12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them



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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Jubilee

      Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music? In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more. For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598 Los Angeles, CA 90009!


        *plays cannibal corpse*

      2. Kaelene Ashmore

        Did I just see something from an Animal at the beginning on the drum?

      3. tjrankin123

        What was the result?! Did they go out again?

      4. Sarah Blatchley

        Do you have any handles for these musicians? Andrews piano playing was... Wow!

      5. Steve Le

        Well none of them are any good, so? And what does she bring to the table? Seems one sided to me.

    2. Jacob Adkins

      Max low-key looks like Jake Gyllenhhaal

    3. catothewiser

      Women should not be allowed to date who they want. A society will either learn this or die. This was hashed out long ago and for good reason.

    4. Brayden Vaughn

      When she eliminated Mark I FREAKED

    5. Shuckyducky

      she's lame :(

    6. horowizard

      Aside from the fact that they all have no intonation, no rhythm and no talent they're great!

    7. Emaan Ahsan

      David broke my heart with what he said, i really hope hes okay

    8. Stxrry.Vlogs

      Max and Mikey both need to make some songs and release them on spotify.🥰

    9. FatMorton

      I feel for the singers. Acapella is hard

    10. kyra siahaan


    11. Drew Mossholder


    12. Nicole Pham

      oh i thought the thumbnail said: seeing 20 blind boys playing an instrument

    13. Klara Jo

      Her laughther is so contageous

    14. Ezra Valentine

      Man if one of them played a rush song there would have been a different outcome

    15. camilli x

      mikey is the cutest stfuu

    16. lovely potato

      She looks so bored lmao

    17. Mary — Courtney

      She has sooo adorable laughter!

    18. Nicholas Hill

      I liked everyone she's full of something

    19. crazy cello lover .13

      Ah yes The one arm hug

    20. charlton seitz

      Cedo at 3:17 is the best! Y’all can’t deny his humor and his talent . She missed out.

    21. Batuhan EROL

      Ula bu gevuşek nasıl kazandı

    22. Rowan Mulder

      Why no bass player?

    23. Grilled Chee5e8

      mikey kinda sounds like tyler joseph

    24. Millie Roberts

      BRANDON WAS SINGING LEWIS CAPALDI that would've been it for me

    25. Ian Coenradie

      2:24 what song it that

    26. Caleb’s guitar Corner


    27. Luca Kroon

      David took it hard but Dav is a real champ

    28. tijana spasojevic

      11:10 "no offence you are ugly" like wtf

    29. KwikFlix YT

      Bruh where’s Mikey’s music

    30. Princess Zigi 28

      Do a blind dating 12 cooks/chefs.....who agrees with me

    31. Calvin Nunez

      so no ones gonna talk about the pure gold at 3:16 ???

    32. Nikita T. Fishing

      4:27 my guy David seems like he's feeling down. Poor dude

    33. Amalia Arregui

      i fell 4 Mikey

    34. Ellie Stobirski

      Some of them 😬

    35. Hanazz

      Mikey Looks so much Like dan smith from Bastille😮❤❤❤

    36. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas


    37. Araceli C

      Oh my god😂😂 I loved her laughter

    38. Mee Young

      Fun Fact: Roman is her little brother. Look at her instagram

    39. yookie yookie

      "Can the audience sing along?" Alright fine.

    40. Mee Young

      The guy at 3:01 would had been very popular in the 80's

    41. Lucas Kyte-Tremblay

      I can’t believe no one did careless whisper on saxophone

    42. weeb trash

      anyone else in love with mikey....

    43. weeb trash

      violin is obvs most attractive ahem*...two...set...ahem*

    44. ShionNicholas 123

      If only their was a cellist there

    45. Marko Tekez


    46. Martina Micallef

      Roman is like another version of panic at the disco o_O

      1. Mee Young

        Roman is her brother

    47. Mamoun Mraish


    48. Mamoun Mraish

      They’re so salty about being eliminated

    49. Rozzee

      This must’ve been so awkward.

    50. professor1yannik

      No bass :(

    51. channel XL

      what music is playing ? 11:15

      1. channel XL

        Help please

    52. Karen Hernandez

      Omg when she eliminated Mark I almost died 😭 He’s so attractive and talented 🥺

    53. FlynnTheRedhead

      Oooooh rooting for Mikey

    54. The Ziggy Aplin Show


    55. Tornadikz

      Doesn’t Mikey sound like Niall Horan? Listen to one of his songs and come back, idk it’s tripping me out.

    56. bicooo1

      Omg Mikey is such a good artist! Her singing I can't help falling in love along with this guy was amazing too, I was so sad she eliminated him because I felt a connection there

      1. bicooo1

        also she's super beautiful and cute

    57. Vicen G.

      Where is the bassist

    58. Julia T.

      Wait that Dav...was that autotuned or is his voice like that?

    59. Ignat

      There were basically no instruments, just 3 when there are so many fcking instruments. Just shove a saxophone in there and it wins boi.

    60. Reetro

      Lemme play her some of my beats ;(

    61. ittb pbit

      the one singing sinatra is great

    62. 7rollface

      "I would play something that represents me, I guess" - *sings a song about heroin addiction*

    63. Chip AR Davis

      Man I didn't expect to be so underwhelmed by the musicians

    64. Toni Wale

      No front, Alec is cringe

    65. Kakka Pylly

      5:20 this is good Rhcp!!!

    66. Victoria Scobel

      omg Mikey is incredible I would've chosen him

    67. Bob Shelly

      11:11 why he move his head like that

    68. Bob Shelly

      Drummer was most impressive tbh

    69. dapdap kpop

      2:27 starts playing Me shook and remembering my Call me by your name heartbreak : He wins

    70. rdoliva verano

      He definitely bang her