10ft MONSTER BROWN BEAR HUNT - Stuck N the Rut 109

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    This video is about hunting Brown Bears in Alaska. After Adam shot his giant, now it is Travis's turn. Several hours upon hours of glassing, finally, a monster emerged from the alders. Travis's first shot wasn't perfect because of the rushed situation, but he was able to get a quick followup shot. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to subscribe!!!!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. NESSUNO 93

      1 queston. why this?

    2. Elena Vazquez

      I dont support your hunting bear thingiemajigier you killed that bear for no reason you always need to have a reason to why you did it dont make a stupid reason tho animsls are in danger and your killing animals!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? How would you feel if they killed one of your family members! Huh yeah thats what i thought!?!?!?

    3. Sumio Ostuka

      If you have to kill it then don’t waste the meats you dumb F!

    4. Veronica Baptista

      Mal parido 👿👿🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 matando oso por diversión

    5. James Bertisch

      Who is the real "monster" in this video? Disgusting atrocities like this could only have so many dislikes! Congrats, you coward bastards, you did it!

    6. muhsen Samimi

      why u modr fckrs kill those inocent animals just for fun ?

      1. Christopher Whiteside

        Fuck off isis

    7. albert beltran

      “Big ol healthy bear” way to fucking ruin it :)

    8. albert beltran

      What a bitch

    9. BillyN31

      I guess a bear doesn’t always crap in the woods.

    10. Stephen Trudgeon

      One day I hope you all get maulled to bits , do something to protect these bears not destroy them you jackasses

    11. Bong Torio

      Its a terrorist bear..im going to kill it..

    12. Liberty Prime

      Noting quite like shooting a healthy animal and just taking the skin and head. Typical hick pieces of shit.

    13. Bong Torio

      Nice killing those bears..i want to kill those animals..i hate animals..i have urge to skin them while still alive..can we use submachine gun to kill them..

    14. Jimmy Parton

      They die like everything else so why not wait for them to die then take the skull and fur there clearly not eating the bear to survive. Disgusting hope there family suffers like these poor bears

      1. Christopher Whiteside

        Fuck off you uneducated clown

    15. Jimmy Parton

      There tends to be more heartless humans than actual humans. In my eyes people like this do this because murdering people is a crime so they've got the next best thing to stop the urge taking over ps next trip out I hope and pray to good they don't make it home....

    16. Jimmy Parton


    17. taisei Murakami

      It ’s a simple question. Why did you kill it?

      1. Ahr

        @thenewestdude 2020 Shut up asshole

      2. thenewestdude 2020

        LEARN WHY DUMB ASS. Go do some research you lazy fat ass.

    18. Zeth Meganack

      Here’s a little hunting tip about bears if you don’t know to check if a bear is dead look at his ears if they are down and almost hiding he is alive and going to jump you and if his ears are sticking straight up he’s a dead bear

    19. Gilbert Dueck

      I hope all of you that are complaining they didnt eat the meat, when you buy something made of leather you get a pound of meat in the mail for your BBQ! The other wildlife in the area will survive on this hunt.

      1. Jody Johnson

        Gilbert Dueck thank you! wolves will eat what they leave. and for the vegans. i kill countless deer and rabbits every year just to grow sow beans for you soy boys.

    20. robert korzeniewski

      Dla zabawy? Bez fuzji już nie byłbyś tak figo fago . Gamonie

    21. Kevin Lind

      He was just living his life trying to keep on and then you idiots shoot him for his head??? Fu*king asholes!!!!!

    22. Kevin Lind

      What was the point of shooting that beautiful animal ??.... ):

      1. Bong Torio

        @thenewestdude 2020 its just one of the millions of excuse of people like you..scums of earth and full of shit

      2. thenewestdude 2020

        Go learn why. Get some education on why hunters kill these bears.

      3. thenewestdude 2020

        GO LEARN WHY, DUMB ASS! Get your lazy ass educated on the subject.

    23. Sumit Hari Dwivedi

      U idot just killing innocent animal and destroying their habitat . Your hunting will disturb ecological balance

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        No it won't. Get educated.

    24. Thomas Torres

      No meat fucking vegan's.

    25. Frankie Maroon

      I hope both of these guys go to hell

      1. Jacob

        Obviously you didn’t read the warning a the beginning

      2. thenewestdude 2020

        For what?????????? Killing this bear is a very GOOD THING! But you're not smart enough to know why.

    26. Tront Hoidingey

      NEVER POLE WITH YOUR GUN!!! Use a stick or something

    27. Simon Kisner Giusti

      Hdmp!!!! Todo vuelve en la vida.

