10ft MONSTER BROWN BEAR HUNT - Stuck N the Rut 109

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    This video is about hunting Brown Bears in Alaska. After Adam shot his giant, now it is Travis's turn. Several hours upon hours of glassing, finally, a monster emerged from the alders. Travis's first shot wasn't perfect because of the rushed situation, but he was able to get a quick followup shot. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to subscribe!!!!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. MadE of ilya

      Ну и ради чего вы его грохнули ?

    2. Konstantin Malkov

      you are bastards

    3. Jacob Harper

      so this is what rich dudes do for fun

    4. Don Black

      Whats the purpose

    5. Jayr The Serial Killer


    6. robprokey

      They just left all of it?!?! I was taught to eat what I kill.

    7. Justin Crowden

      Great bear by the way 👍 he a Beast

    8. Justin Crowden

      I don't think a lot of these people understand the patience that u have to have anticipation at every little sound ur body on edge looking at every little movement and gotta be real comfortable with yourself to sit in silence not moving with only your thoughts and things nature is telling you with which way wind blowing,how what animal moves which way while the wind blows that way. Closer to God and nature than a keyboard hockey who says how horrible hunters are for making food plots feeding all species not just the one ur hunting. Nature is violently beautiful, its life, they can't comprehend the natural world its amazing they love animals pets cats and dogs such,but let a skunk walk five foot in front of them they scream and run lmao they been lied to about food

    9. Μιχαλης Ευθυμιου

      such a good and pretty animal why tell me why do that man think about it

      1. Justin Crowden

        U would never understand enjoy ur vegetables

    10. Chris Leo

      That bear is huge just look at its jaw

    11. Kenny Pham

      Real hunters back then hunts with traps, bow and arrows. A heavy sniper gun is simply too easy and no fear factors involved. These guys cheated.

    12. Warren Goodwin

      Shocking. No other way of putting it. Just shocking. An unclean kill by a 10th rate wannabe hunter. Pathetic.

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        SHUT UP you wuss.

    13. Hamish o'halloran

      So so sad

    14. SneeSnoo45


    15. Kenneth Udtohan

      Did u eat that? Just asking....

    16. Yxng Mai

      Damn are ancestors did this shit bare handed. (If somebody makes a pun we fighting💀)

    17. Handy Pramarta

      I wish the bear will hunt your family to from the hell, amin

    18. tro jansky

      I like to hunt puppies

    19. Mohammad Ahmadi


    20. Constantine Toumpa

      You not blessed at all mate you fucking evil. I hope you die slow and in pain one day

    21. xE1iteM4sterx

      Awesome bear though

    22. xE1iteM4sterx

      Y'all got no meat off it?!?

    23. Danilo Moraes

      Real hunters use Spears and bows.

    24. killbeat

      Блять зачем. Бедный медведь

    25. si oleh

      perfectly , only one ?

    26. Bryant Reddy

      What about the meat . Can you eat it !?!? Why didn't you show us a skinned bear

    27. Gawaki TheGod

      Too bad it didn’t maul you and tear your head off, murderer

    28. Witch King

      You waited until your friend had a video shot, thus risking a marginal shot as he was entering the brush. Luckily you were able to harvest, but ethical choices were not made on this hunt.

    29. Camo Dude


      1. thenewestdude 2020

        You're a way bigger one.

    30. Camo Dude

      Fucking waste dude... folks like you make us all look like greedy pricks

    31. Mana Mario

      PETA isn't gonna be very happy..

      1. Frida

        When PeTA is unhappy, I'm happy. They think me rubbing my dog's belly is slavery and rape.

