10 Xbox 360 Facts You Probably Didn't Know



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    Xbox 360 is a fond memory for many of us, one that we like to revisit the many awesome games and play from time to time. But memory fades, and it's easy to forget some of the more obscure stuff. Here's 10 facts about Xbox 360 we couldn't help talking about...
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Harry Ostler

      I don’t think Microsoft makes much of computers any more

    2. Fran Doyle

      Apple and Microsoft together WHAT!!!!!!

    3. Joshua Ferguson

      Never had one just the av cable not plugged in or detected

    4. Osean Hale

      If i wer a xbox fanboy, I woulda completely left xbox after hearing the ceo making fun off me for not having wifi

    5. reza garibnavazan

      Why didn't you talk about Kinect shit and project milo?

    6. NebulousTV

      I actually have an Xbox 360 that had in the past red ringed and still works. Also yes I still have it, and yes it’s been used in 2019, no it’s not my only console, I have an Xbox One, and a PS4, and a PC

    7. DrugStar1136

      There's one thing there I didn't get Falcon.. and I know no one is gonna read this anyways maybe in 20 years; you said Sony develop the Cell chip we all know that and part of that chip was sold and Microsoft bought it... so at the end there why didn't you use the PERFECT phrase: Microsoft bought Macs to develop games for their console who was running on chips developed by Sony ???? Why did you miss that out... why???

    8. Eternal MOB

      What’s the instrumentals in the background

      1. Eternal MOB

        Around 7.21

    9. John Delmar

      I've seen the red circle before

    10. John Castiel

      Xbox still has the best controller.

    11. Alex Felix

      I hace Xbox 360 e

    12. Nathan Kay

      You could get all achievement in Cars it's was called modding

    13. whiteandnerdytuba

      X also means kiss.

    14. shaban ali

      That controller is not for 20$

    15. GustaviusII

      I still remember my first Xbox 360 the cd hatch always got stuck aaaawww those where good times

    16. Enrique Rodriquez

      Still play xbox 360

    17. Spaciouzz Vlogzz

      Achievement? Oh yea achievement achievement achievement? Exactly achievement, you know achievement achievement 💯

    18. JOEgoDIE Wa

      I bet the E3 meets Burning Man thing was one big MW2 lobby

    19. Tysean The Prince

      I got a p4 now

    20. Tysean The Prince

      Yoooo I had the Xbox 360 all these yrs and never knew half that stuff

    21. *Matthew Noneya*

      I think I only knew 1 of these, and that was the fact about the Xbox one (why was that in the video again) Good video, most "10 things you didn't know" videos are just videos full of facts everyone knows.

    22. Nick J Calcaginio

      As of me have the orginal 360 elite I never had the red ring the only problem ive had with it is the DVD drive other than that it still works 100% to this day

    23. Mark Schwader

      Option 1 Or Option B Hmm...

    24. Thomas Wilson

      I work on a USN submarine, and I can tell you we definitely do not use Xbox controllers. I don’t know where that information came from, unless they are updating submarines and I just have no idea. Also...$20 game controller? Those things cost as much as a new game AT MINIMUM. Still less than the cost of hydraulics system for periscopes, but like I said, we don’t use Xbox controllers for that.

    25. Robert Morris

      Well back in the days Microsoft did bail out Apple from bankruptcy, otherwise they would have been a Monopoly, so I'm not surprised they did that.

    26. The bearded gamer

      Still have my original 360 arcade and it’s never red ringed. Still play it a lot for it’s age

    27. DC DC

      1:15 I miss BF2MC...

    28. Blake

      Do not trust Burning Man.

    29. TheJewish Pimp69

      Falcon said NFL Street then shows a logo for NBA street.. Mate...

    30. Lattrodon

      Never say big dick energy ever again

    31. Xian Trip

      I always thought the 360's were designed by Dell lol

    32. flipper flanker33

      “NFL street”

    33. Lunas Melody

      Had 3 red ring consoles. Finally, after 5 years. I finally bought another one. For kicks. I can safely play skyrim and Bo2.

    34. ZiggyZeg 2005

      I'm lucky...or maybe my friend was. He had an xbox 360 back in the days, and i had a playstation. We werent friends then, but became friends much later, and i bought his xbox, and all his games, and accessories for $14.76! He never got the red ring, and i heavent got it while ive had it. The only problem is the disk drive, which doesnt open if you dont use it for a while. Then you have to use a knife or something to make it work again. It has something to do with the magnets i think.

    35. SapphireFlame

      The achievement thing shows the importance of exceptions. If they'd just made it so that the final achievement needed you to get all _other_ achievements (i.e. how PS's Platinum Trophies work) then there'd be no problem.

    36. shaolinthumbs

      Nfl Street? Vid says nba....

    37. FancyPantsLand

      Cars Race'O'Rama was fantastic what are you talking about

    38. Can O Bus

      About 80% of these so called facts are not facts at all. BS on this video.