    28. Brxdxn

      Killed it to only take skin and head man your and asshole take meat don’t take a life just to waste it actually use it don’t let it go to waste

    29. Sean Brooks

      Sick fucks no wonder no one likes your videos dumb dogs

    30. E-scapes Inc.

      I am surprised that you uploaded this video. It illustrates all the wrong things that some hunters do. Extremely unethical shot 1 as well as your second shot. Then to be sure that you add insult to injury you harvest a rug to show your bros and leave the the true harvest, aka purpose of hunting, behind you to rot and feed the birds. Shameful.

    31. Alex Williams

      I'm not against hunting at all, it's just goofy that we're crunching numbers on the wild and "managing predators" in the first place like it's up to humans to decide what's up. let it work it's self out. The only people that hunted the right way in North America spoke Algonquian and used everything. Call me ass backwards or goofy but I see way too much technology here. It's cringy.


      Congratulations,those Brown Bears are Monsters and Nice Flying.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    33. Blackphoenix

      "....I wanted a really pretty one!" You dick'ead! Hope you get mauled sometime realll soon!

    34. Raina Chiarella

      Omg look at me I shot something that wasn’t in my way or bothering anyone purely just because I wanted to like wtf who do you think you are to come in to this world and just shoot something I really hope one eats you

      1. Raina Chiarella

        De Tox killing something just to kill it is not at all okay like how does that even make sense to you there calling a bear to them to just kill it it didn’t hurt them or bother them they didn’t eat it or need the fur for warmth how does this make sense to you please explain

      2. Raina Chiarella

        De Tox not really but okay this shouldn’t be considered okay or a sport humans and animals are on the same level a human life is not in any way shape or form more valuable this animal was living its life and now it’s dead for pure enjoyment you shouldn’t be defending these people it’s inhumane

      3. De Tox

        @Raina Chiarella "animals were her first" Does that matter? Human life is inherently more valuable and wanting a person dead for hunting animals is so psychotic I can even begin to describe it. I ask you to do your own homework, get some perspective

      4. Raina Chiarella

        De Tox the sooner you realize that animals were here first and the eco system needs every single one in order for the world to spin something that has no words and is just living somehow shouldn’t be protected? You make no sense do your homework

      5. De Tox

        So deluded, value wildlife over human life.

    35. Michelle Tillman

      What a waste

    36. Alvaro Manjarrez

      God I hope one of these bears catches you

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        @Alvaro Manjarrez And don't call people pussies when you're the pussy crying over the animal like a crybaby. Another thing about your race, just watch someone hold a sign that says, "ALL LIVES MATTER" and watch yourselves become the biggest pussies on earth.

      2. thenewestdude 2020

        @Alvaro Manjarrez This coming from a race that kills people over a pair of "Jordan brand" sneakers just because they want them. Somebody put their stinky feet in them wearing them around and you bone head head idiots kill him over the damn sneakers. IDIOTS!!!!

      3. Alvaro Manjarrez

        So it's ok for the hunter to shoot a animal with 0 chance to retaliate from 100 yards with a sniper rifle and you call it a sport. Kill it with a knife or a sword if you really want to call yourself a hunter. Fuck all you overprivliged white ass hunters that need to feel superior to such a beautiful animal. In my book your all fucken pussy

      4. Vayoungblood62@gmail.com Hart

        Why would u wish that on someone you dumb fuck

      5. De Tox

        You are a horrible person, so deluded you value animal's life over human life. Please, live life outside your house and gain some perspective.

    37. Gary Pigott

      Probably couldn't take the meat anyway too much weight on the plane

    38. Ryan Trejo

      What’s the point of killing animals like this? You really get a kick out of it or what?? You’re a fucking coward with a gun. Predator management my ass...fucking pussy

      1. Ryan Trejo

        thenewestdude 2020 Suck me up first and I’ll stop crying

      2. thenewestdude 2020

        CRYBABY. C'mon grow up pussy boy and stop crying over everything.

    39. TheBeastMode

      Bro, the mountain house farts are a very real thing

    40. Teeo

      You good bro???

      1. Tom Schneider

        Teeo Looks like we are all good here then!!!

      2. Teeo

        Tom Schneider I‘m fine.

      3. Tom Schneider

        Teeo We are ok, how about you?

    41. Zafer Sonmez


    42. Philipp Harig


    43. sanya sanya

      За каждого мишку ответите ПИДОРАСЫ!

    44. Bozturk

      You piece of shit.

    45. Callum

      I wish the plane crashed

      1. Tom Schneider

        Callum To wish death upon another human is psycho talk. You need some help.

    46. Real Madrid

      You kill the bear awnly for his skin

    47. Real Madrid


    48. Finn Amrhein

      Why would you kill em?

