How To Stop Procrastinating & Be Productive! Back To School 2019

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    11 Productivity Hacks For Students 2019! First Day of School Class Tips and Tricks! We're only a couple days away from the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! How are you feeling? Do you think you're in need of some DIY Productivity Life Hacks? Featured in this video is a complete tips and tricks step by step guide on how to be more productive. These study hacks and motivational tools will help you succeed! Some of the tips include blocking your calendar, setting deadlines earlier and managing your time and studying tips!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Erica

      Me: *sees video* eh, I'll watch it later

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      The students in my class try to do there homework in class but the teacher says it’s called *HoMe* work. Not *ScHoOl* WoRk!

    8. Queen Giraffe

      I wake up at 6:30 and it gets bright at 6:50 I will be late for the bus if I wake up with the sun

    9. XstarrynightsX

      “Wake up with the sun!” Me: **never wakes up because it’s literally never sunny in London** Teacher: **calls parents, who are also asleep’ cause it’s never sunny**

    10. Lowri and Seren

      4:30 when it’s winter and the sun doesn’t come up until 8am 😭😭

    11. Maarja-Leen Piirimäe

      Sitting next to someone productive doesnt actually work for me. I get nervous when I see them work so fast and when they finish before me I get anxious about how much time I have left.

    12. Giorgiana Grassu

      dennis didn't get paid enough for this

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      4th and US-new

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      Natalie:Puts on noise canceling headphones Denis:Why you do dis to me

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      "use the sun to wake you up" Britain: Am i a joke to you

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    27. Michi ECLIPSE‘

      The thing is My school blocks Grammarly 😭

    28. Zoey Time

      For the sleep hack one, My room is in the basement sooooo, I do have windows...

    29. hagatha

      i’m literally procrastinating while watching this video 😂

    30. ・Mystical Cookie・

      Erm I have a fear of windows

    31. *Mewpopsaestheticvibes*

      In my school we have a period called "Prep" which gives you time to do your homework, On Monday-Wednesday we finish school at 4:20 so we have double periods of Prep and on Thursday-Friday we finish at 3:25. These periods are SO useful because we finish all the work at school and do whatever we want at home. One of the good things about my school :)

    32. Crazy Kate

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      😭 And then there are Indian schools...

    37. Caroline Cabrera

      OMG Grammarly has literally been a life-changing app for me I almost got an F on a test and Grammarly literally had me get an A+ because of my spelling it was amazing

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      Wait I got double grammarly ad One US-new grammarly ad One from Natalie

    39. Adi World

      Tbh I needed this

    40. Tobi’s Wereld

      Hey Natalie, I love your study hack video's! Do you have tips for test or exams to remember the stuff you're learning? To like remember it better and being more productive while studying? I'm having trouble studying lately, I hope you have some tips for it. Bye, Tobi

    41. Macayla Petry

      Can u do more organizing vids

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      I'm really lucky in maths because I sit next to my friend and we work well together and we don't talk about random stuff just the work. also, I'm using Grammarly for this comment and I think you forgot to mention that Grammarly usually lets you know what your test sounds like. This programme that you add to chrome is amazing definitely helps me with homework.

    45. Its_ Tsunami

      That isn’t a dictionary it’s actually a lock safe. Notice u can’t really see pages and she stays on the “first page”at 2:01

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      A quick thing about one of your videos, my teacher taught me and the rest of my fifth grade class a trick for multi digit multiplication. Multiply everything by the first digit. Cross it out. Put a zero under the first big number. Repeat but adding one zero every time. Add it all together and that's the result.

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