    39. You Name It Gaming

      Speaking of paradoxes, is light of facts 10 and 3, the Xbox 360 technically isn't an xbox. The whole point of the Xbox was to bring PC architecture to the loungeroom so it was easy to develop for, and PC games could easily be ported across.

    40. Retrodude 64

      The red ring was the reason I left The xbox brand

    41. Emile Adams

      You forgot the most important fact x box is shit

    42. box work studios

      I had the rrod twice and it both times

    43. David Rotenberg

      WOWWW before reading the headline of the video i thought the Xboxes were Vape box mods. 😖😵 not my proudest moment

    44. Wamfel

      Ubisoft goes steamworks bye bye,-

    45. Le Craig

      I never played the Xbox 360, I played the ps3 and I regret it tbh, I got a Xbox one tho because most my friends have a Xbox one but tbh I prefer PlayStation

    46. wxyz 69


    47. SomaXD

      Wish you would have explained the 360s design some more, like the ring of light, the decision to make it look like it was inhaling, (those curves)

    48. Lumi Kløvstad

      I still miss that original white with neon green accents Xbox 360 design -- like a bit of home decor plucked out of a sci-fi utopia. The PS3 and Wii looked awkward by comparison, to say the least. I didn't appreciate the subsequent redesigns, and in the end, long after my 360 Elite RRoD'd, I ended up buying back in with the very last refresh, the 360E that was designed to look like an Xbox One. I still play on it to this day (doing another run through Battlefield 3's campaign as I write this, in fact), but it's such a crappy design compared to that iconic gold standard set by the first one. And now I know which company to thank for that piece of art. Thanks for posting this!

    49. GOC Horsemengamer350

      If you don’t update the 360 it becomes a brick of shit and deletes everything you have on it

    50. Paul Schlote

      I liked the origanal X-Box design. The controller on the other hand..... Not so much!

    51. BoxBennström

      "NFL" Street .... *shows NBA Street

    52. Jay Kay The Movie

      What is the clip at 8:00 from?

    53. Peterson A

      Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! 10 Xbox 360 Facts You Probably Didn't Know nothing. They are dice.“Why roll'em, then?“They are dice. What else would I do with them?” “Withdraw into yourself, as far as you can. Associate with those who will make a better man of you. Welcome those whom you yourself can improve. The process is mutual; for men learn while they teach.” “Limiting one’s desires actually helps to cure one of fear. ‘Cease to hope … and you will cease to fear.’ … Widely different [as fear and hope] are, the two of them march in unison like

      1. UltimateSimulation


      2. JTM Conceptions

        wtf am i reading? I feel like you typed out the text embodiment of a stroke.

      3. Ryan Gg

        TMD TMD TMD TMD sunrise coming, ?right~

    54. John Wick

      Xbox 360 controller isn't comfortable after using for more than 4 hours

    55. John Wick

      Only Xbox 360

    56. Christina Serrill

      W00T its Falcon!!!

    57. Overlord of Random

      Did does anyone else other than me have an Xbox that isn’t curved at all, on the sides, and is just straight edged? Or is it just me

      1. JTM Conceptions

        That was the way original og design. I think the 360 had a few overhauls. The first was a more boxy design with soft-edged flat surfaces. Then they released it with a more concave curved surface design. And then when they re-released it again with the kinect and the "elite" design, they made it all black with more of a sharp concave design.

    58. Scary Dreamer

      Every 360 I've owned in the past had RROD. Was the main reason why I switched over to Sony.

    59. Monty4G63

      NFL Street

    60. unixverse

      2:08 lol after the problem was fixed a lot of youtuber used that as clickbait

    61. Respawn Entertainment

      Mojave desert? Windows Mojave experiment? Coincidence? I think not.

    62. koolerz1569

      I knew about the periscope using a 360 controller, everything else is new to me!

    63. mydoghas47

      yay! 5 ads and the video isnt even halfway over. I'm buying US-new Red

    64. BRICK_YT

      there were several Lego (Lego batman the video-game Lego batman two DC superheroes etc.) games as well with the same problem as this where it was impossible to get all of the achievements me and my brother spent countless hours on the games to never get all of the achievements

    65. Tinybraeden gaming

      This dude said nfl street

    66. Gaige Storm

      Only ever had my 120GB 360 elite and it's still going hard today in 2019. Got mine in 2010. Only thing that happened was the tray jams. I have a trusty butter knife for that when I go back to it

    67. Fritos Cooking And Food Reviews Youtube Channel

      And now I have a xbox 360 slim and a xbox one

    68. Clay

      0:26 Falcon learned how to pronounce "architecture" 🤯

    69. MxG Diablo

      In #2 they said NFL street instead of NBA street

    70. z NightOwl z

      When the ps4 and Xbox one came out I had zero internet whatsoever. I only got until some time last year. So if I were able to keep updated with everything in E3 and heard that Microsoft statement holy shit would I have been pissed