

      That’s not a anaconda dumbass

    44. Louie Paul

      In Florida the law says u have to destroy it.

    45. Megan Villalobos

      Jacob with his hands I’m gonna cook it

    46. C-Wrong aka S8TANIC TATTOOIST

      That’s a Reticulated Python, commonly kept as pets, know of a snake breeder in FL to send to you with it but don’t kill it or eat it

    47. Aditya Seepersad

      Jacob feader Bear hands Cook it

    48. Stina Abdullahu

      1 javob 2 with his hands 3 he said he will cook it

      1. Aditya Seepersad

        Jacob spell rong

    49. Jivram Studio

      ये वीडियो जरूर देखें वो भी अभी 👉us-new.com/online/video-gNFj14xgYIQ.html

    50. Taylor Winsloe

      1.jacob 2.hands 3.cook it

    51. Tracy Moreland

      Ejfhfjty gaff f h kgjog

    52. Christopher Clay


    53. Makaio Belser

      It’s a andaconda

    54. Anabel Pacheco

      OMG WTF

    55. YT macky

      Fuck your over acting.... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    56. Sharkboy Rex

      That’s a big anaconda

    57. Micah Harr

      1. Jacob 2. A snake hook and his hands 3. He was going to cook it

    58. aracelis baez

      Flip you i did the same thing

    59. Jo Otas

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    61. Kinger's Bogor Channel

      Ur so amazing... Very fun to watching ur vlog... I am new subscriber #from Indonesia-southeastasia

      1. Fatty Vlog

        Kinger's Bogor Channel also new here

    62. Sm

      Ah I don't know

    63. Your Mom

      I under estimated how short he was

    64. Fren Sainsbury

      What type of snake is it

    65. Aaron Sharma

      1 Jacob 2 with his hands 3he will cook it

    66. Michael Manzo

      1:Jacob 2:his hands 3: cook it

    67. Bahrul Fadzal

      What name song your intro bro?

    68. Bao Vu

      1 jacob 2 with his hands and he had a snake hook with him 3 he said he would cook the snake

    69. paranormal-Tech

      Amazing job