    49. Grizzly

      YOUR ARE THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE I EVER SEE BEVOR. I hope someday k**** you a bear. not as cowardly as you, from a distance.

    50. benjamin sailo aizawl mizoram

      Hunting in the name of sport should be banned worldwide. Its a name to disguise cruelty of the highest degree

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        To ban any hunting would the dumbest thing any person could do. But we know damn well you anti-hunters aren't very intelligent when it comes to hunting and the overall benefits of hunting. Hell, you idiots are too stubborn to learn anything. Instead you just talk out your asses and think you're doing great things. When in fact in reality, you're all being complete dumb asses and don't have a damn clue what the severe consequences of these dumb actions would be.

    51. Callum61921

      Imagine it woke it like "n*gga you thought " and mauled the guy

      1. 007

        I think bear and any predator hunting should be done out of necessity such as too many bears in Mahwah NJ 20 minutes from Manhattan. That's a reason to cull the population but to go out to bear country and kill them in their environment where they're thriving is bullshit.

    52. PraiseDa Memes

      If there is any presidential candidate who supposes death penalty for these guys. You have my vote!

      1. pepe leon

        PraiseDa Memes you’re stupid and it’s people like you that carry out mass shootings because of the hate towards humanity. You want to kill humans for hunting!!!!! You sick fuck!

    53. Tom Harries

      So what happened to the meat??? please don't say you left it behind? If so you should be ashamed to call yourself a hunter. And if it was shot to reduce populations then its no different to saying " China is overpopulated, why don't we just shoot them and skin them". If you are hunting an animal then the WHOLE animal should be taken for the hide and the meat. If you cannot get the animal back then don't waste life and meat and just leave it be. This is my personal opinion which I'm entitled too. To all those that cull bears and eat the meat and tan and use the hides then thumbs up.

    54. itzzjus. dani

      you guys are a bunch of pussies why'd you kill a happy bear chillin in its habitat

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        I don't think you got the right to call anyone a "pussy" when you're sitting here crying over it like a REAL PUSSY.

    55. แพรพลอย เอี่ยมกำเนิด

      คว่ายยยยยยย ไอ้สส ไอ้คว่ายนรก

    56. quenga wildside

      7:06 gross dude!

    57. 目金出

      なぜ無駄に殺すのかわからない。 毛皮?売るためですか?

    58. Manuel Barca

      How can an human feel satisfaction doing something like that? Kill a bear hidden as a cockroach...

      1. pepe leon

        Johnredcorn 1 and still is

      2. Johnredcorn 1

        pepe leon oh I’m sure the world would of been just fine without them coming and killing that bear

      3. pepe leon

        Johnredcorn 1 well am not going to explain the whole thing to you, it’s all about balance and healthy populations of both pray and predators

      4. Johnredcorn 1

        pepe leon so kill one bear so 5 cubs can grow to his size? Wouldn’t that just be making more predators? U just contradicted your self

      5. pepe leon

        Manuel Barca it’s called management hunting!! You take out a full mature bear that keeps all the food in his area to him self so younger bears can get in that area and not starve to death

    59. Blippy Sl1ng

      No meat, what have I been watching?

    60. fishydishy

      Fuck this stupid fucking people

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        Yet YOU are the moron watching it and don't even like hunting. So you're pretty stupid too.

    61. jan miedza


    62. Jaden Rea

      It would’ve been sick if the bear attacked them

      1. Gaming Knee

        Jaden Rea it would've been sick if you had likes trash

    63. Olin Nadya

      Fack demi bulu nya doang you stupit and krezy

    64. Diem Phi

      M24 x8

    65. Nattapat Pawilai

      Hope your kid get shot like this poor bear

      1. thenewestdude 2020

        CRYBABY. Get over it it's only one bear you crybaby.

    66. Satnam Kaler

      The beauty u kill suckers assholes

    67. ゆたぴん

      11:38 ここで息を吹き返したら最高に怖い

    68. acht undzwanzig

      Scheißjäger - ich hoffe Euch passiert einmal ein Jagdunfall und ihr schießt Euch selbst an, dann wisst ihr wie sich eine Kugel anfühlt !!!! Gruß aus Österreich !!!!!!

    69. Tom Bomb

      Suppose to eat what you kill

      1. Johnredcorn 1

        Tom Bomb dam right

    70. Shane S

      Hunters are insecure, low iq ; they do this for self affirmation. They can’t compete with intelligent people, so they find easy prey & kill in an attempt to bolster their esteem.

      1. Tom Schneider

        People, including your own ancestors have been hunting for thousands of years, and for some crazy reason, you now frowned upon it and choose to not do your research and belittle others that have different lifestyles than you.

      2. Skyfall

        Actually We do it as a hobby