    32. B C

      I was lowkey hoping the bear was going to wake up and maul him

    33. angry clown

      I get the whole thrill of the kill rush, but to shoot at such a long range.. and in the ass of all places. A clean kill from 200 yards or less is worth posting, what's next? Land mine with a trail cam,whilst u sit 8 miles away

    34. Archibald Doogan

      To all the morons talking about this being cruel and/or brutal: 1. Nature is cruel and brutal. There is no freedom for the animals in it. Even without us. 2. In North America, hunting (bears, in particular) is massively regulated. Only males over a certain size or age (ie: usually no longer contributing to the breeding population, and potentially dangerous because they are less spry to hunt regular prey), are permitted for hunters to target. Furthermore, it's only for specific seasons. North American hunters aren't doing anything to damage the ecosystem or population of these creatures. It's in the poorer parts of the world where animals of any sex, age, size, or shape are poached without regulation.

    35. Elias Hajjar

      This idiot tells how beautiful and magnificent this animal is after he just destroyed it ! 😏 Kill it with a huge hunting knife & then & only then will I be impressed.

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        Because we know damn well if someone was to successfully do it, you're gonna have a fit like a baby.

      2. Elias Hajjar

        @thenewestdude 2020 👶waaaaa lol

      3. thenewestdude 2020

        NO you'll be crying like the huge BABY that you are.

    36. Jancarlso Acosta

      Thank to pieces of shit like you and everybody that hunts is that animals go extinct all the time. I’ll just love to see them hunt all of you so you know how it feels

      1. thenewestdude 2020


    37. Confederate Fedoras

      Super cool that you killed a bear, I’d love that opportunity. But where’s the meat?

    38. Alexander Kopoev

      Poor animal

    39. Gordon Gekko

      I don't think that meat will go to waste wolves foxes and birds will scavenge that kill after finding it

      1. Yeti 2000

        you this is also true circle of life but those are 2 huge bears they killed and left out but still its a waist

    40. Grape ThePurpleGrape

      Fuck all of you bro Bears Are cute fuck you

    41. big D

      and This is how teddy bears are made people

    42. Dr. Dr. Professor Packungsbeilage

      Human's are hunting the hole existence Why is it now a bad thing?

      1. Saucy Memes

        Dr. Dr. Professor Packungsbeilage ur not a doctor are u

      2. Tom Schneider

        Poaching is not common in the United States. It happens, but not that often.

      3. Balling for my Family

        Tom Schneider some do not listen to these laws

      4. Tom Schneider

        Balling for my Family Stay informed. There are laws that prevent too much hunting

      5. Balling for my Family

        Dr. Dr. Professor Packungsbeilage because we are killing too much

    43. rodney middleton

      Hells bells mate 10 foot one way and 11 foot from claw to claw , like you can keep that l.o.l Monster is right. Thank the good lord we do not have bears in Australia! .

      1. zeke thefishgeek

        Because he's jealous

      2. jps121

        @Camo Dude Why do you say that? Really curious, dont know anything about hunting.

      3. Camo Dude

        rodney middleton was an irresponsible bullshit hunt

    44. Endergirl gaming

      Who came here looking for hater's but good ones with animal support

    45. Humane Heart

      coward stupid cunts. Killing a innocent defenseless creature with a gun for pleasure. go fight bare handed if u got balls.

      1. Tom Schneider

        Humane Heart Where does your bravery come from? Buying food at the store that someone else had to kill for you?

    46. Derek Blas


    47. 187tynes

      Man....I don't know how I just know found u guys..bc I have been a avid YT watcher for years....and the zoom u did to see those bear tracks.... literally made me say "Wow" like 4 times!! New sub here! Amazing camera work guys..bc I know the hunt is hard enough!! Damn .

    48. dio 115

      Fuck you why you kill it I hope the bear is in the heaven know 😢😢😢

    49. Edoardo De vecchi

      Fuck u

    50. Aristotelian

      What a fantastic hunt, and possibly the largest bear I have ever seen.

      1. Rocky Lazzaretto

        kodiak bear

    51. iced, beef yummm

      Ahh the world wouldn't have its problems and faults if you " people" didn't exist so Ima not even say a word because you're just gonna get butt hurt.. Like the bear you shot... 😌👌

      1. Tom Schneider

        iced, beef yummm You said a whole paragraph. The problems in this world come from people like yourself that purposely stay misinformed

    52. Adam Smith

      Scummy prick.

