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    Video game secrets are leaked all of the time, but some become huge and blow up. Here are some crazy examples.
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. T03 0n3

      Supmatto did nothing wrong

    2. otaku bastian

      Pokémon sun and moon

    3. Chris Rogoza

      I still remember downloading The Sims 3 before it's release from a torrent website. It seemed to be a Beta version as the UI was different and the graphics was not polished.

    4. Damion Miller

      You missed one that was kind of big in a small way. When ark survival evolved opened a web site teaser for their new dlc (at the time we didnt know what it was) a random 40 dollar DLC was accedently put on the ps4 market place days befor the website waa going to say what they were teasing

    5. MrAnthonyDraft

      Leaks and leakers are a menace to the world and should be dealt with appropriately.

    6. Wade

      I don't really get how they could be sued for what they did? Its odd..However, I agree with guy being sued who signed the NDA. You signed it, plain and simple. That means you are not to divulge any information to anyone, period.

    7. Agostini H

      Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! 10 Video Game LEAKS That Had MAJOR CONSEQUENCES I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism. You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.

    8. Forrest Patterson

      Big company: is leaking our content ethical? Also big company: lets put microtransactions in everything


      Ok look, if you signed an NDA promising you will not disclose information and you know their are legal consequences for disclosing information why TF would you be mad and surprised that you are getting punished for doing the thing you promised you wouldn't do? Fucking idiots

    10. thenumber

      Nintendo ain't no ones fool.

    11. Daniel HG

      when you leak, you are taking away the company's rights to inform it's public of it's new product when they feel convenient, you should not be doing that, it's a game dude, it's not like the company is a big pharmaceutic hiding the cure for el cancer :v

    12. ThatUndeadLegacy

      Epic games, sues people for leaking, doesn't get sued for leaking thousands of peoples details.

    13. Ferrari Enzo

      Only leak I’ve ever seen with my own eyes was when steam accidentally released a screenshot of just cause 4 pre order

    14. MonoDiTriSub GameTrailersThaiSubtitle

      You guys have the idea of this video from my comment on "Leaks" marketing thing... admit it.

    15. Anthony Cameron

      Always a massive relief to click a gameranx video and hear falcon instead of jake. No offense jake. But I could listen to falcon talk for ever.

    16. Coby Michaels

      Falcon..thumbs up. Rock hard delivery.

    17. Andrew White-Winter

      C’mon, there’s “evil corporation” and then there’s just idiots and assholes. I HATE when people intentionally leak spoilers and information early because it achieves nothing other than ruining others experiences.

    18. Sadist Shaman

      Epic were alot better during the Gears of War era.

    19. dan wheeler

      It’s not hard to leak borderlands 3 all you have to do is talk/ reminisce on old borderlands games... they are all the same. Here is a leak: CLAPTRAP will be included in borderlands 3 BOOM leaked, you will need iridium to level up BOOM leaked, all playable characters will come with unique abilities BOOM leaked

    20. Eff This Game

      Is it me or does this suit sound drunk?

    21. Reese Walker

      2k who already lost alot of people for border lands 3 lost even more after whaat they did to their super fan. At least they lost me.

    22. Wesley Pipes

      What they did to supmatto ain't right

    23. XZane

      So basically all examples are about some (more or less) private idiots that thought they could make a name for themselves by taking other peoples intellectual property and sharing it with the world (for free)? Any single consequences was deserved. Period.

    24. schwift

      The borderlands guy was allegedly charging for the leaked docs and to his discord. That's why the discord got taken down

    25. MC-T

      Firmly believe that anyone who leaks something should be fired at the bare minimum. I also believe that at most people who cover the leaks should at most receive a Cease and Desist in regards to talking about said leaks. the saying don't shoot the messenger comes to mind when talking to about people who cover leaks.

    26. Angel Generation

      Sooooo.... I don't really care about leaks, but hot damn it looks like a risky buisness

    27. Ricky Martinez

      I’m only gonna day this once..hopefully someone that works at PlayStation and everyone knows this..don’t be an idiot..there is ALWAYS going a be a slim..i don’t who you are or what you say..there is ALWAYS GOING TO BE A SLIM..the bulky ones are usually first gen and have problems..everyone some times waits for the slim

    28. Jose Bello

      I just love this guy's voice and the way he says stuff👌

    29. MrNewcaledonia

      I work for a banks legal department. Tracking people down is so much easier than you think when you have billions backing you and literal buildings full of programmers and lawyers.

    30. John Walker

      The biggest leak I can think of was the Titanic.

    31. NoNameID Soa

      Doom 3 Alpha Leak was massive back in the day

    32. John Powell

      My biggest leaks occur when I am drinking beer while playing games that cannot be paused.

    33. RouletteZoku

      From my understanding, that supmatto dude was selling the leaks to people on discord (in a roundabout way...”subscribe to my patreon and get exclusive access to this leaked info channel!” or something along those lines)

    34. endorbr

      Unnecessary flex... that sounds like a good nickname for Randy Pitchford.

    35. distractedFreek

      There's a little more to the Borderlands/SupMatto story. Yongyea did a vid on it with much more info than this video had.

    36. Setsuna Marina

      the greatest leak i've seen was the piping inside my toilet LOL

    37. Gaming Madness

      Halo 4 had a tournament for the release of the game. The game was leaked 4 months before the tournament/release

    38. Sophisticated Chimp

      Here's a leak with huge consequences for ya. One Christmas, my brother and I lifted the corner of wrapping paper on one fairly large gift a few days early, and saw that it was a Nintendo 64. Our mother figured it out, and without letting us know she knew, returned the gift and exchanged it for a PS1. Still awesome, but the look of confused shock we had must have been her favourite Christmas memory ever

    39. Martynas Valenta

      Modern Warfare 2 copies were around and i was playing it online almost a month before official release. A lot of people got banned of course. But it was fun lol. Oh yeah, it was a jtag or whatever u used to call them back in the day.

