12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them



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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Jubilee

      Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music? In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more. For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598 Los Angeles, CA 90009!

      1. Bahniman Deka

        She ain't pretty.

      2. Cruxvy

        Rx_Dncr 81 4252#\/..3/a as aZ Es SeatGeek/.d see w si are wZ we/{as we A.

      3. Cruxvy

        FridayImp s(a sea A

      4. Cruxvy

        Pamela Rowles a AS 32a//.2x2z..///93/e 9 was ease/Tessa‼️//.w.:/2 /Teresa a Assad as ave//asada’s eraser/:2/:///s/5

    2. Gift Maithya

      Mykey definitely won this

    3. Ines Faccani

      Where is the violin

    4. RHINOS


    5. Caroline Cesar

      Mikey is my guy

    6. Lil Pecka

      just get me a boy who likes rock and plays electric guitar

    7. Bhubaneswari Routray

      Fun Fact: Roman & Maria are actually siblings!

    8. Bhubaneswari Routray


    9. rad camran

      Maria and mark sing along in a romantic way also Maria : nah bro get out

    10. Lola R MOORE

      i woulda picked mikey

    11. Half Pint

      OK but no ones talking about how talented the pianists are tho

    12. Lola R MOORE

      why is no one talking about the fact that one boy said nothing he could ever do was amazing and apologized 4:30

    13. T Bakes

      I really enjoyed Max and Mikey’s performances. If either of them put music out I would listen. Very nice voices.

    14. Deep Vision_

      David don’t trip you blew my mind u just trolled😂 but when you were being fr it was good until you flinged that in the air

    15. Deep Vision_

      Why does Alec sound like he’s typing

    16. Tala

      I think Dav and Max was good tho

    17. drew stepanov

      Why in our society has developed that a woman should choose a guy, and not Vice versa? As if men are the goods in the shops, which are chosen as the phone? What is this circus? You either choose who you like or you don't. Dislike


      Roman was gooood

    19. Daniel 2V

      I feel so bad for the guy at 4:27 , it sounded like he had lost alot of confidence, I feel really bad for him

    20. Tory

      As a musician myself, it would be so hard for me to choose

    21. yokehuatgoh

      come on, couldn't you guys find real musicians and not musical hobbyists.

    22. Emiliano Abel Pedrero Gallegos

      Does someone recognize Max's song?

    23. vladimir sacherer

      What song was that at 2:48? Or was that an original that dude made? Edit: Oh and the song at 6:49

    24. Schwegel Bagels

      Paused the video just to type I'm leaving the video 10:32 very disappointed...

    25. Katestermatester

      Sedo and his lip syncing tho 😂

    26. Katestermatester

      David and his little spider thing like *flick Don’t need that 😂

    27. Liam hicks

      Why tf did she keep the weird piano dude over mark

    28. danilo37012

      Maria: " An Artist " Also Maria : ''TrIaNgUlAR ThInG''

    29. Stoney P Dub

      This Dav guy better go back to college 😂 too confident.

    30. Shayan Azizi

      Gentlemen, her name is Maria and she has a lovely spanish accent... why nobody played any Flamenco on the guitar?? The top 40 hits on the radio doesn't compare...

    31. The nbv

      Anyone know the song at 5:22

    32. Bunny’s K-Life

      I liked the first guy because of course, being the Kpop fan and Asian type, He was Asian.

    33. DaMonsterUnderUrBed

      That boy in conversations starting off with “ do you wanna be famous?” Was like the worst line ever

    34. Visualite Gaming

      Davie504 would be mad because they cant S L A P with the B A S S

    35. Charles H. Capp

      That laugh will haunt me tonight

    36. Poopoo Caacaa

      Ooh she pretty

    37. Wyatt Gill

      Why isn’t theDooo here

    38. Katie OFlynn

      why isn’t anyone talking about max

    39. PopPop JR

      Literally just play and sing that one song from the book of life

    40. voilaviolamh

      Guitar is the least attractive instrument to play. It's the most common; nothing interesting. It's not a hard instrument to play at all, especially in comparison with other instruments.

      1. yokehuatgoh

        you obviously don't know the guitar and its musical greatness. come take a look. to me, it's the number one musical instrument above all. its versatility limited only to the musician's imagination. it's not about how hard/easy it is to play any instrument, but its musicality, its ability to inspire/create great music. almost all of the greatest pop/rock bands and musicians won't exist without it. eric clapton, john mayer, pete townsend, bob dylan, jackson browne, man in black, elvis, U2, bruce springsteen, paramore,… the list goes on and on. some of the most iconic guitar riffs have impacted our musical minds and lives forever. tons of pop/rock musicians in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the 2019 american music awards' "musician of the decade", taylor swift, started out composing/performing on the guitar. some of her earliest best works were made on the guitar. so take a closer look. think you'll find that the humble guitar is actually one of the best instruments for modern times. ;-) classically speaking, andrea segovia somewhat popularized the classical guitar only recently in the last 100 years. (i noticed the "viola" in your name). and i like what the spaniards have done with the spanish guitar. its crazy. cheers!

    41. KARA

      wait max and roman were actually pretty good

    42. Nolen Liu

      aww david

    43. —natalie b


    44. BlacKKitty OwO

      I liked Mikey’s and Sedo’s because Sedona sang a song from vine and Mikey was just...best

    45. Alex Fernandes

      This man Max looks just like Jake gyllenhaal

    46. Salamander

      Fuck yes, I was rooting for Alec from the beginning. Amazing playing from him.

    47. Salamander

      Aww, Max was great. I'm sad he got eliminated so fast.

    48. idk 2143

      You already know that half of these people don't even know what they're doing

    49. emo

      mikey was great max was great roman was great //opinions\\ •WHY DID SHE ELIMINATE MAX OMG •MIKEY NEEDS AN ALBUM •ROMANS VOICE MAKES ME FEEL SAFE •WHAT DID MARK DO TO HER ~(i wrote this as i was watching the video meaning that’s why it says edited~

    50. Mr. Fuse805

      Da auto tune in his voice

    51. Babi Cutie

      Bro Max was fiya 🔥

    52. Griffin Blosser

      When she said she loved people playing guitar all I thought was, “That is so stereotypical.”

    53. Maddie Mazur

      milky stole my heart

    54. aesynthi

      ok but max's song?? what a vibe, man

    55. Floodster

      its... just... so hard to watch...

    56. Taylor Flatley

      Max and Mikey were so precious 🥺

    57. Develop Robes

      Wtf where did you find some of these guys 😂

    58. Cassandra G

      Wow, just came across this random video and realized that Maria and I worked at the same place.

    59. nina nightwish

      I have a crush on Roman!

    60. jasper

      it’s gon be Mikey i’m telling you rn

    61. Hamda Qaisar

      Mikey was good n all until he said tmi 😭😭

    62. Chloe B

      Unpopular opinion: Max was the best

    63. Savannah Millheim

      When max got out I was so sad.

    64. Jack Langborg

      Does someone have a link to Mikey's music ? Dude was talented

    65. William Womack

      Am I the only that liked Max?????🎶🎶🎶😆😆😆🧐🧐🤨🤨

    66. cookie

      Mark is underratted. In fact all of these musicians are underrated. :)

    67. Electroma 5050

      Get my man Alec a new keyboard!

    68. Orcatect & Co.

      4:28 This is so sad...

    69. Chase Goolsby

      Ngl Miley was pretty good

    70. Maya T

      No one is talking about Max he seems like a sweetheart

      1. William Womack

        Maya T ikr