    53. Ralle Levin

      0:03 bitch I can just go out in the woods when the hunting season has started and shoot one

    54. Detox2021

      I support hunting but this video is sad. He showed no self control shooting that bear in the ass. All that just for a skin/trophy.

      1. Tom Schneider

        Detox2021 Quatering shots are common with hunters. The bullet still entered in heart and lungs

    55. Max Ruffridge

      Damn what kinda camera do you have picking up those tracks

    56. it's me kiki

      are they eating bear or what?

    57. Jáchym Reizer

      What a pathetic bunch of unconfident for feelings of inadequacy compensating losers you two are. I hope next time you are killing a bear with a gun from a distance, it comes from behind and ends your miserable existences. You call yourself hunters yet you are killing an innocent defensless animal from a distance with a gun. Shame on you #bearlifemoreworththanyours

      1. Tom Schneider

        Jáchym Reizer I feel sorry for you, living in the walls of your city with druggies in every corner. We live in the country where we have large crops, full freezers with deer and elk meat, and self built homes. I live a dream and if you feel sorry for people that live this lifestyle, so be it. You don’t have to live here, but what I am trying to help you look at the big picture because social media portrays that everything is going endangered. There is more money donated to helping wildlife from hunting than any other environmental organizations. Hunting is fun, yes, and I have never denied it, but we are doing it for a purpose.

      2. Jáchym Reizer

        @Tom Schneider I have stumbled upon these atrocities on this channel only yesterday, otherwise I would have spoken up about it earlier. If you call shooting an animal from hundreads of yards away fair hunting, there is really no more points to be made. I really hope, you consider a different career after trophy hunting is banned and start actually helping an enviroment you live in, instead of amusing yourself by exploiting it. You have no need to kill like animals for food like natives do and by your exicted behaviour that you exhibit in these vidoes, you are proving your "I do it to protect people, to regulate predators" points wrong. You are enjoying the killing the murdering and that is why I can't really take your defense attempts seriously. Yes human is a predator, but also a thinking empathetic being, which are qualities you lack. You are a predator, but you dont act human. Thats the last thing I am posting here, but I wont stop disliking yours and similar videos and mobilizing people to start seeing you for what you are. Goodbye, i really really feel sorry for you if this is the life you live.

      3. Tom Schneider

        Jáchym Reizer Your missing my point. Where were you and everybody else when we post deer, elk, and moose videos? Anti hunters like yourself only show up on our bear videos. If you support predator management, then you would support this. Hunting has been going on for thousands of years, we are not disrupting the food chain, we are apart of it, but it is about being responsible hunters.

      4. Jáchym Reizer

        @Tom Schneider You still dont get the point. I never sad i have problem with predator regulation (altough i think it wouldnt be necesarry if humans wouldnt be distrupting the food chain). What I have a problem with is trophy hunting. Bunch of people murdering for fun, hanging dead animals on walls. If a native kills an animal for food, as his ancestors did millenia ago, or animal is killed painlessly to protect homes of people like you, It is fine with me.

      5. Tom Schneider

        Jáchym Reizer Yes I can. Honestly what is the difference between a rat being killed vs a bear? Don’t tell me you eat rats. If you don’t manage predators, they become overpopulated and cause problems in the future. Wildlife biologists allow a percentage of bears to be hunted each year to keep the balance. It is so easy for yourself to live in your city and judge, but if you only knew what it is like when a bear walks in your kids play pen and you can’t do anything about because people like yourself value the life of a bear more than the children. The ONLY reason why your mad is because bears are pretty and that’s it

    58. Ethen Loss

      You should never go hunting for fun or laughter it should be for food only not for a rug or boots or jacket

      1. afftab basra

        No you should hunt for fun but use every thing you can

    59. NoN Existent

      Y'all in the comments sum pussies😂

    60. Brenton Burbank

      Shoot something that can shoot back then ill be impressed lol wow you killed an unarmed bear