    40. Ten Hundred

      Thumbnail game so strong

    41. L Jj

      So Sony is much more idiotic than Microsoft. Got it

    42. Joanna


    43. Moms Spaghetti

      Sorry is it just me? Or am I wrong in saying that all these companies had the perfect right to sue, or ask for apology or take action on the people doing this. These people spend hours upon hours working on their product, regardless of them being big corporate companies, a lot of hard work goes into this shit. Just don't leak information and you won't face repurcussion? Surely that's just general knowledge.


      That’s a good thumbnail

    45. Kancer

      I inadvertently leaked the Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC, the day before they announced it at E3. Either Bethesda or Zenimax had my XBL account AND console banned within hours. Fortunately for me, they realized that it was their fault, and I wasn't under an NDA. So they reversed the bans and gave me a free year of XBL.

    46. Tyloe Doe

      Falcon is #1

    47. Event Horizon

      I don't know exactly what Falcon thinks, but his tone makes it seems that he thinks they shouldn't be punished, sued, or whatever. Like he feels sorry for them. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm not exactly pro big company, but if you break a legally binding contract there are consequences. Which a lot of people nowadays think there shouldn't be because it's just companies being big meanies.

    48. John

      The submatto take2 claims are all flimsy at best and the news agencies they used to get thier side out. Have been caught editing thier stories without flagging them as edited. When "facts" in story was exposed as lies

    49. wot'n tarnation

      £1.3 million is equal to nearly $1.6 million so the number on screen was completely wrong. Why didn't they just put a £ instead of a $

    50. hen ko

      You are too lazy to scale the head in the image

    51. BakedPhoria

      I'm legit thought annnnnnd and trrruuuueeee were part of the official statements 🤣 🤣 🤣

    52. Mark Pat Joe Bill Dinosaur

      Borderlands 3 details *REEEEEEEEEEE* Leaking and showing an ENTIRE CONSOLE BEFORE THE OFFICAL RELEASE AND LEAK *oh that's fine*

    53. Metamuscle Movement

      Most of these leaks just wet the appetite of the fan base. If anything they should be thanking most of these people. But the half life 2 guy, fuck that guy.

      1. hen ko

        This is why it’s hard to be a game tester these days. Leaks not even flex seal can stop.

    54. Chip Sanders

      Wow...Take 2 sounds like EA-level dickh*oles.... If you sick lawyers on peeps, you ain't no 'friendly' gamer company. You're just a turbo-assh*le corporate lizard nest...and i won't buy your s*it (and will applaud the pirates)

    55. Jarmaine Childs

      Rainbow six leaks about operation Phatom Sight

    56. Emmanuel Ferguson

      all the more reason that we shouldn't trust epic games

    57. Darkskin_Romeo

      Throwback to the PS3 slim being leaked at a street market in the Philippines 😂

    58. Ptao Tom

      around the piracy markets. I got to play reach like two weeks before release

    59. boom baby

      One of the biggest leaks I can remember was The Fappening, but I don't think this really belongs here...

      1. The Sun King

        boom baby lmfao

    60. Creative Username

      People forget that these companies own these IP’s/copyrights etc. and that if they see unauthorized use of their product/service for profit, they have the right to take action.

    61. Atomic Renegade

      Didn't someone leak Ops 4's Alpha Omega opening and ending cutscene like weeks before the map even came out??

    62. Lucyfurnu

      NDA guy, sure, I mean obviously if you got an NDA you ain't supposed to talk. For the Sony thing, better looking a bit silly than looking like super idiots trying to act like mobsters. Still makes you think though, on one side companies are sending cease and desist letters or calling you asking you to stop (which is a bit creepy/scary I'll admit but still reasonable) while on the other they straight up send goons at your house or try to sue you out of existence. Wonder why people end up not trusting those companies.

    63. Charming nowhere to hide

      There was the QA tester that leaked all the stuff for COD: BO4... that was pretty bad for the game but can't remember what happened to the guy that did the leaking

    64. Catherine Rideout

      Okay maybe because I have been a games journalist, and even worked as a game dev for a few games, I know what the word Embargo means. The Sony PS4 Slim situation sounds to me, as a person with first hand experiences on both sides, like these content creators were given items but also told that all reviews/previews were embargoed until After Sony did their big reveal. So no, Sony is not the one who looks bad in this instance.

    65. Murloc Master

      This is why im a good little boi and dont mess around with shit i shuldent go near. Just leave the game developers alone people. They are prideful and aggressive beasts.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Forza horizon 3 dev game

    66. Ryan Sweeney

      Number 7 could actually be considered quite clever. It could be a case of the Streisand effect, where trying to hide things on the internet tends to make it more visible, could easily been a way of trying to build a kind of hype train for it

    67. Sekiberius Welkesh

      the dude signed a NDA agreement, then spoke about what he witnessed and experience, so yes he will get sued for breaking the agreement. it doesn't matter if he spoke about it in private or in public, he broke the agreement. he's lucky he didn't sign an NDA with the government, or else the consequences would be far worse.

    68. Jasmine

      first like, then to watch video :D?

    69. Pdubbed

      This is why it’s hard to be a game tester these days. Leaks not even flex seal can stop.

    70. harmless kid

      You are too lazy to scale the head in the image