      1. Tom Schneider

        Brenton Burbank Where is the fair fight when a bear kills a newborn moose calf? When did the cycle of life become fair?🤔

      2. afftab basra

        Funny 🙁

    61. Elijah Relucio

      Didn’t even eat the meat wow

    62. TheBenchPressMan

      You did that big bear dirty, he tried to dip out after he smelt your cheese and potato’s - so you rushed it and clapped him up the arse had to drill him twice as well, yet he kept on trying to buss out

    63. ekbutle

      I'm not some crazy hippie. But seeing that bear dead like that...and hearing him say .."what are we going to do with this thing?"....made me feel a deep sadness. You're a loser.

      1. afftab basra

        No he is not it is just life

    64. Kendric G

      Fight the bear with a knife... now that would be a proud moment

    65. Yeti 2000

      im totaly ok with hunting i do it too but killing it and not using the meat is quite irresponsible and unprofessional please hunt and use what you get

      1. Alethiometer

        I have to agree and it's yummy as well, many tribal families get 1 bear kill a year. To waste its meat and kill in such a callous undignified manner You have messed BIG with the bear spirit, and Karmic spiritual vengeance is NOT NICE I fear for you & your's spirituality. You SHOULD KNOW BETTER you make so many claims on your video's but you have no honor you kill as a thrill. Shame on you I'm sure this comment along with my opinion will get people in an uproar, so have at it, I Know I'm in the right and honestly don't care about the opinions of those who know nothing of the ways of the bear, so save your time & energy as I will not bother to respond, its beneath me. This is a WASTE of a HUGE spirit and no matter what you write doesn't change the wrongs you have committed just because its legal does NOT maker it spiritually correct or morally acceptable, the way you tortured this amazing bear IS unacceptable and NOT legal.

    66. Rodrigo Gomez

      I hate cocky trophy hunters! If you'd at least eat the meat, that would be the minimal thing to do. Go f* yourself...

    67. Some Diver

      All the nice corporate sponsored gear... you guys must be so proud....

    68. Mxgeru34

      Whats the point of killing a bear

      1. MW2ChangedMe Forever The Nub

        ekbutle nobody asked you to watch the video so shut up you’re obviously an animal lover so why watch it just shut up let the people that enjoy this like me be able to go through the comment section with no worries that there are comments like yours

      2. afftab basra

        The meat the fun and the rug

      3. SHARKANATOR 72

        ekbutle your a snowflake aren’t you

      4. ekbutle

        He has a small penis, and wife controls most of his life. So he has to get control somehow. Killing animals makes him feel like a man. Nothing else can.

      5. Caleb Banks

        Well to regulate the population so that it doesn’t kill the offspring of other animals and also of course for fun.

    69. Anonymous Via1

      Can’t even make the excuse of hunting for meat because bear is so hard to cook with, not saying it’s impossible but in general it’s super fatty and chewy. Honestly he’s free to do what he wants but I think if you’re gonna go bear hunting you should to it with your “bare” hands

    70. Justin Lee

      I understand hunting for food, but hunting just for trophy? Unnecessary, cruel, and very sad.

    71. jquinn2025 bradley

      I only hunt for meat and if it’s trophy quality then I will eat and mount it

      1. Sackie

        Humane Heart he Said he hunts for meat tf? Special little snowflake huh

      2. big D

        @Humane Heart 😆

      3. Humane Heart

        u really are a 100% pure coward asshole

    72. RED X

      Awesome, lets mess up the gene pool by killing the big ones, all for bragging rights. wonder what your head would look like on a wall!!

    73. Captain Beast

      Pathetic, Shooting at the ass while it's running away. That's some orange army kinda shit. Shame on you, you were busted but couldn't let it get away so you just pump it full of lead. Disgraceful.

    74. Gary Hart

      Whoo lawdy.. I cannot imagine how crushing that 150 Lbs Hide and Skull would be to hike out of there! Oh Dayum!!.... That hide is HUGE!!! Good Job Man!!! Well Done Indeed!

    75. Bailey Hay

      You really need a new mic for that camera, because it's sounds all fucked up with head phones and good score with the bear.

    76. Gary Hart

      "Texas Heart Shot" for the Win! Dayum... he's so damn big even laying their dead he's intimidating! Meh... at least being dead at the creek will help you keep it clean as you go during the processing. Man... probably take like 2hrs of processing the meat just to break him down into enough manageable meat bags to hike him back outta their to the plane, yes? How much weight can the plane allow you to take back outta there with you? I'm kinda figuring this bad boy pushes that right up to the limit, yes?

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        Very much to the limit! Thank you for watching and your support!!!

    77. Mark OldDiver

      The ultimate challenge would be large knife, loin cloth, and something in the loin cloth......lol. Shooting something at that range.......where is the rush in that? Hand to hand.....nothing like it!

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        When you video yourself doing that and post it on US-new, let me know

    78. Tyler Morone

      If I shoot a bear I’m making it a rug

    79. Tyler Morone

      You are suppose to approach a dead animal from the back.

      1. Captain Beast

        @Tyler Morone safety off an aimed or pulled back and aimed. Biggest thing is approach slowly. But ya you're right, be ready for crazy things to happen.

      2. Tyler Morone

        Even if you know it’s dead but to be real you never know if it’s 100% dead. I learned that in hunters safety course they say you should always do it. I would do it with a bear. With deer not really but you never know what’s gonna happen. Always be prepared for the unexpected.

      3. Captain Beast

        If you know it's dead does it matter?

    80. jks83103

      Your a monster

      1. ekbutle


    81. No Brain

      what a sack of shit id rather stick the bullet through your head, if it's just trophy shit, if you hunt and eat that's fine but that is just bollocks

    82. Mastiff89

      shooting him in the butt...what a dick move... if you cant go for the killing zones, dont shoot. just my opinion

    83. Voltage FAST Gameing

      Nice shot

    84. Dikisss shooter

      crazy ,stupid

    85. 007 Selvan

      Bear is big how to face them

    86. Jonathan Wocke

      Terrible to hunt for sport, you better have eaten the meat.

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        This area here, the Fish and Wildlife allow a percentage of bears to be hunted each year to prevent overpopulation problems in the future. Predator management is essential. Too many parasites in the meat, otherwise, we would have kept it.

      2. m2gja m1

        They left the meat. Selfish hunting

    87. eloey

      Modern hunters are basically cowards who find it joyful to kill the guard of their long-range weapons, their telescopic lenses, their gps and their sophisticated equipment. They have neither honor nor manhood. Hopefully, life will return all the damage caused to this huge bear and the wildlife

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        Clearly you don't understand "modern hunting." Ancient hunting didn't have any laws and regulations and that is why there was several species that went extinct. Now, all hunting is regulated and monitored by wildlife officials and they use hunting to the advantage of managing wildlife numbers. This area here, the wildlife officials allow a percentage of bears to be hunted each year to prevent overpopulation problems in the future. Predator management is essential.

      2. eloey

        that is not true there are many living beings (and the most primitive) that feed on humans and cause the death of millions of people a year. the people who believe that lie justify despicable acts like those of these cowards who also do not need to kill to survive. it's just a shameful vice. I am sorry to break your illusion, but you are not the maximum in any chain, only a slavic food for worms and microbes...baby

      3. Hazey Eggroll

        Humans evolved what can I say, top of the food chart baby!

    88. Luis Vera

      why that foo shake his ass at 15:07

    89. Jeffrey Kirby

      Did u get the meat

      1. Jeffrey Kirby

        Ok couldn't you have took some meat but if its for the good i see nothing wrong with it sorry for the misunderstanding.

      2. Stuck N The Rut

        Hunting is regulated and monitored by wildlife officials and they use hunting to the advantage of managing wildlife numbers. Too many parasites in the meat, otherwise, we would have kept the meat.

      3. Jeffrey Kirby

        I agree i like to hunt but thats just selfish

      4. m2gja m1

        @Jeffrey they left all the meat. Selfish hunting. I was a hunter myself. Can't get around so much anymore. Also I never trophy hunted

    90. ThatSydneyLyfeTho #swizzlemedia

      sweeeeeet. Did you eat it?

    91. ori kreimer

      Fucking faggots

    92. Niber Fluppyy

      Did you guys take any of the meat? I dont know if bear meat is particularly good, im just curious.

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        @m2gja m1 This area here, the wildlife officials allow a percentage of bears to be hunted each year to prevent overpopulation problems in the future. Predator management is essential. Too many parasites in the meat, otherwise, we would have kept it.

      2. m2gja m1

        @Niber the left the meat. Very selfish hunting. And I was a hunter. I just get around so well anymore

    93. M T

      Aren’t bears protected?

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        No, there is several species of bears on earth. Some are endangered, and others are high in population. This area here, the Fish and Wildlife allow a percentage of bears to be hunted each year to prevent overpopulation problems in the future. Predator management is essential.

      2. Ben M

        Clearly not

    94. gene rudy

      Nice Bear..... not saying much else, except it still amazes me that people who are against hunting, or killing animals for whatever reason, watch these videos. Why? your opinions do not matter to anybody but others who are like you..... your opinions don't affect the hunter.... I am a hunter.... I sleep with a clear conscience. Oh, and for those who do eat meat, and say just go to a store and get meat.....to those people, please do some research into slaughter houses, and how beef cattle are treated, same with pigs ( for your sausage and bacon) and chickens for your Buffalo wings.......do some research, then tell us how cruel hunting is......

      1. William Baum

        I am with you please don't tell me they took no meat I would shoot them if they didn't

    95. BuckingFuffalos69

      People are fuckin insane but respect i guess

    96. texastalk

      One good reason why this needed to happen just give me one....you seem like a nice healthy man of a decent size should someone hunt you down for it just for bragging rights?

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        Hunting is regulated and monitored by wildlife officials and they use hunting to the advantage of managing wildlife numbers. This area here, the wildlife officials allow a percentage of bears to be hunted each year to prevent overpopulation problems in the future. Predator management is essential. There is your reason

    97. Bob Doom

      Shoot the hunter twat

    98. Lettuce Man

      There’s no reason to go out a kill bear unless it’s being a pest. This is so sad killing it for just a trophy.

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        @Lettuce Man We have several bear encounters just in my own neighborhood. They are more common than you know, and they mainly happen where they don't allow hunting.

      2. Lettuce Man

        @Stuck N The Rut Who am I to challenge what the law says you can do. Ultimately if it were up to me I'd hunt a bear that's going around causing problems and not free roaming. Bear attacks are very rare too so that just puzzles me that you have to regulate bears. Then again I have no idea what the situation is. I get it, I don't like it, but I get it.

      3. Stuck N The Rut

        Hunting is regulated and monitored by wildlife officials and they use hunting to the advantage of managing wildlife numbers. This area here, the wildlife officials allow a percentage of bears to be hunted each year to prevent overpopulation problems in the future. Predator management is essential.

      4. Jeffrey Kirby

        Ya i thout they would but they dident sorry

      5. Lettuce Man

        Jeffrey Kirby they didn’t eat it

    99. Selestial Kim

      Poor animal. All for a prize. At least eat the thing.

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        Hunting is regulated and monitored by wildlife officials and they use hunting to the advantage of managing wildlife numbers.

      2. Juan Juster

        they can do whatever they want with it

    100. Matthew Mcginnis

      Seems like all they took was the fur. What a shame!! Make it fair and give the bears guns, scopes, and ammo. These are the same people who would justify shooting dinosaurs if they were still around.

      1. Stuck N The Rut

        Hunting is regulated and monitored by wildlife officials and they use hunting to the advantage of managing wildlife numbers. Too many parasites in them, otherwise, we would have kept the meat.

      2. Juan Juster

        you’re such a pussy, it’s fucking nature and every living thing is going to die